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Now displayed[edit]

Arcoiris en el Palmeral de Elche.jpg
  • The name of the Japanese town of Shiojiri means "Salt Butt".
  • Hebron in Northern Kentucky is home to the Creation Museum, which teaches the Book of Genesis as literal truth.
  • The Palmeral in Elche (pictured) is one of the world's largest palm groves and the only one in Europe.
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  • Joliet Correctional Center has been used as a filming location for numerous tv shows and movies.
Mount erebus hg.jpg
  • Mount Erebus (pictured) is the southernmost active volcano in the world.
  • Due to its agricultural wealth, Chengdu is sometimes called the "Land of Milk and Honey".
  • The shops of Chihuahua have a great selection of cowboy boots.
RiverKwaiBridge Train.JPG
  • The main attraction in Kanchanaburi is the Bridge over the River Kwai (pictured), famous from the eponymous novel.
  • Gibraltar claims to have the southernmost pub in Europe.
  • Nausori has been dubbed "the Paradise of the Green".
Montauk Point Lighthouse.jpg
  • The Montauk Lighthouse (pictured) is a historical lighthouse with a beautiful view of "The End" of Long Island.
  • The Pole of Cold is a region in Siberia where you can experience the world’s coldest temperatures outside Antarctica.
  • St. Joseph, Missouri, is famous as the place where Jesse James was gunned down.
  • Kiritimati (pictured) is the coral atoll with the largest land area in the world.
  • Benin City is actually located in Nigeria.
  • With a population of around 310, Kulusuk is one of the largest towns in Eastern Greenland
Grote Markt at night (Antwerpen).jpg
  • Antwerp’s city hall (pictured) is built in a style combining Gothic and early Renaissance, almost exclusively found in this region of Europe.
  • The Gambia is a thin country, essentially consisting of the flood plain of the Gambia river flanked by some low hills.
  • The Barbados museum in Bridgetown is housed in the former British Military Prison.
  • Rotorua is known as the thermal wonderland of New Zealand. (boiling pool pictured)
  • In Jinja you can see the source of the world’s longest river, the Nile.
  • Cristalino State Park in Alta Floresta offers great opportunities to explore exceptional Amazon flora and fauna.
Little sin city.jpg
  • Casinos (pictured) are Reno’s most common visitor attraction.
  • The Manitoba Children’s Museum in Winnipeg is home to several hands-on galleries, offering plenty of family fun.
  • Are you interested in violins? In Cremona you can visit the the Stradivarius museum.
Paper dome night.jpg
  • The Paper Dome (pictured) in Puli is a temporary church building constructed using paper tubes as structural elements.
  • Surat Thani has a monkey training college.
  • The James Bond beach is in Ocho Rios, close to the former home of author Ian Fleming who created the character.
Tokushima Miyoshi Okuiya Double Kazurabashi 4.JPG
  • Iya Valley is famous for its vine bridges (pictured).
  • Antigua and Barbuda are nicknamed "Land of 365 beaches" due to the many beaches that surround the two islands.
  • Sark still has a quite liberal smoking legislation.
Kalgoorlie Super Pit 1.jpg
  • The size of the Super pit (pictured) in Kalgoorlie-Boulder makes everything else look small.
  • A popular event in Douz is the International festival of the Sahara, held towards the end of each year.
  • In Rosario you can visit the house where Che Guevara was born.
  • The biggest snow castle in the world (pictured) is built yearly in Kemi since 1996.
  • Sukhothai translates to the Dawn of Happiness.
  • Batticaloa is known as “Land of Singing Fish”.
Spitzkoppe Namibia5.jpg
  • The Groot Spitzkoppe (pictured) is often referred to as the "Matterhorn of Namibia" because of the similarity in shape.
  • Bermuda’s airport has the world's highest landing/parking fee for airlines.
  • Unlike other U.S. territories, traffic on the U.S. Virgin Islands moves on the left.
Lenin's head in Ulan Ude.jpg
  • The world's largest Lenin head (pictured) is located at the main city square of Ulan Ude.
  • Monrovia is one of the wettest capitals in the world with over 5100mm of annual rainfall.
  • In Cu Chi you can explore the huge tunnel network used as a refuge during the Vietnam War.
Earth and Man Museum Sofia 4.jpg
  • The Earth and Man museum (pictured) in Sofia has the biggest collection of gigantic minerals in the world.
  • The community of Boring is twinned with Dull and its official slogan is "The most exciting place to live."
  • Friends of bourbon may want to tour bourbon distilleries of Kentucky.
  • Ruta de transito (Ometepe pictured) was the preferred alternative for getting from New York to San Francisco prior to the transcontinental railroad.

  • High speed rail in China (Shanghai station pictured) is the longest and most patronized high speed network in the world.
2010-07-22 Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station waiting hall.jpg

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