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A view of Cotia.

Cotia is in the São Paulo state of Brazil, 30 km west of São Paulo city.


Cotia is a city with a population of some 230,000 (2015) spread over an area of 324 km². It contains a great number of stores, restaurants, big and small shopping centers, which attract new residents that settle mostly in the wealthy region of Granja Viana.

Get in[edit]

By bus[edit]

There are daily interurban buses that can be taken at the district of Pinheiros, in São Paulo.

By car[edit]

Cotia is crossed by the Rodovia Raposo Tavares (SP-270), which serves as its major road and connection with São Paulo. It is also possible to reach it via the Castello Branco and Regis Bittencourt highways, but you will have to take the Rodoanel and eventually reach Raposo Tavares anyway. Raposo Tavares is constantly congested during rush hour, so it's always best to avoid it during the periods.

Get around[edit]

As mentioned above, Rodovia Raposo Tavares is the main road crossing the street and it is well-served by a number of lines, but they may be crowded and/or stuck in traffic constantly.

The city center can be covered on foot. The districts of Granja Viana and Caucaia do Alto are more sparsely populated and may need a car ride for a complete visit. Bus lines there are not so plentiful, and most of them are interurban, which means higher prices.


Granja Viana[edit]

The district of Granja Viana (sometimes spelled Granja Vianna) is one of the three districts that make up the municipality of Cotia and the first one if you come from São Paulo via Raposo Tavares highway. The district is filled with middle/upper class condos and has a number of restaurants, shopping centers, parks and other features worth visiting.

Granja Viana was once formed by a small number of big farms. The owners of such properties decided to divide them into smaller lots and sell them, giving way to the many houses that have been built there. In the last decades, many people from São Paulo saw Granja Viana as a refuge from the city's pollution, violence and traffic jam. Nowadays, because too many people moved, the same problems from São Paulo now exist in Granja Viana, as well, though with smaller intensity.

  • Centro Cultural Wurth, Rua Adolf Wurth, 557, +55 11 4613-1894, . A cultural and business center with a theater, a lounge and rooms for meetings, exhibitions and happy hours. There are also some apartments.
  • 1 Parque Cemucam, Rua Mesopotâmia, s/nº (Exit Rodovia Raposo Tavares (São Paulo heading) by km 25), +55 11 4702-2126. The park belongs to the city of São Paulo. It's equipped with jogging and BMX tracks, barbecue grills, courts and fields and large open fields. There are many security guards patrolling the area, so it's a rather safe place. Free.
  • 2 Parque Teresa Maia, Rua Santarém, 13, Parque São George, +55 11 4702-3964. A small park with playground, an open air gym for the elderly, a lake with ducks and fish and a small forest with trails. It hosts weekly on Sundays the Ecofeira (lit. Ecofair), with organic food and handicraft by local producers. Free.
  • 3 Templo Budista Zu Lai, Estrada Fernando Nobre, 1461 (When heading west, exit Raposo Tavares by km 28,5), +55 11 4612 2895, . Tu-F 12:00-17:00, Sa Su holidays 09:30-17:00. Perhaps the most famous touristic spot in Cotia, it is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Latin America, built in the middle of a large, beautiful and well-preserved garden.
  • 4 Paróquia Santo Antônio, Rua Santo Antônio, 486, +55 11 4702 2295. Masses Tu 16:00; Su 08:00, 09:30, 11:00 and 19:00.
  • Templo Odsal Linkg, Rua dos Agrimensores, 1461, +55 11 4703 4099. Open for visitations on Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM to 3PM. A Tibetan Buddhist temple, not as big as Zu Lai, but equally worth a visit.
  • Orquidário Mucuripe, Rua Manoel Lajes do Chão, 2293, +55 11 4703 3866. Everyday 09:00-17:00 (gourmet space opened only on weekends and holidays). An orchidarium with leisure for the family.
  • Orquidário Maylasky, Rodovia Raposo Tavares, km 55, +55 11 4714 4191. Everyday 09:00-17:00. An orchidarium with orchids direct from the produce.
  • 5 Cia dos Bichos, Estrada do Capuava, 2990. A mini farm.


