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Cagayan de Oro

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Cagayan de Oro, often abbreviated CDO and sometimes just called "Cagayan", is known as the "City of Golden Friendship." It is the capital of the Province of Misamis Oriental and the "Gateway of Northern Mindanao."

Located along the northern coastline of Mindanao in the southern part of the Philippines, it serves as a regional center being the most populous highly-urbanized city in Northern Mindanao (Region X). According to the 2015 Census, the city has a population of 675,950.



Cagayan de Oro has a tropical climate, with the average temperature the whole year round being 28°C (82°F). The highest recorded temperature in the city was 39°C (102°F) in June 1998. Cagayan de Oro receives a relatively even amount of rain throughout the year. The driest month is April, while July is the wettest. The wet season in the city starts in June and ends in November, while the dry season starts in December and ends in May. However, the difference in seasons is not very noticeable in the city; there are sunny and rainy days throughout the year and the rain is usually strong but brief (you will notice the season if hiking or driving on dirt roads in the highlands inland from Cagayan de Oro as it gets muddier). Although the city is also outside the typhoon belt, it has been hit by a few tropical systems, most notably Tropical Storm Sendong (international name Washi) in December 2011.


Roman Catholicism is the city's dominant religion, with almost 80% of the population being Roman Catholics. There are also a large number of Seventh Day Adventists, Iglesia ni Cristo, Protestants and Muslims in the city.


Bisayan (Cebuano), Tagalog and English are the city's main languages. Other ethnic dialects in the city are Hiligaynon, Ilongo, Maranao, Waray among others. It is very easy as a visitor to travel, shop and meet people using only English.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Arrival Area of Laguindingan International Airport (despite the name, there are currently only domestic flights)

1 Laguindingan Airport (IATA: CGY) (46km west of Cagayan de Oro and 61km east of Iligan). Is used by both Cagayan de Oro and Iligan.

Ground transportation[edit]

  • There are buses and vans from Laguindingan airport to both Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. Air-conditioned Magnum Express shuttles can take you to Limketkai Mall for ₱199, while LAX Shuttle vehicles can take you to Centrio Mall for the same amount. There are also other air-conditioned vans from the airport to downtown CDO from ₱130.00

By ferry[edit]

Ferries arrive at Cagayan de Oro ferry port.

  • Cokaliong Shipping lines, Julio Pacana Street, +63 88-8819724. has a ferry to Cebu City three times a week Mon/Wed/Fri at 7pm. There is also a ferry to Jagna Bohol every Sunday 12pm. Starting in May 2017, they will be a daily ferry service to/from Cebu city. Cebu from 890 pesos. Jagna from 610 pesos..
  • 2GO Ferries have ferries to/from Manila, Cebu City, Bacolod, Iloilo.
  • Trans Asia shipping lines has a daily ferry to/from Cebu non a/c 880, air-con 910. there is also a Trans Asia ferry going to/from Tagbilaran on Bohol 3 times a week. non air 660, air-con 690.
  • Lite Ferries have a ferry to Cebu 3 times a week, non a.c class 890, air-con class 990. Lite also have a ferry from CDO to Jagna Bohol island four times a week.
  • Tickets for some ferry lines are sold at offices to your right as you enter the port compound. Other lines have offices across the street from the compound entrance.

By bus[edit]

There are two integrated bus terminals which offer regular services:

Common routes;

  • From CDO to Davao, 277 km, one bus every 30-60 min, 7-10 hr duration depending on weather/traffic/road construction, multiple stops including lunch and dinner breaks: ₱432, ₱540 air-con.
  • A/c bus fare to Butuan is ₱350, and the trip takes 5 hours.
  • To Iligan, 92 km, ₱120 and two hours.
  • The bus terminal is next to the city market. There are a few (mid/expensive) hotels nearby. there is a Jollibee at the bus terminal which has breakfast from 7am-11am. you can take Jeepney R2 to Desoria for the town center for 8.

