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Shopping at Iso Omena

Espoo (Swedish: Esbo) with a population of a quarter of a million is the second largest city in Finland. It's part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area along with the cities of Helsinki, Vantaa, and the small city of Kauniainen which is completely encircled by Espoo.

The national park of Nuuksio is situated in northwestern Espoo.


Espoo has several local regional centres, thus divided into seven major areas: Vanha-Espoo, Espoonlahti, Espoo, Kauklahti, Leppävaara, Matinkylä and Tapiola. The Espoo center (Espoon keskus) is the administrative centre, but doesn't rise above its peers with respect to population. Population is concentrated in an ⊐-shaped area defined by the railway to Espoo centre (north) and the highway Länsiväylä (south) up to Espoonlahti. The rest is sparsely populated, and north of Espoo centre, the area is mostly forested.

The science and technology related campuses of the Aalto University are based in Otaniemi, Espoo, along with a thriving science community that includes numerous startups and organizations such as VTT – the Technical Research Centre of Finland. Nokia is headquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo, along with other high-tech companies such as KONE, Tekla and Fortum, etc.

Get in[edit]

By bus[edit]

With respect to transit, the south of Espoo is served by the local highway, Länsiväylä. Buses via Länsiväylä to destinations in Espoo leave from the Kamppi bus station (Kamppi shopping center, ground floor). The orbital line 550 connects the train stations of Oulunkylä and Huopalahti with the southeastern part of Espoo (Leppävaara, Laajalahti, Otaniemi, Tapiola and Westend).

By train[edit]

Northern Espoo and Espoo centre (Espoon keskus) are served by Helsinki commuter trains, with 4 faster E, S, U and Y trains (25 min from Helsinki) to Middle- and West-Espoo. In addition, A train (every 10-20 minutes, 17 minutes from Helsinki) serves the east part of Espoo. The Finnish National Rail commuter traffic section has route maps and timetables online.

Furthermore, an extension (Länsimetro, lit. West Metro) of the Helsinki Metro line towards the west is scheduled to open probably sometime in 2017, providing a rail connection to suburbs in eastern Espoo such as Tapiola. Originally scheduled to open in August 2016, the opening date has been pushed back several times.

By plane[edit]

See Helsinki#Get in

For public transport, generally just use Journey Planner or Google Maps for routes and timetables.

  • Ring Rail line from Helsinki-Vantaa airport connects to Espoo trains at Pasila and Huopalahti stations.
  • Regional U-line bus 540 (€5) leaves from bus platform 14 of T2 via platform 5 of T1, for connections to the areas of Leppävaara, Nihtisilta, Ikea and Espoon keskus. Everyday 07:45-22:50

The following regional buses run only in rush hours from Mon-Fri, roughly one departure per hour, leaving from bus platform 4 of T1 via platform 35 of T2

  • 514 and 514K (€5) connect the areas of Leppävaara, Tapiola and Westend.
  • 535 (€5) connect the areas of North and Middle Espoo.

By car[edit]

Freeways 1 and 51 pass through Espoo, as do the westernmost portions of ring road one and three.

Get around[edit]

See Helsinki#Get around

For public transport, generally just use Journey Planner or Google Maps for routes and timetables.

By train[edit]

Trains A, E, S, U run across Espoo. Train L runs late at night and on weekend mornings. Single ticket costs €3.00 within Espoo and €5.00 to Helsinki and Vantaa, valid within 80 minutes and entitles unlimited transfer to other trains and buses.

By bus[edit]

Buses are frequent and convenient enough. Check HSL Journey Planner for timetables. Kauniainen is a part of the Espoo zone. Two-digit lines (e.g. 18, 42) are Espoo internal lines, three-digit lines (194, 506) cross city borders to Helsinki and Vantaa. One can select a zone 1 ticket (Espoo internal, €3.00) or a zone 2 ticket (cross-border, €5.00). With the Travel Card (5 €), a card like London's Oyster card, these can be reduced to €1.95 and €3.65, respectively.

Additionally, tickets to Kerava, Sipoo and Kirkkonummi (zone 3) cost €7.00 or €5.70 with the Travel Card.

