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Balatonfüred is a town on the shore of Lake Balaton, Hungary.


Balatonfüred is the third largest town on Lake Balaton, after the brash party town of Siófok on the Southern Shore and Keszthely on the Western Shore. Luckily, Balatonfüred's Baroque elegance and traditional old town keep it from becoming too commercialised. There is still plenty to do in one of Hungary's oldest tourist spots.

This area is possibly one of the nicest resorts along the lake shore. Its beautiful promenades, tree-lined avenues and stunning views of the Tihany Peninsula make this town the finest on the Balaton shore. To catch Baltonfüred at its best, visit during the summer months of May - August.

Lake Balaton with Balatonfüred on the North Shore

The town has 5 international partnerships (twin towns): Germering (Germany), Kouvola (Finland) Opatija (Croatia), Kovászna (Romania), and Arpino (Italy).


The national language of Hungary is Hungarian. Many of the restaurant menus are also in English and as are many of the signs, yet finding people in the area that can speak English well is a difficulty.

German is the second language to many at the lake. English is simply not on the cards for many, particularly those of the older generation, so learn your one-word phrases well. Thse will come in handy, particularly at the train station where simple words like "Egy retur" (Return ticket) might save you on your holiday.

Tourist information[edit]

1 Tourinform, Balatonfüred, Kisfaludy u. 1. (100 m from the Port), +36 87 580-480, fax: +36 87 580-481, . 1 Dec-28 Feb: Tu-F 09:00-16:00, Sa 09:00-15:00, Su M closed; 2 Apr-14 Jun: M-F 09:00-17:00, Sa 09:00-15:00, Su closed; 15 Jun-31 Aug: M-Sa 09:00-19:00, Su 10:00-16:00; 1 Sep-30 Nov: M-F 09:00-17:00, Su closed. Information about accommodation, transport, programmes, attractions and services in Balatonfüred and in the region. It distributes free brochures, sell maps, tourist card, picture postcards, and gives information about local programmes, accommodation. Spoken languages: English, German.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Balaton International Airport on Lake Balaton is accessible from Füred. It frequently operates charter flights to Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig and Düsseldorf in Germany, Billund and Copenhagen in Denmark, Amsterdam in The Netherlands and Moscow in Russia. Ryanair also operate flights from Düsseldorf-Weeze, Frankfurt-Hahn. Many flights are also available at Budapest Ferihegy Airport from destinations around the world.

By bus[edit]

Balatonarács Train Stop
  • 1 Balatonfüred Bus Station (Autóbusz-állomás), Castricum tér (next to the train station), +36 87 342-905, . 05:50-17:50. Bus to Balatonfűzfő (22 km (14 mi), at least 10 per day, 25-50 min, passing Csopak,Paloznak, Alsóörs, Balatonalmádi), to Hévíz (67 km (42 mi), daily at least 7, about 1½ hour, passing Aszófő, Örvényes, Balatonudvari, Balatonakali, Zánka, Balatonszepezd, Révfülöp, Badacsony, Balatonederics, Keszthely), some buses go further to Zalaegerszeg (two and half hour), Székesfehérvár (64 km (40 mi), 5 per day, about 1½ hours, passing Várpalota), Veszprém (20–33 km (12–21 mi), depart every 15 min, 30-50 min), Herend (36 km (22 mi), daily 4, 1 hour), Budapest (131 km (81 mi), 6 per day, 2 hours. Try to avoid the early bus around 06:00, because it takes 3 hours), Győr (100 km (62 mi), daily 5, 2½ hour, passing some interesting places such as Zirc, Csesznek, Pannonhalma)

By train[edit]

  • 2 Balatonfüred Train Station (Vasútállomás), Castricum tér. Due to Balatonfüred's central position, it is accessible from many major European destinations such as Vienna and Bratislava. Frequent trains arrive in Füred from many major destinations in Europe. The city a few minutes across the lake, Siófok, connected by Zagreb, which arrive in under 4 hours. From Budapest, the M2 metro Déli Railway Station (every two hours, €7), Hungarian Railways are, for the most part, reliable and on time. -' Keszthely (all must to change at Tapolca; 77 km (48 mi) Ft 1500-1640; 2-2½ hours), to Zalaegerszeg (one or mostly two changes, bus is better), to Veszprém must to change bus is better, to Székesfehérvár (all Budapest bound train passing it, Ft&nsdp;1300-1450; 1-1½ hour, most of them stop at Alsóörs, Balatonalmádi, Balatonfűzfő or Balatonkenese)
  • 2 Balatonarács Train Stop (Balatonarács Vasúti megálló), Lóczy Lajos utca 1 (east 1.5 km from center).

By boat[edit]

Ferry in Port of Balatonfüred
Balatonfüred Sailing Marina
  • 3 Port of Balatonfüred (Balatonfüredi Hajóállomás), Vitorlás tér (heart of the new town), +36 87 342-230, . Boats depart between 08:30 and 20:00. There are many ferries that set sail from many ports along the lake, heading for Balatonfüred, including the stunning Tihany Peninsula and the party town of Siófok across the lake are available many times a day.
  • Sailing Marina (Vitorlaskikoto), +36 87 342-230, +36 20 418-3132 (Mobile), fax: +36 87 342-230, . Capacity: 70 boats. Basic fees: small sailing vessel to 15/15-20/20-25/25-30/30-35/over 35 m² ('base area') Ft 48 000/62 000/70 000/80 000/92 000/103 000 per month. Boating/sailing boat Ft 18 000/31 000 per month..

Get around[edit]

Map of Balatonfüred
The Promenade in Füred

Due to its size, walking around Balatonfüred is easy. There are excellent footpaths and tree-lined promenades. Even better, the Hungarians in Füred are very polite when it comes to pedestrians. They will almost always stop to let you pass the street. Balatonfüred is amazingly well sign-posted, so walking through the streets is simple.

Many people choose to get around on bikes, which is an excellent idea due to the abundance of high quality cycle paths. Also, roller-blading and scooters are hugely popular.

