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Kandy is in the centre of Sri Lanka 125 km away from Colombo and is generally recognised as the island nation's cultural capital. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


This is the last kingdom of the country. Since it was conquered by the British around 1815 you can still see the living traditions. Kandyans are usually proud of their heritage. Since the western elements has played a comparatively little role in the city most Kandyans uphold Buddhist values. Since it is in the cultural triangle the authorities try to retain this values as much as possible. However, don't expect to find the honest Kandyans they describe in the colonial literature now. Be careful with your belongings and the people whom you associate with. But this is a peaceful city compared to most other parts of the country with a lower crime rate.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]

The train ride from Colombo to Kandy

From Colombo - Intercity express trains are hassle-free and scenic, 2½ hours. Reservation are needed for these trains, it can be done just before the departure depending on the period but is best done in advance especially if you are travelling on a weekend or holiday. There is a great observation saloon (first class) in this particular train, but this often books out. Other trains are overly crowded and late. Tickets from Colombo are Rs 1,250 first class, Rs 230 in second class, Rs 125 in third class.

The train line goes further to Badulla, passing on its way Nuwara Eliya (Nanu Oya station from where one needs to take a short bus or tuk-tuk ride to Nuwara Eliya proper), Haputale and Ella.

If you are in Negombo you will have to take some bus, taxi or tuk-tuk to some of the cities where the Main Line train goes to Kandy Ragama, Gampaha or Veyangoda, on the trip you will see the Bible Rock, which resembles the more famous Sigiriya citadel to the north of it.

From Ella, it is a spectacular train ride through hills and tea plantations, 6½ - 8½ hours, Rs 270 / 150 for 2nd / 3rd class.

When you arrive, watch out for the tuk-tuk mafia at the railway station – better catch a tuk-tuk some distance from the station, or even better use Uber, PickMe or the like (again, some distance from the railway station tuk-tuk stand, as otherwise the tuk-tuk mafia there will threaten and chase your driver away). Train schedule can be found at Sri Lankan Railways website[dead link].

  • 1 Kandy railway station (මහනුවර දුම්රිය ස්ථානය) (1 km SW of city center), +94 081-2222271. Kandy railway station (Q6361715) on Wikidata Kandy railway station on Wikipedia

By bus[edit]

Goods Shed bus station

From Colombo take bus #1[dead link], more than 70 per day, 3¼ hours. Alternatively get on Intercity air-conditioned bus from Colombo, which is the next best option to the train. If you are female and travelling alone it is best to either sit next to another female or try to sit as close to the conductor as possible (i.e. up front) to avoid any unnecessary surprises.

From the Colombo airport. Walk or take a tuktuk to the bus terminal, where the friendly locals will direct you to the bus to Kandy, 3½ hr, Rs 150 (as of Jan 2013).

From Dambulla bus station there are direct bused to Kandy. No train run on this route. A non-air-con bus will cost Rs 100 and take about 3 hours. Air-conditioned buses are also available on this route but they stop only briefly in Dambulla and they usually stop somewhere outside the bus station.

2 Long-distance bus station (near Goods Shed station). Large bus stop from where depart long-distance buses, including the ones bound to Dambulla.

By taxi[edit]

If you're just arriving in Sri Lanka, heading for Kandy, you can hire a taxi from one of the stalls in the arrivals hall at Colombo airport for about Rs 6,000. The journey takes about 3 hours. This saves the hassle of going into Colombo, and is a lot quicker and easier.

By hired mini-vans[edit]

Hired mini-vans with a driver are available from Colombo through travel agencies and hotel concierges. The road to Kandy is astonishingly chaotic and frightening even for seasoned travellers. Be prepared for a long slow slog in traffic, or, if your driver decides to make the journey at a more practical speed, a hair-raising adventure replete with passing around blind corners and games of chicken with the ubiquitous intercity buses. A day trip from Mt. Lavinia to Kandy, including seeing the sights in Kandy, costs around Rs 10,000 (May 2011).

By air[edit]

Air Taxi[dead link] (from Colombo) is the latest option to travel to Kandy. The De Havilland Twin Otter float planes operated by Sri Lankan Airlines leave Colombo at 9AM (from Kelani River) and touch down at Mahaweli River in Polgolla, Kandy at 9:30AM The travel time between Colombo and Kandy is 30 minutes. It costs Rs 25,000 (2016).