By bike[edit]

There are excellent cycling paths almost everywhere in Espoo, so it's worth cycling in a sunny day. Remember to wear a helmet. Detailed information of cyclist paths are available at HSL's website.


Aalto University auditorium in Otaniemi
"Hip flask" houses in Tapiola
  • 1 Nuuksio National Park. This is a "go to" place in Espoo, being probably the most accessible "true Finnish forest" near Helsinki. There is parking and footpaths. Although one has a metalled path up to a beautiful lakeshore, none are completely accessible to wheelchairs or prams, since all include unmaintained sections with rocky slopes and/or tree roots blocking the way.
  • 2 [dead link]The Gallen-Kallela museumGallen-Kallelan tie 27 +358 9 849 2340. 11:00-16:00. A small museum of the Finnish painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865-1931) who is best known for his illustrations of the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. The museum is located in a castle-like house Tarvaspää on a rocky hill facing the sea originally designed and built by Akseli Gallen-Kallela between 1911-13 as a combined home for his family and a studio. The museum presents not only the works of Akseli Gallen-Kallela, but also tells the story of his family and contains a collection of artifacts brought back from their travels to Africa. €8.
  • 3 Otaniemi CampusOtaniementie 8. The campus of Aalto University (former Helsinki University of Technology) was designed by Alvar Aalto in organic modernist style, and includes the Dipoli congress center designed by Reima and Raili Pietilä in an eccentric style (lacking in right angles). Most buildings of interest are located either on the main street, Otaniementie, or on Otakaari, a loop road going from Otaniementie via Dipoli to the dorm village (Teekkarikylä) and back. The Laajalahti nature protected area, a good birdwatching site, is accessed from Otaniemi.
  • 4 EMMAAhertajantie 5. Hosts Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA) and a few other museums WeeGee exhibition centre
  • 7 Espoo cathedralKirkkokatu 1 +358 9 862 5000. The cathedral near Espoon Keskus is over 500 years old and built out of granite stone. free.
  • 8 MarketanpuistoPehtorinkuja 3. This park is a permanent garden exhibition next to and operated by the Överby gardening vocational school. Stroll around and look at the works by the students. If you are an amateur gardener yourself, you'll perhaps get some ideas for your own garden. Free.
  • 9 Espoo TV and radio mast (Espoon radio- ja televisioasema), Pellavakaskentie, Espoo (Latokaski district, 1 km walking from the closest bus stop (Latokasken koulu)). At 326m, the highest structure in the capital region and the third highest in Finland (two other masts are 327m high). It isn't the Eiffel tower - you can't climb it or even get next to it (the immediate surroundings are closed off with a fence) but it's there. There is, however, a walking trail next to the place.
  • 10 Espoo Central Park (Espoon keskuspuisto). Like New York and Helsinki, Espoo also has a central park. A little peace of a few kilometres south of Espoon Keskus. The park consists mostly of dense spruce forest, with some steep hills. Has maintained footpaths, although they might be inaccessible to wheeled vehicles (prams, wheelchairs) with snowfall.
  • 11 Architecture in Tapiola. The Tapiola district in the east of Espoo was constructed as a garden city in the 1950's and 1960's. The district is a showcase of Finnish architecture from that period and many of the buildings look quite innovative and unusual even today.


  • 1 Espoo archipelago. Many small islands outside Espoo can be visited by boat in the summer. They are great for hiking and camping.
  • 2 Classical music. Tapiola Sinfonietta is an orchestra specializing in Viennese classical music, but also plays modern music. They perform regularly in the Tapiolasali concert hall, sometimes together with international guest soloists.
"Mini-Tapiola" in autumn 2006.
  • 3 Mini-TapiolaTapiola centre. 9 AM to 9 PM. "Mini-Tapiola" is a children's play park featuring a miniature version of the centre of Tapiola, located in the centre of Tapiola itself. Here children can have fun and familiarise themselves with the Tapiola district and basic traffic rules, while being safely overseen by their parents. Free of charge.
  • Rantaraitti. Any time. The Rantaraitti hiking trail runs along Espoo's entire coastline, from the border to Helsinki at Laajalahti all the way to the border to Kirkkonummi at Kauklahti. The trail is well marked with frequent Rantaraitti icons. You can start and end your hike at any point during the trail. Free of charge.
Outdoor half-pipe water slide at Serena
  • 4 Serena Water Amusement Park (Vesipuisto Serena), Tornimäentie 10 (Bus 339 from Helsinki Bus Station),  +358 9 8870550, e-mail: . Daily 23:00-20:00. This is the largest water park in the Nordic countries with some 2,000 sq.m. of heated pools indoors. The buildings have seen their best days, but kids love the water slides. An extra 1,000 m² of outdoor area is open in the summer. Serena is at its best in winter when you can kick back in a jacuzzi and watch people ski on the other side of the glass windows. All-day pass €32 except some Fridays €25 (4-8PM only), family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) €75..
  • Watch a game. Espoo has a team in many premier Finnish sports leagues. The football (soccer) team FC Honka play their home games in Tapiola sports park, Esport center is the home for Oilers (floorball) and Honka (basket ball), and in the winter many fans head to Barona Arena to see a home game of the local team Blues.


