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The Discover page is an archive of about strange but true trivia about destinations around the world, previously featured in the Discover section on the main page. You can contribute and add or edit future facts to the list here. Previously displayed facts from this year are below. You can find older facts from previous years using the links at the bottom of the page.

June 2019[edit]

Flora de la Mar.jpg
  • The main historical exhibits of the Maritime Museum in Malacca are hosted inside a replica of the Flora de la Mar (pictured), a 16th-Century Portuguese ship.
  • The weekly Hippie Fair in Belo Horizonte is one of the largest artisan fairs in Brazil and offers everything from crafts to jewelry, furniture to souvenirs, clothing to food.
  • Managua's location between the rival cities of León and Granada made it an ideal compromise site when the capital was relocated in the 1850s.
  • Founded in 1926 using Carl Zeiss technology, the Zeiss-Planetarium (pictured) in Jena is one of the oldest projection planetariums in the world.
  • Certain neighbourhoods of Quy Nhon have developed into bánh xèo (a kind of pancake) specialty areas, where restaurants or street-side vendors congregate in friendly competition with each other.
  • Ibiza and Formentera are also known as the Islas Pitiusas (from the Greek word "pitys" meaning pine tree) because of the abundance of pines that cover their landscapes.
  • Livingston, Montana retains much of its Old West history with 436 buildings on the National Historic Register (downtown pictured).
  • Old Dhaka has little of public transport infrastructure so cycle rickshaw is your best option.
  • Monterrey's most famous landmark is the saddle-shaped mountain Cerro de la Silla that dominates the local skyline.
  • Historically part of the Austrian Empire and divided by the Rhine river, the city of Laufenburg is nowadays partially in Germany, partially in Switzerland. (German part seen across Rhine pictured)
  • Famous for its temple ruins, Batujaya translates to "glorious stone(s)".
  • Dahlonega was the site of a major gold rush, claimed the first in the US by local citizens.
Harry Potter Leavesden entrance.jpg
  • In Watford you can visit the Warner Bros Studios (pictured).
  • Munda Wanga Environmental Park in Lusaka was started in 1956 as private garden and has grown to be Zambia's premier environmental education facility.
  • The Magnificent Seven Houses in Port of Spain were built during colonial times and have very interesting histories.
Osh 03-2016 img06 Sulayman Mountain.jpg
  • Sulayman Mountain (pictured) looming over Osh is full of ancient sites of worship, some still in use, dating back several millennia and considered the most complete example of a Central Asian sacred mountain.
  • Cronulla is the only Sydney beach located on a train line and thus one of the most accessible of Sydney beaches.
  • The uniquely eclectic Saint-Christophe church in Charleroi has seen additions from just about every architectural style since it was built in 1667.
Victoria falls, zambia.jpg
  • No visit to Zambia is complete without a stop at the Victoria Falls (pictured), one of the most stunning waterfalls in the world.
  • While less visited than the better known tourist attraction ruins like Chichen Itza, many people find the Copán Ruinas even more interesting.
  • Nablus olive soap has been very famous for centuries, and it is handmade in factories located in the Old City.
Chekhov Birthhouse.jpg
  • In Taganrog you can visit the birthhouse (pictured) of the Russian writer Anton Chekhov.
  • The Tibetan Plateau is the world's largest and, with average heights of over 4,000m, also the world's highest, plateau.

May 2019[edit]

