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The Town Hall in Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Clausthal-Zellerfeld is a town in the Upper Harz in Lower Saxony. It is the largest town of the Oberharz community and is at an altitude of 535 m ASL. It is great for winter activities, and for walking and mountain biking during the rest of the year. Clausthal has a well-known university, Aula Academica. The town has a picturesque low mountain range landscape with crystal clear waters in more than 60 ponds and flowering meadows.


Clausthal-Zellerfeld consists of two towns: Clausthal and Zellerfeld. The towns were merged in 1924, and had about 16,000 residents in 2019. Buntenbock, about 3 km south of Clausthal, was added to the town in 1972. It has about 700 residents. Wildemann and its 800 residents were added in 2015.

The university was opened in 1775 and used to be a school for children and a centre for mining apprentices. In 1864 it was established as a mining academy, and also taught physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering. Today the university has about 3000 students.

Clausthal's focus is on university life and the business world, where as Zellerfeld is the tourist centre of the town. The "culture mile" is worth a visit: St. Salvatoris church with a famous altarpiece by Werner Tübke, the Upper Harz Mining Museum, and the former mint (Kunsthandwerkerhof). Every Thursday evening from May to October there is the Zellerfeld popular farmers' market. The town offers free parking on Adolph-Roemer-Straße in Clausthal. The picturesque houses in the town are built in the style of the typical Upper Harz.

In the town you can buy various local specialities, such as meat and sausages. Why not try the Harzer witch bread (from the Meier confectionery), which is produced only in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, or the Clausthal Elixir.

Both parts of the town have some beautiful historic buildings. In Clausthal is the Market Church "To the Holy Spirit". The original church was destroyed by fire in 1634. It was replaced with a wooden church, which was completed in 1642. It is now the largest wooden church in Germany and can seat up to 2200 people and boasts a massive organ and a great altar. In the south-western corner you can find an alabaster carving of the story of Christ. In Zellerfeld, you can find many craftsmen's houses, which were rebuilt after the fire in 1672. One of the main industries was the production of silver and gold coins. In 1978 the former mint was converted into a glass-blower. Today you can watch the traditional craftsmen close up and discover how glass is blown.

Tourist information[edit]

  • 1 Tourist Information Centre, Bergstraße 31 (Dietzelhaus) (just off the main street), +49 5323 81024, . M-F 10:00-16:00. The Tourist Information Centre is based in Dietzelhaus, a wonderful historic building.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Hanover Airport is the closest and is 112 km away and will take 1 hr 10 min.

Paderborn Airport is 203 km away and will take 1 hr 51 min. Of those, two Hanover has more connections by far.

By car[edit]

Clausthal-Zellerfeld is in the middle of the Harz, and the roads leading to the town have breathtaking views.

From the north, south and west take the A7, leave at exit 67 for B243 towards Osterode, then take the 242 to Clausthal-Zellerfeld

From the east, take the A38 to exit 11 (Nordhausen). Take the B4 through Nordhausen and Braunlage, then the B242 follow all the way to Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

By train[edit]

The nearest railway station is in the District of Goslar, some 20 km away. From there you can catch a bus, which run frequently. The Kreiensen and Northeim stops are also within easy reach of Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

By bus[edit]

Clausthal-Zellerfeld has a 1 major bus station. From there you can catch buses to many other towns within the Harz and the surrounding area. There are good links from Goslar and other local towns. Goslar train station has a direct connection with the bus 830 or 831 of the station forecourt to Clausthal-Zellerfeld. Bus 440 runs from the train station at Northeim. From Clausthall use the Kronplatz bus stop. From Zellerfeld use the Thomas-Merten-Platz stop. Bus routes and timetables are available here.[dead link].

Get around[edit]

Map of Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Clausthall-Zellerfeld is situated just off the B242.

By bus[edit]

The bus station is found between the districts of Clausthal and Zellerfeld, next to the municipal library. The stop in the centre of the village of Clausthal is Kronplatz, in the centre of Zellerfeld Thomas-Merten-Platz. The buses are operated by the RBB, a subsidiary of DBRegio AG.