Cinnamon Air operates daily scheduled flights that depart from Colombo (Bandaranaike International Airport) which reaches Polgolla Reservoir, Kandy in an hour and from Colombo City (Waters Edge) which reaches the destination in 30 minutes. One-way fare per person is listed as US$153 (without tax).

Get around[edit]

The local "Three-Wheelers" ('Tuk-Tuk) are an amazingly cheap (if you know how to haggle! If you can get them for Rs 60-70 per Km you are doing well) and exciting way of seeing the city, and they run virtually all night long. However, beware of the Tuk-Tuk mafia at the Kandy railway station – they are likely to rip you off (and they threaten Uber or PickMe drivers when they collect passengers near their stand).

Walking is also recommended - the centre is not that large - as a way of seeing temples, shops, shopping area and other sights around the lake. You can visit the Temple of the Tooth by on foot as well but you'll have to ask for directions.

There are plenty of suburban buses that pass through the city center.


The Temple of the Tooth entrance portal
  • 1 Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa), +94 812234226, fax: +94 8112236201, . Dawn to dusk. It houses a tooth relic of the Lord Buddha, and is consequently considered one of Sri Lanka's most holy shrines. Although you should expect that you will not be able to view the actual tooth itself, the casket within which it is said to be is displayed twice a day. The first is at 5:30AM and the second which could be the best time to view this ornate casket is around 6:30PM. Besides, Sri Dalada Maligawa museum can be found on its second and third floor. Rs 2,000 (since Jan 2017) for foreigners and 500 for South Asian passport holders. Temple of the Tooth (Q289175) on Wikidata Temple of the Tooth on Wikipedia
  • 2 Royal Palace of Kandy. Till 16:30. It now houses archeological museum. Entrance fee included into Temple of the Tooth ticket. Royal Palace of Kandy (Q3273212) on Wikidata Royal Palace of Kandy on Wikipedia
  • 3 World Buddhist Museum, Sri Dalada Maligawa, +94 81 2 234226. 8AM-6:30PM. World's first International Buddhist Museum. Entrance fee included into Temple of the Tooth ticket. International Buddhist Museum (Q20010624) on Wikidata International Buddhist Museum on Wikipedia
  • 4 Raja Museum, Temple Square. 8AM–6PM. Entrance fee included into Temple of the Tooth ticket.
  • 5 St. Paul Church.
  • 6 National Museum of Kandy (Under reconstruction since early 2016) (just behind the Temple of the Tooth), +94 81 2223867. Houses an interesting collection of Sri Lankan relics. It is usually quiet and the museum workers are more than happy to provide a free tour. Rs 500, and Rs 250 for a photography permit. National Museum of Kandy (Q3533580) on Wikidata National Museum of Kandy on Wikipedia
  • 7 Queen's Bath.
  • 8 British Garrison Cemetery (below the National Museum). Here lie the remains of several dozen, mostly British, soldiers who died from various causes during the colonial era. The cemetery is extremely well-maintained by its caretaker, who will gladly complement some of the more fascinating tombstones with a little back-story. Entrance is free. British Garrison Cemetery (Q20859170) on Wikidata British Garrison Cemetery on Wikipedia
  • 9 Bahirawakanda temple (Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue), Bahirawakanda Lane, Mulgampola. The ominipresent Buddha statue seen from everywhere in Kandy city. Take a tuk tuk ride to the Temple or walk, just 1 km away from the Kandy city. The way to the temple may not be easy to locate, you might have to take a three wheeler or ask a local, when in doubt just walk up and follow the colourful Buddhist flags over the road. This Buddha statue is best viewed from far away. Once you get onto the premises it is no longer easy to see. Plus it is not a very peaceful place as temples go.
    Buddha statue high is 88 feet (26.8 m) and it's on the top of a hill about 850 feet (259 m) from the city level.
    Rs 250.
  • 10 Udawattakele Royal Forest Sanctuary (Udawatta Kele Sanctuary). 7AM–6PM. The forest was planned and maintained as the part of the Royal palace complex of the Sinhala Kings. A patch of tropical rain forest still survives and if you don't come across it, it is still a wonderful walk. You are guaranteed to come across plenty of monkeys and some tranquil ponds. Wear long trousers after rain, and take some salt as there are lots of leeches about. Foreigners Rs 650. Udawatta Kele Sanctuary (Q7876953) on Wikidata Udawattakele Forest Reserve on Wikipedia

South of the lake[edit]

  • 11 Arthur's Seat Viewpoint, Keerthi Sri Rajashinge Mawatha. It offers panoramic view of Kandy and its artificial lake.
  • 12 Royal Palace Park (Wace Park). Small little park with pond with dozens of kissing couples who try to hide from everybody else under their umbrellas. Foreigners Rs 100.
  • 13 Sangaraja Temple.


Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

Peradeniya — is a big Kandy's suburb 5 km away from it. A lot of local buses go there from Kandy from Kandy's clock-tower bus terminal, including #644 and regular buses headed to Colombo, Rs 50 (as of 2024). Tuk tuk costs Rs 800-1000 for foreigners (2024).

  • 14 Royal Botanical Garden in Peradeniya, Peradeniya Rd, +94 81 2 388088. 7:30AM–6PM, ticket counter closes 1 hour earlier. The best botanical garden in Sri Lanka and one of the best in the region. It dates back to the ancient kings of the country although the British changed the look of it. The British are said to have used the gardens to grow trees that could not be grown at south-west London Kew gardens. The large banyan tree, the orchid house, the suspension bridge, and the bats are some of the main attractions.
    From bus terminal adjacent to Kandy's clock tower, take any bus headed to Peradeniya, including No 724, and expect a travel time of around half an hour.
    Foreigners Rs 2000, students Rs 1,000. Royal Botanic Gardens, Peradeniya (Q3119056) on Wikidata Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya on Wikipedia
  • 15 New Ranweli Spice Garden (close to Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden), +94 77-9959135, . It is a place to see and learn about Sri Lankan spices and herbs. After seeing around the garden (which consists of no more than of 10 plants), spices can also be purchased as a souvenir,but there is no obligation to buy. It is much easier to visit New Ranweli Spice Garden for those who visit Peradeniya Botanical Garden. Simply take the suspension bridge inside the botanical garden and make it to the other side of the river, take the road (Gannoruwa Muruthalawa RD) right opposite the suspension bridge, from there it is just around 800 m to New Ranweli Spice Garden. Entrance free.
  • 16 University of Peradeniya. The second university of Sri Lanka, established in 1942 in affiliation with former 'The University of Ceylon'. This has the largest university library in South Asia which is seven storyed. Tremendous beauty of this university has been appreciated over decades. Off the university bounds, Hanthana mountains can be hiked. On the opposite side, largest river of Sri Lanka, the River Mahaweli flows. The beauty of site can be markedly seen in March–April season. University of Peradeniya (Q3083280) on Wikidata University of Peradeniya on Wikipedia
  • 17 Commonwealth War Cemetery, Deveni (2nd) Rajasinghe mawatha down by the Mahaweli riverside. Formerly known as Pitakande Military Cemetery, it is one of the most beautifully landscaped and maintained war cemeteries in the world. There is one Commonwealth burial of the World War I and a further 196 Commonwealth burials of the World War II commemorated in the cemetery. In addition there are four Foreign National and two non world war burials. The range of nationalities laid to rest comes from the records of the War cemetery, and include 107 Britons, 35 East Africans, 26 Sri Lankans, 23 Indians, six Canadians, three Italians and one Frenchman.


