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Dunakeszi a town of 44,000 people (2018) in the Danube Bend region, north of Budapest, common limit with Újpest on the left (eastern) bank of the Danube. Nicknamed as "Gate of Danube Bend".



Get in

Dunakeszi by Air

By train

  • 1 Dunakeszi Railway Station (Dunakeszi Vasútállomás), Verseny utca (close to Trianon Sq.). Trains from Nyugati Railway Station and Vac.

By boat

  • 2 Dunakeszi ferry pier (Dunakeszi RÉV), Dunakeszi, Rév utca and Duna sor corner (from Hwy 2 turn west to Rév utca south of Tesco hypermarket, close to late Roman 'burgus' ruin), +36 26 393795. M-F 05:35-20:35, weekends 06:35 -20:35 half hourly. ferries from Horány, and Szentendre Island. Bus #301, 302, 305 lines stop here. Fees: Adult/car/bike: Ft300/900/250.
  • 3 Alsógöd ferry pier (RÉV), Alsógöd, Jávorka Sándor utca (from Alsógöd train stop follow Béke utca, ten min walk), +36 70 360 6395. M-F 05:05-20:30 approximately every half hour, at 21:30 if ordered (Sa Su only hourly). Ferries from Szigetmonostor. Fees: Adult/bike: Ft290/300.
  • 4 Felsőgöd ferry pier (Felsőgödi RÉV), Felsőgöd, Evezős utca (close (north) to Duna tavern, from Hwy 2 turn west at Bocskai street (centre of village)), +36 30 599 8705, +36 70 577 7753 (mobile). Departures: at 07:10 weekdays only, 08:20-18:20, hourly at 19:50 is the last one except if ordered at 20:50. ferries cross Danube main stream to Surány

By bus

  • Well supplied by Suburb buses those are depart from Újpest Városkapu metro station. Buses #300, 301, 302, 303, 305, 306 all stop at Dunakeszi Town Hall

By car


The Hwy 2 (in City section called as Fő út (Main Road)) going through in the City in north-south direction. The M2 motorway (E77) passing the eastern part of the settlement.

Get around


Due to its relatively small size walking around the area is easily managable. Alternatives are buses and taxis.



Churches in Dunakeszi

  • 1 Evangelical church (Dunakeszi Evangélikus templom), Verseny utca 2. (Foti Rd corner), +36 27 341159, .
  • 2 Heart of Jesus Church (Jézus Szíve-templom), Béke utca / Mindszenty József tér (opposite Aradi vértanúk Sq.). An esplanade built 1942-1944. In the nearby streets, built in the 1920s, are attractive houses interspersed with a couple of small artist workshops.
  • 3 St Emeric Church (Szent Imre-templom), Dunakeszi, Szent Imre tér (Tisza St. and Rákoczi Rd intersection). Built between 1935-1939, the first "Levente church" in the country. The towers of building of neo-Romanesque decorated with beautiful Zsolnay tiles. The nice internal architecture is similar to the early Christian basilicas. The neo-Gothic chapel of St John Nepomuk is built in 1906.
  • 4 St Michael's Church (Szent Mihály-templom), Szent István utca 41 (near Szent Mihály Sq.). This twin-towered neo-Baroque church built in 1756 and expanded in 1944 is the main architectural value of the city. Two minutes' walk away is the Heroes Statue, which commemorates the victims of the First World War.

Other indoor sights in Dunakeszi

  • 5 Révész István Historical Exhibition (Révész István Helytörténeti Gyűjtemény), Fő Rd 110 (close to Kertesz St), +36 27 341379, . Local history of Dunakeszi. Documents, photos, object of the everyday life Dunakeszi in the past. Plus small ethnographical collection Ft200.
  • 6 Late Roman Fortlet Exhibition (Dunakeszi Késő-római Kikötőerőd Kiállítás), Duna sor 28 (very close to Ferry Pier), +36 30 9488560, fax: +36 27 543346, . Opening hours: by booking (on website also available) above 10 people, guide by booking above ten people. The remains of a fort. It was the part of ripa Pannonica, Roman limes protection system. Built in the Valentinianus era (AD364-375). A number of Roman harbour forts were here, with one central and two corner towers. In these forts were the left bank of the Danube, i.e. falling into enemy territory, castrum contras range. Adult Ft500.

Outdoor sights in Dunakeszi

  • 7 Funerary Park (Kegyeleti Park), Fő út ~64 (close to Temető St corner). In the city's old cemetery The oldest tombstone dates back to 1841. Located here is the St Stephen's Chapel, a fine example of a rural baroque chapel built in the 18th century.
  • 8 Danube bank (Duna part) (Riverbank). The riverbank offers a promenade, with cozy restaurants and pastry shops. Close to Horányi ferry pier are the city's Roman monuments, the remains of one of the limes battle system. Starting here is a bike path which leads to Szob cose to the Slovakian border
  • 9 The Town Hall (Dunakeszi Város Polgármesteri Hivatala), Dunakeszi, Fő út 25 (Near to Dózsa György Sq.), +36 27 542 800. Built in 1901 by the Hungarian Equestrian Association as a village hall.

