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Clark (Central Luzon)


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Clark is a geographical region in Central Luzon, Philippines.

The Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone is a freeport and special economic zone in Central Luzon, Philippines and is simply known as "Clark". The area formerly host a military base of the United States which was converted into a civilian mixed-used development after the Americans left in the 1990s.

Specific areas are referred to different names such as Clark Freeport, Clark Global City, New Clark City.

Please do note that officially, Clark is not a city, a town, or any kind of administrative subdivision of the Philippines. The Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone covers an area encompassing two provinces (Tarlac and Pampanga).

Clark also covers several cities and towns that are considered as administrative units. Two cities, which host most of Clark's developed lands, are often associated with the area.

  • Capas, in Tarlac, where the New Clark City development is situated in.
  • Angeles in Pampanga, which is associated with the Clark Freeport Zone. Wikivoyage also covers the town of Mabalacat in that article.

The Clark area is served by Clark International Airport (CRK IATA) located in the Freeport Zone. A bus rapid system called the Clark Loop, mostly serve the Freeport but also has a route serving the New Clark City which is outside the freeport.

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