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Adana is the fifth most populous city in Turkey with a population of over 1.5 million. It's slightly inland from the Mediterranean coast, in the centre of the huge Cilician Plains, on the banks of the Seyhan River.


Ziyapaşa Caddesi in central Adana

It's not well-known as a tourism destination when compared with its southern and western neighbours.

Modern Adana consists of two quite separate sections: the cramped historic core and the newer, mostly high-rise suburbs overlooking the Seyhan dam to the north of the old centre, usually called Kuzey Adana or Yeni Adana ("North Adana" or "New Adana", respectively).

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

There are daily flights some both Ankara and Istanbul as well as from a limited number of hubs in the Middle East and Europe.

  • 1 Adana Şakirpaşa Airport. ADA IATA. It's a fairly short cab ride to city center (costing about 20 TL) and is served frequently by dolmuş. Adana Şakirpaşa Airport (Q1430728) on Wikidata Adana Şakirpaşa Airport on Wikipedia

By bus[edit]

As with the rest of the country, another common way of getting here is to use the buses. They arrive here frequently from Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, and several other cities around Turkey. Journey time from Istanbul is around twelve hours, fares starting at 130 TL. Inter-city bus companies includes Varan, Ulusoy, and Metro. Make sure you get off at the right station as most buses also stop at a station in the suburbs, about 4 km west of city centre. Getting off at the wrong station may be frustrating, but not an disaster since a local bus connects them. The bus station in city centre lies close to the Hilton hotel.

By train[edit]

You can reach Adana same day from Istanbul or Ankara by taking the YHT high-speed train to Konya. Change there for the daily Toros Express, taking six hours via Karaman to reach Adana for 22:00. The return train leaves Adana before 08:00 and likewise connects at Konya with YHT trains to Istanbul and Ankara. The Karaman-Adana line is being upgraded for high-speed trains so disruptions may occur until this is complete, maybe by 2025; but in 2022 it's running normally.

The Cukurova Express overnight sleeper between Ankara and Adana has been suspended for several years for construction works. A daily train between Adana and Kayseri and a few regional trains from Elazığ, Mersin and Iskenderun are suspended because of Covid. The lines to Aleppo and to Gaziantep, thence across Syria and Iraq, are closed indefinitely.

  • 2 Adana railway station (Adana garı), Atatürk Cd (North end of city centre). Adana railway station (Q3183579) on Wikidata Adana railway station on Wikipedia

By car[edit]

Driving to Adana is an option; from Ankara, the national capital, there is motorway all the way (O-21 / E90, O-51 past the Cilician Gates, Gülek Boğazı, across the Taurus Mountains) but distances are long. The full-distance toll from Ankara for a car is 163 TL (2022).

Get around[edit]

Map of Adana

  • Walking in Adana — you can explore downtown Adana by walking. It is very easy and enjoyable to walk around city centre.
  • City buses — Extensive bus network including city buses and dolmuş.
  • Adana Metro — There is also a subway line, though only a short stub of 13 stations.
  • Many taxis with prices comparable to the rest of the country.


Taşköprü Bridge, spanning the Seyhan River.

Most sights are concentrated in the old town, with the historic neighborhood Tepebağ in its centre.

