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December 2013[edit]

Fucking, Austria, street sign cropped.jpg
  • Fucking is home to Austria's most frequently stolen street sign (pictured).
  • A really scenic way to travel between Russia and Georgia is a bus ride along the Georgian Military Highway through the Caucasian mountains.
  • The peninsula where Freetown is located is home to some of the finest beaches in Africa.
C-train routes.png
  • The C-train, the urban light rail system of Calgary, features a Fare Free Zone (pictured) in the City Centre.
  • In Banda Aceh, the city hardest hit by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami there are many landmarks and sights commemorating the events.
  • Cali is one of the most famous or popular places for salsa dance in the world.
  • The Karakum Desert's most famous sight are the Gates of Hell (pictured); an open pit lake of fire that has been burning for more than 40 years now.
  • Perhaps the most difficult feature of Hungarian is the presence of 18 grammatical cases.
  • The Earth's Land Hemisphere is centered on a location in Nantes.
Harbour bridge from Opera house.JPG
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge (pictured) is fondly known as the "Coat Hanger".
  • The Antarctic Peninsula is the most-visited region of Antarctica.
  • Nanjing translates to Southern Capital and Beijing to Northern Capital and both have served as the Chinese capital several times throughout history.
Balclutha sanfrancisco.jpg
  • At Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco a fleet of historic vessels (pictured) including six major ships are moored at a pier for travelers to visit.
  • Private cars are banned in Zermatt.
  • Coca Cola dome in Johannesburg is the biggest dome structure in the Southern Hemisphere.
Boracay kitesurfing.jpg
  • Boracay's Bulabog beach (pictured) is known as the best kitesurf destination in Asia.
  • A 40-hour cruise on Baltic Sea ferries can cost as little as 10€ for a four-bed cabin; probably the cheapest accommodation in the EU.

November 2013[edit]

  • Lausanne is the smallest city in the world to have a metro system.
Sopa Paraguaya.jpg
  • The name of the Paraguayan dish Sopa Paraguaya (pictured) is misleading - it isn't a soup but a kind of a corn bread.
  • The Handunugoda Tea Estate in Unawatuna is the world's only producer of Virgin White Tea.
  • Nelson, England is the only town in Europe named after a pub.
  • Nelson, New Zealand (cathedral pictured) is the smallest city in the world to have its own symphony orchestra.
  • The islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon just off the south coast of Newfoundland represent the sole remaining vestige of France's once vast North American empire.
  • Manchar Lake in the Pakistani province of Sindh is the largest lake in South Asia.
  • Malminkartanonhuippu, the highest hill in Helsinki (view from the top pictured), is actually man-made.
  • On Zanzibar you can take a guided spice tour to see beautiful plantations and sample exotic fruits and spices.
  • Fajardo is nicknamed "the city that guards the sun of the Caribbean".
Mohenjodaro Sindh.jpeg
  • The ruins of the ancient city of Mohenjo-daro (pictured) is one of the best preserved urban ruins in South Asia.
  • At over 4,000 m above sea level, La Paz is the highest national capital in the world.
  • A barbecue specialty of Kansas City are the "burnt ends"; the overcooked ends and edges of a brisket, which although dry and chewy, are amazingly smoky and full of flavor.
Nagasaki C1414.jpg
  • Under the national isolation policy of the Tokugawa shogunate, Nagasaki harbor (pictured) was the only harbor to which entry of foreign ships was permitted.
  • There are more than 900 churches in Rome.
  • Sweden Solar System is a scale model where the 80-metre-wide Globe Arena in Stockholm represents the Sun, with planets spread out across Sweden.
  • Tonga is the only country where the traditional Polynesian cloth tapa (pictured), made from the bulk of the paper mulberry tree, is still a part of daily life.