The start of the Länsiväyläjuoksu event in 2013. The short run starts first, the long run and the walk start 15 minutes after that. This is intended to minimise collisions between runners and walkers.
  • 5 LänsiväyläjuoksuOtaranta +358 443405326, +358 9 343 1067. 10:00 - 16:00. Espoo's most famous annual running and walking event. Held on a Sunday in late April. Three event categories: long run, short run and walk. All of them start and end at Otaranta. The long run is over 17km and goes all across the Laajalahti bay, also visiting neighbouring Helsinki. The short run and the walk are 6km and only visit Espoo. A nice opportunity to get some exercise and see the scenery in southern Finland. There is a fee for participation but spectating is free. €15-60 depending on category and registration date.
  • Ropecon. Annual role playing convention


Shopping centers[edit]

Department stores in Tapiola during the Christmas season
  • 1 [dead link]SelloLeppävaarankatu 3-9. One of the largest shopping centres in Finland with excellent traffic connections. Local trains A, E, S, U, Y and the night train L all stop at Leppävaara station which is just beside the shopping centre. Also many bus routes serve the area. Selection of retailers is geared Finnish and international clothing and consumer electronics chains. The shopping centre features several cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets as well as two large grocery stores.
  • 2 Iso OmenaPiispansilta 11. Large shopping centre serving the Matinkylä district. Bus lines 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 10K, 11, 31, 35, 112, 503, 132, 143, 145, 147, 150, 151, 154, 160 and 165. The selection of shops is fairly similar compared to the slightly larger Sello shopping centre, although there are some speciality shops geared towards a more upscale clientele.
  • 3 Entresse and Espoontori. The two shopping centres, Entresse and Espoontori, serve the Central Espoo district near the Espoo train station. Local trains E, S, U and the night train L stop here. Both shopping centres are significantly smaller than the ones previously introduced. Espoontori features a grocery store, Tarjoustalo (a budget general store) and various smaller retailers. Entresse has a grocery store, jewellery shops and clothing stores.
  • Smaller shopping centers are Lippulaiva in Espoonlahti; Olari Prisma next to Iso Omena on the opposite side of Länsiväylä; Mankkaa and Viherlaakso; a hardware store area including the shopping center Merituuli in Suomenoja; another similar area in Lommila and Muurala near Espoo center, and numerous others. Most areas have at least one local shop, with some exceptions.

Outlet shops[edit]

  • 4 Iittala OutletEspoontie 25, Lommila. Home decoration and kitchen utensils.
  • 5 LumeneLasihytti 1, Kauklahti. Finnish cosmetics manufacturer Lumene has its factory outlet in the disctrict of Kauklahti in Western Espoo. Local trains E, S, U and the night train L stop at Kauklahti station.
  • 6 Espoon lahjatupaKirkkojärventie 3, Espoon keskus. An outlet shop rich in atmosphere selling Finnish handmade gifts and home decoration products.

Outdoor markets[edit]

Like most cities in Finland you can buy fruits, vegetables, fish and more and sit down for a cup of coffee at outdoor markets (tori). They are open from 9AM to 5PM. For maps and information on events, Espoon torikauppiaat association website.