Get around[edit]

Map of Cagayan de Oro

Jeepneys, multicabs, motorelas, taxis, trisikads and sidecars are the main modes of land transportation in Cagayan de Oro. Like other cities in the Philippines, CDO has its own share of traffic problems. This is especially evident during Fridays, weekends and holidays, along Claro M. Recto Avenue (where several of the malls are located) and in Divisoria. The situation is made worse by the lack of discipline from many drivers and the absence of a truck ban during peak hours.

Commuters must wait at loading zones marked by yellow boxes found in most parts of the city. If there are no yellow boxes, it is best to avoid waiting close to intersections or No Parking areas.

Air pollution in CDO can be dangerous, as a thick blanket of smog can regularly be seen over the downtown area. If you have asthma or other respiratory problems, wearing a facial mask is recommended if you're traveling on public transportation.

By jeepney or multicab[edit]

Jeepneys and multicabs are usually safe during the day and cost only a tenth of a taxi ride. Fares are usually ₱7.00 for the first four kilometers and ₱6.00 for students and senior citizens, however this does vary depending on the length of the route. It's a common sight to see conductors riding at the rear, not only collecting the fares of the passengers, but also shouting at passersby the destination and/or intermediate stops.

Although riding a jeepney or multicab gives you a good feel of the city, they can be very uncomfortable. Not only are the passenger compartments small and claustrophobic, but the drivers would usually want the vehicle to be completely filled with passengers before departing a terminal. To make matters worse, there might even be sacks of rice and farm animals on jeepneys and multicabs that go through the markets.

If they don't take you where you wanted to go, then you can take one to a large hub, where you can continue with another one. Jeepney and multicab routes are displayed at the front, windshield and sides of the vehicles, which makes knowing where to go a lot easier. Try to find a full or nearly-full jeepney, since the driver of an empty one will tend to wait for more passengers. At night you may have to be careful with drunks, since robberies do happen. Keep your cellphone and camera in your bag and your bag in your lap. It's best to avoid riding on jeepneys with sound systems; not only might the jeepney driver be playing deafening noise, but he might be speeding as well.

By motorela[edit]

Motorelas are essentially motorcycles with a passenger compartment attached at the rear. Like jeepneys, motorelas have a longitudinal seating arrangement, making it more difficult to see where you are going. It was invented in Cagayan de Oro, making them one of the icons of the city. Motorelas are similar to Thailand's tuk-tuks and India's rickshaws, though they can seat seven passengers. They are slow but you don't have to wait long for them to fill with passengers. Motorelas usually travel set routes around Agora, Carmen, and Macasandig, as well as along several streets downtown. The regular fares are usually ₱5.00 (except for students and senior citizens, which is slightly less). However, motorela drivers will give you a custom service for a negotiated price, such as later in the evening when there are very few jeepneys taking commuters home.

By taxi[edit]

Air-conditioned taxis with meters installed can be found all over the city, and many of them can be hailed using the Grab app. Taxis have two color codes: white and yellow. White taxis are the most common ones, while yellow taxis, operated by Alphat Airport Taxi, usually transport passengers to and from Laguindingan Airport. However, there are some yellow taxis that aren't airport taxis (Royale Taxi), and some airport taxis pick up passengers in the city. Be careful as these airport taxis charge a flag down rate of ₱70.00, rather than the regular rate of ₱40.00.

As a visitor, do not agree to a flat-rate taxi fare unless you want to pay triple the meter rate: insist on meter only ("meter-plus 50" for an airport or late-night pick up).

By trisikad or sidecar[edit]

Trisikads, which are pedal-powered tricycles that typically seat between two-four passengers, and sidecars are used in less urban and outlying areas of CDO. Be cautious when travelling on a trisikad or sidecar at night and always ask for the correct change, as the drivers might forget to give you the change (intentionally or unintentionally) upon arrival at your destination.

By foot[edit]

Walking around most parts of the city is not for the faint of heart. Because of the usually hot and humid climate throughout the year, even traveling a short distance by foot is difficult, and is one of the reasons why locals usually prefer to catch public transport instead. Extra precaution should be taken when crossing roads in Cagayan de Oro, as many drivers fail to give way to pedestrians, even if they're crossing at a designated pedestrian crossing.