October 2013[edit]

  • Schiphol Airport features an exhibition of selected works of art from the collection of Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in its passenger terminal.
  • Kashgar is said to have the largest bazaar in Asia.
Qaanaaq, Greenland.jpg
  • The Greenlandic settlement of Qaanaaq (pictured) was formerly known as Thule, derived from the Roman concept of "Ultima Thule", the far North land.
  • The famous and expensive 'geisha' coffee can be found growing on the rich volcanic slopes of Boquete.
  • Kansai International Airport's single terminal is reputedly the longest building in the world at 1.7 kilometers, over one mile, from end to end.
Iowa Capitol Bldg.JPG
  • One of the more popular state capitols to tour, the one in Des Moines is easy to spot with its sparkling 23-karat gold leaf dome and four-surrounding smaller copper-topped domes (pictured).
  • Macau was the first and last European colony in Asia and the architecture of the old town could make you believe you're in Europe.
  • France has been the world's most popular tourist destination for over twenty years.
  • The small Crimean town of Bakhchysarai was once the capital of the Crimean Tatar Khanate and the main sight is the Khan's Palace (interior pictured).
  • Washington state is home to five major, active volcanoes.
  • Gabon's name comes from Gabão, the Portuguese word for "cloak".
MineMuseum MineDebris.JPG
  • The land mine museum (exhibition objects pictured) near Siem Reap educates locals and tourists about the dangers of land mines.
  • A cat owner in Amsterdam started a cat museum in his home (where he still lives) after his favourite cat died.
  • Sportcity in Manchester is the largest concentration of sporting venues in Europe.
Plaza de Armas - Cusco.jpg
  • The city of Cuzco (pictured) was once the capital of the Incan Empire.
  • In Dubai you can try a round of sand golf.
  • One of the most idyllic and tranquil landscapes in Manhattan's Central Park, the Pool, is an excellent spot for quiet contemplation, with its grassy banks and nearby waterfalls.
Pervouralsk Border Europe Asia.jpg
  • Yekaterinburg is often said to be situated on the border of Europe and Asia and (at least) three symbolic monuments (pictured) of this can be found near the city.

September 2013[edit]

  • The reefs of Tiran and Ras Mohammed near Sharm el-Sheikh are known as two of the best diving spots in the world.
  • Howland Island is most notable for what didn't happen there: the arrival of Amelia Earhart on her ill-fated around-the-world flight.
  • Built in 1913 with wooden carriages (pictured), the Buenos Aires "subte" is oldest underground train system in Latin America, the Southern Hemisphere, and the entire Spanish-speaking world.
  • It is ironic that Madrid, located right in the centre of Spain has higher quality seafood than most coastal regions.
  • Kings City in Eilat is a biblical theme park.
  • Holsten Gate (pictured) in Lübeck was the motif on the German banknote of 50 Marks until the introduction of the Euro.
  • The name of the country Guyana comes from the Arawak Wayana language and means "Land of many waters."
  • Casablanca boasts the world's largest artificial port.
Oktoberfest woman.jpg
  • At the Oktoberfest in Munich, about 6.6 million litres (1.74 million gallons) of beer is consumed (pictured) each year by around 6 million visitors.
  • On Barkhor Street market in old Lhasa you can enjoy bargaining with local vendors for rare Tibetan handicrafts.
  • If you want to get away from the tropical heat in Honolulu you can always go to the Ice Palace for some ice skating.
Belfast unionist mural.jpg
  • In Belfast visitors can see some of the world's finest house sized political murals (pictured).
  • Referred to as "the green behind the gold" the Gold Coast Hinterland is home to three national parks, numerous mountains, creeks, waterfalls valleys, and natural rock formations.
  • The rows of old shophouses along Dihua street in Taipei hold Taiwan's oldest wholesale dried goods market.
South Africa-Cape Town-Metrorail01.jpg
  • The rail line from Cape Town to Simons town runs next to the sea (pictured) so passengers can often see whales and if it's windy you may have sea spray hitting the windows.
  • With prices in some cases less than USD2 per person, Baltic Sea ferries offer some of the cheapest accomodation in a high-income country.
  • Nantucket is commonly abbreviated by its islanders as ACK, also used as Nantucket’s airport code.

