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Eindhoven is a major city in the province of North Brabant in the Netherlands. With a population of over 230,000 people (2019), it's the fifth-largest city of the Netherlands. It is by no means a main tourist destination in the country and most travel guides will devote no more than a page or two to it. Nevertheless, this bustling and modern city has a lot more to offer.

Eindhoven's history is dominated by industrial development and is inextricably linked to electronics giant Philips and, to a lesser degree, DAF Trucks. Although those industries have mostly disappeared, Eindhoven remains a European technology hub, hosting a technical university and many technology companies and cooperation initiatives. In addition, over the past decade the city has become the capital of Dutch design.


Eindhoven City Centre, with the Light Tower and Witte Dame on the right, the Blob on the left and the Admirant tower in the back.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, Eindhoven was no more than a village. Less than a century later its number of inhabitants had boomed to over 200,000. The main reason for this tremendous increase in size was the establishment of electronics multinational Philips, which was founded as a light bulb manufacturing company in 1891 and was headquartered in Eindhoven until 1997. As Philips grew, the city of Eindhoven grew with it to feed the company's constantly growing need for workers. Philips' strong presence in the city gained it the title of "Lichtstad" (City of Light) and is still prominent today, as many of its former buildings are considered valuable industrial heritage and have been renovated. Frits Philips (1905–2005), who led the company for decades, was the city's main benefactor and was extremely popular among the people of Eindhoven. When walking the streets of Eindhoven today, you'll find his and other names associated with Philips everywhere. Parks, theatres, sports facilities and many streets are named in their honor.

Although Eindhoven is an old city, with town and market rights already awarded in 1232, little of this long history is visible when exploring its centre today. Large parts of the city were destroyed during air raids in World War II and post-war reconstruction was focused on ambitious, modernist plans with little respect for the historic heritage that was left. Nevertheless, there are 140 national heritage sites (Rijksmonumenten) in and directly around the city, including many 19th- and early 20th-century buildings and a handful of older ones.



Looks can be deceiving, when it comes to Eindhoven's history. Modern as the city is today, it is in fact one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands. Henry I, Duke of Brabant, already chartered the then little village of "Endehoven" in 1232, as part of his extensive town planning process. Eventually the town established itself as a trading stop between Holland and Liège. Its early industrial activities centred on tobacco and textiles.

The city was destroyed and rebuilt several times in its written history. Despite late 14th-century improvements to its fortifications and the establishment of a castle within the city walls in the 15th century, Eindhoven was plundered and burned by the Guelders in 1486. No more than 6 houses remained. Rebuilding took almost 20 years and left the town in poverty, with the fortifications being neglected. This resulted in another plundering in 1543. That same year, a fire ruined most of the city. During the Dutch Revolt, control of Eindhoven repeatedly alternated between the Dutch and Spanish, the city was burned down again, besieged for 3 months, and finally captured by Spanish troops in 1583. When the French armies took over the already weakened city some years later, large parts of it were destroyed yet again. In 1629, Eindhoven became part of the Netherlands for good, but its tumultuous history left it a damaged and minor city.

This would change with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Due to the presence of Philips, DAF trucks and some other major industry, Eindhoven developed as a major player in the global technology and industrial design scene. It is considered to be the epicentre of Dutch design with such institutions as the Design Academy and the Dutch Design Week that takes place every October.


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The temperate climate is pleasant in Eindhoven. Due to its location, the average temperatures of this city are slightly higher and the rainfall is just slightly lower than the average of the rest of the Netherlands. However, it remains a coastal climate with mild, wet winters and cool summers. Daylight hours run between 05:30 and 21:45 in the summer, and from 08:45 to 16:30 in the winter.

Tourist information


Get in

Eindhoven Airport is geared towards low-fare carriers

By plane


Eindhoven Airport

  • 1 Eindhoven Airport (EIN  IATA), Luchthavenweg 25 (5 km (3.1 mi) outside the city), . Daily 04:30–00:00. It is the Netherland's second busiest airport by number of flights, behind only Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Its terminal was greatly expanded in 2013 and has most of the facilities expected from a modern airport, including an on-site Tulip Inn hotel. Eindhoven Airport is mostly served by low-fare carriers Ryanair, Transavia and Wizzair, and by holiday charter specialists. The most flights are from destinations around the Mediterranean or Central and Eastern Europe. Eindhoven Airport (Q1348234) on Wikidata Eindhoven Airport on Wikipedia

Eindhoven Airport is connected to the city and its main train station by means of two bus lines: 400 and 401, which alternate throughout the day and provide a 20-min ride between the airport and the train station approximately every 10 minutes at daytime. There is no bus service between midnight and 06:00. There are different prices depending on how you buy it. The ticket costs as of January 2024:

  • €2.74 for bus 401 or €3.12 for bus 400 if you check in and out inside the bus with your credit/debit card or with an NFC smartphone.
  • €4.80 if you buy a ticket from the bus driver.
  • €5.35 if you buy a ticket from the ticket machine in the airport or at the airport bus station.