Exploring the city by foot is also risky due to the lack of decent sidewalks, the presence of vendors occupying them (especially in the markets), not to mention the danger of being sideswiped by reckless drivers. That being said, Don Apolinar Velez St. is one of the walkable roads with adequate sidewalks on both sides, plus it can take you from Vicente de Lara Park to Rodelsa Circle, two popular spots for exercising in the morning. Walking along the city's bridges is also risky because many motorcyclists tend to use the sidewalks as an extra lane during rush hour. This often happens on the four-lane Maharlika Bridge.

If you do walk around, having lots of water handy, a good hat and excellent situational awareness are a must. Pedestrian overpasses are very few and far between, although Limketkai Center does have a skywalk which you can use to access almost any point of the complex. Jaywalking is a definite no-no, especially in Divisoria as offenders can be fined ₱1,500.00. However in the rest of CDO, it is very to common to see people crossing anywhere and everywhere, without even checking for any oncoming traffic.


Religious sites[edit]

Saint Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Saint Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral is a Gothic-inspired cathedral and is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro, since it houses the cathedra (seat) of the Archbishop of Cagayan de Oro. The present-day cathedral was constructed in 1946, after being destroyed during World War II. Inside the cathedral are centuries-old stained glass windows, while outside its main entrance is a wooden cross dating back to 1888, erected by Augustinian Recollect missionaries.
  • Archdiocesan Shrine of the Black Nazarene, usually referred to as Nazareno Parish Church, is a shrine dedicated to the Black Nazarene located on Claro M. Recto Avenue, next to Gaisano City Mall and across from Centrio Mall. A few years ago, the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo Church decided to move the replica statue of the Black Nazarene to Nazareno Parish Church, so that Nazarene devotees from Mindanao do not have to travel to Manila for their annual pilgrimage.
  • Santuario Eucaristico, formerly the Archdiocesan Shrine of the Holy Eucharist and locally known as Sacred Heart Church, is a shrine located on R.N. Pelaez Boulevard, Kauswagan. It is dedicated to St. Peter Julian Eymard, Apostle of the Eucharist. Along the rear, semi-circular wall of the shrine are intricately-designed Mosaic Stations of the Cross, while above the secondary entrances/exits are stained glass windows depicting the Stations of the Eucharist. These stained glass windows are based on the Stations of the Holy Eucharist at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama. They are the only one of their kind in the Philippines.
  • Carmelite Monastery is situated on Camaman-an Hilltop, to the east of downtown Cagayan de Oro. The area is also called Seminary Hill, as it is the residence of several religious orders, including the Discalced Carmelites, as well as the St. John Vianney Theological Seminary. Carmelite Church contains an image of the Santo Niño, or Holy Child which is said to be miraculous.


