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Darawiish (dervish) was a Dhulbahante anti-colonial state situated in the Khatumo region, founded in Dareemo Caddo which existed from 1896 until 1920 in the Horn of Africa. It is best known for having participated in the longest ongoing anti-colonial campaign during the Scramble for Africa when it fought against Abyssinian, Italian and British forces.


Darawiish was a state founded by the Sayyid, Ismail Mire, Obsiiye Seed Magan, and Maxamuud Dheri in 1896. Its constituents, the Dhulbahante avoided signing a colonial treaty like the other tribes. Although the warrior nature and the praise for resiting subjugation has earned them the praise of Somalis and non-Somalis alike, the poetry recited by its leaders and remembered by subsequent generations has left the greatest legacy. These Darawiish poems touch on various topics such as battle successes, defeats, stoicism, glory, culture, etiquette as well as slander.

Get in[edit]


The Darawiish have left lots of architecture leaving a reminiscence of their past deeds. Those include:

  • 1 Taleh fort.
  • Buuhoodle fort.
  • Jidali fort.





Stay safe[edit]

The after-effects of the Darawiish can still be felt to this day, as regional states within the vicinity of its former territories each seek to expropriate the glory associated with it.

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