  • Espoon keskus (Asematori)
  • Leppävaara markets (Läkkitori north of the railway station and Viaporin tori on the southern side, in the inner court of Sello shopping center)
  • Espoonlahti market (Ulappatori)
  • Tapiola market
  • Karakallio market

Flea markets[edit]

  • Fida International. Fida International operates goodwill flea markets in four, mostly residential areas: Espoon keskus (Asemakuja 3), Soukka (Yläkartanonkuja 1), Niittykumpu (Merituulentie 30) and Lähderanta (Kolkekannaksentie 15). The selection in the shops mostly consists of used clothes, books and furniture. Prices tend to be a tad steep.
  • 7 Espoo Recycling Centre (Espoon kierrätyskeskus), Matinpurontie 8. The selection includes furniture, clothes, toys, books, sports equipment, cookware and cutlery. The shop has also a free of charge department with a small variety of clothes and other items.
  • Some self-service fleamarkets around Espoo include Akseli (Sinikalliontie 1, Mankkaa), Olarin kirppis (Maapallonkuja 1, Olari), Omppupuun kirppis [dead link] (Kuninkaankartanontie 11, Kauklahti) and Viherkirppis [dead link] (Viherlaaksontie 5, Viherlaakso).


Hanasaari cultural centre, also has a restaurant with Scandinavian cuisine


  • 1 Student diners in OtaniemiOtakaari 1 (Several places in the area). lunchtime. The lunch restaurants of the Aalto University engineering schools offer cheap meals even for non-students. Most have 2-3 cheap options and one higher-price option. 5-8 €.
  • 2 PizzamanLippajärventie 29 +358 9 512 0 512. Mo-Fr 10AM-9PM, Sa-Su noon-9PM. Pizzaman is located next to the K-Kauppa grocery store. Large pizzas. Try the "Mieliteko" made with four toppings that you pick yourself. regular pizzas 6 - 8 €.
  • 3 Ravintola HaukimuoriIivisniemenkatu 2D. A lunch restaurant in Iivisniemi district with home cooked delicious food. lunch €8.


  • 4 Curry PalaceLeppävaarankatu 10, Espoo +358 9 548 3751. M-F 10:30-22:00, Sa 12:00-22:00, Su 13:00-19:00, Lunch buffet M-F 10:30-14:30, Sa 12:00-16:00, Su 13:00-16:00. Indian restaurant. Don't leave the restaurant without trying its pickled spice. It's fantastic! Lunch buffet M-F €9.2, weekend €13.5 (2-8yrs €8), mains from €16.
  • 5 [dead link]Deli RasoiSiltakatu 11 +358 9 42891892. Mo-Th 10:30-21:00, Fr-Su 11:00-22:00. Tasty and authentic Indian food. Great value for the price. Lunch buffet €9.2 (M-F), €12 (Weekend), Mains from €12.
  • 6 E.T. CharlieUkkohauentie 11-13 +358 9 8860 1761, e-mail: . 11:00-21:00 mostly. A spacious, stylish, comfortable restaurant in the quiet residential district of Haukilahti. Serves typical dishes available in restaurants in Finland: pastas, pizzas, steaks, and burgers. No famous speciality, but all dishes are worth trying. The kitchen closes at 9 PM, but the restaurant usually stays open until midnight. Many local people come here often. There is a bus connection to Helsinki (line 111) right in front of the restaurant and it's a short walk away from the Haukilahti beach and marina. Main courses €11-25.
  • 7 Funky BurgerLänsituulentie 12 +358 40 533232. 11 AM to 9 PM mostly. As the name suggests, the restaurant focuses on hamburgers. Forget the patties you get at McDonald's, Hesburger or Burger King around here, the meat in Funky Burger's hamburgers is much juicier, meatier and better tasting. Each hamburger includes French fries, and for an extra charge, you can have an extra patty, bacon, or mayonnaise. Several different hamburger varieties available. Also provides other dishes, including vegetarian options. Burgers around 16 €.
Steak au poivre, beef steak with peppercorn sauce, one of the classic dishes at Grilli Ribis.
  • 8 Grilli RibisKauppamiehentie 1 +358 9 4551 780. 10 AM to 5 PM mostly, closed on Sundays. A decades-old and famous steak restaurant, located in the Heikintori shopping centre in central Tapiola. Pretty much the entire menu consists of steaks of various forms, particularly pork and beef. The restaurant is rather small and looks like your average diner, but its steaks have gained it fame throughout Espoo and even in neighbouring Helsinki. There are a limited number of tables available but you can also eat your steak at the bar. Main courses 12 € to 18 €.
  • 9 Ravintola Grilli ToroLouhentie 16 +358 9 460 427. A good selection of large steaks at a reasonable price in Pohjantori, north Tapiola, especially popular during lunchtime.
  • 10 Ravintola JohannesHanasaarenranta 5 (Hanasaari Island). Scandinavian cuisine served in an environment of modern art. Good food, but the service is rather slow even as the restaurant is not even half full. The restaurant also has their own pale ale "Märket" (named after the lighthouse west of Åland).
  • 11 Korean KitchenPiispansilta 9 +358 40 0969667. 11 AM to 8 PM. Probably the best Korean restaurant in Espoo, if not in the entire Finnish capital region. Located in the Iso Omena shopping centre in Matinkylä. Rather small and usually packed at lunch time. Minimalistic but stylish Korean decor.