Sendong Memorial, Gaston Park
  • Gaston Park is a circular park named after Segundo Gaston, a former pre-war Municipal Mayor of Cagayan de Oro, and is a favorite place to unwind for many Kagay-anons, especially during Sundays. It is located near Saint Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace. This was the site of the first Spanish settlement established in 1622 and was the main plaza during the era, even becoming an execution ground for Spanish criminals. During the Philippine-American War, Gaston Park was a training ground for local soldiers, and on April 7, 1900, became the site of the Battle of Cagayan de Misamis. After World War II, cherry blossoms were planted in the park as a gift from the Japanese Government. In 2000, a National Historial Institute marker, now commonly referred to as the Siete de Abril marker commemorating the battle in 1900, was placed at the park, and this can now be found at its northwest section facing City Hall. There is also another marker donated by the Cagayanons of America, Southern California Chapter, located in front of the Archbishop's Palace. At the southwest corner of Gaston Park across from St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral is the Sendong Memorial, dedicated to the victims of Tropical Storm Sendong. The park recently underwent a renovation, which saw the replacing of its worn-out grass with concrete and pavers. A musical fountain was installed at the park's center at the same time.
  • Duaw Kagay-an Park is underneath the Ysalina Bridge (more commonly known as the Carmen Bridge) on the banks of the Cagayan River. The park was proposed by Mayor Pablo Magtajas after 120 Kagay-anons returned home from the United States and Canada in August 1987, a year following the end of Martial Law. It is also the place where the Birhen sa Kota sa Cagayan de Oro (Our Blessed Lady of the Holy Rosary) was said to have appeared, saving the early settlement from invaders. Every August during the City Fiesta, the park serves as the endpoint of the fluvial parade, which begins from Macabalan Pier.
  • Plaza Divisoria, also called Golden Frienship Park, was built in the early 1900s as a town divider (hence the name Divisoria) or fire breaker after a great fire that almost burned down the entire town. It is now a park dedicated to local and national heroes.
  • Vicente de Lara Park (formerly Capitol Park) is situated in front of the Provincial Capitol of Misamis Oriental with age-old mahogany trees that provide a therapeutic canopy for the promenades. The park is a popular jogging area during the morning. This is also the site of the Press Freedom Monument and a Sculpture of the Province of Misamis Oriental.


Ciy Museum of Cagayan de Oro
  • Museo de Oro, located within the campus of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, it exhibits artifacts dug from Huluga Cave, and a repertoire of Bukidnon and Maranao cultures that have survived the ravages of time.
  • Museum of Three Cultures is a newly-opened museum located on the campus of Capitol University. It houses a gallery of Maranao antiquities from Tugaya, Lanao del Sur; a gallery of ethnohistory which shall display Cagayan de Oro history, Butuan archaeological artifacts, lumad arts and crafts from the Hiligaynon and Manobo cultures, and a treasure of Christian lowland artefacts of Northern Mindanao; and an art gallery and coffee shop promoting the local visual arts of Mindanao.
  • City Museum of Cagayan de Oro is located in the old water tower across from Gaston Park and near the Archbishop's Palace. Although the museum itself opened in 2008, the water tower was completed in 1922, having survived World War II. It houses photos of people who contributed to Cagayan de Oro over the years, as well as life and events from yesteryear.
  • La Castilla is a museum of Philippine household heirlooms and antiques. This is the Rodolfo and Elsa Pelaez family memorabilia administered by Liceo de Cagayan University.

Other sights[edit]

  • Cagayan de Oro Tourism Showhouse showcases the products from Cagayan de Oro and the province.
  • MacArthur Memorial Marker is located at the edge of Cagayan de Oro Port, the monument commemorates two historical events.
  • Plaza de Los Heroes is a memorial park dedicated to the heroes of the Three Battles of Cagayan de Oro during the Philippine-American War. It is located along Mastersons Avenue in Upper Carmen.
  • Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village is in a reforested area in Malasag Hill. This 7-hectare village has replicas of tribal houses in the region and a panoramic view of Macajalar Bay. It is owned by the government and managed by the Philippine Tourism Authority. The views are well worth the short drive up the hill from the main highway (turn-off near Marco Hotel).
  • Macahambus Hill, Cave and Gorge is an underground cave with a 130-foot circular gorge. The ravine is thick with various species of plants and huge trees. It is the site of the historical battle between Kagay-anons and American soldiers during the Philippine-American War (1900).
  • Catanico Falls is located in Barangay F.S. Catanico and contains huge boulders, rapids, cascading falls and a natural pool.
  • Kagay-an Resort, formerly Lawndale Spring in Taguanao, is usually packed with families and groups on weekends lounging in the cold springs.
  • High Ridge is on a hilltop in Aluba. It is open to the public for outdoor picnics, and is known for its commanding view of downtown Cagayan de Oro.
  • Monigue Cave is located in Barangay Mambuaya. The cave entrance is flowing water from an underground stream.
  • Macahambus Adventure Park is in Barangay Lumbia.