  • 1 Taşköprü Bridge (Ponte in pietra). Roman bridge spanning the Seyhan River that was probably built in the first half of the second century AD. The bridge was a key link in ancient trade routes from the Mediterranean Sea to Anatolia and Persia. Since 2007 it has only carried foot traffic, and now hosts social and cultural events. Among the names used for the bridge during its history are the Saros Bridge, the Bridge of Justinian, the al-Walid Bridge and most recently Taşköprü (Stone Bridge in Turkish) Taşköprü (Q1438450) on Wikidata Taşköprü (Adana) on Wikipedia
  • 2 Sabancı Mosque (Sabancı Merkez Camii). Built in 1998, this is the largest mosque in Turkey. The architecture is inspired by classical Ottoman mosques and features intricate tile patterns. The mosque is somewhat contended as it was built upon a confiscated Armenian cemetery. Sabancı Merkez Camii (Q1381468) on Wikidata Sabancı Merkez Camii on Wikipedia
  • 3 Grand Mosque (Ulu Cami). Historic mosque, constructed in 1519. Ulu Cami (Q4022219) on Wikidata Ulu Cami, Adana on Wikipedia
  • 4 Oil Mosque (Yağ Cami). Originally built as the St. Jacob Church around 1250 AD and converted into a mosque circa 1380, after the Ottoman conquest of the city from the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia. It is the oldest mosque in the city. Yağ Camii (Q3906407) on Wikidata Yağ Cami on Wikipedia
  • 5 Great Clock Tower (Büyük Saat). Historical clock tower, 32 m high and completed in 1885. Büyük Saat (Q251099) on Wikidata Büyük Saat on Wikipedia
  • 6 Ramazanoğlu Hall (Ramazanoğlu Konağı). Old government residence, built in 1495. It's one of the oldest examples of a mansion in Turkey. The mansion is now used as a cultural centre. Ramazanoğlu Hall (Q7289156) on Wikidata Ramazanoğlu Hall on Wikipedia
  • 7 Saint Paul Church (Bebekli Kilise). Roman Catholic Church, the church was built as an Armenian Apostolic Church in 1870 but handed over to the Apostolic Vicariate of Anatolia after the deportation of the city's large Armenian community in 1915. Saint Paul Church (Adana) (Q12808789) on Wikidata Saint Paul Church, Adana on Wikipedia
  • 8 Çatalan Bridge. Longest bridge in Turkey. Çatalan Bridge (Q6018497) on Wikidata Çatalan Bridge on Wikipedia
  • 9 Central Park (Merkez Park). Large urban park, spanning both sides of the river. Merkez Park (Q6819632) on Wikidata Merkez Park on Wikipedia
  • Seyhan Dam, Love Island, & American Island.
  • Old Dam and Dilberler Seki Road.


  • 10 Archaeological Museum of Adana. Re-opened for visits after restoration (except for stone monuments section, still being restored). Free. Adana Archaeology Museum (Q195019) on Wikidata Adana Archaeology Museum on Wikipedia
  • 11 Atatürk Museum. Atatürk Museum (Q6014804) on Wikidata Atatürk Museum (Adana) on Wikipedia
  • 12 Ethnographic Museum of Adana. Closed for renovation. Adana Ethnography Museum (Q4680613) on Wikidata Adana Ethnography Museum on Wikipedia
  • 13 Misis Mosaic Museum. Misis Mosaic Museum (Q6875685) on Wikidata Misis Mosaic Museum on Wikipedia
  • 14 Kuruköprü Monumental Church (Kuruköprü Anıt Kilisesi). Former Greek Church known as Agios Nikolaos, built in 1845. The site is now a small museum. Kuruköprü Monumental Church (Q24646859) on Wikidata Kuruköprü Monumental Church on Wikipedia
  • State Fine Arts Gallery.


  • Driving by the lake and seeing the beautiful view is one of the things you can do while in Adana. Most of the locals spend their evenings drinking beer by the lake.
  • You can visit ancient cities around Adana, such as Magarsus, Ayas, Commana, Castabala, and Misis.
  • You can go to Akyatan Lagoon or Kapuzbasi Waterfall.
  • You can swim (in Karataş on the Mediterranean coast, south of Adana), however Turkish residents usually go to Mersin when they want to go swimming.
  • You can go to Aqualand (wave pool, lazy river and various slides).
  • There are 3 saunas in downtown (Yeni Sauna, Bizim Sauna and Sirin Sauna). Entrance fee is €10, and massage costs a further €10. Also you can go to more traditional Turkish baths.


Adana has four malls (Optimum, Galleria, M1 and Carrefour). Optimum Outlet and M1 Shopping Centre are the largest. Optimum was opened in mid 2011 and is the newest. M1 and Optimum share many of the same stores where you can find almost all of the world class brands. (Real Hypermarket, Praktiker, Media Markt, Zara, Mudo City, Cinebonus, Tepe Home, Toys R'Us, Gap, US Polo)


  • Adana Kebab. Delicious and famous Adana kebap and mezzes, usually accompanied by salgam (turnip) juice and/or raki (traditional Turkish alcoholic drink).
  • Cafe Ora (on Baraj Rd, close to bus station). Has a bar on second floor. You can have a bici bici (traditional Adana sweet) for 3 TL there.
  • Elem Restaurant.
  • Hasan Kolcuoglu (Lake).
  • Kazancilar (S Demirel Ave).
  • Mado's (on Cemal Paşa, Kurttepe, Toros St, Carrefour Mall, and M1 Mall). Sweet shop. Higher class than your regular street vendor and a little pricey, but delicious food. You should eat special Turkish ice cream.
  • Park Zirve (Lake).
  • Sercan (S Demirel Ave).
  • Yüzevler (Ziyapasa Ave).