Regarding e-hailing, Uber and Bolt cover the airport. If you packed light, there are e-mopeds and e-bikes in front of the terminal provided by Go Sharing that you can take to the city.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


Schiphol Airport is the largest airport in the Netherlands and a major global hub with a vast array of short-haul and intercontinental connections.

  • NS runs every 15 minutes a Intercity train from the airport to Eindhoven train station for €23.30 and takes around 1½ hours. Twice per hour the train connection is direct to Eindhoven, twice per hour you need to change trains at Utrecht Centraal. This change in Utrecht is almost always cross platform. The cost of a train with a connection in Utrecht is the same, and the travel time is only around a few minutes longer. During disruptions or track maintenance it might be an option to change trains at Rotterdam Centraal. For the train between Schiphol and Rotterdam a surtax of €2.90 needs to be bought on top of the regular ticket Schiphol - Eindhoven, These trains connecting in Rotterdam do not have a cross platform interchange, take longer to Eindhoven, are less reliable and usually busier.
  • FlixBus runs a few times per day a long-distance bus between Schiphol and Eindhoven for €6-30 one way and takes around 3 hours.
  • KLM runs twice a day a KLM Bus service from Schiphol to Eindhoven Airport that can be booked together with the plane ticket. Eindhoven is selectable as origin and destination when booking a KLM flight under its airport code (EIN  IATA), with "flights" that KL316-319 are actually bus rides. There bus ride takes 1 hr 45 min. You cannot book the KLM bus by itself: you must take a flight with KLM to or from Schiphol to book a connecting bus ride to or from Eindhoven.

Other airports


Düsseldorf International, Düsseldorf Weeze, Maastricht Aachen Airport, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Brussels Airport are all within 1½ hours by car from Eindhoven. Public transport from Eindhoven to those airports will take way more time and require multiple changes.

If you see this facade and Mr. Philips in front of it, and look for a bus to the airport, you are on the wrong side of the station.

By train


2 Eindhoven Centraal is a major rail transport node in Southeastern Netherlands.

Train services (NS) calling at Eindhoven Centraal include:

Listed by distance, travel times to major Dutch destinations include:

  • 's Hertogenbosch, 19 min, €6.40 (trains run every 10 min)
  • Maastricht, 1 hr, €17.00 (trains run every 30 min)
  • Amsterdam, 1 hr 20 min, €19.50 (trains run every 10 min)

On Friday night Arriva runs a nighttrain from Maastricht - Sittard - Roermond - Weert to Eindhoven and further onward to 's Hertogenbosch - Utrecht - Amsterdam - Schiphol Airport. On Saturday morning the train runs from Schiphol to Eindhoven and further to Maastricht. [1] Tickets for this train can only be bought in the glimble app, arriva app or 9292 app. The price is €5, €10 or €15 depending on the distance.

Coming from Germany with a Deutschland-Ticket, take the RE13 e.g. from Düsseldorf to Venlo. And then the InterCity (every 30min) to Eindhoven for €6-11 (Feb 2024).

You can only access and walk through the train station by going through check-in gates payable with a debit/credit card. By entering and leaving within 1 hour, no money will be deducted from your debit/credit card. So you have enough time to buy something or rest inside the train station.

When exiting the station on the south side, turn around and take a look at the building from a distance. Architect Koen van der Gaast designed the 1956 station to resemble a Philips radio of that time, gaining it national heritage site status.

There is a secondary station called 3 Eindhoven Strijp-S next to the former Philips business park Strijp-S. This station is served by regional trains. This is one of the last railway stations in the Netherlands only accessible by stairs.

By bus

  • 4 Eindhoven intercity bus station

Flixbus and Regiojet run long-distance buses to destinations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, Hungary and Romania.

Public express bus lines serve destinations to nearby towns, the buses are at the back of the train station, and include connections to and from:

Trains are generally a more convenient way to travel to or from these places, unless you want to make a stop in one of the villages on the way.

By bike


Multiple bicycle highways towards Eindhoven are partly finished allow faster biking from the neighboring cities:

  • F2 from Best, Boxtel, Vught, 's Hertogenbosch (34 km)
  • F69 from Valkenswaard (11 km)
  • F270 from Helmond (14 km)
  • F615 from Veldhoven (7 km)

By car


The A2 national highway from Amsterdam to Maastricht passes Eindhoven to the west and south of the city. The A2 connects here with the A58 to Tilburg and Breda and to the A67/E34 from Venlo to Antwerp. The A50 connects Eindhoven to Nijmegen and Zwolle. If you're driving to Eindhoven, local access from the highways is provided by the N2 "Randweg", which runs in parallel along the A2 and A67 highways around Eindhoven. Look for "Randweg N2" early on when approaching Eindhoven to avoid having to make substantial detours, or use an up-to-date navigation system.

As in all larger Dutch cities, parking in the city centre is quite expensive and during rush hours the main streets can be jammed.

There is however a Park & Ride service operating next to exit 31 of the N2. This service, called P+R Meerhoven (Page in Dutch), costs €4 for the first 24 hours. From here, lines 18, 401 and 402 provide a frequent bus service to the city centre, with retour bus tickets to the city centre costing €0.50 per person. The bus and parking tickets can be bought on-site at the machine using a debit or credit card.