    Serves a variety of authentic Korean dishes, mostly focused on meat, but for vegetarians, the meat can be replaced with tofu. Unlike many other Asian restaurants in the capital region, the dishes taste authentically Korean, with a good amount of spices. The salad bar, available at lunch time for less than €2 extra, includes authentic Korean kimchi.

    Note that the only way to get into the restaurant is via R-Kioski, which it shares an entrance with. There is no direct connection from within Iso Omena. Lunch €8 to €10, main courses €12 to €20.

  • 12 Restaurant Lime LeafSello Rex, Leppävaara. Thai and Malay restaurant run by Chinese.
  • 13 Ravintola Sevilla Bar & RestauranteTapionaukio 3, Tapiola. Spanish-style restaurant.
  • 14 Xin LongTapiontori 3 +358 98550030. 10:30 AM to 9 PM. A Chinese restaurant near the centre of Tapiola. Famous for its all-you-can-eat lunch buffet, combining Chinese food and sushi. Even though it's not specifically a sushi restaurant, the sushi is among the best in Espoo (even though not the best in the whole country). The main courses include various varieties of beef, pork, chicken and tofu, and all are worth trying. Lunch 9 €.


  • 15 Ravintola HaikaranpesäHauenkallio 3 +358 9 452 4254. Mo-Fr 11:00-15:00, Sa-Su 12:00-17:00. A panoramic restaurant in the water tower of Haukilahti. Open only for lunch! Lunch Buffet 48€.
  • 16 KyläTapiontori 3 +358 10 231 0430. 11:30 AM to 10 PM mostly. An upscale, yet not pretentious restaurant right in the centre of Tapiola. The menu is rather small, with only four main courses and a chef's menu costing 45 €. All dishes are worth trying though. Extremely friendly staff with full table service. On weekdays, serves lunch at somewhat affordable prices. Lunch 12 € to 16 €, main courses 20 € to 30 €.


Bemböle coffee house


  • 1 Café MellstenMellstenintie 6. Located near the beach in Haukilahti. As well as a café, also serves tasty and cheap lunch consisting of soup or pasta.
  • 2 Bembölen kahvitupa (Bemböle kaffestuga), Bellinmäki 1 (Bemböle district). Traditional café with century-old history next to the King's Road.
  • 3 Café AnkkuriSateenkaari 9 (Otsolahti district).
  • 7 Kaisan CaféItätuulenkuja 8 (Tapiola district). Located in the "Sampokuja" building in central Tapiola. Open on weekdays only. Try their cinnamon buns, they're tasty, huge (perhaps the biggest in Espoo) and quite cheap.
  • 8 Vasikkasaaren kahvilaIso Vasikkasaari Island.

Bars and pubs[edit]

  • 9 William KLeppävaarankatu 3-9 (in Sello mall). A passable beer pub with nice sunny outdoor seating.
  • 10 BaseLeppävaarankatu 3-9 (in Sello mall). A cosy place for a drink, also situated at Sello.
  • 11 Hemingway'sKauppamiehentie 1 (Next to Heikintori square).
  • 12 Mitta & Hana (former pub Satulinna)Kirstintie 5. Likely the most famous pub in Espoo.