Degaldoruwa Temple interior
  • 18 Ceylon Tea Museum, Hantana Rd, +94 81 3 803204. Tu-Su 8:30AM-3:45PM, it closes 45 minutes earlier on Sundays. The ancient Tea Factory of Hantana Estate located 5 km away from Kandy has been converted into a museum dedicated to the history of Sri Lankan tea, run by the Sri Lanka Tea Board. Museum excursion takes about 15 minutes and finishes with cup of complimentary tea, after everybody is thrown into a tea shop with quite inflated prices. Foreigner adult Rs 750, children Rs 400.
  • 19 Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage (40 km west from Kandy), +94 35 2 265284. 8:30AM–6PM. Although more an orphanage to make the owners money than a place caring for elephants, it has about seventy semi-tame elephants roaming "freely" around this wonderful sanctuary. Feeding and bathing times are especially enjoyable. You can either hire a taxi to take you there or, if travelling on a budget, get a bus to Kegalle (about an hour away) for about Rs 200, asking the driver to drop you off at the turn for Pinnewala which is 5 km or so before you reach the town, and catch another local bus for the last 6 km or so. Definitely worth the trip if you support such questionable practices. Foreigners adult Rs 2500, children Rs 1250. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage (Q2672104) on Wikidata Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage on Wikipedia
  • 20 Gadaladeniya Temple (Gadaladeniya Rajamaha Temple), Gadaladeniya Junction, Daulagala-Pilimathalawa Rd, +94 71 761 9036.
  • 21 Wattarantenna Purana Gal Len Temple, +94 81 2 233208.
  • 22 Embekka Temple (Embekke Devalaya), Embekka Pilimatalawa Road, Embekka. Embekka Devalaya (Q5370021) on Wikidata Embekka Devalaya on Wikipedia
  • Dodanwala Devalaya Temple.
  • 23 Degaldoruwa Temple, Sirimalwatta, +94 71 364 2765.
  • 24 Hindagala Temple, Hindagala.
  • 25 Madawala Rajamaha Temple, Katugastota - Madawala - Bambarella Rd, Madawala.
  • 26 Galmaduwa Temple.
  • 27 Ambuluwawa Tower (From Kandy clock tower, take a bus to Gampola. From Gampola, either take the hourly bus to Hemmathagama or arrange for a tuk tuk. Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex is 4 km west of Gampola and is it another 2 km between the entrance to Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex and Ambuluwawa Tower. The bus between Gampola and Hemmathagama stops at the turn off to Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex, about 100 m north of the entrance gate. From there, you can either walk 2km up a steep paved road or negotiate a price with one of the tuk tuk drivers.). A unique looking spiral tower that you can walk up. The tower is 48 m high and it is located on the top of a mountain, so it has good views of the surrounding hilly area, even when standing at viewpoints beside the tower. The stairs to the top progressively narrow to such an extent that people cannot pass each other going up and down except at certain wider points, creating significant congestion, especially, if you are trying to traveling within the the top third of the tower. Given the congestion, most visitors do not travel all the way to the top. The tower is located within Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex and you must pay the entrance fee before going up the mountain to reach the tower. RS 2000 for foreigners. Rs 90 for Sri Lankans. There is an additional vehicle fee, if a vehicle is driving you through the entrance gate of Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex.


  • Kandyan dancing — traditional form of dancing, which can be seen at multiple venues including that the "Kandy Cultural Centre" near the Kandy lake. As of 2024, expect prices to range from 2000 to 3500 per ticket for about 1 hour performances, not including intermission time.
  • 1 Buddhist Publication Society, 54 Sangharaja Mawatha (near the lake), +94 81 2 237283. M-Sa 9AM–4:30PM. You can participate in discussions about Buddhism, meditation or you can buy some introductory materials about Buddhism.
  • 2 Nilambe Meditation Centre, Galaha (take a Galaha bus passing Peradeniya. Get down from Nilambe "office junction"). A Buddhist retreat which offers experiences of a monastic lifestyle. You can engage in daily activities including yoga classes, meditation and discussions.
  • 3 Asgiriya International Cricket Stadium, +94 77 226 9192. If there's a cricket match on, spend a day at the Asgiriya Stadium, possibly the world's prettiest test match venue, and certainly the only one that for most of the year is simply a school sports ground (Trinity College).


  • Within the Kandy city the short walk of Asgiri Maha Viharaya via Bahirawakande hill is an interesting.
  • Udawattakelle forest reserve has lots of treks.
  • The secret Walkers Forest upper Hantane trek is on special permission from the Municipal Council of Kandy.
  • The famous Western Shrines of Kandy Gadaladeniya, Lankathilake temples and Embakke shrine are connected by a very scenic footpath.
  • Other part of the west of Kandy, a part of Portuguese War Route, via Ihalakotte railway station to Dodanwala Devale shrine is passing forest reserves, Alagalle Mountain, tea estates and kandyan traditional villages.
  • East of Kandy city the temples of Gangaramaya, Galmaduwa, Degaldoruwa are all well known for paintings, sculptures and architectural techniques.
  • Knuckles Mountain Range and its forest trails are the most suitable for trekking in Sri Lanka.
  • South of Kandy the longest rice field scenery of the island, Lamasuriyagama the rice field was belonging to royal court of Kandy a spectacular trek. It is undisturbed from electricity wires for photographs and with terrace rice fields by a Loggaloya river with watch huts of farmers. Loggaloya riverine forest trail to Victoria – Randenigala – Rantambe sanctuary is also a very interesting trekking.


