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Tongzhou is a district in Beijing. Tongzhou used to be a rather large old village of Tongzhou surrounded by a more modern area and then a large rural area with lots of small villages. The modern area has developed all the way out to ring road six resulting in the disappearance of a number of villages. All of the central Tongzhou village has been torn down to make room for a new modern district with housing and private and government offices. This has changed the appearance of Tongzhou completely.

Get in[edit]

Tongzhou can be reached by metro Line 1-Batong Line without any interchange at Sihui Station since 29 August 2021. The stations from Beiyuan and until the terminal station are all in Tongzhou District. Or, at Sihui Station you can change to bus 322, which goes to Beiyuan and continues along the main shopping street, Xinhua Street. Finally, it is possible to go by bus 804 from Guomao to Beiyuan and further along Xinhua Street. Subway line 6 is also available in Tongzhou, and has 4 stations on the west bank of the Grand Canal, while some stations can serve the new municipal administration area on the east bank of Grand Canal. Line 7 has its six eastern stations in Tongzhou, ending at Universal Resort.

A new fast bus route to Tongzhou has been established along Chaoyang Road. Further, the new metro line 22 along Chaoyang Road is under construction and will improve the access to the new modern area east of the canal.

Get around[edit]

Map of Beijing/Tongzhou

Some of the routes described under 'Get in' also runs through the district. Further local buses are available, but a large part of the district is not well covered by public transportation. Official taxis are scarce in the district, but unofficial 'black' taxis are everywhere at least in the central part of the district.



  • Randengfo Pagoda (燃灯佛舍利塔; Rándēngfó Shèlìtǎ), Yongshun Road, Tongzhou District (通州区永顺路; Tōngzhōuqū Yǒngshùnlù), +86 10 6966 1781. 08:00-16:00. The oldest and tallest pagoda in Beijing and also the symbol and most famous landmark of Tongzhou. ¥10.


  • Tongzhou Museum, 9 Xinhua West Road, +86 10 6954 6442. Tu-Su 08:00-11:30 and 14:00-17:30. Local history museum of the eastern gateway of Beijing. ¥3.


Songzhuang Artist's Village in Tongzhou District is the newest large art area to be found in Beijing, and could be argued to be the largest concentration of contemporary Chinese artists in the world. Already back in the 1980s, many artists lived in this village. During the 1990s artists from around the country moved here and by 2009, the number of artists grew to more than 2,000. The area is concentrated in the village and especially the larger street, Renli Road (任李路; Rènlǐlù), to the east of the village. Directions: Take bus 808, 809, 813 from Dawanglu Metro Station (lines 1 and 14) to Renzhuangcun Station (任庄村; Rènzhuāngcūn) and walk north of Renlilu; alternatively, take the metro to Tongzhoubeiyuan (extension of line 1) and take an unofficial taxi from there (negotiate the price before you get in, it should be around ¥30).

  • Artist Village Gallery (宋庄画家村画廊; Sòngzhuānghuàjiācūnhuàláng), 1 north of Renzhuang Village, Songzhuang Village, Tongzhou District (通州区宋庄镇任庄村北1号; Tōngzhōuqū Sòngzhuāngzhèn Rènzhuāngcūn Běi), +86 10 6959 8343, +86 139 0124 4283, fax: +86 10 6595 7655, . Daily 09:00-18:00, though it is a good idea to make an appointment before you go. This is a very large gallery, which aims at making local Songzhuang artists famous and making it possible for them to stay in the village while they build their fame. ¥20.
  • Eye Haunt Art Space, 19 Xiaopu South Street, Songzhuang, Tongzhou District (通州区宋庄小堡南街19号; Tōngzhōuqū Sòngzhuāng Xiǎopùnánjiē), +86 10 8680 9908. Gallery focusing on innovative emerging young artists.
  • Soemo Fine Arts (苏蒙画廊; Sūmēnghuàláng), 66 Xiaopu South Street, Songzhuang, Tongzhou District (通州区宋庄小堡南街66号; Tōngzhōuqū Sòngzhuāng Xiǎopùnánjiē), +86 10 8957 9113, . The first foreign (Dutch) gallery in the area. Houses some of the very most famous artists in China as well as artists just breaking through.
  • TS1 (宋庄壹号当代艺术中心; Sòngzhuāng Yīhàodāngdài Yìshùzhōngxīn), 600 m west of Liuheqiao, 102 Highway, Songzhuang, Tongzhou District (通州区宋庄102国道六合桥向东600米), +86 10 6959 4127, fax: +86 10 6959 4127, . 09:00-17:00. Promotes contemporary art in all forms and media. Represents eight artists.