Get around


The city centre is largely car-free and small enough to get around on foot. If you're headed for the outskirts or surrounding villages, take the bus or rent a bike.

By bus


Eindhoven has an bus network where most lines start and end at the train station. It is possible to pay your trip by tapping your debit or credit card when entering and exiting the bus (OVpay, €1.08 + €0.188 per km, 2023). It is also still possible to buy the older OV-chipkaart, a prepaid travel card (same price as OVpay) or buy a single use paper ticket with your debit card at the bus driver (€4.80 for each bus, 2023). You can plan your trip in advance using the trip advisor of Hermes bus company which serves bus transport in the Eindhoven region.

By bicycle


You can rent a bicycle at a few bike shops in the city centre.

There are multiple bicycle sharing systems available: Go Sharing offers floating e-bikes for €0.26€/min (Jan 2024). Tier offers floating e-bikes for €1,00 + 0.23€/min (Jan 2024), They can be unlocked and returned anywhere in the service area using the app. In busy locations the bikes can be only be parked at official hubs.

Cargaroo offers electric Cargo bikes throughout the city for transporting kids or larger cargo.

At the train stations OV-fiets bikes are available for €4.45/24h (€9.55/24h after the first three days). These bikes can only be rented with a personal OV-chipkaart with valid NS flex or OV-fiets subscription which can only be taken with a Dutch bank account .

Bicycle theft is a problem in the Netherlands, and Eindhoven is no exception, so make sure that you have a proper lock and always lock the bike to the bike stand. When you're out shopping in the city centre, use the free guarded bike parks under the 18 Septemberplein (entrance in the middle of the square, open M-Sa 08:00-23:30) or in the basement of the Heuvelgalerie (entrance on the north-west corner, M-Th 08:00-20:00, F Sa 08:00-04:30). Both are open on "shopping Sundays", but for limited hours. The guarded bike park in the train station has broader opening hours and costs around €1.35 per day.

By e-mopeds


Go Sharing offers e-mopeds for €0.29/min (Jan 2024). Check offers e-mopes for €0.75 + €0.33/min (Jan 2024) Take and return anywhere inside the service area via the app. In busy locations the e-mopeds can be only be parked at official hubs.

By e-hailing


Uber and Bolt cover the city.

By taxi


Taxistands can be found on the north and south sides of the railway station. Taxi transport in the Netherlands is rather expensive. The maximum rate is a starting fee of €3.36 plus €2.47 per km (2022). Eindhoven Airport has a taxistand 50 m from the terminal entrance/exit.

By car


There is a Avis car rental office on the Fuutlaan, a 10-minute walk from the train station. There is a Sixt car rental is at the Vestdijk in the city centre, an office of Hertz is located at the High Tech Campus. At the airport there are car rental offices of Avis, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz and Sixt.

In the city centre, it is difficult to find a place to park on the street, but there are quite a lot of parking garages, well indicated by "P" signs. Prices are up to €3.08 per hour with a maximum of €22.00 per day. Just outside the city centre you can park at parking garages and areas for around €2.20 per hour, with a daily maximum of €6.50-10.00. To park on the street in a residential area around the city centre you will pay €2.20 per hour with a maximum of €6.50 per day.


The new building of the Van Abbemuseum is quite a sight itself

In order to claim you have seen Eindhoven, at least a glance at its Philips-related history is a must. Fortunately, this is hardly a challenge as many of the Philips sights are right in the heart of the city. The Van Abbe Museum is the main attraction listed by travel guides and is an excellent pick if you're into modern art.


  • 1 Van Abbemuseum, Bilderdijklaan 10, +31-40-238-1000, . Tu-Su 11:00-17:00. The Van Abbemuseum is one of the leading museums for modern and contemporary art. The impressive collection includes works of Picasso, Chagall, Kandinsky, El Lissitzky, Theo van Doesburg, Mondriaan and Appel. The museum café is a pleasant place next to the Dommel river and can be visited on its own (free). Adult €13, students €6.
Inside the DAF Museum
  • 2 DAF Museum, Tongelresestraat 27, +31-40-244-4364, . Tu-Su 10:00-17:00. Learn all about the history and designs of DAF vehicles from 1928 till the present day. The collection includes trucks, extraordinary cars and other DAF-products, but also 1930 shops and company offices from old times. Adults €12,50, students/groups: €8, ages 5-15 w/ adult €6, < 5 years old: free.
Reconstruction at the open-air Eindhoven Museum
  • 3 Eindhoven Museum (Formerly known as Historic Open Air Museum), Boutenslaan 161 B, +31-40-252-2281, . Apr-Oct: Daily 11:00-17:00, closed from Nov-Mar. Travel back into Eindhoven's history. This historic museum boost reconstructions of an Iron Age village, a farm around the year 1000 and the Medieval town of Eindhoven. Try visiting during weekends or holidays, when there are extra activities. €8.50.
  • 4 De Fabriek, Baarsstraat 38, +31 40 255 15 30, . De Fabriek (The Factory) is a workspace for artists and designers. The space is made available to professional artists who want to develop themselves and their work in the area of The Factory. They present their work after a working period.
  • 5 MU Artspace, Emmasingel 20 (in the Witte Dame, opposite the Public Library on the first floor), +31 40 296 16 63, . Mu brings expositions about the hybrid visual culture of now and later. It aims to be 'an adventurous guide to all art lovers with a keen interest in the energetic mix of art, design, popculture and new media.' Also popular with young people (under age 35). It often has lectures or other activities on Thursdays.
  • 6 Philips Museum, Emmasingel 31, +31 40 235 90 30, . Tu-Su 11:00-17:00. Philips first factory lies right in the heart of the city. The Philips museum provides a fascinating picture of the way in which Philips evolved from a small incandescent lamp manufacturer into a large and prestigious international group of companies. Child €6, adult €11.
  • 7 Ton Smits House, Jacob Reviuslaan 25, +31 40 211 47 86, . Only on Wednesdays, from 11:00 till 17:00, unless you make an appointment. Take a look in this former studio and residence of Dutch cartoonist and artist Ton Smits, who drew hundreds of humour-sketches in well-known American magazines including The New Yorker and The Saturday Evening Post. He lived and worked in Eindhoven from 1957 until his death in 1981. €2.50.
De Lichttoren, while hardly spectacular, is one of Eindhoven's key landmarks