  • Istanbul Bar (In Cemalpasa). A cool, chill out bar with groovy music with a wide selection of unusual but fun cocktails! Open until the last customer leaves.
  • Nargile Bar (In New Adana). 16:00-03:00. A down-tempo place. This is more for the young working class. Many of the patrons are between 20-30, and for the most part are out of university. Live Turkish music is played here almost every night, and Tuborg Green can be bought on tap for 4.50 TL a pint.
  • The North Shield (On Ziyapasa Ave). Generally a quiet atmosphere that is good to take a few friends to.
  • Pickup Rock Bar. Downstairs in the Cemalpasa area, this bar usually has live Turkish bands covering American rock on weekends. Closed early in the week, on the days that it is open, you can get in until late in the morning. Crowds usually start showing up around 23:30, the time the band starts playing. Efes on tap can be bought here for 6 TL a pint.
  • Starbucks (Ziyapaşa Ave, M1 Shopping Centre, Cukurova University Campus, New Adana). There are 4 Starbucks Coffee shops in Adana, in addition to one in Incirlik. The one on Ziyapaşa is a popular hangout for expatriates and English-speaking Turks.


  • Garajlar Hotel (Near the big mosque). You will have to pay extra for the bath (5 TL). 15 TL.
  • 1 Hilton Adana, Sinanpaşa Mh., Hacı Sabancı Blv. No:1 (close to the Seyhan River and city center). The tallest building in town. Looks quite strange in a not that big town to have such a huge Hilton Hotel. From €100.
  • Konya Hotel (Near the big mosque). If you insist, they can give you a cheaper, small room. The rooms are clean but there is no heater. 20 TL non-air-con, 30 TL for rooms with air-con.


Adana has 4G from all Turkish carriers. As of Dec 2020, 5G has not reached this area.

Go next[edit]

Some of the towns and sights around Adana include:

  • Tarsus — St. Paul's Well is in a courtyard long believed to be the site of St. Paul's house. You can also visit The Cleopatra Gate, Roman road and Tarsus Museum in Tarsus
  • Mersin — 65 km west of Adana, another large city in the area, although this one is on the coast.
  • Incirlik — 10 km east of Adana, site of a NATO base with a majority U.S. presence.
  • Antakya — a few hours to south, with lots of history.
  • Kizkalesi — about 100 km to west, a castle on an islet off shore.
  • Comana
  • Karatepe — ruins of a Hittite city in the pine woods near a dam lake northeast of city.
  • Anavarza — ruins of a small Roman town with a ruined bath turned museum about 30 min north of Yilan Castle. You can also hike up the lengthy stairway to reach a large Crusader castle atop a high rock outcropping overlooking the ruined city.
  • Yılan Castle — Crusader-era castle on the top of a rocky hill surrounded by endless flat plains east of city, on the road/railway to Osmaniye. Catch a minibus heading for Ceyhan to get there, and tell the driver that you will get off at Yılan Kale. On your way back, wait for one that is returning to Adana.
  • Misis Mosaic Museum — On the historical Silk Road, at a distance of 26 km from Adana. The admission is normally 5 TL, but it is sometimes for free, as was the case in 2012.
  • Kahramanmaraş — a small city in the hills with an impressive archaeological museum, famous for its ice cream (roughly a 2½ hour bus ride).
  • Gaziantep — Turkey's sixth-largest city, visited mostly for its mosaic museum and the copper-workers around the castle (roughly 2½ hours by bus)

Routes through Adana
MersinTarsus  W D400-TR.svg E  İncirlikGaziantep
AnkaraAksaray  N E90-TR.svg E  → Junctions E91-TR.svg (S), D825-TR.svg (N / S) → Gaziantep

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