Downtown Cotia is located between Granja Viana and Caucaia do Alto, starting at km 29 of Raposo Tavares Highway and ending at the km 40, at the border with Vargem Grande Paulista.

  • Praça Japonesa, Rodovia Raposo Tavares, km 31. A Japanese-inspired square built in honor of the Japanese immigrants that developed rural techniques in the region.
  • 6 Convento Carmelo, Avenida Professor Joaquim Barreto, 162, +55 11 5703 2000. Masses M-F at 06:30AM, Sa 17:00, Su at 08:00. Religious order of cloistered carmelite, since 1942 in Cotia.
  • 7 Igreja Matriz, Rua Senador Feijó, 12 (Right in front of a large square), +55 11 4148 1969, +55 11 4703 2180. Masses Tu Th Sa at 19:30; F Su 07:00; Su 09:30, 17:00 and 19:00. Like many Brazilian cities, Cotia grew around its Igreja Matriz. However, the first church of Cotia was built in 1648 at the Caiapiá neighborhood, and transferred to where it is today in 1713.

Caucaia do Alto[edit]

Caucaia do Alto is the last district of Cotia for those coming via the Raposo Tavares highway, but it is not located near the road: one must leave the highway before Vargem Grande Paulista and take the secondary roads leading to the region. It is also the largest, particularly due to the presence of the Reserva do Morro Grande, a large preserved area of Atlantic Forest.

  • Bichomania, Estrada dos Pires, 1933. Sa-Su and holidays all year, Th-Su in January and July, 10AM-5PM. A farm with many animals and side attractions such as an organic garden, a mini-zoo and a playground. R$20 for adults and R$25 for kids (2-10 years old).
  • Parque de Estudos e Reflexão Caucaia, Rua Katojo Sogabe, 195. A park and local establishment of a world network of similar parks.
  • Sítio do Mandu (Mandu's Ranch). A Bandeirantes house build around the 16th century, with traces of floor, two porches, a separated chapel and common room.
  • Sítio do Padre Inácio (Father Ignacio's Ranch), Estrada do Padre Inácio, no number. Built around the 17th century, this house is a well-preserved mansion featuring remarkable decoration.
  • Paróquia Nossa Senhora Conceição, Rua José M. de Oliveira, s/n, +55 11 4611 5732. Masses on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 19:00; Wednesdays at 18:30, Saturdays at 09:00 and 19:00, Su at 08:00, 10:00, 19:00.
  • [dead link] Fazendinha Nose, Rua Joaquim Pires Júnio, 499, +55 11 4611 1145, . A mini farm with zip-line, ecological trail, restaurant, playground and farm animals. Groups can book visits via e-mail.
  • 8 Pet Zoo, Estrada de Caucaia, 4101, +55 11 4158 1664, +55 11 4158 4473. A 15,000 m² mini farm with restaurant and souvenir store.



  • [formerly dead link] Shopping Granja Viana, SP-270 (Raposo Tavares), km 23, +55 11 4613-9000. M-Sa 10:00-22:00; Su, holidays, 14:00-20:00. Medium-size shopping mall with 160 stores, food court, and 5-screen movie theater.
  • 1 The Square Open Mall, Rodovia Raposo Tavares, km 22, +55 11 2898 9595. A medium-sized shopping with a European concept. Its got wide, open corridors, allowing for fresh winds. There is a cinema, a number of restaurants and many stores. The buildings located just above it contain small offices.