  • Whitewater Rafting a 14 rapids along Cagayan de Oro River. The rainy months of September and October are good for intermediate and professional levels (rapids range from class 3 to 4). The rest of the year especially during the dry season is good for novice or amateur rafters.
  • Macahambus Adventure Park rappel and zip-line across trees a hundred feet above ground.
  • Mapawa Nature Park ideal for horseback riding, biking, zipline and nature trekking.
  • Cock-Fighting look for the arena along the National Highway in Gusa. The steep-walled concrete arena thunders with hundreds of shouting fans placing bets, as carefully bred and trained roosters in beautiful fighting form do what they're born to do. WARNING: seeing these magnificent and spirited creatures transformed into a limp piece of chicken by the flash of a steel blade may make you become a vegetarian. If not, the losing birds are for sale by the kilo and are rumored to have a distinctive flavor.
  • Movies the screens are huge, people walk in and out at all times, bring your own full meal to eat in the seat.
  • Videoke coin-operated video karaoke machines found in virtually every roadside bar in and around the city. Don't even come to the Philippines unless you know the words to at least one song you're willing to get up and sing like it's your one big shot at fame. The playlist is extensive (from Beatles to Nirvana with plenty of Bon Jovi and Gloria Gaynor in between) so no excuses.
  • Shop, as the shopping capital of the Northern Mindanao region. Just visit the city to shop and enjoy the mall facilities; with numerous of department stores, supermarkets, retail stores and modern public markets.


The Higalaay Festival is held every August in celebration of Cagayan de Oro's patron saint, Saint Augustine of Hippo. The highlights of the festival include the Agro-Trade Fair, Miss Kagay-an, Higaonon Street Dancing, Golden Float Parade and Halad sa Lambagohan. There are also cultural shows, competitions and celebrity concerts.


Shopping malls & supermarkets[edit]

  • Limketkai Center. 09.00-21.00. The largest mall in Cayagan de Oro.
  • SM City Cagayan de Oro - Mastersons Ave., cor Gran Via Street.
  • Robinsons Supermarket & department store - (in Limketkai Complex Shopping mall).
  • 1 Gaisano City Mall & Gaisano Supermarket., C.M Recto Ave. at Corrales (across the street from Ayala). A large and busy mall
  • SM Savemore Supermakets - Kauswagan Highway. and General Capistano street.
  • Shopwise Hypermarket., Limketkai center. 09.00-20.00.
  • 2 Centrio Mall, Corrales Avenue and C M Recto Avenue (across the street from Gaisano Mall). 10am-8pm. The second largest mall in Cagayan de Oro, Centrio Mall has many restaurants, a large supermarket, a Robinson's department store, and a termainal for airport shuttles.
  • Puregold Hypermarket., Claro m Recto avenue.. 9am-9pm.
  • 7-Eleven. 24 hours.. many stores all over CDO.
  • SM Cagayan de Oro Downtown Premier, Claro M Recto Avevnue cor Osmena Street. 9am-8pm. 174,399 sm shopping mall with a savemore supermarket.
  • Ororama Supercenter, J R Borja Street, +63 88-8574481. Ororama has two supermarkets in CDO: one in Cogon Market and the other in Carmen Market


  • Mrs Labada Laundry station., 68 Toribio Chave-Pabayo streets, +63 8822 71-2969. 8am-8pm. need to have Two kgs of washing. p25 per kg.

Banks & ATMs[edit]

  • Bank of the Philippines islands.. 24 hour.. has a master card/visa card atm.
  • BDO bank has a 24 hour master card/visa card ATM.
  • Metro bank has a 24 hour master card/visa card ATM.
  • PNB has a 24 hour visa card ATM.