August 2013[edit]

Tea plantation Darjeeling.JPG
  • Tea from Darjeeling (pictured) is sometimes called the "Champagne of teas".
  • Transnistria has not been recognised by any UN member, but maintains its functional autonomy with military and other support from Russia.
  • The city of Salinas in California claims to be the "Salad Bowl of the World."
  • The longest train in the world (pictured) is the passenger and iron ore train between Zouerat and Nouadhibou across the Sahara desert in Mauritania.
  • For train buffs, Poznań is the home of Europe's last surviving steam-hauled passenger service.
  • Sapporo is famous for hairy crab (毛蟹 kegani), an expensive treat available at any seafood restaurant.
Lesotho maletsunyane falls.jpg
  • Maletsunyane Falls (pictured) near Semonkong is the highest single drop waterfall in Southern Africa.
  • Although some maps with flat projections of the globe tend to make Greenland look the size of Africa, it is actually "only" about the size of Mexico.
  • The only traffic lights on Nauru are where the road around the island crosses the runway of the airport.
Texarkana State Line Sign.jpg
  • Texarkana Post Office and Courthouse is bisected by the state border between Texas and Arkansas (pictured).
  • In Italy cappuccino is a breakfast drink; ordering one after lunch or dinner is considered somewhat strange and a typical "tourist thing".
  • The western part of Yala National Park on Sri Lanka is named as the area with highest leopard concentration in the world.
Ypsilanti Water Tower 2011.JPG
  • The water tower (pictured) in Ypsilanti has the curious distinction of having won Cabinet magazine's competition to find the "world's most phallic building."
  • Zhouzhuang's symbol, the key bridge, consists of two bridges crossing over each other. Seen from a distance the bridges and their archs look like a key.
  • Although it is situated in an extremely dry desert region, Mendoza has an extensive artificial irrigation system, which allows for greenery throughout the city as well as the growth of grapes used to make its wines.

July 2013[edit]

Wuppertal kaiserwagen.jpg
  • Wuppertal's Schwebebahn (pictured) is the oldest monorail system in the world.
  • The fast food of choice in Pori is the porilainen, the "Pori burger" - a kind of a hamburger where the beef is replaced by a thick slice of sausage.
  • Pier 21 in Halifax is Canada's equivalent of New York's Ellis Island - this historic waterfront building processed over a million immigrants.
Mount kinabalu.jpg
  • Previously, a chicken was sacrificed at the peak of Mount Kinabalu (pictured) every time a climb was made but these days this ceremony only happens once a year when only seven chickens are needed to appease the spirits that the locals believe live there.
  • Kinshasa is the largest French-speaking city proper in the world.
  • Martini tower in Groningen has nothing to do with the drink, it's named after Saint Martinius.
Australia sydney national maritime museum.jpg
  • At Australian National Maritime Museum (pictured) in Sydney visitors can learn about the maritime role in Australia's history and explore ships and submarines.
  • No where else on Earth has the traditional practice of hunting with eagles been so well preserved, with 250 active Kazakh eagle hunters in the small remote province of Ölgii.
  • The Principality of Liechtenstein is the last remnant of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • The fountain Jet d'Eau (pictured), symbol of Geneva, was first built as a safety valve for a hydraulic power network.
  • The most scenic mode of transportation between the islands of Seychelles is the helicopter shuttle.
  • A version of tortilla in Asunción is the payagua mascada, which means chewing gum for dogs in the local native language Guarani.
Carthage Ruins.JPG
  • The main attraction of Carthage are the ruins (pictured) of the Carthage empire which spanned the entire south Mediterranean 2000 years ago.
  • In New Jersey state law does not allow self-service at gas stations.
  • Alice Springs is in the middle of the largest land area without lights on earth, so the nightly view of the Milky Way is unmatched.