  • Perahera is the most famous festival in Kandy and one of the biggest festivals in Asia. It usually takes place in August and lasts 10 days. The intensity, duration as well as number of participants (>1000) and elephants increases from day to day. The last five days are most intense with the last day being the longest and craziest procession. It's a pageant where many elephants participate (maybe 50-70). Many elephants will show behavioural disorders and will be led by their mahouts. Specially trained local vets and international doctors will be present.

You can buy expensive seats or can see it with the crowd. Buy a seat from the Queens hotel, which costs around US$40. Buy the tickets from the officials as otherwise through middlemen you will be paying exorbitant prices. Seats in restaurants or cafes on the route will cost around Rs 5000, touts on the street will approach you. People sitting in the street line up early, around midday in front of Queens Hotel and around 4-5pm at other places along the route. Come early to secure a spot. People sit during the whole procession and it standing up is discouraged. Locals usually have a sheet to mark their "spot" and buy food/drinks from the many street vendors.

The perahera starts around 7:30PM (the second cannon shot indicates the start of the procession) and can last well over three hours. A typical procession from one of the last five days consists of dancers, musicians, artists and elephants, separates into five distinct groups (one for each temple). A massive array of police will be present. Special forces will search for explosives before procession.


A bright display of spices at the Kandy Central Market
  • 1 Laksala, Sangaraja Mawatha. State owned handicraft shop. You will be able to buy a lot of genuine handicrafts made by traditional artisans (don't be deceived by the fake products available with most tourist shops).
  • 2 Kandy City Centre, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe Mawatha, +94 81 2 202850. 9AM–8PM. Ultra modern shopping complex opened in 2009 with space for over 400 shops. By the time of its opening it is the country's most modern and biggest shopping complex.
  • Waruna Antiques, 761 Peradeniya Rd (10 minutes from Kandy, Old Peradeniya Road), +94 777710013. 9AM. Kandyan masks, jewellery, coins, plates, textiles, etc.
  • 3 Kandy Art Association, 72 Sangaraja Mawatha (almost at the rear end of the Maligawa Temple of the Tooth Relic and can be reached by walking along the lake road from the "Ulpenge" situated at the Southern entrance), +94 81 2223100. 9AM-5:30PM. Visitors can see how these articles are made. This is a centre for traditional arts and crafts with a government-sponsored sales room and fixed prices. Entrance free.
  • 4 Upali Jayakody Batiks, No.192/2, Dharmashoka Mawatha, Lewella, +94 777833938. High quality modern batik.
  • 5 Central Market. M-F 8AM–5PM. Stocking the same range of foods, spices, herbal tonics, crafts, textiles and factory-reject designer-brand clothing, it caters to the locals and is government run so there is one price and it is 200-300% cheaper than the tourist shops. Sri Lanka is known for its fabulous spices in diversity, quantity and quality. Cardamom and cinnamon, nutmeg and chili, pepper and turmeric and amazing smelling vanilla.

There are quite a few road side shoe repairers here. Very skilled, fast and cheap. So if you have any damaged footwear now is a good time to fix them.


  • Green Leaf Hotel and Bakers, De Soyza Lane (near corner of Yatinuwara Lane). Great local eatery just one block back from the main street. Full range of rottis, rice and curry and hoppers (evening only). Good service and very affordable prices.
  • Bakehouse. For snacks or traditional Sri Lankan meals. Scenic view of the City, from its first floor balcony, where they serve a Sri Lankan buffet, but this tends to sell out by about 19:30.
  • Devon Food Court. Famous for quality snacks. Captain's Table is upstairs FROM Devons. Good Sri Lankan and South Indian food.
  • Avanhala (just in front of the Kandy lake). Good food and best scenery.
  • Flower Song Chinese Restaurant (on Kotugodelle Vidaya just north of the town centre). It sells excellent Chinese food with huge portions of rice or noodles. It's clean, air-conditioned, and serves beers and wines.
  • Dinemore. Just opposite to the Anniewatta tunnel. On the top of Nihal's Super. Good quality Mid-Eastern and South-Indian food for affordable prices.
  • Lyons. Restaurant located in front of the Hindu Kovil. Serves good quality food, both Western and Eastern.
  • The Empire cafe. Located just near the Temple of the tooth serves good wraps and western and eastern food in a nice environment.