The Evoluon was built as a futuristic reminder and celebration of the city's innovative and technical character.
  • 8 Lichttoren (Light Tower), Corner of Mathildelaan and Emmasingel. On the top floors of this 7-edged, white tower building, Philips used to perform its light bulb endurance tests. The 24/7 burning lights in the building gained it the title of "Light Tower". Later it also housed the headquarters of Philips' lightning department. Around it where some of the company's main production buildings. After serious renovations, the building now holds private lofts and offices. On the down floor restaurant Usine offers a nicely decorated surrounding for a coffee break.
  • 9 Witte Dame (White Lady), Emmasingel. Next to the Light Tower is the Witte Dame. It was designed by Dirk Roosenburg and built in 1931 in the style of the New Objectivity. It was built to be a radio factory, and now houses Eindhoven's Design Academy and Public Library.
  • 10 De Admirant, Emmasingel. The highest building in Eindhoven, directly opposite the Witte Dame. The 105-meter tower is the sky-high middle point of a new shopping area called "Around the Admirant". The "Around the Admirant" area was designed to include not only the retail stores in the Admirant's down floors, but also those in the organically shaped Blob. All the top floors are residential apartments.
  • 11 Evoluon, Noord Brabantlaan 1a, +31 40 250 46 43. This mushroom-shaped building strongly resembles the popular idea of a UFO, making it a very futuristic design when it was built in 1966 for the 75th anniversary of Philips, as a symbol for the company's technological achievements. It served as a popular technology museum until diminishing incomes led to its closure in the 1980s. Nowadays, it is a conference centre.
  • 12 Vestedatoren, corner of Vestdijk and Smalle Haven. The 2006 Vesteda tower is considered one of the main landmarks in Eindhoven's skyline. With 90 meters this apartment building is the 5th highest building in the city. It was designed by Jo Coenen and is part of his broader design for the modern urban Smalle Haven area surrounding it.
Catherinakerk in the night


  • 13 Oude Toren, Oude Torenstraat 1 (Woensel). The "Old Tower" is all that remains of a 14th- or 15th-century church in the style of the Brabantine Gothic. It's the only really old church building left in the city today.
  • 14 Paterskerk, Tramstraat 37 (Centre). A late 19th-century Neo-Gothic church, built for monastery Mariënhage that is next to it. The monastery and the church are recognized as national heritage sites.
  • 15 Sint-Catharinakerk, Stratumseind 2 (Centre). Tu-F 09:30-17:00, Sa 10:00-18:00, Su 10:00-12:00 (but church services take place on Sundays). Neo-Gothic Catholic church in the city centre, built in 1861 and designed by Pierre Cuypers, a famous Dutch architect
  • 16 Sint Joriskerk, Sint Jorislaan bij 51 (Stratum). This 1884 Neo-Gothic church was designed by Hendrik Jacobus van Tulder and built in the shape of a basilica. With its height of 91 m, it is the highest church of Eindhoven.
  • 17 Sint Martinuskerk, 't Hofke 1 (Tongelre). This Neo-Gothic church was designed by Emmanuel Corbey and built in 1888. The two towers on either side of the main portal are unfinished.
  • 18 Sint Petruskerk, Kloosterdreef (Woensel). This Neo-Gothic church was designed by Louis Kooken and built in 1875.


  • 19 Commonwealth War Cemetery, Baffinlaan 1 (Woensel). The Commonwealth War Cemetery is part of the General Cemetery in Woensel. Of all the soldiers who are buried on the Eindhoven cemetery about four fifths belonged to the air force, and died in the period between 1941 and 1944 during attacks over this part of Holland or on the return route from missions to Germany. The soldiers of the ground army who are buried here died between September 1944 and May 1945. During almost this entire period the 79th and 86th British general hospitals were in Eindhoven. There are nearly 700, 1938-1945 war victims buried on this cemetery of which 679 victims have been identified.
  • 20 Jewish Cemetery, Groenewoudseweg 4 (Woensel). This Jewish cemetery is a national heritage site of the Netherlands.