Suggested walking tours[edit]

The Old Town

No.1 walking tour: Start from Balaton shore-Tagore promenade: named after Nobel prize winner Hindu poet R.Tagore. He came for treatment in 1926 to the State Hospital for Heart Diseases. At the beginning of the pr. is the memorial tree and bust of him. At the end of Pr. is the Esterházy beach. In the park next to the Pr. memorial trees planted by various famous people who spent time in the town. Kisfaludy st.: Gyógy tér: State Hospital for Heart Diseases. Horváth house (built 1798). The first Anna-Ball was held in this building on her name day in July 1825. Now there are flats and shops in the building. Kossuth Lajos well-pump room (built 1853). You can taste sparkling mineral water. Anna Grand hotel and Panteon: built cca.1810. Here are plaques to commemorate artists, writers and scientists who had connections with Balatonfüred. In this building organised evry year in July the famous Anna-Ball (Beauty Contest). - Little forest-pine wood: 6 columns of the Stone Theatre (built 1831) - Blaha L. st. country cottage of the famous singer Blaha Lujza -now hotel. Round Catholic church (built 1846.) Jókai Villa-museum (Honvéd St). Built by Jókai Mór, the famous Hungarian writer in 1870. It was his summer cottage. Jókai Street-Ady E. Street th nicest part of the Downtown - Szt. István square: Town hall and "Red" catholic church. (1927) - Arácsi street-Gombás country mansion built in the 18th century, now a pansion. Arács village centre: Kath. church (1790) Calvinist church (1786). Lóczy st.-Béke st. Koloska valley, and Csárda (Restaurant) Koloska spring:picnic area. Return to Lóczy Street look around at Hősök square: Ferenc Széchényi school for Horticulture. Not far, in the left hand: cemetery with grave of Lajos Lóczy-geologist.

Walking tour No.2: Pier: Borsos Miklós's statue: Balaton wind. Rose garden and statues: the Ferryman and Fisherman. Going to the Weston Zákonyi St: BYC Yacht Club, Hotels Silver Resort modern buildings: shops, restaurants, coffee bars. On the Szécheny st: hotels as far as Camping Füred. At the traffic circle going northerly on the Fürdő st: Sundance park with appartements. Annagora Aqua park: Open from 13. Juni till end of August. Horváth M. st: Balaton sport and conference centre: open air stage, arena, multiplex cinema, restaurant, fitness room, squash. Railway and bus station. Jókai St with nice old Villas. Kisfaludy St., visit the Kisfaludy Galerie.


