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  • Herzogenaurach is world famous for being headquarters of both Adidas and Puma (Adidas outlet pictured).
  • Don't plan any shopping trips to Peillonshops are not allowed in the village.
  • The Six Flags Great America amusement park in Gurnee boasts the largest carousel in the USA.
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  • Fukuoka is a good starting point for first-time visitors to Japan. Being a sizable, modern city it's still not hard to get around.
Sunset manipal.JPG
  • The vegetarian cuisine of Udupi (pictured) is famous all over India and among Indians abroad.
  • Situated across New York Harbor from Manhattan, Staten Island may seem like it's in an entirely different world.
  • The vastness of the Sahara desert is comparable to the surface area of the United States of America or China.
  • During the annual chocolate festival in Dunedin, 40000 Jaffa cookies are rolled down Baldwin Street (pictured), the world’s steepest street.
  • In the early Middle Ages, Canterbury became known by the Anglo-Saxon name of Cantwarebyrig, meaning "fortress of the men of Kent".
  • You can find some empty, unused tunnels under Cincinnati, stemming from a 1920s subway project that was canceled due to lack of funding.
Elephant rock Al Ula, Saudi Arabia 2011.jpg
  • Where there are large rocks there is bound to be an "Elephant Rock", and Al-Ula also has its own (pictured).
  • Many of the local bars and eateries in Lido have a "where everybody knows your name" family feel.
  • The Footsteps of the Sun near Isla del Sol are a set of natural — or maybe supernatural — impressions in rock.
Kanak house - modified.jpg
  • Many postcards of New Caledonia feature the wooden round houses (pictured) of the Tjibaou Cultural Centre just outside Noumea.
  • Contrary to popular perception, Goa is not an island.
  • Distances between cities and towns in the Russian Far East are huge, and most of the region is roadless.
  • One of the unique features of Guanajuato is its extensive tunnel network (an entrance pictured).
  • If you like beer and are visiting Sapporo, try tasting different Sapporo Beer variants in the local beer museum.
  • Cardiff has a reputation as a city of castles, having 5 different castles within its surroundings.
Bora Bora 01835.jpg
  • A popular form of accommodation on Bora Bora are overwater bungalows (pictured).
  • Dieppe is the nearest beach to Paris, lively all year round.
  • Kassel is known primarily for the documenta, an art exhibition that happens there every five years.
BerjayaTimeSq ThemePark.JPG
  • Berjaya Times Square Theme Park in Kuala Lumpur is notable for its hair-raising seven-story indoor roller coaster (pictured).
  • One attraction in Nahanni National Park Reserve is Rabbitkettle Hotsprings, source of the largest known tufa mounds (limestone formations) in Canada.
  • In ancient times, Poros was considered the island of Poseidon, Greek god of the sea.
Dandong korea.jpg
  • A major attraction in Dandong is North Korea, more specifically that you can see it (pictured) from there.
  • The Livingstone-Stanley Monument near Bujumbura is actually not the spot where Stanley said "Dr Livingstone, I presume”.
  • Crookston is home to the world's largest ox-cart, and the original Happy Joe's Pizzeria.
  • Ninoy Aquino International Airport (pictured) was built in the 1930s by the Americans as the military-only Nichols Field airfield.
  • Edinburgh Castle in the Old Town of Edinburgh has been continuously in use for 1000 years and is in excellent condition.
  • For tourists, Antarctica is accessible only during the Austral summer season from November to March.
Marina Bay Sands in the evening - 20101120.jpg
  • Technically, Marina Bay (pictured) is the body of water created by reclaiming land around the mouth of the Singapore River.
  • Exporting sand, seashells or coral from the Maldives is forbidden.
  • A visa allows an alien to travel to present themself to an immigration officer but does not automatically guarantee entry.
Caffe macchiato.jpg
  • Ethiopia is the historical origin of the coffee bean, and its coffee (pictured) is regarded among the best in the world.
  • Pontianak translates to "undead vampire of a woman who died during childbirth".
  • Anyone in a costume is welcome to march at New York’s Village Halloween Parade.
Ordos.Kang Bashi Daqiao.jpg
  • Ordos City (pictured) is the poster child of modern Chinese city planning, but outside of China known as a "ghost city".
  • Smolensk is one of the oldest cities in Russia and has many monuments from different epochs.
  • West Bali National Park is Bali's only national park.
Prins-karls-forrland pho.jpg
  • Svalbard (pictured) is the northernmost tip of Europe and most of its settlements are the northernmost permanently inhabited spots on the planet.
  • In Rome, most pizza restaurants serve it only in the evening.
  • Cedar Point is one of the oldest continuously operating amusement parks, having begun in the year 1870 as a beach resort on the shore of Lake Erie.
Vista Posterior de la Puerta del Sol.jpg
  • The massive, solid blocks of a stone not indigenous to the flat plateau give rise to Tiwanaku's nickname, "the Stonehenge of the Americas" (Gate of the Sun pictured)
  • Australia has almost a quarter of all the slot machines in the world.
  • Icelandic retains the full set of conjugations and declensions that Old Norse had.
  • Dambulla's cave temple is made up of caves containing well conserved statues and paintings (pictured).
  • The longest pedestrian tunnel in the world goes under the Kiel Canal in Rendsburg.
  • Confusingly, several incompatible district systems are used in Prague.
Point Pinos Light during reconstruction (2013).jpg
  • Point Pinos Light (pictured) in Pacific Grove the oldest working lighthouse on the U.S. West Coast.
  • A local specialty of Kunming is "Over-the-Bridge Rice Noodles".
  • Forillon National Park may be small in size, but there's a mind-boggling diversity of landscapes packed into it.
Lausanne by night.jpg
  • There has been a settlement on the hill at Lausanne (pictured) since at least the stone age.
  • Kumasi is widely regarded as the cultural cradle of Ghana.
  • The Paro Valley is wide and verdant and is recognized as one of the most beautiful in all Bhutan.
Terminal Rodoviário Tietê.jpg
  • Tietê bus terminal (inside view pictured) in Sao Paulo is the second largest terminal in the world, hence an enormous building.

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