Eindhoven is perhaps the liveliest city in the South of the Netherlands. If you're willing to get informed, you'll find events are taking place at almost any given time. If you're flexible in planning, try to visit during one of the main events like GLOW or the Dutch Design Week. When you've had enough of the urban vibe, just head for one of the many natural areas around and see a whole different side of the Eindhoven region.

  • Dive into Eindhoven's industrial history. Walk by former industrial complexes in the centre, such as the Lichttoren (one of the cities main landmarks), the Admirant and the Witte Dame. Visit Philips' first Incandescent Lamp Factory of 1891, now a small museum. Just outside the centre you'll find Strijp-S, with the famous Klokgebouw (Clock building). The robust former factory buildings of this Philips area are now being transformed into the bustling creative heart of the city. An English bike route along the main Philips-sights is for available at the tourist information office for €2. To get an idea of that other major industry that has shaped the city, visit the DAF-truck museum.
  • Explore Eindhoven's historic heritage. Rent a bike at the train station and visit a selection of the 140 Rijksmonumenten (National Heritage Sites), also outside of the direct city centre. Or go back in time at the Historic OpenAir Museum, where you can experience life in Eindhoven during the Middle Ages and before.
  • If you're into design, try to visit the city during the Dutch Design Week. Check the website of the Design Academy for any upcoming events or their graduates exhibition around October. On Strijp-S you can visit the large shop, workshop and restaurant of world famous designer Piet Hein Eek.
  • The Genneper Parks recreation area provides ample opportunities to relax and enjoy nature, but also allow for an active day trip. The Milieu Education Center provides walking routes, including a GPS track through the park. There's a biological farm and shop, a cartoon museum, a restaurant with mini-golf options and several sports facilities. For example, take a dive in Zwemcentrum de Tongelreep, one of Europe's largest swimming centres.

Bicycle tours

Direction sign Rondje Eindhoven

There are signed bicycle tours in and around Eindhoven. Just rent a bike and explore the surrounding villages, forests and heaths.

  • Light Tour. 18 Sep till second Sunday of Oct: 19:00-22:30. In order to commemorate the liberation of Eindhoven after the Second World War, volunteers and sponsors join forces each year to put a 22 km illuminated "Light route" trough Eindhoven in place. It features thousands of light bulbs illuminating fairy tale designs and other subjects. This tradition was initiated right after the war, dropped for years but reinstalled in 1984. The lights are turned on every evening from 19:30 til 23:30 for a week, starting on September 18. You can take the route individually, on foot, by car or by bike. There's also one organized group bike tour and a bus tour: ask the Tourist Information Office. Free of charge.

Concerts & theatere

  • 1 Dynamo, Catharinaplein 21, +31 40 239 31 10. You'll find the country's largest youth centre, Dynamo, in the heart of Eindhoven. It offers a wide variety of activities, from workshops, community and popular art projects to dancing, sports and concerts. All different youth cultures are welcome here, including the hiphop, dance, house, rock and metal scene.
  • 2 Effenaar, Dommelstraat 2 (Diagonally opposite the train station), +31 40 239 36 66, . Besides a bar/restaurant, the Effenaar houses 2 large halls for concerts and dance events. It offers a stage for local talent but also receives major international artists.
  • 3 Muziekgebouw Frits Philips, Heuvel Galerie 140, +31 40 244 20 20. This large music centre in the heart of the city offers a broad range of concerts, varying from jazz and classical to world music and acoustic rock.
  • 4 Parktheater, Elzentlaan 50, +31 40 215 61 56, . This large and modern theatre on the edge of the Stadswandelpark offers over 500 theatre activities a year.
  • 5 Natlab, Kastanjelaan 500 (Strijp S), +31 40 294 68 48, . Natlab (before Plaza Futura) is a cultural meeting place for contemporary art with film (mostly classics and art house films) as a basis.
  • The Rambler, Stationsweg 12, +31 6 523 32 189, . Blues, Hardcore, Punk and Rock. Open podium 2 or 3 Thursdays a month for all styles.






  • 12 PSV Eindhoven, Philips Stadion, Frederiklaan 8, +31 40 250 55 12. They play soccer in Eredivisie, the Dutch top tier. Their home ground is Philips Stadium, capacity 34,000, close to city centre. Tours are possible, either a group tour (minimum 20), or a combined tour with the Bavaria Brewery; or you can go into their restaurant "de Verlenging" (south-east side) and take a peek from the terrace. Their second-string team Jong PSV play in Eerste Divisie the second tier, usually at De Herdgang 4 km north of the centre.
  • FC Eindhoven play in Eerste Divisie, the second tier. They play at Jan Louwers Stadium (capacity 4600), 2 km south of city centre.