  • Red Hook is the only place in New York where you can get a frontal view of the Statue of Liberty from land.
  • The largest carnivorous marsupial in the world, the Tasmanian Devil (pictured) it is characterised by its stocky and muscular build, black fur, extremely loud and disturbing screech, and ferocity when feeding.
  • Eureka Springs sprang up almost overnight around the area's numerous cold water springs, thought to have healing properties.
  • Hermansons trading house in Haparanda was built in 1832 and it is one of the best preserved buildings in Northern Sweden.
Mount Kilimanjaro.jpg
  • The journey from the gate to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro (pictured) is like travelling from the equator to Antarctica in a matter of days.
  • McMichael Canadian Art Gallery in Vaughan is renowned for its devotion to collecting and exhibiting only Canadian art.
  • Qufu is famous as the birthplace of Confucius.
  • Mainau is maintained as a garden island (flower statues pictured) and a model of excellent environmental practices.
  • Monumento aos Açorianos in Porto Alegre is a 17 m high monument in the memory of the people from the Azores, who were the first to settle there.
  • At the Miraikan Science Center in Odaiba, Tokyo new technologies like robots and space modules are presented and demonstrations and physical experiments for the inquiring mind are given.
Anchorage, Alaska, USA.jpg
  • If you are looking for the "real Alaska" Anchorage is not it, but you can see it from there (skyline with Chugach Mountains in background pictured).
  • One popular attraction in Arica is the Cathedral of San Marcos, designed by Gustave Eiffel like the tower in Paris.
  • Beautifully tended parks and historical sights make the alpine town of Bad Reichenhall one of the most precious jewels of Bavaria.
Piran Coast2.JPG
  • Many of Piran's restaurants are located along the waterfront (Prešernovo nabrežje, pictured), with open air seating and great views.
  • The UNESCO World Heritage Program aims to catalogue and preserve sites of outstanding importance, either cultural or natural, to the common heritage of humankind.
  • The primary appeal of snorkeling is the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural setting without the complicated equipment and training required for scuba diving.
Acadia National Park Coastline.jpg
  • Acadia National Park is along the rugged, rocky coast (pictured) of "Downeast" Maine.
  • Located in undulating pine-covered hills, and home to several waterfalls, Shillong is also known as the Scotland of the East.
  • The Museum of Sonora in Hermosillo is housed in a very creepy castle-like old stone penitentiary built in 1897.
Ókeresztény sírkápolna.JPG
  • In Pécs you can see remains of early Christian monuments (tomb chapel pictured), from the Roman age when the city was known as Sopianae.
  • Zulu is a tonal language, so the meaning of some words depends on whether you use a high or low pitch.
  • The Nature Park Bulgarka is about at the geographical center of Bulgaria and contains one of the major passages through the Balkan Mountains, the Shipka passage.
  • The modern town of Jericho includes the ancient mound known as Tell es-Sultan (pictured), the accumulated remains of cities that have existed on the site for some 9,000 years, since the Neolithic period.
  • The Rocky Mountain states contain many of the greatest national parks in the U.S., Indigenous American communities, and a vivant Old West heritage.
  • On the Silk Road Gansu marked the end or beginning of China proper depending on whether you were traveling east towards Xi'an or west towards Central Asia and Europe.
Löwendenkmal tourists.jpg
  • Mark Twain praised the sculpture of a mortally-wounded lion in Lucerne's Lion Monument (pictured) as "the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world."
  • The Sanko Harvest wreck in Cape Le Grand National Park is the second largest diveable wreck in the world and the largest on the Australian coast.
  • A speciality of Trinidad and Tobago is Mauby, a beverage made with the bark of the mauby tree and spices, such as anise and cinnamon.
Kenko Mirror Lens 800mm f-8 DX - New Gear Acquired! (8738738718).jpg
  • If you intend to photograph far-away objects – especially wildlife, for example going on safari or birdwatching – you will need a telephoto lens (pictured).
  • Throughout Düsseldorf you may encounter life-size figures of people standing on advertising columns, the so-called pillar saints.
  • With mountains visible in nearly every direction, Abbotsford is in one of the most geographically stunning regions of British Columbia.

April 2019[edit]