What to buy[edit]

Cagayan De Oro's native delicacies:

  • Jamon Cagayan de Oro (Pork ham) sold by Slers, Oroham and Pines.
  • Chicharon (Pork rind or skin) sold by Slers.
  • Fely's Homemade Cheese Sticks
  • Fely's Homemade Assorted Flavored Peanuts
  • Cashew Nuts from Lumbia district.
  • Lechon Manok a rotisserie chicken sold roadside, salty but delicious. They're everywhere, quality varies, buy from the one with the most customers in line.
  • Lechon Baboy a whole pig roasted over coals on a bamboo spit, stuffed with lemongrass. Ask a local friend how to arrange one day in advance. Much cheaper in Cagayan de Oro than in Manila.
  • Malunggay Pastel Bread.
  • Turrones de Mani


  • Bigby's Café - SM City Cagayan de Oro and Rosario Arcade, Limketkai Center. Western-style dishes.
  • Café Laguna- Robinsons Cagayan de Oro. Fine dining and Filipino cuisine.
  • Country Side Steakhouse, Limketkai Center. Grilled beef or steak.
  • Dadang's Seafoods Restaurant, 3 National Highway, +63 88 858-6670. Km. Kauswagan. Filipino seafood cuisine.
  • Kagay-anon Restaurant - Limketkai Center. Filipino cuisine and ostrich meat.
  • La Tegola, Archbishop Hayes St. Italian restaurant, quiet and comfortable. A favorite of foreign visitors wanting a great Italian meal and a good bottle of wine.
  • Vienna Kaffehaus Don A. Velez St. European and western-style dishes.
  • La Vetta Wine Bar and Restaurant, Rosario Arcade, Limketkai Center (beside Kagay-anon Restaurant), +63 88 856-1207. 10:30AM-11PM. Classy ambience combined with French Mediterranean cuisines. The Executive Chef is from Switzerland. mid-price.
  • Sentro 1850, Don A. Velez St. (near Divisoria), +63 8822 731-850. 11AM-10PM. Great foods ranging from Asian to Western-style dishes. mid-price.
  • 99 Ranch Eat all you can, Tomas Saco 8th Street, +63 88-856-1356. 11.00-23.00. for 99 peso you get Pork Hamonada. Roast beef Kilawin. Sisig. Chopsuey. Chicken nuggets. Tapioca. Chocolate cake. Soup and Iced tea. only 99 peso per person.
  • Lugawan Bulaluhan Restaurant, Capistrano street. 08.30am-5am. Batchoy, Gato, Lugaw, Zeki, sort drinks. low cost.



  • Brewberry Café, Don A. Velez St. (beside Sentro 1850).
  • Sentro 1850 (Eat), Don A. Velez St. (near Divisoria), +63 8822 731-850. 11AM-10PM. Great foods ranging from Asian to Western style dishes.
  • Bo's Coffee - Don A. Velez St. A Cebu based coffee shop.
  • Taza - Limketkai Center. Locally owned coffee shop.
  • [dead link]Kofitricks Café, Yacapin-Velez Sts. A Coffee shop, and Pinoy and Indian cuisine (Wi-Fi zone).


  • The Site - Rosario Strip, Limketkai Center. Popular among yuppies.
  • Loreto's Grill and Restaurant - Tomas Saco St., Nazareth.
  • Pulse Formerly Xcite, it is in front of the Dynasty Court Hotel.
  • The Beat Club Adjacent to Pulse, it has several billiard pools.
  • Club Mojo Disco bar back at Ralps.
  • Backyard - Chaves St.
  • Karumata - Dolores and Pabayo Sts. When you're sick of the DJs and the bands playing cover tunes, there are serious artists and original musicians in Cagayan de Oro, and you might share them a beer that you won't see at the shopping malls and beach resorts.
  • Zaks Retro Bar - Velez St.