  • Grand Canal Culture Park (运河文化广场; Yùnhéwénhuàguǎngchǎng), Tonghu Avenue, Tongzhou District (通州区通胡大路; Tōngzhōuqū Tōnghúdàlù) (Bus 322 from Sihui Metro Station or Bus 938#4 from Beijing Station to Dongguandaqiao Stop (东关大桥) just after crossing the river). Park at the historic place where the Grand Canal strecting from Hangzhou to Beijing ended. Great place for a walk along the river and for showing your kite flying skills. The park also comprises playing grounds, cafés and a small restaurant primarily serving barbeque. Under the bridge you can roller skate during the day and dance in the evening. Except for winter, you can usually rent you own boat or try the tourist boats' 1½ hour trip on the canal if there is water in the river. Free.
  • 1 Xihaizi Park (西海子公园; Xīhǎizi Gōngyuán), Xihaizi West Street, Tongzhou District (通州区西海子西街; Tōngzhōuqū Xīhǎizixījiē) (Bus 322 from Sihui Metro Station or Bus 938#4 from Beijing Station to Xinhua Street Stop (新华大街), 200 m back, turn right and then right and left). Small park next to the old shopping street and market and with a view to Randengfo Pagoda. Small playground for the children. Free. Xihaizi Park (Q15896765) on Wikidata
  • Grand Canal Forest Park (大运河森林公园). Free.


  • Daying Tourism Resort (大营旅游度假村; Dàyínglǚyóudùjiàcūn), (百里长街东端大营村), +86 10 8958 2543.
  • 2 Universal Studios Beijing (北京环球影城) (Universal Resort Station at Line 1 (Batong Line) and Line 7), . The first Universal Studios theme park in China opened its doors in July 2021, and the full operation started on 20 September 2021. There are seven zones: Hollywood Boulevard, Jurassic World Isla Nublar, Transformers: Metrobase, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness, Minion Land, and WaterWorld with tickets valid for all rides in all zones. ¥418 (low season) / ¥528 (mid season) / ¥638 (high season) / ¥748 (special season). Universal Studios Beijing (Q18233530) on Wikidata Universal Studios Beijing on Wikipedia


  • Grand Canal Golf Club (大运河高尔夫俱乐部; Dàyùnhé Gāoěrfū Jùlèbù), Hugezhuangxiang, Tongzhou (通州区胡各庄乡; Tōngzhōuqū Húgèzhuāngxiāng), +86 10 8958 3058. 07:00-20:00. Weekdays ¥400, weekends ¥600.
  • Raying Temple. An underground music venue.
  • Strawberry Fest, Tongzhou Canal Park. Annual around 1 May. Music festival focusing on local bands. ¥60 per day.
  • Tongzhou Pool (通州区游泳馆) (Next to Tongzhou Market and just across from West Lake Park). Summer 13:00-21:00. Outdoor swimmping pool. ¥25.


The main shopping street is Xinhua East Street (新华东街) and its extension Xinhua West Street with department stores and specialty shops. For smaller shops and a narrower street try West Meizi West Street (西梅子西街). The supermarkets are primarily found south of Xinhua Street.


  • Tongzhou Market, West Meizi West Street (西梅子西街) (just south of the canal). Outdoor morning market in the old part of Tongzhou. Mostly food.

Department stores[edit]



In Tongzhou District, the main restaurant street is Chezhan Road with dusins of restaurants.