Further afield

Fot city map
Károlyi Palace of Fót
  • 10 Fót (17 km north of the limit of Budapest in Pest county, take a train from Nyugati Station toward Veresegyház-Vác; from Gödöllő take a direct bus #317 or a HÉV suburban train to Mogyorod stop further a bus 320. 325, 326). Németh Kálmán Memorial House, here is a collection of the works of sculptor Kálmán Németh (1903-1979), in his living house (Hu: Németh Kálmán Emlékház] Loc:Fót, Béke út 31.,Phone: +36 27 358130, fax: +36 27 537359,, Mar-Oct: Tu-Sa 10:00-18:00, Nov-Feb: Tu-Sa 10:00-14:00. Admission: adults/reduced: Ft300/150). Fáy wine-press house, a historical place was a meeting place for politicians in the 19th century now a restaurant with beautiful view from its terrace András Fáy, a Hungarian author, lawyer, politician and businessman, was the first owner to this wine-press house. A famous Vörösmarty's poem was written here in this place. Nowadays the House is a famous inn place, too. (Hu: Fáy Présház. Loc: is lying Foti Somlyó vineyard, Fót, Rövid dűlő 2, one km northeast of Fót center, Phone: +36 27 395215, Tu-Su 12:00-23:00, free of charge). Károlyi Palace, built in 1850. This is Hungary's most beautiful Classical palace and its exterior was commissioned by Count Károlyi István and made by Ybl Miklós. The Count Károlyi László created a furnished gallery, for the collection of family cultural treasures and the preservation of future generations, which can be visited. (Hu: Loc:Vörösmarty tér 2., Phone: +36 27 361339, fax: +36 27 361339, Previous registration is necessary). Roman Catholic church in Fót, the main attraction of the town is the Roman-Catholic church; built in romantic style, a work of the famous architects, Ybl Miklós. (Hu: Szeplőtelen Fogantatás Fóti Római Katolikus Plébánia Templom Loc: Vörösmarty utca 2., Phone: +36 27 358083, Fax: +36 (27) 360033,, Opening hours daily 08:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00. Guided tours: every day 08:00-12:00, 14.00-18.00 Languages: English, German; request: in the church;). Somlyó Nature Reserve by Fót, Somlyó is part of the Gödöllő mountain, which is characterized by a variegated surface – steep sides, narrow valleys, undulating parts, plains and hills. Because of the diversity of geology and formations, the flora of the mountain is also varied. A couple of different bird can be see here and to all kind of Hungarian lizard habitat is here. (Hu: Loc:Somlyó Hill, one km northeast of Fáy wine-press house. Phone: +36 1 3914610. Admission: free). The Reformed church of the Holy Roman Empire (Hu: Szeplőtelen fogantatás katolikus templom). More nature sights: Big Lake (Nagy-tó, Fóti-tó), Devil's Dykes. Stay: Pálma Pension & Squash (Kemény G.u.14., Tel.: +36 27 363623)





Rentals: try Kikelet Guesthouse (see under).

  • Balogh Bicycle Repair (Balogh kerékpárszerviz), Tamási Áron utca, 8 (one block north of Dunakeszi Police Station), +36 30 651 7640. M-F 13:00-17:00. Bicycle sales and service.


  • 1 Dunakeszi Dunakeszi lake (Dunakeszi Kavicsbányató) (by train to Dunakeszi-alsó station. By tram to terminal 'káposztásmegyer' further five min walk. By bus 30, 122 (depart from M3 'Újpest-Városkapu' metro station), 126A to last stop 'Káposztásmegyer, Mogyoródi-patak' further walk on Kűlső Szilágyi road under bridge of M0 motorway. The building of the fishguard on south shore of lake on the right side of the road), +36 27-392-785 (fishguard). In the daytime: From sunrise till sunset (see the clock outside at fishguard hut, but otherwise it is indicate by air-raid siren). Night fishing between 1 May and 30 October on Friday and Saturday, respectively before public holidays and public holidays available. This lake is a leftover after gravel mining. The surface of water is twenty one hectares, the average of depth of water is more than four metres. Any caught fish can not be taken from the lake. There is also photo printing facility. Buffet, fishing shop, regularly replenished fish stocks. Daily sport fishing ticket Ft1800. Normal day ticket Ft3500, night ticket Ft3800, also youth tickets for half price.



Horse riding

  • 3 Alagi racecourse and training centre (Alagi lóversenypálya és tréningcentrum.), Lósport telep (Alag district). A century-old racecourse. Whilst there is no track, the best Hungarian competition horses continue to train here. The training centre provides a great opportunity to riding for visitors.