  • A 368 meter-high tower built of concrete and standing on three legs, the Riga TV Tower (pictured) is the tallest tower in the European Union.
  • Melbourne is known as the fashion capital of Australia with numerous malls and boutique-lined streets.
  • Buried cheese is a specialty of Yeghegnadzor.
Thailand Ayutthaya Wat Phra Si Sanphet.jpg
  • The numerous magnificent ruins (Wat Phra Si Sanphet pictured) in Ayutthaya indicate that the city was one of Southeast Asia's (and probably the world's) most prosperous cities in the 17th century.
  • Conakry Botanical Garden is noted for its kapok trees.
  • The wooden roof of the 11th century Ancona cathedral is in the shape of an upside-down boat and its most obvious feature is the 12-sided cupola.
  • At the Witches' Market (pictured) in La Paz vendors sell things like llama fetuses and dried frogs for Aymara rituals, as well as soapstone figurines and aphrodisiac formulas.
  • The Alaska Marine Highway provides a connection to many island and island-like communities, including the Alaskan state capital Juneau which is accessible only by boat or plane despite being located on the mainland.
  • Founded in 1416 by a disciple of Tsong Khapa, the Drepung Monastery in Lhasa was the biggest and richest monastery in Tibet and its lamas helped to train each new young Dalai Lama.
  • Although looking centenary, Museu da Companhia Paulista (pictured) in Jundiaí was actually built in 1979 to pay homage to the railway history of the São Paulo state.
  • Kristiansand in Southern Norway is sometimes confused with Kristiansund in West Norway or Kristianstad in Sweden and is therefore sometimes called Kristiansand S, where S stands for South.
  • The most popular attraction in Chae Son National Park is the Chae Son hot spring where you can cook eggs in 15 minutes.
Lawrence, Kansas skyline 2018.jpg
  • Lawrence, Kansas (pictured) has been the setting of many movies and is a growing cultural hub in Kansas.
  • The Atlantic ocean absorbs heat in summer and releases it in winter, granting Tenerife fairly constant temperatures throughout the year.
  • In Rzeszów you can visit a museum dedicated to popular animated films for children before bedtime.
Wagenia 17 copy.jpg
  • On of the major sights in Kisangani is the Boyoma Falls with fishermen using conical traps to catch fish (pictured).
  • Waterloo is part of Canada's Technology Triangle, and many IT companies are either based or have branch offices here.
  • Formerly separate islands, Yeongjong and Yongyu have been joined together by Incheon's international airport, built between them on reclaimed land.
Cromford Mill 2008.jpg
  • The Cromford Mill (pictured) was the world's first water-powered cotton spinning mill developed by Richard Arkwright in 1771.
  • At a length of 5,224 km, and stretching the whole mainland part of the country, the Ruta Nacional 40 is the longest national highway of Argentina and a popular travel itinerary.
  • Karlovy Vary, meaning "Charles' Bath", was named after Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, who founded the city in 1370.
Todoroki Keikoku 02.JPG
  • Todoroki ravine (pictured) in Setagaya, Tokyo is a natural canyon nestled in urban surroundings.
  • Wagga Wagga Art Gallery houses the Australian Print Collection and the Print Australia Archive and is home to the National Art Glass Collection, Australia's premier display of glass art.
  • Turkish has some vowel sounds that are not known in many other languages, and thus can be hard to learn.
  • The people of Guinea-Bissau love to drink warga, a sweet green tea (pictured).
  • El Jaguar Zoo & Disco in Puerto Maldonado is a zoo during daytime and a night club at night.
  • In the Gold Room of the Swedish History Museum in Östermalm, Stockholm, you'll find gold treasures from the Bronze Age to the 16th century.
  • The Qinghai–Tibet railway is the highest railway (view from train pictured) in the world, rising up to more than 5,000 meters (16,000 ft) above sea level.
  • South Bend's name is drawn from the fact that it's situated on the southernmost bend in the St. Joseph River.
  • The Elk Island National Park has higher densities of hoofed mammals per square kilometre than any other wild area in the world, except for the Serengeti Plains of Africa.

March 2019[edit]