Balatonfüred, Blaha's Villa
White Church
  • 1 Arácsi Folk House (Arácsi Népház), Lóczy L. u. 62., +36 87 788-456, +36 30 3781231, . M W Th Sa 10:00-18:00, Tu F Su closed.
  • 2 [dead link] Arácsi Exhibition House (Arácsi Kiállítóház), Same as the Folk House, +36 87 788 456. F-Su 15:00-19:00.
  • 3 Baricska Pub (Baricska Csárda), Baricska dűlő (Tagore Promenad 600 m away), . W-M 12:00-22:00. Monument building erected in 1811. Now a restaurant.
  • 4 Bodorka Visitors Centre (Bodorka Vizivilág Látogatóközpont), Tagore sétány, +36 87 200120, . Daily 10:00-18:00. An ecological center with seventeen aquariums. Ft 1000, reduced Ft 500.
  • Berzsenyi Water Source (Berzsenyi-forrás).
  • Former Home of Lujza Blaha, Gyógy tér/Blaha Lujza u. 4.. It used to be the summer home of Lujza Blaha who was a significant Hungarian actress of the 19th century. A classical style cottage. Today, a restaurant-hotel. The plot is parceled in 1866, and first house was built by Mrs. Lajos Szucs in 1867, to him. Lajos Csénye bought it from him. In 1893 he sold to Lujza Blaha. Above the entrance of the beautiful neo-classical house is a triangular pediment with the inscription 'that house was the home of the nation's favorite nightingale. Above the triangle can read: the Blaha Lujza cottage 1893-1916. In 2011 the building is a hotel and a restaurant.
  • 5 Dory Villa (Dőry Villa), Jókai Mór utca 28, +36 87 343 643. István Huray, the renowned doctor working in the spa also had several houses here, though the Dőry villa is said to be the most beautiful villa in Balatonfüred, which is well worth to visit. Built in 1869, now here is the Astoria Hotel
National Hospital for Heart Diseases, partly protected monument complex
  • 6 Esterházy mansion (Esterházy kúria), Táncsics Mihály u. 1. (At Fenyves Park). Only from outside. Built in 1700 (?). Ruined, now part of the Heart Hospital.
  • 7 Farmer's Houses (Parasztházak), Siske utca (NE one km). Only outside. There are one-storry and two-storey old buildings. In the oldtime village, or oldtime city as it is called nowadays the following buildings preserve ancient folk traditions as shown on their memorial tablets. Siske street leads into a forest, and continues in a path, which offers a wonderful place to take trips around Balatonfüred.
  • 8 Gombás Mansion (Gombás kúria), Arácsi út 94., +36 87 340 080, +36 30 9317-522 (Mobile), +36 30 9534-299 (Mobile), . Built 1785 (?) Copf style. This is one of the most famous buildings of Balatonfüred. Those members of he lower nobility built cellar-mansions like these all around Lake Balaton who admired beauty and were endowed with a sense of style. Balatonfüred used to be a favourite meeting place especially for the nobility living in Zala county, and they built dozens of similar cellar-mansions in Baroque or late-baroque style turning the Füred mountains into a truly colourful site. Now a great value hotel is here.
  • 9 Former 'Great' Restaurant (Nagyvendéglő), Gyógy tér 1/Blaha Lujza u. 10.. Built in 1748. Today's neo-classical building was built between 1802 to 1848. This building is part of the Kurszalon (lit Salon of Cure), inaugurated in 1879. There are held the Anna Balls, and here is where the Füred Pantheon can be found. Now it is the Anna Grand Hotel.
  • The Lajos Kossuth Spring (Kossuth Lajos pump house, Kossuth Lajos-forrás ivócsarnoka), Gyógy (Medicinal) Square. The registered well-house was designed and built by Mátyás Lechner in 1800 in classicistic style and was rebuilt by Antal Fruman in 1852. It is one of the many places in Balatonfured where you can taste the sour water. The guests and patients can taste the famous sour water of Balatonfüred in the pump-room on the place in front of the heart diseases for heart diseases.
Former Mansion of Adam Horvath Pálóczi
  • 10 Former Mansion of Adam Horvath Pálóczi (Pálóczi Horváth Ádám kastélya), Ady Endre utca 13. Rebuilt in 1867, by William Teasdale (who made the engineering work on the Chain Bridge, in Budapest). Now here is the János Ferencsik Music School.
  • 11 The beautiful old town (Walk up Jókai Mór Utca). The old town, with its faded elegance, it in stark contrast with that of the new, almost comsopolitan new town along the lake. The numerous churches add to the subtle beauty of the location.
  • 12 National Hospital for Heart Diseases (Szívkórház), Gyógy tér.. Formerly the Bath House, Elizabeth Sanatorium, Government Hospital. Erected in 1728, the current buildings were built between 1836 to 1871.
  • 13 Hermina Yard (Hermina udvar), Blaha Lujza utca 7. The Yard is a protected monument. Built in eclectic-style
  • 14 Horváth House (Horváth ház), Gyógy tér 2.. Built in 1799. The designer was Mátyás Lechner. The largest Copf style building is in the Lake Balaton Region. The Szentgyorgy Horvath family built it in 1796-98. In 1825, the first the Anna Ball held in here, for honor to Miss Krisztina „Anna” Szentgyörgyi Horvath.
Jókai Villa
  • 15 [dead link] Jókai memorial house (Jókai villa, Jókai emlékmúzeum), Honvéd u. 1., +36 87 950-876, . Tu-Su 10:00–18:00. The summer home of Mór Jókai who was a great Hungarian novelist of the 19th century. Eclectic style. Now the Literary Memorial Museum is here with a constant exhibition showing the life of the greatest tale-teller of Hungary and the way he lived here, in Balatonfüred. Adult Ft 1000, combined ticket Ft 2500 (to Jókai Memorial House, and the Municipal Museum and Vaszary Vila. Valid for 3 days)..
  • 16 [dead link] Kisfaludy Gallery (Kisfaludy Galéria), Kisfaludy utca 1., +36 87 481-187. Tu-Su 10:00–18:00. It was a restaurant in the 19th century. In 1914 the restaurant was rebuilt as a ’mobile theatre’. Since 2004 here are fine art exhibits.
  • 17 Ruins of St. Michael Church (Szent Mihály templomrom, Magyar Játékszín), Papsoka utca. and the six columns which reamined from the first Hungarian speaking stone theatre of Transdanubia, built in 1831. The pillars of the theater found it in 1912 during the construction Ipel hotel. Set-up again in 1958. About the „Papsoka”. It is the name of the area to the west, it changed into „Siske” from the 14th century on, and these two areas blended soon afterwards. On the north the so-called „Kéki-völgy” (=Bluish valley) reserved the name of the „Kék” village (=Blue village) till today.
  • Base of St. Margaret's Church (Szent Margit templom alapjai), Kiserdő area,. 13th century. Now here is the Black Knight Restaurant (Fekete Lovag étterem).
  • 18 Former Széchenyi Palace (Széchenyi-kastély), Hősök tere 1. (Arács village northern part). Built by Ferenc Széchenyi, in 1792, in baroque style. Around 1871 was transformed and decorated with eclectic elements. Now here is the Horticulture Technical School.
  • 19 [dead link] Vaszary Villa, Honvéd u. 2-4., +36 87 950-876, . Tu-Su 10:00–18:00. The former resort of Archbishop Kolos Vaszary. Exhibitions, concerts and literary programs. Adult Ft 1000.
  • 20 [dead link] Town Museum, Blaha Lujza u. 3., +36 87 580-041, . Tu-Su 10:00–18:00. Transport, medicinal bath, Anna-balls and theatre in order to present the life of 19th-century Balatonfüred.
  • 21 Reformed (White) Church (Református ("fehér") templom), Kossuth Lajos utca 39. The church was built in neoclassical and copf style, in 1830.
  • 22 Round Church (Kerektemplom), Blaha Lujza utca .1, +36 87 343-198. The Church built in neoclassical style, between 1841 and 1846. Designed by Fruhmann Antal based on the Pantheon building in Rome. Inside: the right-hand side's altar is a work of János Vaszary.
Tagore Promenade
  • Former Post House (Posta-ház), Blaha Lujza u. 9.. In 1816 was built by József Fulop postmaster. Until 1860 worked here the Post Office. Later, renamed to "Theresa yard" (Terézia udvar). Now different service companies using the building.
  • 23 Tomb of Lajos Lóczy, Temető köz 2, (Cemetery of Arács). Lajos Lóczy was a Hungarian geographer
  • Sculptures on Tagore Promenade (Tagore sétány szobrai), 46.95568. 24/7. On the Tagore promenade can be find the statues of famous Hungarian personalities like Ferenc Deák, István Széchenyi, Sándor Kisfaludy, also here is the statue of the girl with Lute, the Memorial bench of Lujza Blaha, the statue of the Fisherman and Ferryman, as well as the Rose Garden. In the park of memorial trees famous poets, polititians and scientists have planted trees. Free.

Further afield[edit]


Turkish Customhouse, Alsóörs

A resort village 10 km east of Balatonfüred, an old settlement at the foot of Somlyó Hill.

  • The most famous building here, the Turkish house, which was built on the hill of the village, around 1500, late Gothic style, now functions as an exhibition space. Other sights: Reformed church (Romanesque and Gothic style, 13th century, renovated in Baroque style in 1807, painted wooden ceiling dates back to 1721);
  • near to the border of the village worked red sandstone quarry, now an open-air theatre, commonly known as the amphitheater, in the summer performances are usually kept.
  • In the center of the village is operating the "Kocsma" (lit.:Pub). Here you will find a unique collection of folk instruments and instruction articles.
  • From Csere-hegyi Lookout you will see a great view to gentle slopes which is planted with vines, fruit-gardens and to the lake. There are numerous wine-shops and inviting cellars situated in the vineyards.
  • In the summer, there are cultural programmes, music events, art exhibitions, a rowing regatta on Lake Balaton, folk dances and disco nights. There is a new Sports Arena. The village beach received the title of the 'Best beaches on the Northern Shore'. Significant archery, water sports and kayak tours takes place every summer.
  • Stay: caravan camping sites, hotels, guest-houses, private accommodations.