By taxi[edit]

There are taxi ranks at the Kronplatz and the Bornhardstraße in Zellerfeld in Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

By bike[edit]

There are many bike routes around Clausthall Zellerfeld.

Mountain biking is very popular in this area. The Volksbank Arena sponsors a huge network of signposted routes for mountain bikers in three difficulty levels (62 routes, 1,800-km circuit). Seven MTB circular routes start directly at the tourist information in Zellerfeld.


Upper Harz Mining Museum
Market Church

Clausthall Zellerfeld is surrounded by wonderful countryside and provides many local mountain activities.

  • 1 The Upper Harz Mining Museum (Oberharzer Bergwerksmuseum), Bornhardtstr. 16, +49 53 23-98 950, fax: +49 53 23-98 95 69. Daily 10:00-17:00. The Upper Harz Mining Museum in the Zellerfeld district is one of the oldest museums in Germany dedicated to the history of engineering. You can go back in time and discover the development of ore mining in the Harz, the hard working conditions and the ingenuity of the miners in various exhibitions and you can look at the original mining installations outdoors. One of the highlights is the famous man engine, an adventurous but effective method to get quickly into great depths. Upper Harz Mining Museum (Q2009784) on Wikidata Upper Harz Mining Museum on Wikipedia
  • 2 Geo Museum (Geosammlung der Technischen Universität Clausthal), Adolph-Römer-Str. 2 A (housed in the main building of the Technical University). The collections of the Technical University are among the largest in Germany.
  • 3 The Upper Harz Water Regale (Oberharzer Wasserregal). This is a system of dams, reservoirs, ditches and other structures, much of which was built from the 16th to 19th centuries to divert and store the water that drove the water wheels of the mines in the Upper Harz. The word Regale stands for the granting of royal privileges or rights in this case to permit the use of water for mining operations in the Harz Mountains. The Upper Harz Water Regale is one of the largest and most important historic mining water management systems in the world. In the system of the Upper Harz Water Regale there are over 35 such tunnels with a total length of about 30 km. It has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage since 1992.
  • 4 Market Church To the Holy Spirit (Marktkirche zum Heiligen Geist), Marktkirche 9 (in the centre of Clausthal), +49 5323-72-3201, +49 5323-72-3203, fax: +49 5323 72-3573. The original church was destroyed in the great fire in 1634. It was decided to replace it with a wooden church, which was completed in 1642. It is now the largest wooden church in Germany and can seat up to 2200 people. Inside there's a massive organ and a great altar.
  • 5 St. Salvatoris, Bornhardtstr. 4, +4953 23 8 18 34, fax: +4953 23 96 20 17, . Lutheran church with an altar painting by Werner Tübke.
  • 6 Dietzelhaus, Bergstraße 31. Imposing building from 1673.
  • 7 Altes Postamt. Former post office of the town of Zellerfeld. It has a carillon.
  • 8 Amtsgericht. Government building from 1734, used for different purposes throughout history, and now a courthouse.
  • 9 "Fratzenapotheke" (Bergapotheke), Bornhardtstraße 12, +49 53 23 9 89 30, fax: +49 53 23 98 93 17, . The house with 64 faces has served as a pharmacy for a long time. Inside you can see historical pharmacy furniture.
  • 10 Landesbergamt, An der Marktkirche 9, +49 5 116 430, fax: +49 5 116 4323 04, .
  • 11 Ottiliaeschacht, Ottiliaeschacht, +49 53 23 9 89 50. Main mining pit for the Clausthal area. Remarkable headframe that is one of the oldest in Europe. Two scenes from the 2014 movie The Monuments Men were shot here.
  • 12 Kaiser-Wilhelm-Schacht, Erzstraße. Mi und Sa: 15:00-17:00. Germany's second oldest preserved iron headframe. The shaft had a depth of 1000 m.
  • 13 Aula Academica, Aulastraße 8, +49 5323 722697, fax: +49 53 23 72-26 24, . This buildings was donated by the alumni of the mining academy in the 1920s and has served as an event venue ever since. The "Jugend Forscht" (lit. "Youth is researching" event) takes place here yearly.
  • 14 Friedrich-Adolph-Roemer-Denkmal, An der Marktkirche 3. Friedrich-Adolph Roemer was the founder of present-day TU Clausthal.
  • 15 Light railway to the Ottiliae pit. runs Apr-Oct Sa 14:30, Su, holidays 11:00, 14:30. Ottiliae-Schacht (Q2037757) on Wikidata
  • 16 Runde Radstube der Grube Thurm Rosenhof. open Su and holidays 13:00. In one of the oldest and longest-used mines in the area, you can walk down stairs to the bottom of the mine.
  • 17 Schacht Kaiser Wilhelm II. Exhibition is open W and Sa 15:00-17:00. The Kaiser Wilhelm pit is the starting point for exploring the Oberharzer Wasserregal. From here there are guided tours to historical mining facilities above and below ground.


