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Tsuyama Cherry Blossom Festival.JPG
  • In Tsuyama, the Tsuyama Cherry Blossom Festival (pictured) features an impressive 5,000 cherry trees, and is known in Okayama prefecture as the best place to view cherry blossoms.
  • St. Louis Union Station is where the classic photo of Harry Truman holding the newspaper with the incorrect "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN" headline was taken.
  • In Aqaba you can find the world's oldest purpose-built Christian church.
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  • East Timor has some of the best scuba diving in the world.
  • A well-known specialty from Linz is the Linzer Torte (pictured).
  • For many years Dakar was the end point of the most important off-road rally in the world.
  • Nevis Peak, the top of a dormant volcano, is an attraction to hikers and nature buffs.
Boise Idaho.jpg
  • In Boise, if you are bold, you can ring the bell at the foot of the state Capitol (pictured) steps.
  • Honiara contains a wealth of World War Two sites: most of the hills in the Honiara area were the sites of fierce battles.
  • New York City's influence on the globe is hard to overstate, as decisions made within its boundaries often have impacts and ramifications across the world.
Gulangyu island.jpg
  • Gulangyu (pictured) is sometimes called "Piano Island" as there have been pianos on the island since the first foreign residents arrived in the 1840s.
  • Founded sometime in the 5th century BC, Tangier has been part of all major empires in the region throughout history.
  • Taveuni is one of the few places where the 180th meridian crosses land.
Medijana mozaik.jpg
  • Mediana (pictured) outside Niš is the birthplace of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.
  • Dominica was the last of the Caribbean islands to be colonized by Europeans.
  • At the clothes market in Zinder chances are you might see the logo of your own college or high school on a shirt.
  • Santa Maria la Menor Cathedral (inside view pictured) in Santo Domingo was the first cathedral built in the Americas.
  • In Iquitos you can visit an Amazonian manatee (sea cow) orphanage.
  • At the Chişinău Souvenir Bazaar one can find hand made crafts, paintings and relics from the Soviet days.
  • The little picturesque fort (pictured) in Cacheu has a dark history: it was used to ship slaves to the Americas.
  • The Pearl Trail in Muharraq is a self-guided walking tour connecting the 17 historic buildings included in the UNESCO listing.
  • Kinshasa is a major cultural and intellectual center for Central Africa.
  • At La Brea Pitch Lake in Point Fortin, bitumen wells up from deep underground (pictured).
  • The courthouse and post office in the center of Victoria have been virtually unchanged since colonial times.
  • Petrol prices in Kuwait are among the lowest in the world and most of the time it's cheaper than water.
NEWBORN Monument.jpg
  • The NEWBORN monument (pictured) in Pristina gets a new paint scheme every year.
  • Jodensavanne, a historic settlement of Sephardic Jews, is one of the main cultural heritage sights in Suriname.
  • Halloumi is a uniquely Cypriot cheese, often served grilled.
  • The town of Flores is an island (pictured) on Lago Petén Itzá, connected to land by a causeway.
  • Nassau was once a popular pirates' den, and even a self-proclaimed "Privateers Republic”.
  • Nkhata Bay is home to the Tonga people who are famed for their love of fine clothing.
Whale watching, Vava'u.jpg
  • Vava'u is a good destination for whale-watching (pictured) — you may even hear the whales sing.
  • Alajuela was the hometown of Juan Santamaría, the Costa Rican national hero.
  • São Toméan Portuguese is similar to Brazilian Portuguese in terms of grammar and pronunciation.
Pont SGO.jpg
  • Oyapock River bridge (pictured) connecting French Guiana and Brazil was finished in 2011 yet still has yet to be opened.
  • In Turkey a teacher's house may mean a form of accommodation.
  • Silent Valley is considered one of the most ecologically diverse areas on the planet.
На сопках возле Кирзавода (6). Вид на окраины Якутска.jpg
  • Yakutsk (pictured) has gained attention as potentially the coldest city in the world, with temperatures dropping to -42°C (-45°F) in winter.
  • The highest point on Rømø is only at 19 meters above sea level.
  • Given New Zealand's proximity to the international date line, Gisborne is the first city in the world to see the sun rise.
Adler Planetarium skyline view labeled.png
  • Chicago's skyline (view from Adler Planetarium pictured) is one of the world's tallest and easily ranks among its most magnificent.
  • The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is one of Austria's most scenic roads.
  • Greenlandic formerly used a unique numeral system where the toes and fingers were used to count to 20 which would be inuk naallugu or a complete human.
Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Yazd.JPG
  • The fire inside the Zoroastrian Fire Temple Atashkadeh (pictured) in Yazd has supposedly been burning since AD 470.
  • Wa has a significant chameleon population; individual chameleons can often be found crossing roads.

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