Start of the Blue Mountains just north of Kingston, Jamaica.jpg
  • The Blue Mountain range is shrouded almost perpetually by mists that give Jamaica's highest mountains their bluish color (pictured).
  • The Chloister of Paradise in Amalfi was built in the 13th century and is home to old mosaics and paintings, and 120 columns built in the Arabic style.
  • Roughly the size of India, and making up about 18% of Russia, Yakutia is the world's largest subnational governing body by area.
Wohin auswandern malaysia Taiping Lake Gardens 4.jpg
  • Taiping Lake Gardens (pictured) is a public gardens created out of abandoned surface tin mines.
  • Footwear is one of the most important aspects of wilderness backpacking.
  • The Moon Valley in Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park has a moonlike landscape and glimmering rocks, with two large natural pools, suitable for swimming.
Laplap 02.jpg
  • One traditional dish which you will most likely be offered during a stay in Vanuatu is lap lap (pictured), a root vegetable cake.
  • Teplice is known for its thermal spas, which are particularly popular with visitors from the Middle East.
  • Los Angeles' Chinatown is unlike those of many other cities in that it has a much more modern appearance.
Melk Abbey aerial view 001.jpg
  • The 200m-long Kaisergang (Imperial Corridor and Abbey Museum) of Melk Benedectine Abbey (pictured) is decorated with portraits of Austrian rulers.
  • Plaza de los Mariachis in Guadalajara is where the famous Mexican hat dance (jarabe tapatío) was born.
  • Alappuzha is often called the Venice of the East due to the canals that connect it to Kerala's famous snaking backwaters.
Preikestolen - Pulpit Rock.jpg
  • The fjords (Lysefjorden pictured) increase Norway's coastline from a modest 3,000 km to 30,000 km. Islands add another 70,000 km – in total creating the most complex coastline in the world.
  • The Museum Kitchen in the National Museum of Nigeria in Lagos is a good place to try local Nigerian cuisine.
  • The area in and around Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park is inhabited by the Tenggerese, one of the few significant Hindu communities left on the island of Java.
  • Fort Meigs (pictured) in Perrysburg, Ohio is the largest wooden walled fort in North America and played a key role in the war of 1812.
  • Mei Kedem in the Carmel Range is a walkable underground aqueduct dating to the Byzantine period, which was used to supply the city of Caesarea and with water still flowing.
  • Chiclayo and surroundings feature sights related to Lord of Sipan, the "King Tutankamon of the Americas", including one of the most spectacular tombs discovered in the Western Hemisphere.
  • The former Utrecht Main Post Office (indoor pictured) is a great example of Dutch Art Deco architecture.
  • Gujarat is a dazzlingly diverse state that shakes up the know-it-all Indophile, and reveals treasures hidden from the tourist hordes.
  • At Carolina Tiger Rescue in Pittsboro you can see tigers, lions, cougars and other big cats, all rescued from poor treatment and brought there.
Lightning Ridge5.JPG
  • Lightning Ridge (town and mines pictured) has many attractions related to opals and mining.
  • Squamish calls itself The Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada due to the variety of outdoor activities readily available in the area.
  • While alcohol isn't widely available or visibly consumed in Algeria, a selection of wine (not in big volume) and also beer is produced there.
Spitz-Donau 9003.JPG
  • Schifffahrtsmuseum Spitz (ship model pictured) is devoted to illustrating the history and development of maritime traffic on the Danube River.
  • The Yamaguchi Daijingu was built in the Muromachi Period as a branch shrine the of Ise Shrine, and like the latter it is rebuilt every 20 years.
  • Milwaukee was once the home to four of the world's largest breweries, making it the number one beer producing city in the world for many years.
Chom Ong1.jpg
  • Chom Ong Cave (inside pictured) outside Muang Xay gives the visitor a dazzling feeling of entering Tolkien's Mines of Moria.
  • The St. Patrick's day celebration in Savannah is considered by many to be the second largest party in the U.S.
  • The largest wine producing area in Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate is home to 6 of the 9 wine-producing districts in the country.
PuntadelEste 2005.jpg
  • Punta del Este (pictured) is sometimes called the Monaco of South America.