  • 1 Clausthal-Zellerfeld/Buntenbock Ski Resort. A tiny ski resort with just one ski lift with only 50 m (164 feet) of vertical descent, and some cross-country skiing tracks. 300 m (1000 ft) of pistes. Adults €15, children €12.50.
  • 2 Freizeitbad Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Hallenbad Swimming Pool), Berliner Straße 14, +49 5323-715 ext 230. Check website for specific opening times. Indoor swimming pool, with sauna, solarium and bikini bar.
  • Hiking Trails, Bergstraße 31 (contact the Tourist Information Office), +49 5323 81024. There is a large network of hiking trails (Harz Club) which is very well signposted. Nordic walking routes are also well signposted. For the more adventurous you can walk from Clausthal Zellerfeld to Goslar. This is a 16.36-km hike in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany. The hike has a total ascent of 198 m and has a maximum elevation of 764 m.
  • The Volksbank Arena Cycle Network, Dietzel house, OT Zellerfeld (ring the tourist information number given here for directions to specific locations), +49 53 23-8 10 24. M-F 09:00-17:00, Sa 09:00-13:00. The Volksbank Arena sponsors a huge network of signposted routes for mountain bikers in three difficulty levels (62 routes, 1,800-km circuit). Seven MTB circular routes start directly at the tourist information in Zellerfeld (Berger Str. 31).


In the Zellerfeld district from May to October every Thursday evening the mountain farmers' market offers a variety of local food. There is also a musical performance every week. The craft courtyard is open every day offering hand-made pieces of wood, glass or silk at affordable prices.


  • 1 Ernstings Family, Adolph Roemer Straße 29. M-F 09:00-18:00, Sa 09:00-13:00. Clothing and gifts
  • 2 K & K Schuhcenter, Osteröder Straße 3. M-Th 09:00-18:30, F 09:00-13:00, Sa 09:00-16:00. Shoe shop


  • 3 Mac Geiz, Osteröder str. 3. M-F 09:00-18:00, Sa 09:00-16:00. Confectionary and gifts
  • 4 Tchibo, Adolf-Romans-str. 1-3. Variety of clothing and gifts.


  • 5 Pennymarkt, Osterröder Straße 1. M-Sa 07:00-22:00. Low cost supermarket chain. Other shops are also inside the complex.
  • 6 Fleischerei Eine, Adolph Römer Straße 11, +49 5323 2257. Butcher's shop which sells specialities, e.g. venison.
  • 7 Siemann Fleischerei, Schulstraße 21. Butcher.


Bergapotheke ("Fratzenapotheke")



  • 3 Polsterberger-hubhaus, Beate Engel, Polsterberg 1, +49 5323 5581. Jun-Oct: daily 11:00-19:00, Nov-May: W-Su 11:00-19:00. Located in a sunny clearing in the forest, they cook locally sourced cuisine. from €12.
  • 4 Restaurant Glück-Auf, An der Marktkirche 7, +49 5323-1616. Daily 11:00-14:30, 17:30-22:00. The restaurant prides itself on good customer service combined with good, well presented food of high quality, they offer children's menus and a wide variety of dishes; check the website for the menu. from €10.
  • 5 Steakhouse im Zellerfelder Hof, Marktstraße 13, +49 5323 3745. Daily 12:00-14:30 and 18:00-22:30, Su until 21:30. Many specialities and various steaks available. from €11.
  • 6 Alraune, An der Ziegelhütte 2. M Tu Th-Sa 11:30-22:00, Su 11:30-21:00. They have a range of good fresh food on offer, including many streaks and traditional German cuisine. Parties can be catered for on request. from €11.


