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Here we collaborate on future discover facts that are featured on the Main Page (and on the Discover page).


  • Keep it short and snappy: no more than twenty words, please.
  • [[Link]] any place names.
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  • The articles don't need to be perfect, but preference should be given to those with a status of "usable" or higher.
  • The article linked to must contain the fact in question.
  • Relevant images are optional but welcome, ideally once for every three facts. They should be placed above the fact in question, with the following formatting:
The interesting fact linked to this image goes here.

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Dlieja da Sacun cun Saslonch.jpg
  • Nha Trang is Vietnam's most famous seaside resort town, and the scuba diving centre of Vietnam.
  • St. Jacob's Church (pictured), accessible only by a steep trail through the woods outside of Ortisei, South Tyrol, is more than 700 years old.
  • Danville, Virginia was the last capital of the Confederacy for a week at the end of the American Civil War.
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Add your entries to the end of this list. Do not leave any space or other commentary between entries. However, feel free to rearrange the list, because geographic variety in what's displayed is good (e.g. if the next three items are all from Asia, it's good to intersperse something from Africa, Europe or the Americas).

  • The name of Amqui, Quebec charmingly means "where we have fun" in the local Mi'kmaq language.
  • Although often thronged with mountaineers attempting Everest, Namche Bazaar (pictured) remains a small hillside village with just 60 permanent residents.
  • The Sereer people of Senegal practise a distinct form of wrestling, in which combatants use brute force and magic to force their opponents to the ground.
  • Prestwick Airport in Ayrshire is the only known place in the UK ever visited by Elvis Presley.
Zebra Side.JPG
  • Thornicroft's giraffe and Crawshay's zebra (pictured) are both species endemic to South Luangwa National Park (Zambia), and both known for their unusual appearance within their respective genera.
  • Kabak, in Turkey, doesn't have a large enough population to be designated even as a "village", so it's often omitted from maps, even quite detailed ones.
  • Wakkanai sounds like "wakannai", which happens to mean "I don't understand / I don't know" in colloquial Japanese, so you can expect to get some ribbing if you answer questions like "Where are you?" with "Wakkanai"!
Provincetown View.jpg
  • Provincetown (pictured) has an intriguing history as the first landing site of the Pilgrims and the place where the Mayflower Compact was signed.

On hold

The articles linked in from the entries below need to be improved before they're ready to go. Plunge forward, edit them, and move to the main queue. If you move trivia to this list, please provide a reason for doing so.

This one is valid, but it already ran in February according to the discover archive. Any reason for running this again? K7L (talk) 13:32, 9 April 2017 (UTC)
  • The old bullfighting ring in Colonia, Uruguay is almost unused. It was finished in 1910, but the sport was outlawed two years later.
No reason at all to repeat. When I was adding it, I thought it seemed a vaguely familiar fact, but didn't remember that I'd first read it here two months ago! Delete by all means :-) --ThunderingTyphoons! (talk) 15:36, 9 April 2017 (UTC)

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