  • 1 K & H Bank, Dunakeszi Branch and ATM (K & H Bank, Dunakeszi fiók és ATM), Dunakeszi, Fő út 31 (Centre), +36 27 548 010, fax: +36 27 349 927. M 08:00-17:00, Tu-Th 08:00-16:00, F 08:00-15:00. Traded currencies EUR and USD. 24-hr ATM


  • 2 Auchan hypermarket (Auchan hipermarket), Nádas utca 6. (north to M0 motorway. A couple hundred metres from city limit of Budapest), +36 40 109010, fax: +36 27 888-799. M-Sa 06:00-22:00, Su 07:00-21:00. A large suprmarket with services as petrol station, photo processing, horticulture, home delivery. A couple snack food restaurants. About two dozen Shops (fashion; household electronics; hobby, culture and tobacco; beauty, health care). A dozen services including: Post office (M-Sa 07:00-21:00, Su 08:00-16:00, T: +36 27-540-555), OTP Bank (M-F 09:00 - 19:00, Sa 09:00-17:00, Su 09:00-14:00). Raiffeisen Bank (only weekdays). ATMs. Exchange office.
  • 3 Buy-Way Shopping Park, Nádas utca 8.. A half dozen stores. Clothes, shoes.
  • 4 Decathlon (200 m W of the hypermarket). A large sport supermarket.
  • 5 Aldi (Aldi diszkontáruház), Pallag utca 68. (very close to north part of the Dunakeszi section of Hwy 2), +36 23 533 500. Daily 07:00-20:00. German discount store chain. Opposite is a Lidl store
  • 6 SPAR supermarket (SPAR szupermarket), Barátság Rd (300 m west from Hwy 2, the next road after the Cemetery), +36 20 823-7976, +36 20 823 7727 (Service Centre). M-F 06:30-21:00, Sa 07:00-18:00, Su 08:00-18:00. Other unit: Toldi utca 1 (east part of the city, off from Kossuth lajos St.)
  • 7 Tesco hypermarket Dunakeszi-Göd Branch (Tesco hipermarket), Fő út 190 (north end of the city on west side of Hwy. Free Tesco bus cca. hourly, from Barátság St. #9 (about six intrmediate stops on its way)), +36 20 821 0156. Daily 06:00-22:00. Free Wifi. ATMs, bakery, F & F clothing department. Free parking. Pizzeria. Exchange office. St Damian pharmacy, tobacco shop, technical store, jewellery store, Solyom fashion shop. Other unit: Tesco Fóti hypermarket (Fóti út 120) Credit card payment.


  • 8 Honey Shop (Mézes Bolt), Fő út 104 (Tallér Rd. corner), +36 20 918-8809, +36 30 545-4924, . M 09:00-19:00, Tu-Th 09:00-18:00, F 09:00-17:00, Sa 09:00-13:00. Many different varieties, which are sourced direct from farms. Decorative gift packages are available. From Ft300 per fifty grams.


  • Sample the local fruit brandies, which include cherry, apricot, pear, quince, honey-cherry and plum.


  • 1 La Coma Restaurant (La Coma Pizzéria és Étterem), Dunakeszi, Fóti út Hrsz 055/16 (Janek Géza St corner), +36 30 5376806, +36 20 5876250, . Daily 11:00-23:00. Skype: lacoma08. Thirty seats. Quality food and excellent service. Open BBQ terrace. Home delivery. A wide variety of pizzas plus soups, pasta, poultry, pork, beef, salads, desserts and other food specialities.
  • Casa Marina pizzeria (Casa Marina Pizzéria), Dunakeszi, Fő út 139. (Cserkész St. corner), +36 30 2082080, . Daily 11:30-23:00. WiFi. About forty seats. Pizzas. Home delivery. Wide selection of pork and poultry dishes. Simple menus Ft800, main dishes from Ft1700.
  • 2 Part Café Restaurant and Guesthouse (Part Café Étterem és Panzió), Dunakeszi, Duna sor 20 (100 m south of Ferry Pier (RÉV), on riverside), +36 27 349225, +36 30 503 7611, fax: +36 27 546071, . Opening hours: M-Sa 12:00-23:00, Su 12:00-22:00. International food specialities and also traditional Hungarian dishes. The guesthouse has doubles with shower for Ft12,000-14,000, free private car parking and Wifi, CTV.
  • 3 Pleh Csarda Restaurant (Pléh Csárda Étterem), Dunakeszi, Rákóczi út 15. (about 600 m east of the cemetery. One block east of rail. Vasvari Pal St corner.), +36 27 349462, . M Tu 12:00-15:00, W 12:00-21:00, Th-Sa 12:00-22:00, Su 11:00-18:00. Summer garden. Air-con room. Homemade food. Delivery. Bank Card acceptance. Two courses menus. Taste the house's plum brandy (szilvapálinka) or the 'Öregbaglas-Kéthelyi' wine. Cocktails, beers and spirits. Every Thursday all food for half price. Menus under Ft1000. Main dishes Ft2000-4000.





Go next

  • Esztergom - visit the greatest church of all Hungary, cross the Danube and the border to Slovakia
  • Vác - a bishopry capital town less than an hour away. Visit one of the nicest Square of Hungary, the only one Triumphal Arch in Hungary. The Dominican mummified corpses is definitely a must to see.
  • Explore Visegrád with the ruined Roman Pentagon and the Gothic Royal Palace remains from early Middle Age, take a tour to the Rám Gorge ranked on the top of Hungarian Natura Sights list
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