A resort village east of Balatonfüred. -

  • Fortified Reformed Church (12-13th centuries, inside Baroque, vaulted, undivided hall), St. Ignatius Church (Roman Catholic, Balatonalmádi-Vörösberény, Baroque, part of the ensemble of the Vorosberen monastery today operated hotel in the monastery),
  • St. Emeric's Church (Roman Catholic parish church, built in 1930 on the basis of plans of István Medgyasszay, mixed architectures, Transylvanian and the red stone).
  • Holy Right Chapel (in 1956 moved to here from Buda Castle, must see the Miksa Roth's golden mosaic depicting St Stephen and a fragment of St Stephen's right hand, the relics of Prince St. Imre and his motherHappy (Bavaria) Giselle was placed in here);
  • Lutheran Church; St. Margaret's Chapel; Outdoor Chapel, (in Balatonalmádi-Káptalanfüred).

Do: see the Óvári Lookout for panoramic view and the Pannonia Cultural Centre & Library for events, take walking tours on the Kocsi lake nature trail or on the Vörös Homokkő (lit.Red Sandstone) Nature Trail. Swim or sunbath any of three beaches: Káptalanfüredi Beach (Kócsag u. 1.), Wesselényi Beach (Szent István sétány 6.), Budatava Beach (Lóczy tér 1)/ Sailing, Fishing, Tennis, Cycling, Horse Riding -

  • Events here: Almadi summer festival starting from June to September every weekend with special programmes such as Spring buzz, Balaton Classic Ramada Grand Prix, Hungarikum (food) Festival; Palinkafestival (Spirit Festival), Wine Festival, Harvest Festival, Pumpkin Festival, Advent Fair (in winter), Almádi napok (Days of Balatonalmádi), Péter Pál Napi Vigadalom (Peter and Paul Daily Festivities)-

Stay: two four-star hotels, a three-star hotel, five guesthouses and private apartments, and a campsite.


Regional Museum in Balatonakali
Port of Balatonakali

This village is referred to as a great fishing place, still known by its grapes, and its wineculture. Here built the first (wine) bottling plant in the whole Balaton region. The old folk architecture of its can be seen on the Kossuth street's peasant houses.

  • There is a Regional Museum (Kossuth utca 36).

Do: enjoy the well-kept beach, strolling on the Promenad, rent a boat in the marina. Cultural programs, fishing facility, water sports give opportunity spending your time. There are restaurants with Hungarian taste of food. The wine-grovers are waiting for the guests with the famous wines of region.

Stay: ten youth camps, three international campsites there. There are also private accommodations with the Hungarian style of hospitality.

Csopak beach


Csopak (East of Balatonfüred): The picturesque environment of Csopak attracts the artists, the people who wish to relax and the enthusiasts of the nature.

The sights of Csopak are:

  • Csonkatorony (Stumpy Tower is actually a ruins of St. Stephen's Church from Árpád-era),
  • Paul Water mill (industrial history exhibition)
  • Siaint Miklós church ruins (14th-century) and the Ranolder Castle
  • Villa of Buda, Reformed Church, Cottage Congregation of Jesus' Sisters
  • St. Joseph Medical Source, Ornament well (at the entrance to the beach).
  • The arts lover can watch newer and newer exhibitions in Csopak Gallery.

Do: The beach, the summer programs, the friendly cellars of Csopak. Csopak is famous for its grape and wine culture. (olaszrizling). The summer programs are also related to the wine, at the end of June the Balaton Fish and Wine Festival, the Night of the Riesling, in the middle of July the 2nd Cellar Opening Festival, at the 2nd part of July the 1st Csopak Wine and Soda (Fröccs) Festival with the 6th Ulti party, at the end of July – at the beginning of August the Tuesday Wine Evenings and Csopak days – Wine week between 18–22 August. The ‘Csopakabana’ festival. In the middle of September is the Grape and Scarecrow Day and the popular Vintage Dishes Festival. Visit Mount Csákány Lookout (for view). Nosztori valley: for hiking trails

Street view of Paloznak


Paloznak six km away only buses stopping here.

Monuments here:

  • Roman Catholic Church (Arpad era),
  • Belfry; Village houses of peasants; County House (ethnographic exhibition);
  • Millennium Park, Dragon Fountain; King Ladislaus Sculpture;
  • Fountain of Heroes;
  • Saint Donatus Sculpture;
  • Calvary;
  • Pongrácz Castle,
  • Hampasz Fountain.

Do: In summer, church concerts, outdoor concerts, exhibitions provide entertainment. In the last weekend of September there are the Village and Harvest Days. There are guesthouses, rooms for rent, two campsites, a couple of pubs and a restaurant.

Watermill in Örvényes


Örvényes (German: Erewin) - This is the smallest settlement of the Balaton Region with 170 inhabitants. Monuments: The water-mill (1055), the famous historic monument of the village, can be found some meters from the main street. In the 18th century rebuilt Miller house ethnographical and folk art collection can be found. The protected historic monument, the Stone bridge (built in the 18th century in Baroque style), the Water-mill, the Statue of Nepomuki St. János (end of 1700). The church (1200, Roman style, can be found on a hill above the mill). Saint Imre church (built in 1778–1783, in late-Baroque style). Two open air crosses (13th century, in the graveyard, and the other on the way to the wineyard). The Folk House (in St. Imre street). The ruins of a Roman villa. Bridge of Pécsely Creek (double port, late Baroque structure, circa 1800)

Do: Surrounded by the National Park of the Balaton-Highland, walk to the valley of the Pécsely stream, to the old oak trees or to the ruins of Zádorvár. Örvényes beach is nice and quiet, where you do not have to pay ticket. -

Stay: there are guesthouses, rooms for rent and a small campsite.


