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Burj Khalifa Wikivoyage.jpg
  • Port Augusta is known as the crossroads of Australia, as it is situated where the country's main north-south and east-west roads cross.
  • Burj Khalifa (pictured) in Dubai is the world's tallest building by far.
  • Newquay is known as the surf capital of Great Britain.
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  • Chongqing boasts the world's largest public restroom.
Haapsalu linnuse varemed1.jpg
  • Estonia’s most famous ghost – the White Lady — supposedly haunts Haapsalu Castle (pictured).
  • Colorado is split down the middle north to south by the Rocky Mountains.
  • As the centre of a large pistachio-growing region, fresh pistachio is readily available in Gaziantep.
Fortaleza de São Sebastião-01.jpg
  • The fort (pictured) at Ilha de Mozambique is likely the oldest surviving European building in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Urban decay and abandonment has given Gary the name “Pompeii of the Midwest”.
  • The two-minute flight between Papa Westray and Westray is the shortest scheduled flight in the world.
MMTS local at Begumpet 01.jpg
  • The local train (pictured) network in Hyderabad known as the Multi-Modal Transport System.
  • At London’s South Bank you can visit the first museum in the world dedicated to the history of gardening.
  • Fez is the medieval capital of Morocco, and a great city of high Islamic civilization.
Ventspilis. Livonijos ordino pilis, 1290 m. 2006-09-22.jpg
  • The Livonian Order Castle (pictured) in Ventspils is one of best preserved medieval fortresses in the world.
  • The Diamond Tooth Gertie's Gambling Hall in Dawson City is a touristy relic of the old Gold Rush days
  • Delhi consists of more than 8 cities and also houses 174 monuments.
Pretty huangguoshu.jpg
  • Huanggoushu Waterfall (pictured) in Guizhou is the largest waterfall in China.
  • The small principality of Andorra is probably the only country in the world ruled by two princes: the Bishop of Urgell and the President of France.
  • Devon Island, in Nunavut, Canada, is the largest uninhabited island in the world although it does have a cemetery...the world's northernmost.
Hiri Moale Festival.jpg
  • The centrepiece of the Hiri Moale festival in Port Moresby is a race of up to 100 traditional Lakatoi canoes (pictured).
  • Dilijan is called the "Armenian Switzerland" due to the densely forested valleys and mountains with alpine meadows around.
  • Coiba used to be a penal colony for the Panama’s most dangerous criminals, nowadays it’s part of a national marine park.
Woudagemaal 1.jpg
  • The D.F. Wouda Steam Pumping Station (pictured) in Lemmer is the largest steam-powered pumping station in the world that is still in operation.
  • The anchor of Christopher Columbus' ship, the Santa Maria, is on display at the Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien in Port-au-Prince.
  • The town of Kristinestad, Finland has a road called Kattpiskargränden, which means Cat Spanker Alley.
Miyajima Spatula Giant.JPG
  • In Miyajima you can gaze upon the World's Largest Spatula (pictured) and eat a chocolate called “deer shit”.
  • Tennant Creek is known as the Territory’s heart of gold mainly due to the people, but also in reference to the gold mining history.
  • Devanagari writing is often likened to a washing line: a line is drawn above the words, and the letters are hung out to dry below the line.
PikiWiki Israel 29321 Ice park mall in Eilat.JPG
  • Temperatures in Eilat can be very high, but there’s still an ice rink (pictured) in the Ice Park Mall.
  • Tanzania is probably one of the oldest known continuously inhabited areas on Earth.
  • Opened in 1770, Ouro Preto’s Teatro Municipal is the oldest functioning theater in South America.
Arcoiris en el Palmeral de Elche.jpg
  • The Palmeral in Elche (pictured) is one of the world's largest palm groves and the only one in Europe.
  • Hebron in Northern Kentucky is home to the Creation Museum, which teaches the Book of Genesis as literal truth.
  • The name of the Japanese town of Shiojiri means "Salt Butt".
泰山 南天门.jpg
  • Mount Tai (pictured) is the most climbed mountain in China and a sacred Daoist site.
  • Caernarfon is one of the best places in the world to hear a living Celtic language, with over 80% of the local population speaking Welsh.
  • Pyongyang boasts the world’s largest Arch of Triumph.
Togo Taberma house 02.jpg
  • Originally built to fend off slave traders, the world heritage listed Tatas (pictured) in Nadoba now serve as home to farm animals and various materials.
  • Mt. Angel recently built the largest glockenspiel in the United States. Also hosts a Bavarian-style "Oktoberfest" complete with traditional German bands every September
  • The Loire Valley is often referred to as "the Garden of France" and the Cradle of the French Language.