  • Xinbashu Shuizhuyu Sichuan Restaurant (鑫巴蜀水煮鱼川菜馆; Xīn​bā​shǔ​ Shuǐ​zhǔ​yú​ Chuān​cài​guǎn; lit. Xinbashu Sliced-fish-in-hot-oil Sichuan Restaurant​), 29 Chezhan Road (车站路29号; Chē​zhàn​lù​) (Bus 647 to Chezhanlu Stop, or bus 667 to Xinhua Avenue Stop), +86 10 6952 2039. 11:00-22:00. Sichuan cuisine. The food is good but the service is not impressive.
  • Big Pear (大鸭梨; Dà​ Yā​ Lí​), Jiukeshu West Road (九棵树西路; Jiǔ​kē​shù​xī​lù​) (200 m northwest of Jiukeshu Metro Station), +86 10 6052 7880. 10:00-21:30.
  • Taishouxi (太熟悉; Tài​shú​xī​), 21 Chezhan Road (车站路21号; Chē​zhàn​lù​), +86 10 6954 1996. 24 hours. This is one of the best restaurants on Chezhan Road. Popular with locals, especially late at night when all other places are closed. Expensive.
  • Daqinghua Dumpling Restaurant (大清花饺子; Dà​qīng​huā​jiǎo​zi​), East side of Qitian Hotel, Beiguan Roundabout (北关环岛齐天宾馆东侧; Běi​guān​huán​dǎo​ Qítiān​bīn​guǎn​dōng​cè)​, +86 10 6951 6655. 10:30-21:30.
  • Guo Lin Restaurant (郭林家常菜; Guō​lín​ Jiā​cháng​cài​), 14 Chezhan Road (车站路14号; Chē​zhàn​lù​), +86 10 8088 1370. 10AM-9:30PM.
  • (青年餐厅) 北京近郊通州区翠屏北里西区13号楼物业会所, +86 10 8151 7673. 10:30-14:00, 17:00-21:30.
  • 1 Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Universal Beijing (阿甘虾餐厅), Universal CityWalk Beijing (Approximately 400 meters from Universal Resort subway station). 11:30-?. First Forrest Gump-themed restaurant in mainland China, offering American shrimp and prawn dishes.


  • Dio Café (迪欧咖啡园景点; Dí​ōu ​Kā​fēi​yuán​ Jǐng​diǎn​), Yunjing East Road (云景东路) (Liyuan Metro Station, exit B, walk a bit northwest along Jingtang Highway, turn and walk 500 m along Yunjing East Road, it is on your right). Modern café with both Western and Chinese drinks and food. However, the staff is not familiar with the Western stuff, and you seem to get the same coffee regardless of what you order.
  • Riverside Café (外滩风向西餐咖啡; Wài​tān​fēng​xiàng​xī​cān​kā​fēi​), Chezhan Road (车站路; Chē​zhàn​lù​). Modern café with both Western and Chinese drinks and food. The best coffee in the district is served here. A nice place to hang out for a couple of hours. Free internet is available. Expensive.
  • Chaihuo Bar (柴火酒吧; Chái​huo​jiǔ​bā​), Jiukeshu West Road (九棵树西路; Jiǔ​kē​shù​xī​lù​) (200 m northwest of Jiukeshu Metro Station).



  • Home Inn (Beijing Bailiqiao) (如家快捷酒店 (北京通州八里桥店)), 304 Yongshun South St (通州区永顺南街304号; Yǒngshùnnánjiē). Listed rates for doubles from ¥199.
  • Home Inn (Tongzhou Xinhua Street) (如家快捷酒店 (北京通州新华大街店)), 163 Xinhua East St (新华东大街163号; Xīnhuádōngdàjiē). Listed rates for doubles from ¥199.
  • Jinjiang Inn, 23 Tonghu St. From around ¥200.