Tihany and its inner lake

Tihany (SW) - is a village on the northern shore of Lake Balaton on the Tihany Peninsula (Veszprém County). - catch a ferry from the port to Tihany, a stunning peninsula only a stone's throw away. With its Benedictine Abbey and amazing countryside, this peninsula is a must-see. However, bring good shoes as due to the hoards of tourists that flock to the town evrey summer, you might feel the need to go hiking into the hilly interior. The whole peninsula is a historical district. The prime sight is the Benedictine Tihany Abbey now also a museum (Address: I. András tér 1. Tel.: +36 87 538–200. - founded in 1055 AD by András (Andrew) I, who also buried here. The church was rebuilt in baroque style in 1754. The still functioning abbey is a popular tourist attraction. It also has the superb view of Lake Balaton. The echo is the othor main attraction of the village. See the Shouting Girl sitting on a 'Rock' (there is a legend which connect to the Echo: "...a princess with golden-haired goats was punished and her goats were lost in Balaton, only their nails remained, and she was obliged to answer to every passers-by..."). Other sights: Reformed Church (1793). Former Summer Residence of Archduke Joseph of Habsburg (a resort palace built in 1924-1925) can be found in the center of a very nice English Landpark which is about 20 000 m². Former monastery wine cellar and press house. Former abbey granary. Former Abbey Village's pub. Former Abbey doctor's residential house. Former Sports Hotel. Former abbey grange.

To do here: enjoy the beaches on the peninsula ("Somos" open beach, "Gödrös" open beach, Port beach, Yacht club beach, Beach of Sajkod), cycling (a cycle road made safe to exploring the area on bike), hiking (numerous volcanic hills, geysers, the Outer and Inner-lake, the forests and the Balaton shore on foot or on bike),

  • open-air theatre (live performances and concerts in beautiful environment),
  • open-air folk museum ('old life' is presented by several buildings of the museum along Batthyány street),
  • Family leisure park (a playground with a lof of toys, the sand box, the swing and the rope slide, also there is the bowling and the mini golf field).
  • Dolls museum (Visszhang u. 4. Tel.: +36 87 448–431, - porcelain dolls from latest 19th and early 20th century),
  • Historical Wax Museum of Hungarian kings and Pirate Museum (Kossuth u. 35. Phone: +36 30 9468-220). Marzipan Museum (Batthyány u. Phone: +36 30 216-8191).
  • Open Air Museum (Pisky sétány 12. Phone +36 87 714-960).
  • Hungarian Historia (Audiovisual attraction, Posta köz 1. Phone +36 30 864-8373).
  • Levendula House Visitor Center, Tel.: +36 87 538 033,
  • Forest adventure park (try to climbing tree or a half-circle slide),
  • Shipping (Balatonfüred and Siófok can be easily reached by boat), strolling on Pisky promenade (look at the beautiful panorama)
The hill of Hegyestű near to Zánka


  • Zánka is an intimate village at the gate of Nivegy-valley, on the shore of Lake Balaton. Its historic monument with nationwide significance is the Christian Reformed Church built in the 11th century. The other sight of the village is its Village Museum (’Tájház’) from the 18th century. The Village House (’Faluház’) is the centre of the local cultural life. The Children and Youth Centre, the former Pioneer Town (’Úttörõváros’), which is the national centre of youth tourism, belongs to Zánka. Its sailing and ship port is open. On the territory of the Children and Youth Centre an adventure park was established. The establishment is suitable for the vacation of disadvantaged children, too.

Do: The emblem of Zánka is Hegyestű. Take a walk to visit the first geopark of the country. Pentecostal Wine Festival every year. Excellent place for fishing tourism. The cycle path around Lake Balaton goes across Zánka. The local riding school welcomes guests all the year. In Zánka there was a Riding Festival. Among the programmes of Zánka the Fishermen Days in summer and the Grape Harvest Festival in autumn are outstanding.

Stay: In the village you can find numerous pensions and private quarters in addition to the restaurants of high quality. The Children and Youth Centre has a hotel.


Beach along the lake
Statue of Count István Széchenyi in Balatonfüred. A János Andrássy Kurta creation (1941)
Statue of Sándor Kisfaludy (1772 – 1844) was a Hungarian lyric poet, Balatonfüred
Three Graces sculpture
The Fisherman statue made by János Pasztor, donated to the city in 1941
The Ferryman and the Fisherman. Sculptures on the Promenad

Balatonfüred, the yachting capital of the Lake, is a hub for water sports. Along the beaches, there are many paddling boats to be rented (Ft 2500H for an hour), ad can sail boats and electric motorboats. There really is no shortage to the amount of water-fun one can have in the lake. However, neither jet skis nor combustible motorboats are allowed on Lake Balaton, with the exception of the local ferry service and law enforcement officials.

Land activities, including the tennis courts and of course the cycling, blading and jogging are hugely enjoyable. However, one of the greatest activities is a hike into the hilly surroundings of the town. The stunning countryside filled with vineyards and rolling hills is the perfect place for a picnic or indeed a quiet country stroll. The views of the lake are also a treat.