  • Benditos, Avenida Professor Manuel José Pedroso, 353, +55 11 4614-5419, . M-F 11:00-15:00. Salads, grilled food, pasta, risottos.
  • Rei da Esfiha, Rua Senador Feijó, 352, +55 11 4612-8201, +55 11 4614-1222. Sfihas, pizzas, sandwiches, portions
  • [dead link] Chicken Pizza, Avenida Antonio Martins de Camargo, 81, +55 11 4148-3742, +55 11 4148-3326. Fried chicken, pizza and sandwiches.
  • Restaurante da Feijoada Plínio, Rua São Paulo das Missões, 409, +55 11 4158-3042. Feijoadas.
  • Caravelas Restaurante e Pizzaria, Avenida Professor Manuel José Pedroso, 409, +55 11 4148-8594, +55 11 4614-1941. Restaurant: M-Sa 11:00-16:00.
  • Batata Schöne, Avenida Antônio Mathias de Camargo, 512, inside Shopping Pátio cotia, +55 11 4616-1013.
  • [dead link] Espetinhos Cipó, Rua Pinhal, 178, Jardim Sabiá, +55 11 4551-8269. A store with "espetinhos", rotisseries of meat, chicken, pork or vegan.
  • A Quinta do Bacalhau, Estrada de Caucaia, 1597, +55 11 4616-5481, . Portuguese cuisine.
  • 1 [formerly dead link] Don Camillo, Avenida São Camilo, 580 (Exit Rodovia Raposo Tavares at km 22,5.), +55 11 4702-3535. A pasta restaurant that works with the "rodízio" system, which means the waiters keep offering dishes to costumers on their tables and they take what they want.
  • 2 [dead link] Empório Granelli, Rua José Félix de Oliveira, 991, Loja 7, +55 11 4617-3295. A store with food, spices, candies and pickles.
  • 3 Rancho do Sassá, Estrada Fernando Nobre, 970, +55 11 4612-8433. 10:00-23:00. Churrascaria and pizzeria.
  • 4 [dead link] Il Nuovo Battuto (Battuto), Rua José Félix de Oliveira, 957, +55 11 4702-0347. 12:00-16:00 (from Tuesdays to Fridays); 12:00-23:00 (Saturdays); 12:00-17:00 (Sundays); 19:00-23:00 (Thursdays and Fridays). Pasta restaurant.
  • 5 Peter's Bar, Rua José Menino, 1361 (Next to the D+ gas station in Estrada Fernando Nobre), +55 11 4612-5300. 11:00-16:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and holydays); 18:00 (Happy Hours on Fridays and Saturdays). Brazilian and German cuisine.
  • 6 Tantra, Avenida São Camilo, 988, +55 11 4702-6883, +55 11 4702-6923. 12:00-23:00. Asian cuisine with free attractions such as exotic dancers, circus and tarot.
  • 7 [dead link] Mocaires Restobar, Rua José Félix de Oliveira, 991, Patio Viana, +55 11 2690-3777, +55 11 2690-4777. Typical Argentinian restaurant.
  • 8 Taki Sushi, Rua dos Manacás, 557, +55 11 4777-9893. Japanese restaurant working under a "rodízio" system. The waiter will offer you many options, you pick the ones you want and he keeps bringing them. You can ask for more or order something you initially declined as much as you want paying only once.
  • 9 Ser-Afim, Avenida São Camilo, 288 (Exit Rodovia Raposo Tavares at km 22,5.), +55 11 4702-0789. Vegan restaurant. The name is a play on "ser afim", a slang that means "to want" in Portuguese, and "Serafim", Portuguese for "Seraph".
  • 10 João do Grão, Avenida São Camilo, 288 (Exit Rodovia Raposo Tavares at km 22,5.), +55 11 4612-6366. Vegan pizzeria with a "rodízio" system. Waiters keep going from table to table offering different kinds of pizza, and you can have as many slices as you want. One can also order a single pizza and pay for it separately.
  • Emilia, Avenida Professor Manoel José Pedroso, 1760, +55 11 4703-0777.
  • Restaurante Três Corações, Rua 10 de Janeiro, 184, +55 11 4243-8156. Typical Brazilian cuisine. Feijoada every Wednesday and Saturday. Delivery.
  • Good Chicken, Avenida Professor José Barreto, 907, +55 11 4703-4605, +55 11 4148-3910. Fried chicken and pizza.
  • 11 Restaurante Planeta, Avenida Inocêncio Pires de Oliveira, 139. Open from Monday to Saturday, with Feijoada every Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Pesk & Pag Maravilha, Avenida Benedito Isaac Pires, 1, +55 11 4243 7375, +55 11 4243 7562. 07:00-19:00. A "pesque e pague" (lit. "Fish and Pay"). It is a place where you can fish alone or in groups and then hand your fish for someone to prepare it.This one has two lakes and a party room for rent.
  • Pesqueiro Tijuco Preto, Estrada de Caucaia do alto, 3993, +55 11 4611 4576. Restaurant opened everyday from 11:30 to 17:00. A "pesque e pague" (lit. "Fish and Pay"). It is a place where you can fish alone or in groups and then hand your fish for someone to prepare it.This one has a restaurant.
  • 12 Restaurante Granjinha, Estrada Fernando Nobre, 819, +55 11 4612 2262. Restaurant and bar. Offers self-service and menu lunch everyday. Happy Hours from Wednesdays to Saturdays with fried pizza, steaks and other types of typical Brazilian bar food. Feijoada every Saturday. Live music from Thursdays to Saturdays.
  • [dead link] Rancho Caipira, Rodovia Raposo Tavares, km 39,1, +55 11 4703 6209. M-F until 16:00; Sa Su holidays until 17:30. Restaurant with typical Brazilian countryside food. Party space for birthdays, year-end companies parties, etc.
  • Atobá Pizza & Bar, Rodovia Raposo Tavares, km 39, +55 11 4148 2000, +55 11 7644 5938. Everyday from 18:00 to 23:00.
  • Estação Caucaia Bar e Restaurante, Estrada de Caucaia do Alto, 2040, +55 11 4243 2222, +55 11 99942 3990, .
  • [dead link] Graciosa, Rodovia Bunjiro Nakao, km 49,5, +55 11 4611 0078. Lamb meat and special meat. Lunch everyday. It's got a room for parties.