June 2013[edit]

Potemkinsche treppe.jpg
  • The Potemkin Stairs (pictured) in Odessa are built so that a person looking down the stairs sees only the landings, and the steps are invisible, but a person looking up sees only steps, and the landings are invisible.
  • Legend has it that the bull temple in Bengaluru was built to appease a marauding bull that stole local crops, and that the offering was effective with the bull subsequently leaving the area.
  • Java is the most populous island in the world.
Monument Valley.jpg
  • Featured in numerous movies and advertisements Monument Valley (pictured) is perhaps the most famous example of the classic American West landscape.
  • Early 19th century central European visitors to Tromsø in northern Norway were so surprised that some people knew French that they nicknamed the city "Paris of the north".
  • The name of the Moroccan town Ouarzazate comes from a Berber phrase meaning "without noise" or "without confusion".
  • The 167.5-meter tower of Turin's landmark building Mole Antonelliana (pictured) is the highest work of masonry in Europe.
  • Sumo wrestling is not just a sport for people; bull sumo is a popular spectator event in Uwajima.
  • Boryeong is famous for its mud festival, held annually in July.
Boa viagem.jpg
  • Boa Viagem (pictured) in Recife is the longest urbanized stretch of beach in Brazil.
  • Al Ain is the garden city of the United Arab Emirates and contains the biggest oasis in the region made up of thousands of date palms.
  • The Far Northwest Side of Chicago is a place where you can experience Polish culture without needing to travel to Poland.
Monorail arriving at Harbourside Station.jpg
  • Sydney's monorail (pictured) will shut down for good on June 30th, so why don't take a ride when you still can if you happen to visit the city?
  • The sand of the Namib desert in Namibia takes on a distinctive rust colour and it is a magical place with its towering dunes that shift hues as the sun rises and sets.
  • If you want to experience the famous Shinkansen train but are put off by its high fares, take an affordable 10 minutes ride on the short Hakata Minami Line in Fukuoka.
Ulm church.jpg
  • The cathedral of Ulm, Ulmer Münster (pictured) has the highest steeple in the world - 161 meters high.
  • The main attraction of Postojna are the caves under the town - 20 km of underground galleries, chambers and corridors, up to 50 meters high in places.

May 2013[edit]

  • Night Safari in Singapore is the world's first wildlife park built to be viewed at night.
Bryce Canyon 2.jpg
  • Bryce Canyon (pictured) isn't actually a canyon but rather a giant natural amphitheater created by erosion.
  • Bhubaneswar is called the temple city and is an important religious center for both Hindus and Buddhists.
  • The airport on the Caribbean island of Saba boasts the shortest international runway and is regarded by many pilots as the most dangerous airport in the world.
Jeju LavaTube.JPG
  • The world's largest known lava column (pictured) can be seen in the Manjanggul lava tube cave on Jeju.
  • Last weekend every May, Umeå hosts an unofficial brännboll (the Swedish variant of baseball) world cup where anyone can join in with a team.
  • Many blocks in Montreal Downtown are connected by underground pedestrian tunnels, arcades and malls totalling about 30 kilometers in length.
  • A special souvenir from Dar es Salaam are Tinga Tinga paintings (pictured), named after the painter who created the style.
  • Xian is the eastern end of the famous Silk road.
  • Liverpool is home to Europe's oldest Chinatown.
View from Portage Viaduct.jpg
  • The Letchworth Gorge (pictured) is so spectacular that 19th-century trains would stop and let passengers off just to take in the view from the rail bridge, 234 feet up.
  • Ushuaia is a common starting point for cruises to Antarctica.
  • In Arkhangelsk you can watch old beautiful wooden houses and walk on wooden sidewalks crunching under your feet.
  • Faikava (pictured) is a ceremony where Kava, a drink made from the root of the pepper plant, is enjoyed. It became popular on Fiji during the fall of cannibalism, and originated as a way to resolve conflict and facilitate peaceful negotiations between villages.
  • In Málaga fans of Picasso can visit his birthplace and the Picasso museum.