  • 1 Annagora Aquapark, Fürdő utca 35 (A half km from the Lake), +36 87 581 430, fax: +36 87-581-732, . 13 Jun- 31 Aug: daily 09:00-19:00; 1 Jul-24 Aug also open F Sa 19:00- 01:00. Slides (twelve). Wave pool, wellness pools, experience pools. Wide scale of wellness services. Shops, restaurants, entertaining, safe boxes.
  • 2 Éden Rent a bike (Éden biciklikölcsönő), Szabó Lörinc u. 3, .
  • 3 Balatonfüredi Yacht Club, Zákonyi F. u. 2., +36 87-482-593, .
  • 4 Brázay Adventure park, Aranyhíd sétány (Lakeshore), +36 20 9460 641, . May-Sept only. Daily 09:00 till dark. Open air games, water games, water bike, kayak rentals. Brázay-Beach. Brázay-Snack bar: home cooked food, fast food (pizza, hot dog, hamburger, pancake); ice cream - healthy food (grilled and salad plates). Drinks: soft drinks, fresh draft beer and wine specials. Ropeway (per hour): adult/child Ft 990/1990, trampoline/bouncy castle Ft 500 per five min, Ft 500 per ten mins, monkey tree Ft 500 per two climbing, 'construction' of compartment Ft 500 per 15 min, table tennis Ft 500 per hour, table soccer Ft 100 per ten balls. Beach entrance fees: adult/child (daily-weekly-all season ticket): Ft 500-3000-8000/300-1800-6000.
  • 5 Füredi yacht Charter and Training Center (Füredi yacht Charter és Oktatóközpont), Széchenyi u. 16., +36 30 4529879, .
  • Jókai Lookout (Jókai Kilátó), Jókai utca?.
  • 6 Adventure's Island (Kalandsziget Tihany), Tihany. 10:00-18:00. Forest Adventure Park Ft 2500.
  • 7 Esterházy Beach, Tagore sétány, +36 87 342-630, .
  • 8 Kisfaludy Beach, Aranyhíd sétány, +36 87 342-630, .
  • Kisfaludy Theatre, Honvéd u. 2–4. Tel. +36 30 502-7132
  • 9 Koloska Valley (Koloska-völgy), Koloska utca (Blue and green turist path going to there, ask diraction to 'Koloska Csárda'). 24/7. Near Koloska source is a small pond sometimes arid. The plato is covered with typical karst forest include some sub-Mediterranean vegetation. Besides Koloska spring a place for relaxing and cooking, grilling. Also forest sports path and a study path of forestry and environmental protection were created here. Part of the Balatonfüredi Forest Conservation Area. Free.
  • 10 Lóczy Cave (Lóczy-barlang), End of the Öreghegyi Road (Western slope of Tamas Mount), +36 87 555 291, +36 30 491 0078, . 19 Apr- 31 Aug: daily 10:00-18:00; 1-30 Sep: closed on M, Tu-Su 10:00-18:00; Other days: min. Group of 15 people, in case of pre-registration, by prior appointment. Ft 500.
  • 11 Library (Papírszínház óvodásoknak és kisiskolásoknak), Kossuth u. 35., +36 87 343070, . Paper Theatre for Kids,,
  • Royal Balaton Golf Club, Vászolyi u., +36 87 549 200, .
  • 12 Small forest (KIserdő, Fenyves Park), Fenyves park. 24/7. A playground and tennis courts are here. The ruins of the first Hungarian-speaking Permanent Theatre can be seen here. Free.
  • 13 [dead link] Forrás Tennis Club of Balatonfüred (Forrás Teniszklub Balatonfüred), Main Road #71 turn right toward Tihany (Near to raileay), +36 30 894 2836, . Tennis club, tennis lessons, tennis court hire. Four tennis courts, showers, toilets, snack bar and a man-made lake which is a perfect place for relaxing
  • 14 Sporthorgász Lake (Sporthorgász tó) (W 1 km, or Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca straight to the bridge over Séd Creek, then turn north 100 m). Sport fishing
  • Liliput Small Train Sightseeing Tour (Liliput kisvonat), Kossuth u. 23, +36 87 341 423, . a special transport for visitors, from Easter to late autumn. Route: 9 km (6 mi) long, half hour, Hungarian, English, German languages. Details of the route: Vitorlás tér - Ship Station - Tagore Promenade; - Kisfaludy gallery; - Ipoly Hotel - Cisztercita Abbey; Gyógy tér; - Heart Hospital, Kossuth medical water source; - Kúr Salon - Horváth House; - Lujza Blaha Mansion; - House of Borok; - Round Church; - Jókai museum; - Dőry villa - Astoria; - Lóczy Lajos High School; - P. Horváth Ádám Kastély - School of Music; - World War II Memorial; - City ​​Hall, - Red church; - Market Hall; - Shopping street; - Library; - White Church; - World War I memorial; - Greek Village; - Aqua Park; - The Conference Center; - Füred Camping; - D. Berzenyi sour water source (5 minute stop). - Marina hotel; - line of hotels; - Promenade; - Vitorlás tér - Port - Tagóre promenade. +Mobiles: +36 20 968-3739, +36 20 244 9791 Adult/child Ft 900/400.
  • 15 Tempo Bike shop and Service (Tempo Kerékpárszaküzlet és Szerviz), Ady Endre utca 52, +36 87 480 671, +36 20 9244 995, . M-F 09:00-12.00; 13:00-17:00; Sa 09:00-12:00. Adult, children's, and women's mountain bike rentals.
  • 16 Tobogan slide (Bobpálya), Balatonfüzfő village, Uszodai utca. 2 (NE twenty km), +36 88 586-170, fax: +36 88 586-171, . Daily 09:00 – 20:00. Lookout, playground for kids, fitness park. - One slip adults/children: Ft 490/390. Passes for 6 slips Ft 2690/2090, for 12 slips Ft 4990/3990.
  • Take a trip to a vineyard. There are many tours offering this, along with wine tasting evenings in a countryside wine cellar.
  • A cruise along the Lake with Champagne and Cake is also fun.


Vineyards in the Hills

What seems like a disproportionate amount of festivals and celebrations are hld each year in Balatonfured. Some of the main events include:

  • International sailing competitions, Sail setting ceremony in May,
  • The Guitar Festival, held in June
  • Balatonfüred Festival of the Arts in July,
  • Anna Ball, one of the most unique balls in Hungary, is the most well known festival in Fured. This classic social function has been organised annually since 1825 and its date is always set on the weekend closest to 26 July, Anna day. Nowadays the traditional venue for the ball is the Anna Grand Hotel.
  • The Wine Tasting Festival, held every August, is proof of the excellent viticulture present in the rolling hills behind the town.
  • Balatonfured Jazz Festival
  • Bay swim in August
  • Concerts in summer, the prize-giving celebration of the international poet contest named after Salvatore Quasimodo. in September
  • Balatonfüredi Arts Festival (Balatonfüredi Művészeti Fesztivál)
  • Festival of ages (Korok fesztiválja)
  • Jókai Days (Jókai Napok)


One of Hungary's original spa towns, Balatonfüred remains as a spa haven. Spas and wellness centres can be found throughout the town and are a real treat. Its mineral springs are therapeutic and extremely relaxing.