Budget under 700[edit]

  • D'Morvie Suites - Cnr of Capistrano and Yacapin St. also have a 2nd Branch at Lapasan highway and a 3rd/4th Branch at Yacapin street. - from ₱200 for 12 hr 500 for 24 hours.
  • MASS SPEC Hostel -Tiano Bros. St, Dorm Beds from php250 a night.
  • Y.M.C.A. Hostel - Julio Pacana St, from php300 a night
  • Hotel Ramon, Tirso Neri, Burgos st. Aircon, wifi, laundry service. from 12 hours ₱200.
  • Park view Hotel., Tiro neri street (over looks Golden friendship park.), +63 8822-726656, +63 88-8571197, e-mail: . fan double rooms with outside bathrooms. a/c double rooms with outside bathrooms. all rooms have Cable TV. phone. free wifi. can pay with master card or visa card. ₱350/420.
  • Willshire inn, Yacapin street corner Aguinaldo street, +63 8822-720531, +63 8822-720762, +63 9176320635. Check-in: 12 noon, check-out: 12 noon. Economy a/c Single room with own bathroom and Cable TV. Economy a/c double rooms with own bathroom and cable TV. Standard a/c double rooms. deluxe a/c double room. ₱382/425/505/590.
  • Plaza star Business hotel, R N Abejuela street (3 floor divisoria arcade.), +63 88-852-0148. a/c single/double rooms with own hot water bathrooms and cable TV. Free wifi ₱450/570.
  • Wills Place Business hotel., Mabini don apolinar Velez street, +63 8822-745-888. Economy a/c single/double rooms. with own hot water bathrooms. and Cable TV. free wifi. ₱450/500.
  • CDO tourist inn, Tiano bros street, +63 9-353629638. fan rooms 12 hours. a/c rooms 12 hours. a/c rooms 24 hours. common bathrooms free wifi. ₱190/240/480.
  • D Santes place Business hotel, Pres osmena corner luna streets, +63 88-323-1164. a/c single room with own hot water bathroom and cable TV. a/c economy double room with own hot water bathroom and cable TV. ₱500/600.
  • King Lawrences inn, Mabini-capistrano street, +63 88-857-3728. A/c rooms with own bathroom 12/24 hours. ₱225/450.
  • G V Hotel, Corrales ext, +63 88-323-1547. a/c single and double rooms with own bathrooms and Cable TV. the GV Hotel CDO has 102 rooms. ₱450/575/620/700.
  • Jerggys Appartelle Inn, 31st street Nazareth., +63 88 323-1033, +63 9351842333 (cell). a/c double rooms with own bathrooms and cable TV. 7 hours. 12 hours 24 hours. ₱250/300/550.
  • Beatrice Inn, Capistrano street., +63 9177930706. a/c single rooms with own bathroom and cable tv.. a/c double rooms with own hot water bathroom and cable tv. all rooms have free wifi. ₱380/450.
  • Rosarios Place business Hotel., Biacel bldg Corrales aveune, +63 9177950116. single room. economy double. standard double. de luxe good for 3 persons. all rooms have a/c. LCD TV. hot water. ₱395/450/500/600.
  • King William Inn, Cruz Taal street cor Burgos street, +63 8822-712888. A/c rooms with own bathrooms and cable TV ₱330.
  • Mardale Pension House, Pabayo corner Gaerlan streets (downtown cdo), +63 88-856-1990. a/c single/double rooms, with own hot water bathroom, cable tv, Wifi zone. standby generator. telephone in room. Monday till Wednesday all rooms ₱500. from ₱500.
  • Budgetel Cagayan de oro, corrales extension (behide the Gaisano city mall), +63-88-856-4200. Check-in: 12 noon, check-out: 12 noon. 16/18 bed dorm with a/c. ₱250 per person.
  • Dian Stay Inn, Yacapin Street, +63 9176320618. Check-in: 12 noon, check-out: 12 noon. a.c Economy double with own bathroom and cable tv. a.c standard double with own bathroom and cable tv. 425/500.
  • Olive Suites, Mabini-Velez street, +63 9431303008. Check-in: 12 noon, check-out: 12 noon. a.c single/double rooms with own hot water bathroom. cable TV. and free wifi. has 41 rooms 500/600.
  • Three Sisters Dorm and Transient, Yacapin Street, +63 88 8562612. Check-in: 12 noon, check-out: 12 noon. dorm beds and a.c double rooms with own bathroom cable TV and free wifi 390/600.
  • Princeton Inn, Capistrano Street. Check-in: 12 noon, check-out: 12 noon. a.c double rooms with own bathroom and cable TV 495.