St. Sophia's.jpg
  • St.Sophia’s cathedral in Kiev (pictured) has the world biggest ensemble of frescoes and mosaics dating from 11th century.
  • Fortaleza is known as the capital of hammocks.
  • Haridwar translates to Gateway to God and has been a centre of Hindu religion and mysticism for centuries.
Mammoth Cave tour.jpg
  • Mammoth Cave National Park features over 392 miles of caves (pictured).
  • Due to the exceedingly scenic setting, and its architecture Budapest is nicknamed "Paris of the East".
  • Kumbakonam is full of temples — every street, road, locality has a prominent temple.
Rhodes Knights St.JPG
  • Rhodes City hosts the oldest inhabited medieval town (Avenue of the Knights pictured) in Europe.
  • The original capital of French Louisiana, Mobile is home to the oldest Mardi Gras celebration in the United States.
  • Ein Gedi National Park is considered the biggest and the most important oasis in Israel.
Avignon, Palais des Papes depuis Tour Philippe le Bel by JM Rosier.jpg
  • Le Palais des Papes (pictured) in Avignon is the world's largest Gothic edifice.
  • The Kolyma Highway is one of the most dangerous roads in the world.
  • The main street of Chuy is also the border between Uruguay and Brazil.
Tasmania devonport spirit of tasmania.jpg
  • Thanks to the ferry (pictured) connection to the mainland, Devonport is nicknamed the Gateway to Tasmania.
  • People eat early in Bloemfontein - even by South African standards.
  • Budva is often called the "Montenegrin Miami”.
  • Qingchengshan (front gate pictured) is one of the ancient cradles of Taoism in China.
  • The town of Horyuji has grown around the eponymous temple of Horyuji, the "Temple of the Flourishing Law”, which is also the oldest surviving wooden structure in the world.
  • At the craft centre in Ségou you can to try your hand at creating your own traditional Bogoan clothes.
559-Torre de Hercules, A Coruña.jpg
  • Built by the Romans, Torre de Hércules in A Coruña is the oldest lighthouse in the world that is still in use.
  • Pforzheim is known as "Goldstadt" (Gold town) for its jewelry and watch-making industries.
  • Preah Vihear is perched on a hilltop with a commanding view of its surroundings.
Grimeton VLF transmitter 2004.jpg
  • Grimeton VLF transmitter (pictured) near Varberg is the only workable machine transmitter in the world.
  • Lexington is home to hundreds of horse farms and nicknamed the Horse capital of America.
  • The name of ruins near Zeravshan, Sarazm, translates to “the beginning of the world”.
  • The Bazaar of Tabriz (pictured) is one of the oldest bazaars of the Middle East and the largest covered bazaar in the world.
  • Jeongdongjin station in Gangwon is the world's closest train station to the ocean.
  • Benin is the birthplace of Vodun (Voodoo) and to this day Vodun remains the official religion of the country.
Thingvellir village from above.JPG
  • Þingvellir National Park (pictured) was home to the world's longest running Parliament.
  • Jaén is said to be the largest olive producing area in the world, producing 10% of the worlds olives.
  • There are no traffic lights in Mombasa and the traffic will likely appear chaotic to a westerner.
16 Napoleons exole St Helena June1970.jpg
  • On Saint Helena you can visit the Longwood House (pictured) where Napoleon died during his exile.
  • A special memory from Samoa is a traditional tattoo.
  • Gatwick Airport is the world's busiest single runway airport.
Lake Assal 3-Djibouti.jpg
  • Lake Assal (pictured) in Djibouti is the lowest point in Africa and the saltiest lake outside Antarctica.
  • Randengfo pagoda is the oldest and tallest pagoda in Beijing
  • The Magic Mountain theme park features 18 roller coasters, a world record.
  • Over 500 years old, the city of Tokyo was once the modest fishing village of Edo (江戸).
Pier at Glenelg Beach.jpg
  • In Adelaide you can ride one of the historic trams from the CBD to the historic beachside (pictured) suburb of Glenelg.
  • Rental houseboats are a good (if expensive) way of exploring the expanse of Shuswap Lake.
  • Valletta was named after its founder, the Grandmaster Jean Parisot de la Valette.
Colombo Tourist Development Authority tuk tuk 3071.jpg
  • In Colombo, getting around by Tri-shaw (pictured) is most convenient.
  • Manchester is the site of the world's oldest surviving passenger railway station.
  • Matanzas is known as the City of Bridges for its many bridges on the city's three rivers.
Amanecer (8085342873).jpg
  • The ceiling of Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Pilar (pictured) in Zaragoza features works by several Spanish famous painters.
  • In Barnaul you can visit the Museum of Time.

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