Parks and gardens


Despite its industrial character, Eindhoven is the "greenest" of the five largest cities in the country. Even within the province of North-Brabant, it is the greenest of the top five cities there. The park and grass fields around Lake Karpendonck make a great place for a summer picnic. If you're up for a stroll, try the City Walking Park (Stadswandelpark), at walking distance from the centre and decorated with some 30 sculptures. Just south of the Stadswandelpark lie the larger Genneper Parks where nature and recreational activities come together (see above under "Do"). Within the Genneper Parks you'll find the Heempark Frater Simon Deltour, with example gardens showing original regional landscape types and natural habitat. The Philips van Lenneppark in the north of the city was named after Frits Philips' wife, whose maiden name was van Lennep. The family donated the park to the city for the 75 year anniversary of the Philips company. It houses a playground, skate park and petting zoo. Older is the Philips de Jonghpark just 1 km to the north between the Oirschotsedijk and the railway. This park was donated in 1920 by Anton Philips (the father of Frits) and his wife, whose maiden name was De Jongh. In the middle of the park is a pavilion for drinks and snacks.


The GLOW festival transforms the entire city into a giant lights show, including many of its monuments and key buildings, like the Stadhuis, almost unrecognizable in this photo

Eindhoven is a large and bustling city, with a full agenda. Dozens of large and small events are organized each year, a number of which are unsurprisingly about artificial light and design. Some of the major ones are listed below, but check the event calendar on the tourist information website to see what's planned during your visit.

  • Carnival, All over the city. Five days of Carnival in almost all pubs. Street Carnival in the centre and the traditional parade on Saturday.
Dutch Design Week brings about unexpected levels of creativity
  • Dutch Design Week, All over the city. During the Dutch Design Week in October Eindhoven is all about design, in all its disciplines and aspects. Some 1500 designers display their work and over 300 different events and activities are organized throughout the city. There are workshops, lectures, seminars, shows and exhibitions. Many activities require registration in advance and for some you'll have to pay.
  • Eindhoven Culinair, Stadswandelpark (Next to the Parktheater), . Four days in May during Pentecost. About 30 local selected restaurants get the opportunity to present themselves with an assortment of their specialties. All dishes are prepared on the spot.
  • Eindhoven Marathon. The Eindhoven marathon is an annual marathon held since 1956. The event always takes place in October. The marathon of Eindhoven is after Amsterdam and Rotterdam the largest marathon in the Netherlands. Since 2004 the track has been adjusted several times for making it become a real city marathon. On this marathon applies a time limit of five hours running. In addition to the full marathon this running event also includes a half-marathon, a 6-km run and a 3-km run. €42.
  • Glow Eindhoven. Glow is an International Forum of Light in Art and Architecture, Eindhoven at its best. The city centre becomes the stage for interventions, installations, performances and events - all celebrating the phenomena of artificial light. Buildings are illuminated artistically, there are luminous works of art and more, making this week a great time for an evening walk through town. There are different locations and opening hours. Mid-November.
  • Light Tour. 18th of September till second Sunday of October. 19.00u - 22.30u. In order to commemorate the liberation of Eindhoven after the Second World War, volunteers and sponsors join forces each year to put a 22 km illuminated "Light route" trough Eindhoven in place. It features thousands of light bulbs illuminating fairy tale designs and other subjects. This tradition was initiated right after the war, dropped for years but reinstalled in 1984. The lights are turned on every evening from 19:30 til 23:30 for a week, starting on September 18. You can take the route individually, on foot, by car or by bike. There's also one organized group bike tour and a bus tour: ask the Tourist Information Office. Free of charge.
  • Music on the Dommel, River Dommel (Between the van Abbe Museum and Stratumseind), +31 6 1723 63 50, . Two full days at the end of May or the begin of June. Music on the Dommel is the ability for musical groups from Eindhoven and surroundings to present themselves on a big stage to a wide audience. Free.
  • Park Hilaria Fair, Kennedylaan (Directly north of the train station). Eindhoven's large annual funfair brings over a 100 big and small attractions to the Kennedylaan, which is closed down entirely to host the event. You'll find thrill rides, children's rides, games, street theater, music and of course lots of food and drinks. It lasts a week and usually takes place around the beginning of August. There's no entry fee but you'll pay for the attractions.
  • XO Live (Extrema' Outdoor), Aquabest, . A full day in mid-July from 22:00-11:00. Dance festival on the beach of Aquabest with a wide range of performers Regular €59.
The Eindhoven branch of the Dutch department store De Bijenkorf has a fittingly modernist facade, with the honeycomb theme reflecting the store's name, meaning "the beehive"



Eindhoven is the regional centre for shopping, and offers a wide range of large and small stores, including all the large chains in the Netherlands and a good number of small speciality shops. As it is hardly a touristic city, traditional souvenirs are relatively hard to come by. The VVV tourist information office in the train station has some Dutch and Eindhoven oriented gadgets. Light bulb cartoons and similar images are a typical reference to Eindhoven's history in lightning. Also, museum shops will have some gift items relevant for their exhibitions.