April 2013[edit]

  • Several gambler's bookstores specializing in books about gambling? Only in Las Vegas!
Lodz - ul. Piotrkowska widok w strone poludniowa.JPG
  • Łódź (pictured) is sometimes called the Polish Manchester.
  • Funchal, the main city on Madeira has its name from the abundance of fennel (Portuguese:funcho) found on the island.
  • Jamaica is the third most populous anglophone country in the Americas.
Imperial Hotel, Mount Victoria, NSW. (5652505354).jpg
  • Founded in 1878, Hotel Imperial (pictured) in Mount Victoria is the oldest hotel in Australia.
  • Bitola still bears the marks of its turn-of-the-century importance as a center for diplomacy and is nicknamed "city of consuls".
  • Legend has it that the idol of Krishna in Udupi turned around to face Kanakadasa, a devotee who was worshiping him from a window outside as he was denied entry because of his caste.
Fes el Bali(js).jpg
  • A Spanish expedition, led by Juan Ponce de León, landed on the east coast of Florida on April 7, 1513 becoming the first Europeans to step foot on what is now the continental United States. The state is celebrating with a year of events, themed as "Viva Florida 500".
  • Fez has the best-preserved medina (old city) in the Arab world (pictured).
  • Contrary to widespread belief, Cuban revolutionary and counter-culture idol Che Guevara is not actually of Cuban descent, but of Argentinian. He was born in Argentina's third largest city Rosario in 1928.

March 2013[edit]

  • Windsor Castle (pictured) is the largest royal home in the world. It is also the oldest still in use as a royal residence.
  • Natchitoches is the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase and has strong French and Spanish roots, still visible in its preserved architecture.
  • The locals of Central Spain describe their continental climate as "nine months of winter and three months of hell".
  • Buffalo City Hall (pictured) is widely considered one of the world's finest examples of Art Deco architecture.
  • At the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage visitors can learn about native Alaskan culture and see artifacts and dance performances.
  • In the area of Luanda in the area where the slaves were held prior to being taken off to the Americas stands now the National Museum of Slavery.
Vientiane Jumbo.JPG
  • Tuk-tuks and their bigger cousins jumbos (pictured) are ubiquitous in Vientiane.
  • About 20 percent of the Netherlands was reclaimed from the sea, lakes, marshes and swamps. An English saying goes: "God created the Earth, but the Dutch created the Netherlands".

February 2013[edit]

  • Ko Chang means Elephant Island in Thai, even though elephants are not indigenous to the island. The island got its name from the elephant shape of its headland.
Akihabara Electric Town.jpg
  • The district Akihabara (pictured) in Tokyo is known as "Electric Town" or "Gamer's Mecca" as the area has thousands of shops selling every technological gadget you can imagine.
  • One of the roads from Oslo to Bergen goes through the world's longest road tunnel, Lærdalstunneln.
  • Fairmont is the home of the original Pepperoni Roll.
Kilimanjaro 2006-08-13.JPG
  • Tanzania houses the highest peak (Kilimanjaro, pictured), the lowest point, and a portion of the largest lake on the African continent.
  • Don't be fooled! Even though Holambra is known for its Dutch windmills, flowers, dance performances, cuisine and crafts, it really is in Brazil.
  • Thambili, a drink made from King Coconut juice is sold at the side of streets all over Sri Lanka and is very refreshing.

January 2013[edit]

  • In Blarney Castle you can kiss the famous Blarney stone which supposedly gives the gift of eloquence.
  • The giant aquarium of the Duman entertainment complex in Astana is located over 3000 km away from the nearest ocean, but contains more than 2000 sea inhabitants.
Mount Augustus by Jan Van Der Hoeven.jpg
  • Western Australia (pictured) is the largest state of Australia, occupying a third of the continent.
  • The name of the German spa city Baden-Baden translates to "Baths-Baths".
  • Khajuraho is famous for its Hindu and Jain temples with erotic rock carvings.
  • Once called the Garden of Amsterdam, most tourists come to Hilversum for a relaxing day off from the hectic city.
Ghana footbridge1.jpg
  • In Kakum National Park you take a look at the rainforest from above, from a canopy (pictured) 40 meters over ground.
  • Freedom Square in Brno is shaped as a big reversed "A".
  • At N Seoul tower in Seoul you can visit the Teddy Bear Museum which illustrates Korean culture with the characters being teddy bears.