February 2019[edit]

  • Ajman Fish Market is great place to see fishermen bring out the fresh catch and watch the middlemen auction them to the shopkeepers and you can buy fish and get it cooked right there.
  • In the early 1970s the first backpackers travelling on the back of a coconut boat arrived on Ko Samui, now the second most popular island destination in Thailand.
  • Geghard Monastery (pictured) in Garni is a world heritage listed, revered 11th century monastery, much of it carved out of the solid stone of the mountainside, in dramatic canyon setting.
  • Castello di Sasso Corbaro was built in only six months in 1479, 462 meters up the hill, as the highest fortification in Bellinzona.
  • The large, iconic thumbs-up sign right in front of the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park is too large for selfies, but there will probably be geek tourists around to take your picture.
Shionomisaki fire.jpg
  • Shiono-Misaki Southernmost Point Park in Kushimoto denotes the southernmost point of Honshu and serves as the festival grounds for the annual Fire Festival (pictured).
  • Today a museum and tourist attraction, the infamous Robben Island was used for imprisoning people since 1658.
  • Ljubljana has no world-famous attractions, which is just great: there's no need to hop from one place to another, taking photos and crossing off the items on your checklist.
Carcassonne cote3.jpg
  • Cité de Carcassonne (pictured) is a medieval fortress with over 3 km of walls with 52 towers and a history that exceeds two and a half thousand years.
  • Jiageng Park in Jimei is also called Kah Kee Park in memory of Tan Kah Kee (Chen Jiageng), a rubber baron who made an enormous fortune in Malaya.
  • The Antique Boat Museum in Clayton includes an opportunity to row a three-passenger St. Lawrence Skiff.
Apsley Falls 08.JPG
  • In Oxley Wild Rivers National Park there are several spectacular waterfalls (Apsley Falls pictured).
  • Zamboanga City Hall was completed in 1907 by the Federal Government of the United States for the then American Governors.
  • Taxi-brousse, or interurban shared taxi, is the way most locals travel around Madagascar, and this mode of travel is a great way to meet and interact with locals and experience Madagascar as the Malagasy do.
  • The Moon Church (pictured) in Oradea is a church unique in Europe, with a type of astronomical clock depicting the phases of the moon.
  • The Bandstand in Mumbai's Western Suburbs is lined by expensive bungalows and flats, some of which belong to Bollywood movie stars.
  • Shetland is of great interest to the naturalist and anyone who is keen to see wild animals and birds in their native habitat.
Erg Chebbi Maroc.jpg
  • Merzouga is a village on the edge of Erg Chebbi (pictured), a 50-km long and 5-km wide set of sand dunes that reach up to a height of 350 m.
  • Orquídeas Moxviquil in San Cristóbal de las Casas grows orchids and other plants rescued from nearby areas undergoing deforestation, and is dedicated to preserving and displaying all varieties of orchids native to the state of Chiapas.
  • Depoe Bay is famous as the smallest navigable harbor in the world, and as the "whale watching capital of the world."
Arcade of dwellings on Rua do Cano, Évora.jpg
  • The old aqueduct in Évora has houses built into the arches (pictured).
  • Alto Ribeira State Touristic Park is a prime destination for cave exploring, containing the Gruta da Casa da Pedra cave, with the largest cave mouth in the world.
  • In Kenting National Park you can see a sculpture representing the southernmost tip of Taiwan — famous with the locals for pictures and a great sunset spot.
  • The Dr. Pepper soft drink was invented in Waco in 1885 and the Dr. Pepper museum (delivery truck door pictured) houses the original bottling plant.
  • Once the feared base of pirates (corsairs), heavily fortified against Norman (or English) attacks, today's Saint-Malo is one of the top tourist draws in Brittany.
  • The Inner Mongolia Museum in Hohhot showcases local flora, fauna and history from the stone age until modern times, as well as minerals and mining, space exploration, and dinosaurs.
বুড়িগঙ্গা ৪.jpg
  • A few colonial-era rocket steamers (pictured) depart from Dhaka's Sadarghat river port to Barisal and Khulna several times per week.
  • Cerro Catedral outside San Carlos de Bariloche has the biggest ski centre in South America, with a skiable area of 2 km² (0.77 sq mi), over 100 km (62 miles) of ski runs, and a lift capacity of 22,200 skiers per hour.