  • There are two popular bars on the main street (Dalada Vidaya), The Pub and The Pub Royale. The former serves quite good (but pricey, perhaps R700/-) meals, has a large screen for sports inside and a 1st floor outside verandah.
  • There are a number of cheap bars (Rs 100 or less for a 650 ml bottle of beer) scattered throughout the sidestreets near the town centre. They can be rather seedy and unaccompanied women could be made to feel very uncomfortable. (Usually Local women do not drink)
  • Victory Hotel, 79 Colombo Road This bar is a great way to see real Sri Lankans and what they do, downstairs is full of locals knocking back Arrack the atmosphere may be less than salubrious, in fact it gives the Sidney Hotel, Galle a run for its money, but the people are friendly. Upstairs is slightly less dingy as it serves food, Arrack starts at Rs 700 , beer Rs 195 and a cigarette from a waiter Rs 30.


There are many hostels, budget, midrange and splurge hotels in Kandy, where you can stay the night and rest easily.


There are lots of cheapish guest houses to the south and east of the lake, all an only a short walk from the town centre, and generally clean and friendly.

  • Burmese Rest. The cheapest option in the city. The Buddhist monks are friendly and the building is a quiet retreat from Kandy's noisy streets. You'll find it after one kilometre on the right hand side, on the road which begins at the Tooth Temple, leading away from Kandy Lake. Room from Rs 300.
  • 1 Kandy City House, No 25/1, Hospital Lane (little lane next to the train station). Family run little guest house. Three rooms only. From Rs 2000.
  • Kandy City Mission, 125, DS Sennanayake Veediya (in the centre of Kandy), +94 77 2 203040 (Contact Tobi), . Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon. Managed by some of the members of the churches of Kandy. US$5 to 10 person.
  • Kandy Cottage, 160 Lady Gordon Dr, +94 77 2 203040 (Tobi), . Eco-friendly retreat for writers and artists, but it also welcomes general holiday makers with facilities from laundry to laser printing. Although it nestles in a little hollow adjoining a tiny virgin forest 'Udawatta Kele Royal Forest Sanctuary' - it is only ten minutes' walk from the city centre. It has two double rooms and one family suite, all of them enabled with broadband internet. US$22-40 per person, accompanying children free if under 12. Half rate after the second week..
  • Rosendale Villa, 85/A Upul Mawatha,Primrose Gardens (on the Primrose Hill), +94 771015665, . Serves breakfast, lunch & dinner. Offers WiFi, laundry, tuk tuk rides. Room from Rs 4,500.


  • Golden View Rest, Saranankara Rd, +94 81 2239418, . View on the lake and a part of the city. Hot water and very clean rooms. Air-con and non air-con rooms. The breakfast is not included in the price if not asked. Beware of the owner's "free" tuk-tuk scam-- your driver will demand an extortionate sum of money once you arrive at your destination. Room from Rs 1,500.
  • Hill Top Hotel, 200/21, Bahirawakande Peradeniya Rd (about 2 km to the city centre), +94 81 2224162. Two star hotel. 73 standard rooms. The onsite restaurant serves a variety of local and international dishes. US$53-60(2014).
  • McLeod Inn, 65A Rajapihilla Mawatha, +94 81 222 2832, . The couple who run the place are all smiles and very helpful. Rooms are sparkling clean, comfy beds, en suite with hot and cold water. Some beautiful views across Kandy from their balcony and from a couple of rooms, room 6 especially has floor to ceiling windows. No air-con, but you do not need it. Rs 1,300-1,700.
Queen's Hotel
  • 2 Queen's Hotel, 124 Srimath Kuda Ratwatte Mawatha (in the middle of the city beside the Temple of the Tooth Relic and the Kandy Lake), +94 81 2233026. One of the oldest hotels in Kandy. Offers ideal geataway spots to watch the Maligawa Perahera (the procession). Non-air-con: single US$40-60, double $45-80; Air-con: single $79-94, double $92-122.
  • Riverdale Hotel, 32, Aniwatte Road, Kandy, Sri Lanka. From US$42.
  • Heavens Holiday Resort, 23/a arangala nattharanpotha kandy, +94 755915211, . Heavens Holiday Resort is a nice clean guest house near the Kandy city. They have 3 rooms and 3 bathrooms. One room has a private balcony and others with public balcony. Home made foods are offered the 1st floor restaurant. Non-air-con: single US$15-20, double $15-20; Air-con: single US$30-40, double $30-40.