Opening hours


With some exceptions, shops close at 18:00 on weekdays and 17:00 on Saturdays, like in the rest of the country. Friday is "buying-evening" in the city centre, with shops open until 21:00. Shops are now allowed to be open on Sunday and most of the shops in the city centre indeed open every Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00. Most places in shopping centre Woensel XL open only the first and last day Sunday of the month, and keep similar hours. You'll find that businesses in the other districts typically remain closed on Sundays, with the exception of bars and restaurants.

The Heuvel Galerie occupies a big portion of the city's centre

City centre


With the covered shopping centre 'De Heuvel Galerie', large department stores including 'De Bijenkorf' and an extensive selection of boutiques and specialist shops, the centre of Eindhoven is the most bustling shopping centre in the south of the Netherlands. The following streets form the main, pedestrianised shopping area: 18 Septemberplein, Nieuwe emmasingel (admirant), Demer, Rechtestraat, de Markt, Nieuwstraat, Hermanus Boexstraat, Vrijstraat and Hooghuisstraat.

  • 1 De Heuvelgalerie. Placed between the central station and the market square, is a covered shopping mall with a broad selection of stores. You'll find anything from clothing and shoes till toys, a bike store and a Mac retail shop.
  • If you're looking for somewhat more exclusive fashion, try the Hooghuisstraat. It has a bunch of good boutiques and fashion stores.
  • 2 Piazza Center. On the 18 Septemberplein is a modern, covered 3-storey shopping area with a bunch of clothing and shoes stores and others. Here you'll also find de Bijenkorf, one the largest and most exclusive department stores in the Netherlands and Zara, Ici paris XL, a fairly large beauty store.
  • 3 Admirant shopping. An old part of Eindhoven's centre that has had a complete facelift. This part used to be primarily known for the old headquarters of Philips and the lamp factory (now a museum). Now it is a trendy shopping area with the glass structure "the Blob" and a new shopping street while keeping the little piece of Eindhoven's history intact. The street has a mix of large chains like Selexyz, Dept, Douw Egberts, but also smaller design stores like Janissima temporary concept store, Onigiri Art on T-shirts and Van Bommel Shoes.

Outside the centre

  • When exiting the train station on the North side, it is a 5-minute walk to the Kruisstraat. In this internationally oriented street the shops include Turkish, Asian and other foreign supermarkets. On the square at end of the Kruisstraat, The Woenselse Markt, a fairly large weekly market is held on Saturdays.
  • A few kilometres north of the centre, in the district Woensel, lies shopping centre Woensel XL. This large and semi-covered shopping centre offers a broad range of retail stores, mostly chains, making it a good alternative location for a general shopping spree. One advantage is the ample (but paid) parking space.


  • 4 Woenselse market, Woenselse Markt (about 1 km north of the city centre). Saturday 10:00-17:00. The largest and busiest market of the city. Stalls selling a wide range of goods, fruit and vegetables, fish, clothing and household items.
  • Weekly market, Tuesday 09:00-14:00 (15:30 during daylight saving time), De Markt (city centre)
  • Small art & collectibles, Saturday 10:00-17:00, De Markt (city centre)
  • 5 FeelGood Market, Festival area, Klokgebouw, Strijp S. 3rd Sunday of the month. The FeelGood Market gives quirky designers and creative people the opportunity to show their creations to the public. In addition, the market is an approachable and fun way to get aquinted with unique design, exclusive products and the maker himself. There are food stalls and terraces. During bad weather the event moves to the clock building (klokgebouw). Free.

Book stores



Campus TU/e

Eindhoven is home of a technical university, a design academy and an international school.

  • TU/e (Technical University Eindhoven), Den Dolech 2 (on walking distance north of the train station), +31 40 247 47 47. Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research university specializing in engineering science & technology. TU/e ranks number one on the CWTS list of research cooperation with industry. It has been at the top of this ranking since the first edition in 2009.
  • Design Academy Eindhoven, Emmasingel 14, +31 40 239 39 39, . Design Academy Eindhoven is a school for higher education specializing in design. The academy offers a four-year bachelor's program and several master's programs. The school was founded in 1947. The British design magazine ICON placed the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2005 at number five of the most influential people, products and institutions in design worldwide at that time.
  • International School Eindhoven (ISE), Oirschotsedijk 14b, +31 40 251 94 37, . The International School Eindhoven open in 2009. It falls under the umbrella organisation of the Stichting Primair en Voortgezet Onderwijs Zuid-Nederland (SPVOZN), an educational foundation with on four sites. Two sites are international. Primary (360 students) and secondary (250 students).



You'll find plenty of restaurants in the city centre. Main restaurant areas are the Dommelstraat (almost directly opposite the train station), the Markt and the Bergen kwartier, comprising both the Kleine Berg and the Grote Berg. As for other Dutch cities, you can find restaurant information and customer reviews on several (private) websites, e.g. or They are mostly in Dutch, but numerical ratings will give you an idea of popularity at least. Many restaurants are closed on Mondays and some close down for a week or two during summer.