  • 3 Market Hall, Malom köz.



A pretty church in Balatonfüred

There are a large selection of restaurants in Füred. However, along the lake shore you are notcertain to find anything particularly Hungarian. The restaurants there tend to be of an average quality, serving mostly fish and other popular dishes. However, if you go away from the lake and into the old town or simply a short stroll up from the lake, the restaurans become better and more authentic.

  • Hotel Astoria, Jókai u. 28. (parkoló a Csokonai u. felől), +36 87 482-817. Beautifully restored building just a stroll from the Lake. The restaurant serves wonderful food for excellent prices. One of Fured's finest.
  • 1 Borcsa Restaurant (Borcsa Étterem), Tagore sétány (Esterhazy Beach), +36 87 580-070, . Over 100 different plates! Soups Ft 700-1700, salad plates - starters Ft 1290-1890, fish Ft 990-3990. The chef's offer Ft 1890-4790. Fitness, special diet and vegetarian dishes: Ft 1690-2390. For children Ft 990-1990. Dishes made to order Ft 1890-4780 among these Tenderloin á la Rossini, served with crispy potatoes (200 g) Ft 4.690, Argentinian rumpsteak with onions and sauté potatoes (220 g) Ft 3290. Side dish, sauces Ft 490-650. Salads Ft 450-550. Desserts Ft 750-790. Mixed cheese plate Ft 1890..
  • 2 Giorgi, Zrínyi Miklós utca 5, +36 87 342 326. 12:00-22:00. Desserts, steaks, BBQ food, burgers, soups, pizzas, salads, pastas, wine, draft beer, hot drinks, spirits, soft drinks, bottled beers. Daily menu from Ft 700 (2014).
  • 3 Fagyikucko Ice Cream Parlour and Cafe, Zrínyi Miklós utca 20.
  • 4 Halászkert (Halászkert Étterem), Zákonyi Ferenc utca 3, +36 87 581 055, +36 87 581050, fax: +36 87-581-059, .
  • Kedves Cafe (Kedves Kavehaz), Blaha Lujza u. 7. (head north from the pier, take 1st left to Blaha utca; well signed place), +36 87 343 229. 08:00-22:00. Beautiful Art Nouveau coffee house with great sweets, ice cream and excellent coffee. Try their house special, "Kedves kave" ("Sweetheart Coffee") - espresso with chocolate liqueur.
  • 5 Vitorlás (Vitorlás Étterem), Tagore sétány 1, +36 87 343 407, .



Much like the other tourist destinations, there is an abundance of high quality accommodation in the town of Balatonfüred. Villas and self-catering apartments are a popular choice for many families, many of which have a private pool. They can range in size from small cottages to large eight bedroomed houses.

Of course, hotels are also very popular in Füred and there are many beautiful hotels within the immediate vicinity of the lakeshore.


  • 1 Camping Füred, Széchenyi István utca 24, +36 87 580-241, +36 87 343-823, fax: +36 87 342-341, . Apr 25-Sep 28. Tennis, minigolf and several sports grounds A big water slide free of charge, sandy beach. Water-skiing. Night pool parties, music and dance shows. - Services: English spoken German spoken. Dogs are not allowed, Bungalows, Mobile home. Rent a bike. Rent a gocart. Water sports equipment for hire. Animation. Swimming pool. Childrens' pool. Lounge with TV. Water-skiing course. Playground. Marked fishing places. Marina. Mini lido for children. Football place. Tennis. Windsurf. Beach volleyball. Streetball. Minigolf. Table tennis. Trampoline. Cooking plate.Basins with free hot-water use Hot-water showers Bathrooms for disabled people. Bathroom for children. Restaurant. Bar. Buffet. Shops. Change. Organised events. Internet. Free Wi-fi. Safe deposits Dishwasher sink. Washing room. Massage. Hairdresser. Camp day. Visa accepted. MasterCard accepted. Tent+bike Ft 600-700-800-1000;Adult Ft 900-1200-1400-1600. Kid (2-14 years) or pet Ft 500-700-1000-1200, - Comfort plot Ft 2600-3900-4600-6700; Parcel 120 m² Ft 1600-2900-3600; Parcel 90-120 m² Ft 1400-2600-3300-5600; Parcel 60-89 m² Ft 1200-2100-3650-4900; Parcel 60 m² Ft 000-1900-3000-3500. All prices depend on the oseason. Bungalows: 4 persons* Ft 9000-14 000-16 500. 3 persons* Ft 8000-12500-17 000-19 500. Strand Motele - 3 persons Ft 7 000-12 500-17 000-19 000. for six persons Ft 14 500-19 000-25 000-30 000. Mobile homes (4+2 persons) Ft 10 000-16 500-21 000-26 000..
Hotel Annabella