January 2019[edit]

  • Castlemaine boasts a proud automotive history, and is the self-proclaimed 'Hot Rod Capital' of Victoria.
World's largest Coke can, Portage la Prairie, MB.jpg
  • The world's largest Coca-Cola can (pictured), constructed from an old water tower, can be seen in Portage la Prairie.
  • Despite being less developed, Myanmar is expensive compared to other Southeast Asian countries.
  • Legend has it that Harry's New York Bar in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris was the birthplace of the Bloody Mary invented by Fernand "Pete" Petiot, an American bartender
  • Pope Alexander IV was buried in Viterbo Cathedral (pictured) but his tomb was unaccountably destroyed during 16th century renovations.
  • The first Europeans to settle in Puerto Madryn were Welsh arriving in 1865, and they named the city for Baron Madryn of Wales.
  • The City Of Sadness Restaurant in Jiufen was featured in a film with the same name, which won the Golden Lion award at the 1989 Venice Film Festival.
Santa's Workshop - North Pole NY.jpg
  • Also North Pole in New York has a Santa and Christmas theme park with entertainment, rides and shops (pictured).
  • From the summit of Isle of Man's highest mountain Snaefell, it's said that visitors can see 6 Kingdoms — Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, the Isle of Man and Heaven.
Wakra Fort, Qatar.jpg
  • Housed in an old fort built in the early 20th century, Al Wakrah Museum (pictured) displays artifacts of marine life and local history.
  • Unlike most of France, Hauts-de-France is better known for its beer than wine.
  • Avarua is the main village on the northern side of Rarotonga and has most of the population and services — people tend to refer to it as the town.
  • The Pidjiguiti port (pictured) in Bissau was the site of the Pidjiguiti massacre on 3 August 1959, which became the beginning of the active resistance against the Portuguese colonial power.
  • While Tibetan spelling in the written language is fairly standard throughout the ages and regions, pronunciation is very diverse and there are many, often mutually incomprehensible, dialects.
  • The Cyclades are the Greece of the travel posters: bare rocky islands adorned with brilliantly white cubistic villages soaring on hills above the wine-dark sea, and fringed with terrific beaches.
  • Penguin was named after the little penguins that used to wander around its beaches, and many things there (Big Penguin statue pictured), including bins, are shaped like penguins.
  • Nagpur can be considered the centre of India as the zero milestone of India is located in the city.
  • Chaozhou considers itself the "Ceramic Capital of China" and you will notice that there are a lot of ceramics for sale, often at very inexpensive prices.
OceanCityNJ Boardwalk.jpg
  • The two and a half mile boardwalk (pictured) is the central focus of Ocean City's attractions — lined up with shops and restaurants of every kind, movie theaters, amusement rides, miniature golf courses, and a water park like no other.
  • Kelimutu near Ende is a holy mountain with three crater lakes, filled with water of different colors.
  • A popular attraction in Awasa are hippos — they can be seen from the shore of Lake Awasa, or from a boat.
Shakespeare's Birthplace.jpg
  • Stratford-upon-Avon is best known as the home town of the great English playwright and poet, William Shakespeare (Shakespeare's birthplace pictured).
  • Loveland, Colorado was founded in 1877 along the Colorado Central Railroad and was named after the company's president, William A.H. Loveland.
  • A volcano is regarded as active if it has erupted within the last 10,000 years — less than a second in geological time.
St Marks Church Zagreb.jpg
  • St. Mark's Church (pictured) in Zagreb is known for its colourful roof tiles depicting the coat of arms of Croatia and Zagreb.
  • The Beilin Museum in Xian has a remarkable collection of 4000 inscribed stone tablets, covering scripture, poetry, classic Chinese texts, triumphs of rulers, family history, and practical affairs such as instructions to rebuild a school.
  • Ponta do Seixas in João Pessoa is the easternmost mainland point in the Americas — there is a monument to mark the spot, as well as an odd lighthouse designed by Oscar Niemeyer, and it has a sweeping view of the Atlantic.
Göbekli Tepe site (1).JPG
  • Famed as the oldest temple in the world, and dated to 9000 BCE, Göbekli Tepe (ruins pictured) outside Urfa pre-dates farming and settlements.
  • The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunenburg commemorates Atlantic Canada's fishing tradition, and exhibits include ships, an aquarium featuring native species, and a working boat building shop.
  • The geographical center of New York City is in Queens.

Old discoveries[edit]