  • Nongzhao Hotel (北京农招大酒店 (农业干部培训中心)), 124 North Street, Tongzhou (通州区北大街124号; Tōngzhōuqū Běidàjiē). Listed rates for doubles from ¥320, discounted from ¥220.
  • Yunheyuan Hotel (北京运河苑渡假村; Běijīng Yùnhéyuàn Dùjiàcūn), Songzhuangzhen, White Temple, Tongzhou (通州区宋庄镇白庙; Tōngzhōuqū Sòngzhuāngzhèn Báimiào). Rooms with internet against surcharge. The smallest rooms are quite small but more expensive are huge. Business center, gift shop, beauty salon, ticket office, night club, billiard, table tennis, bowling, tennis, indoor swimming pool, massage and sauna available. Chinese restaurant, seafood restaurant, barbeque and room service. Listed rates for doubles from ¥380, discounted from ¥270; breakfast ¥20.
  • Beijing Dongfang Hotel (北京东方宾馆; Běijīng Dōngfāng Bīnguǎn), Chezhan Road, Tongzhou (通州区车站路48号; Tōngzhōuqū Chēzhànlù) (on the main restaurant street in Tongzhou). Listed rates for doubles from ¥480, discounted from ¥258.
  • 1 Beijing Sun Flower Hotel (北京太阳花酒店; Běijīng Tàiyánghuā Jiǔdiàn), Cuibing North End, 201 Jiukeshuxi Road (通州区九棵树西路翠屏北里201号; Tōngzhōuqū Jiǔkēshùxīlù Cuìbǐngběilǐ). Listed rates for doubles from ¥1,100, discounted rates from ¥360.
  • 2 Asia Pacific Garden (北京亚太花园酒店;), 75 Yuqiaoxi Road, Tongzhou (通州区玉桥西路75号), +86 10 8152 8822, fax: +86 10 8152 1999. Spacious rooms with internet, for the cheapest against surcharge. Business center, beauty salon, ticket office, billiard, table tennis, fitness, indoor swimming pool and massage available. Chinese and Western restaurants, coffee shop and room service. Listed rates for doubles from ¥1,242, discounted from ¥448; breakfast ¥35.
  • [dead link] Canalfamily Hotel (北京运河人家度假酒店; Běijīng Yùnhé Rénjiādùjiàjiǔdiàn), 6 Binhe Road, Rulin, Tongzhou District (通州区儒林滨河路6号; Tōngzhōuqū Rúlín Bīnhélù), +86 10 6155 6155, fax: +86 10 6155 0899, . Four-star hotel in rural surroundings close to the Grand Canal. Downtown Tongzhou with restaurants, shops and sights is easily accessed by taxi. The rooms are without internet access. Business center, gift shop, beauty salon and ticket office available. There a many recreational opportunities here including disco, karaoke, billiard, table tennis, bowling, tennis, golf, massage, sauna, indoor/outdoor swimming pools and water sports. Chinese and Western restaurants as well as tea house and room service. Listed rates for doubles from ¥1,280, discounted from ¥348, breakfast ¥30.
  • Beijing Yunheyuan Hotel (北京运河源酒店; Běijīng Yùnhéyuàn Jiǔdiàn), (通州区运河西大街172号; Tōngzhōuqū Yùnhéxīdàjiē), +86 10 8158 6668, fax: +86 10 8158 6668 8502. Rooms with free internet. Listed rates for doubles ¥2,640, discounted from ¥318 including breakfast.


  • Holiday Inn Beijing Moonriver (北京月亮河假日酒店; Běijīng Yuèlianghé Jiàrìjiǔdiàn), 1 Yulianghe Hebin Road, Tongzhou District (通州区月亮河河滨路1号; Tōngzhōuqū Yuèlianghé Hébīnlù), +86 10 8952 3737. Next to the ancient Grand Canal near the historic place where the canal from Huangzhou to Beijing ended. This place is located at the eastern edge of Beijing close to small villages but easily accessed via the Jingtong Expressway. Business center, gift shop, beauty salon, ticket office, laundry service, karaoke, billiard, table tennis, bowling, tennis, golf, swimming pool, massage and sauna available. Chinese and Japanese restaurants, coffee shop, tea house, bar and room service. Listed rates for doubles ¥1,817, discounted from ¥527, breakfast ¥113.
  • 3 The Universal Studios Grand Hotel (环球影城大酒店), No.2 Sunrise Avenue, Tongzhou District (北京市通州区日出巷2号院). Check-in: after 16:00, check-out: before 11:00. Decorated after the golden age of Hollywood, above the entrance of Universal Studios. From ¥1,484.
  • 4 NUO Resort Hotel (诺金度假酒店), No.1 Sunrise Avenue, Tongzhou District (北京市通州区日出巷1号院). A luxury hotel 900 meters from Universal Studios, with decoration inspired by the Old Summer Palace. From ¥2,756.


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