Emergency phone numbers:

  • Police: 190 (Women's Precinct: 4616-9098 / Central Precinct: 4703-2034 or 4616-9610 / Military Police: 4703-2088 / Granja Viana Precinct: 4702-2822 or 4702-2454 / Granja Viana Civil Guard Base: 4702-7630 / 4612-5623)
  • Fire: 193 (local station: 4614-5320)
  • Ambulance: 192
  • Highway Police: 4702-2451 / 4612-2620)
  • 24/7 Lochsmith: 99957-1338 or 97896-4761 (Granja Viana 24/7 Locksmith: 4612-0832 or 99525-4623)
  • Tourism Department: 4614-2952
  • Disk-Taxi: 4703-2010, 4703-7100 or 4616-4099 (in Granja Viana: 4616-4099)
  • City Hospital: 4148-9070 (Basic Health Unit of Atalaia: 4703-1400 / Basic Health Unit of Granja Viana/Parque São George: 4617-5314)
  • City Hall: 4616-0466 (Granja Viana sub-City Hall: 4702-3964 / 4702-6549

  • Public telephone booths can be found on some streets of Cotia. They work with phonecards only, which can be bought at any newspaper stand. Regular phonecards allow you to make local and national calls, but the credits fall at an incredible rate if the call is directed to another city or to mobile phones. There is a special phonecard for international calls, so make sure you ask the clerk for the correct one if that's the case.
  • The city code, as well as the vast majority of cities near São Paulo, is (11), hence local telephone numbers have the following format: +55(11)0000-0000. If you are making local calls, the +55(11) prefix should be dropped.
  • When making national calls from SP, you have the option to choose your telephone provider: dial 0 followed by (15) Telefónica, (23) Intelig or (21) Embratel, plus the two-digit DDD code and telephone number.
  • When making international calls from São Paulo to abroad, you also have the option to choose your telephone provider: dial 00 followed by (15) Telefónica, (23) Intelig or (21) Embratel, plus the country code and telephone number.
  • To make reverse charge calls within the same city code area, dial 90 90 + the telephone number (do not use the city code (11)).
  • To make reverse charge calls to other cities, dial 90 followed by (15) Telefónica, (23) Intelig or (21) Embratel, plus the 2-digit DDD code and the telephone number.
  • When calling a cellphone number within the 11 code area, be sure to add a 9 digit before the number if the number you are dialing has only eight digits. Since 2012, all cellphones within that area have been added a "9" as their first digit, so that a whole new gamma of possible numbers is created

Go next[edit]

From Cotia, taking the Raposo Tavares highway (SP-270), it is possible to reach the nearby cities of Jandira, Itapevi, Vargem Grande Paulista and São Roque.

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