  • [dead link]Pryce Plaza, Carmen Hill, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, 9000, +63 88 858 4537. Pryce Plaza is located at Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. It offers 80 air-conditioned rooms and suites, all of which have Mini-bar, Cable TV, and IDD phone with extension in the bathroom. Some of its amenities include elite spa and fitness club, swimming pool, and restaurants (Cafe Cagayan, Compadres Bar, Josefina's Seafood & Grill, and Japanese Corner) .While staying here, you can visit some interesting places like La Castilla Museum, Migtugsok Falls, and Macahambus Hill Cave. Best rates on official website start at PHP 3,700.00.
  • Ridgeview Chalets, Xavier Estates, Fr. Masterson Ave., Upper Balulang, 9000 Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, +63 88 8587946. Located within the Xavier Estates complex, every room has air conditioning, pocket refrigerator, mini bar, cable TV, and high-speed Internet access. Some of its amenities are fitness room, game room, restaurant/café/bar lounge, and an outdoor swimming pool. Best rates on official website start at PHP 1,850.00.
  • Seda Centrio, C.M. Recto corner Corrales Avenue, +63 88 323-8888. All rooms have executive work desk, mini-bar, coffee and tea making facilities, in-room safe. Restaurant, lounge, meeting rooms, gym, adult/children pool, in-room massage, currency exchange, parking, safety deposit boxes, airport and city transfers, laundry and dry cleaning. Rates start at ₱3450.00.
  • Miami Inn. Vamenta Blvd., Carmen.
  • Mountain Suite Business - Kimwa Compound, Tablon.
  • Middleton Aparttelle - Lirio Ext., Carmen.
  • Philtown Hotel.
  • Country Village Hotel - Villarin St., Carmen.
  • [dead link]Kingston Lodge. Mastersons Ave., Upper Carmen. Only 5 minutes from Lumbia Airport, it sits adjacent to Pueblo de Oro Golf Course and lies opposite Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club. Phone number: +63 88 858-5696. Price: PHP 1,120.00
  • The Malasag House. Unique in The Philippines, European style Bed & Breakfast, relaxing with stunning view.


  • Pryce Plaza Hotel - Carmen Hill.
  • De Luxe Hotel. Capt. Vicente Roa St.
  • Hotel Koresco - Pueblo de Oro Township, Mastersons Ave., Lumbia.
  • Mallberry Business Suites Hotel. Florentino St., Limketkai Center.
  • Dynasty Court Hotel - Archbishop Hayes cor. Tiano Bros. Sts.
  • VIP Hotel - Don A. Velez cor. C. Pacana Sts.
  • Marco Hotel - Alwana Business Park, Cugman.
  • Chali Beach Resort and Conference Center - Zone 3, Cugman.


Cellular service in urban areas of Cagayan de Oro is generally fine by Philippine standards, as long as you have a 4G cellphone or pocket WiFi that can take advantage of faster speeds. Globe and Smart LTE SIM cards can be purchased at carrier stores for ₱40.00 in the major shopping malls, in cellphone stores found throughout the city, and even in local neighborhood sari-sari stores. Many public places in Cagayan de Oro offer free WiFi connectivity, including shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, as well as parks and government offices. For example, Centrio Mall offers free WiFi access for one hour, while Gaston Park has unlimited WiFi. Keep in mind that WiFi speeds are slower during peak times and weekends. There are also some establishments that charge you for using their WiFi, although at a reasonable rate.

Stay healthy[edit]

  • Northern Mindanao Medical Center. Capitol Road. Phone +63-8822726362. (Government Hospital).
  • Cagayan de Oro Social Hygiene clinic City Health street. Phone +63-8822 721189 Mon-Fri 8am-4pm (free STD and HIV testing).


  • Generika Drug Store Pabayo-Chaves Street. lower prices.


  • Bureau Of Immigration Cagayan de Oro office.Ground floor. Ymca Building. Julio Pacana Street.
  • Magazine with some local news - PhilStar.

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