Most people head east to Helsinki when they're planning a night out, but there are a couple of night clubs in Espoo as well.

  • 13 [dead link]Bada BingItätuulenkuja 10. The former Fellini/Aladdin is located in right in the Tapiola district and attracts many young adults. R-22.
  • 14 Club KannunkulmaKannusillankatu 2. A restaurant in the daytime, and some form of entertainment every night.
  • 15 Bella CiaoPiispansilta 11 A (in the Iso-Omena mall). Fri-Sat nights -4AM. The place to go in Matinkylä. Like the others it is also a restaurant during the daytime. R-18


Otaniemi waterfront


  • 1 Espoo Camping OittaaKunnarlantie 31 +358 9 863 2585, e-mail: . Slightly shabby, yet friendly place. Open from end of May to end of August. A nice beach at lake Bodom just some 200 m from the entrance. €30 / 2 adults + 2 children.
  • 2 Hostel MargeretebergPehtorinkuja 3, Järvenperä.
  • 3 Solvallan urheiluopistoNuuksiontie 82, Nuuksio.
  • 4 Hellsten Hotel ApartmentPorarinkatu 3, Espoo +358 9 511051. Clean and simple. Located in a quiet neighbourhood but close enough to shopping centre Sello in Leppävaara.


  • 5 Sokos Hotel Tapiola GardenTapionaukio 3, Espoo +358 20 1234 616fax: +358 20 1234 617, e-mail: . A largish, modern hotel located in a pleasant neighborhood of Tapiola. Total 154 (all non-smoking) rooms, sauna, exercise facilities, wireless Internet access, restaurant and bar. Convenient transport to Helsinki center by bus. Rooms in the northern part of the hotel have a scenic view facing a large pool. From €83.
  • 6 Scandic EspooNihtisillantie 1 +358 9 43520. A newly renovated chain hotel next to freeway 1, best suited for those traveling by car as there isn't very much to see within walking distance.
  • 7 Hotel HanasaariHanasaari conference center, Hanasaarenranta 5, Hanasaari island. Located in the Laajalahti bay between Espoo and Helsinki, Hanasaari island fits exactly the hotel, a short road to it and a stretch of the highway Länsiväylä. Hanasaari hotel hosts a Swedish cultural center and is often used for conferences. It is also within a walking distance (1 km) from the Keilaniemi business district. Very easy to reach by bus via bus stops on the Länsiväylä. Notice that there is an unrelated Hanasaari power plant in Helsinki; ask the taxi driver for the hotel in Espoo! The hotel rooms offer magnificent sea views through their huge windows. The hotel is going through a substantial reconstruction planned until spring 2017. The booking will be possible again from mid-January 2017.


  • 10 Radisson Blu EspooOtaranta 2 +358 20 1234 700, e-mail: . A hotel of the luxury chain Radisson in the Aalto University campus in Otaniemi, right next to the Keilaniemi business district, popular among business travelers and academic visitors. doubles from 110€.

Stay safe[edit]

Although a part of the Helsinki metropolitan area, Espoo has few or no problem spots and is exceptionally safe. There are various reasons. The population of Espoo is affluent, with few low-income neighborhoods. Population is simply less concentrated, with few high-rise districts, traffic junctions or concentrations of nightlife. Thus, partygoers are more likely to head to Helsinki to cause trouble.

Caution is warranted in urban districts (along the railway) with nightlife during Friday or Saturday nights, for instance in Leppävaara and Espoon keskus. Suvela and Kirstinmäki, next to Espoon keskus, is often mentioned as the only "ghetto" in Espoo, although this is more reputation than fact if compared to districts in Central or Eastern Helsinki.



The Jorvi Hospital (Jorvin sairaala) is near Espoon keskus. Unfortunately this is a rather remote location relative to most other places in Espoo, 20 min by car from the southwestern corner.

The police station ("Kilon poliisi") is in Kilo district, Nihtisillankuja 4. Contacts [dead link]

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West: Kirkkonummi - Karis - Ekenäs - Hanko — The next cities westwards accessible by bus, train or car.

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