  • 7 Die Fellerei (former Landhaus Kemper), An der Trift 19, +49 5323-1774. Traditional specialities to the Hotel such as Saffron pasta with Möhrenpesto and goat's cheese in lemon marinade, Harz red Höhenvieh with Quince, Chestnut mousse with, Bratapfel sauce and a selection of fine wines. from €17.


  • 1 Kellerclub, Silberstr. 1, +49 5323-72-2111. Daily from 21:00. This cellar club is run by students and often has special events taking place. It has a cocktail menu.


Aula academica of the university


  • 1 Campingplatz Prahljust, An den langen Brüchen 4, D, +49 5323-1300. Check-in: Daily 08:00-20:00. The site is in the middle of the Harz Mountains near Clausthal-Zellerfeld at an altitude of 600 m. The camp site is surrounded by forests and lakes. There is a restaurant and shop on site. The Reception staff speak English, German and Polish. from €3.50-6.80.
  • 2 Ferienwohnung Im Harz Haus Antje Bruns, Spiegelthaler Str. 23 b, +49 5323 81832. Chalet apartment with terrace. Free Wi-Fi. Barbecue area. There is also a free infra-red sauna. Set in the Harz National Park but a 3-minute drive to the shopping centre. for 2 people per night from €38-45.


  • 3 Hotel Zum Harzer, Treuerstraße 6, +49 5323 9500. Check-in: 14:30 - 22:00, check-out: 07:00 - 10:30. 3-star hotel, free Wi-Fi and parking. Children under 6 stay free. All rooms have a TV with satellite channels and work desk. Pets are allowed. from €55 -99.
  • 4 Pension Picco-Bello, Adolph-Roemer-Straße 22, +49 5323-987009. A quaint, renovated half-timbered house dating back to the 18th century in the centre of Clausthal-Zellerfeld. Quiet romantic courtyard. 2 double rooms available. Also available the Hayloft with a steam sauna in the bathroom and the Stable with a whirlpool bath. from €71.


  • 5 Akzent Hotel Goldene Krone, Kronenplatz 3 D, +49 800 30 66 30 66. This 4-star hotel has a long history and was first opened in 1690. It has a central location close to many of the tourist sights. It offers a good restaurant with various specialities on the menu. from €89.


Go next[edit]

  • Wildemann - Wildemann is a town in the district of Goslar. It is northwest of Clausthal-Zellerfeld. The pretty Resort owes its name to the old legend of the "wild man" who was though to live in a cave in the forest. There is now a bronze statue to commemorate the tale. You can visit its mining nuseum with 19 tunnels or try out one of its many hiking trails set in quiet valleys, brooks and local pools where you can fish or bathe. In the Winter you can try out the 800-m toboggan run.
  • Bad Grund - This town is found in a romantic valley, surrounded by forests. It is the oldest of the upper Harz mining towns. You can enjoy the lovely timber buildings in the town or visit the historic iberg dripstone cave which had inhabitants over 3000 years ago. It has a cross mountain trail, and in the winter a cross-country skiing track in two parts which is above bad reason, starting at the Taternplatz. Slopes for tobogganing runs are found above the village.
  • Badenhausen - This is a district of Bad Grund. On the edge of the town is ruins of the Pagenberg an old fortress, the Hindenburg, also called giant castle that was built by the Count of Katlenburg in 1080. In the public park there is a playground specially designed to interest everyone across the generations. There is also a large sawmill which entered the Guinness Book of Records for the longest sawn wood sheets in the world!
  • Braunlage - another mining town, today a centre of summer and winter sports.
  • Goslar - the regional hub and a former Free Imperial City with roots in the Middle Ages, you can explore some quite impressive buildings in Goslar and as the world heritage listed Rammelsberg mine just outside.

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