  • Amaya Hills Kandy, Heerassagala, +94 81 4474022, +94 77 77772237. 100 rooms. All rooms and suites have private balconies overlooking the valley or mountainside. Offers Ayurvedic spa treatments. From US$37.
  • Cinnamon Citadel Kandy, 124 Srimath Kuda Ratwatte Mawatha, +94 81 2233395. Located 500 m above sea level with an outdoor pool. It offers air-conditioned rooms featuring spacious interiors. Each room is equipped with a mini-bar, tea/coffee making facilities and a TV with cable channels. From US$82 (2021).
  • Earl's Regency (4km from Kandy), +94 81 5873305-7. This 100-room five-star hotel has restaurants with a variety of international cuisine, 24-hour room service, a coffee shop, an Ayurvedic health centre, a shopping arcade, a sauna and wedding, conference and banquet facilities. Evening entertainment includes disco, karaoke, live bands, oriental bands, bingo and cultural shows. US$80-210.
  • Forest Villa, 185 B, Rajapihilla Mawatha, +94 812 220 333. Offers rooms equipped with bathroom amenities, eelcome pack (water, tea, coffee or fruit juice) and coffee/tea maker. On-site restaurant, dining areas, business centre, housekeeping and 24-hours back-up power supply.
  • Hunas Falls by Amaya, Elkaduwa (about 26 km away from Kandy), +94 81 4940320. Overlooks Hunas Falls. Has nine superior rooms, 19 deluxe rooms and suites. Room facilities include a mini bar, satellite TV and IDD telephone. All rooms are centrally air conditioned. Offers conferencing and banqueting facilities. From US$133 (2014).
  • The Kandy Samadhicentre, Kukuloya Rd Narampanawa (passing Digana), +94 777710013. Nature resort. Double with hot water B&B from US$95 (2014).
  • Mahaweli Reach Hotel, 35, P.B.A. Weerakoon Mawatha (a few minutes away from the city), +94 81 4472727. Five star hotel. Single US$125-180, double $140-200, suites: US$3,000-5,000.
  • Randholee Resort, +94 81 2217741. The view from this resort is one of the better ones in the area, decked in Kandyan décor. Not all rooms have their own private balcony and bathroom. sgl./dbl. 170-240/170-300 $.
  • 3 Suisse Hotel, 30, Sangarajah Mawatha (right beside the historic Kandy Lake), +94 81 81 2233024-5. Colonial hotel. 93 rooms. US$110-160.
  • 4 Swiss Residence Kandy Hotel, 23 Bahirawakanda Ln (1 km to the city centre). 40 rooms. US$70-170 (2014).
  • 5 Hotel Topaz, Anniewatta Circular Rd, මහනුවර, +94 81 7 389000. 77 air-con rooms with piped music and hot and cold running water. 40 of them include a TV, a mini bar and bath. From US$59.
  • 6 Hotel Tourmaline, Bahirawakanda Patu Mawatha (Few miles up Aniwatte road), +94 81 738 9000, . Four-star 29 deluxe room hotel associated with The Topaz Hotel, also on a hilltop. From US$51.
  • Hunas Falls Hotel Kandy, Elkaduwa, Kandy 21012, +94 812 476 402, . Starting from USD 99.
  • 7 The Summit (Hotel Summit), The Summit, 97 Thapodaramaya Road, Hanthana, +94-81-205-0909, . On the mountainous landscape with five deluxe suites offering panoramic natural views.

Outside of the city[edit]


  • 1 Kandy Tourist Police.


Major Hospitals and health care centres:

  • General Hospital Kandy, +94 81 2222261.
  • Teaching Hospital - Peradeniya, +94 81 2388001.
  • Sirimavo Bandaranaike Specialised Children's Hospital - Peradeniya.
  • Suwasewana Hospital, 532, Peradeniya Rd, +94 81 2222404, fax: +94 81 4476763.


Go next[edit]

  • Dambulla is 60 km north of Kandy and air-con buses to Dambulla costs 150 LKR. With a driver it is possible to do a day trip to Sigiriya (2.5 hour from Kandy)- Dambulla - Matale.
  • Knuckles Mountain Range and its forest trails are the most suitable for trekking in Sri Lanka. It has many nature trails cleared through the forest by forest department with campsites.
  • Matale is 25 km north of Kandy and connected by train
  • Take the scenic train to Ella (or stop at Nuwara Eliya or Haputale along the way)

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