  • 2 Astoria Hotel, Jókai u. 28. (parkoló a Csokonai u. felől), +36 87 482817, +36 87 343-643, +36 30 300-2304, fax: +36 87 482-817, . Check-in: 14.00-18.00, check-out: 10.00. Jan.03-Mar.07. and Nov.17.-Dec.21. 12300/16000/20600/29400, Mar.08.-Jun.30. and Sep.01.-Oct.16. ten percent surplus, and a rest of the year (high season) ten percent more plus. all prices include breakfast not iclude HUF460 tax per person, (18+y old)..
  • 3 [dead link] Hotel Agro, Fürdő utca 24, +36 87 580-080, +36 30 2054333, . Buffet breakfast. Covered swimming pool and sauna. 74 rooms all with bathroom, TV, refrigerator and WiFi. +email Single/double (May-Jun, Jul-Aug) HUF 12200/16250, 14600/18250,.
  • 4 Anna Grand Hotel (Anna Grand Hotel**** Wine & Vital), Gyógy tér 1., +36 87 581 200, . Special services: Biomed Cure Parlour, MultiDent Dental Clinic, Beauty Treatments, Wellness, Spa, Aromatherapy, Bowling (4 lane bowling alley), Mini Golf ( 12-hole) -Local programs: Golf, Cruising, Sailing, Biking around the lake, horse riding, farmer's trade fair. Single/double from HUF21 000/27 000.
  • 5 Hotel Anabela, Deák F. u. 25., +36 87 889 400, . 383 rooms, five suites. Rooms all with blcony, bath, telephone, TV, minibar. Air conditioning in the suites. Hotel open: 17 Apr – 12 Oct From €100 per room.
  • 6 Flamingo Wellness and Conference Hotel (Flamingó Wellness és Konferencia Hotel****), Széchenyi út 16,, +36 87 688100, fax: +36 87 688167, . Check-in: 14.00, check-out: 11.00. A big hotel. Different types rooms and suites. - 81 air-conditioned, comfortable rooms. Four single rooms (2 with balconies, 2 without balconies) 15 twin rooms do not have balconies, 128 twin rooms are with balconies. There are two family rooms without balconies. Twenty two Superior suites have balconies and have separate lounge and bedroom to promote relaxation in comfort. Three Luxury and seven Exclusive Suites are equipped with a kitchen. - The living spaces are equipped with LCD TV and telephone, safe, hairdrier, minibar and air-conditioning. - The restaurant welcomes guests with Hungarian and international food specialities. Reform, dietary and vegetarian dishes is also provided. There is delicious food compositions and diverse, homemade cakes. For breakfast there is an abundant buffet, and in the evening, besides the varied buffet, meals are also enhanced by an open-air, lakeside grill party. Wine-lovers can choose from among almost 40 wines from Balaton and other famous Hungarian wine regions. Also there is a pool bar by the swimming pool, nad a Lido bar with terrace. In the reception lobby, the Netcafé offers unrestricted broadband Internet access, accompanied by a pleasant refreshing drink. prices for three season Jan- Apr, Oct-Dec Jan-Jun, Jul-Aug single 16800-19000-23800, double without balkony HUF14400-16900-19400; Standard HUF16400-19400-22000; Standard delux HUF17.900-21.000-24.400; Superior HUF17500-20500 -23.500; Superior delux HUF19000-23400-25900. - Suites without a balcony: HUF50000-57000-67000; Superior 1-2 pers. HUF40000-49000-59000; Superior 3-4 pers. HUF59.000-66.000-79800; Superior delux 2-4 pers. 60.800-68000-89800; Luxury 3-4 pers. 60800-69.000-93800; Exclusive 1-4 pers.HUF73800-77000-99800; Exclusive 5-6 pers. HUF88800-97800-130800.
  • 7 Hotel Marina, Széchenyi u.26., +36 87 889-500, . From Ft 20 000.
  • 8 Hotel Margaréta, Széchenyi u. 53, +36 87 343-824, fax: +36 87 341 088, . Check-in: 14:00-18:00, check-out: 10:00. The room price includes s buffet breakfast, 3 course dinner, Wi-Fi in the rooms, discount ticket to the shows of the Budapest Operettship, the use of the new Wellness department, Balaton Best Card, parking. - Reception: 24/7. - Breakfast: 07:30-10:00, Dinner: 18.00-21:00, zINNIa Drink Bar: 07:00-23:00, Dalia Spa Wellness department: 08:00-21:00, 19:00-21:00 only for adults! Gardenpool (in season): 8:00-21:00. Single/doublr €88-133/104-185. Family rooms €180-240.
  • 9 [dead link] Hotel Panoráma, Erkel Ferenc u. 1., +36 87 342-492, fax: +36 87 342-674, . Sauna, solarium, massage and salt chamber are available. The restaurant has 120 seats, with home-cooked Hungarian and international dishes. The lobby has a cozy drink bar High season (1 Jul-31 Aug and 23 Dec-1 Jan) Single/double HUF11500-14500-15000/15000-20000-22000, depend of amenities, parking fee 600 per day, air-con 800 per day , lunch HUF1900, dinner HUF1900.
  • 10 [dead link] Hotel Uni & Restaurant, Széchenyi u. 10, +36 87 581 360, +36 30 577 6219 (mobile), . Single/double HUF11 400-15 000/16 800-22 000, balcony surcharge HUF1 000-2 000, apartment (4 people) HUF30 400-44 000, (higher prices for Jul-Aug).

For more hotels and other accommodations visit Balatonfüred Website. It gives a wide range of accommodation in the vicinity.

Stay safe[edit]

Balatonfüred is a very safe place.

Dogs roam the town at all hours and, as it seems, everyone in Balatonfüred owns a dog which they keep in their gated houses. Indeed, walking past these houses is sure to send you up the wall as the silence is interrupted by the sudden barking! Nonetheless, while the vast majority of these dogs are on leashes and gated up, beware of what you or your children pet.



Round Church

Balatonfüred postal code is: H-8230

Religious services[edit]

There are places of worship all over the town. Your hotel or local tourist office should be able to guide you to one nearby. If not, though, the following are centrally located.

Roman Catholic[edit]

  • 6 Roman Catholic Parish Church (the Red Church) (Krisztus Király templom, Vörös templom vagy Piros templom), Szent István tér 1., +36 87 343-198. masses: Su 09:00, 18:00 (during summer months: 19:00). Built in 1926-27, based on the plans of Gaspar Fabian
  • 7 Round Church (Kerektemplom), Blaha L. u. 3., +36 87 343-029. Su 11:00. During summer months also on Sa 18:00.
  • 8 Roman Catholic Church of Arács, Koloska u.. Masses: Su 11:00.

Christian Reformed[edit]


  • 11 Lutheran Church, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 15., +36 87 444-348. Masses: Su 09:00.

Go next[edit]

A panorama of the city, the lake, and the hills beyond the far shore
  • Győr — the Town of Waters
  • Keszthely — a large town on the west coast of the lake close to the famous Héviz Spa, is well worth a visit. With its Festetics Palace built in 1775, it is a truly amazing town.
  • Székesfehérvár — former Hungarian Royal City
  • The party town of Siófok, again only a short ferry away, is also a good way to se the southern shore of Lake Balaton, yet while it has been somewhat spoiled by highrise and tourists, it nonetheless has everything the tourist would need with a great nightlife to boot.
  • Zirc — Abbey Library, Arboretum
  • Veszprém - visit the medieval Castle on the Hill and the nicest Hungarian viaduct.
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