All these are in the city centre:

  • 1 Friture Dik & Lang, Jan van Lieshoutstraat 28. Fast food is an unhealthy but cheap dinner option. "Fritures" serving fries and snacks are common, but Dik & Lang is reportedly the best one in the city centre. If you're not a huge mayonnaise fan, make sure to mention that as you might find all of your fries covered in it.
  • 2 Soho, Jan van Lieshoutstraat 24A, +31 40 236 42 28. Popular place for take away wok (Asian stir fry dishes with noodles or rice) or sushi, but you can also eat in the restaurant. Think fast food place with an Asian touch. A simple stir-fry dish served in a cardboard cup is a cheap but quite filling meal. It can get crowded here around lunch or dinner time, but Soho has a second location just opposite the train station where it's often less crowded. Woks €7-9.
  • 3 Bakkertje Bol, Rechtestraat 51. Sandwiches.
  • 4 Hizmet Bakery & Shawarma, Kruisstraat 77.
  • 5 Restaria De Hoek, Stratumseind 10-12. Fast food.
  • 6 Eetcafé Restaurant "Amon", Begijnenhof 25. Fast food.
  • 7 Tony's Oriental Food, Nieuwstraat 7C. Asian.


  • 8 Eetcafé Bommel, Kleine Berg 32, +31 40 245 29 22. Bommel is an old time favorite among students and budget travelers. There's no menu: for a fixed amount of €20.50 you get a cup of soup and you can choose between the meat or vegetarian dish of the day.
  • 9 Grand Café De Wildeman, Markt 10, +31 40 245 23 00. The Wildeman has, just like it's next door colleagues, a spacious outdoor terrace on the market square. The food is nothing special but you get an okay full plate main.
  • 10 The Trafalgar Pub, Dommelstraat 21, +31 40 244 88 20. In this British pub you can of course find a pretty good shepherds pie. There's an English menu available. €15.
  • 11 Authentiek Turks Restaurant Ege, Rivierstraat 36, +31 40 257 33 79. This cosy restaurant is a long-time favourite among Turkish cuisine lovers in and around the city.
  • 12 Ethiopisch Restaurant, Schootsestraat 170, +31 40 255 52 83. If you're in for something else, try Ethiopian cuisine. Eating here is not in the last place an experience in sharing: food comes in a giant common plate for all people at the table. You eat with your hands. Portions can be on the small side, but the taste is good. €20-30.
  • 13 Yakitory & the Sushi's, Grote Berg 30, +31 40 243 27 00. Popular place for all-you-can-eat sushi. The sushi may not be phenomenal but it's quite okay and with €25.50 for an all-you-can-eat menu well worth the money.
  • 14 super MARKT restobar, Woenselse Markt 10, +31 6 12142332. Th-Su 10:00 - 22:00. Restaurant with bar. Good selection of wines, small size dishes. Reservation possible for 4 people or more. €10 - 15 for a small size dish, €4 - 8 for a glass of wine..


  • 15 Wiesen, Kleine Berg 10, +31 40 244 66 66, . This trendy little restaurant with its ambitious cuisine received a Michelin star in 2014. It's a small place, so make sure to make reservations. €100+.
  • 16 Zarzo, Bleekweg 7, +31 40 211 7700, . One of the most hip and happening up-scale restaurants in town, run by an ambitious young owner with a love for food and wine combinations. Zarzo has a Michelin star since 2015. The modern gastronomic dishes get raving reviews. The special is a six course menu for €83. Try to book well ahead if you want to be sure of a able, especially for weekend evenings. €100+.
  • 17 De Luytervelde, Jo Goudkuillaan 11 (outside the centre, on the edge of villa area Acht-Zuid), +31 40 262 31 11. This classical restaurant is in an old, beautifully restored farm. If the weather allows, be sure to enjoy your meal in the lovely and peaceful garden. €100+.


The Market Square terraces are a popular place to linger on a sunny afternoon

Bars and eateries's opening times in the city centre are usually until 02:00 during the week, and 04:00 on a Friday and Saturday. Student-nights in Eindhoven are Thursdays. The city's late nightlife mostly takes place in Stratumseind, a street literally filled with bars and fast food places, and the Market Square. The Stationsplein and adjoining Dommelstraat has a few bars too and for a less main stream experience, try the places on the Kleine and Grote Berg which are also more popular with an artistic crowd. Main party days are Thursday to Sunday, and you might find some places to be closed on other days.

De Markt


On a sunny day, the Grand Café terraces on the Market Square fill up in no time. This is the heart of the city, where the shopping crowd sits down for a break, colleagues drink an after work beer and friends meet over coffee or cocktails. You'll find a number of places on and around the Square. Most of them also serve meals, which is why some are listed above under "Eat".

  • 1 O-Sheas (Irish pub), Jan van Lieshoutstraat 9, +31 40 246 62 13. Just off the main square, this place has a great atmosphere, great beer, live music at the weekend after 22:30. Sports events, especially football, are shown on two big screens.
  • 2 De Vooruitgang, Markt 11, +31 40 243 39 95, . This "City-café" is quite similar to the ones next to it, but a long time favorite and repeatedly listed as having the best terrace in the city. They also serve food, but to choose from the full menu you have to take a table in the 1st floor restaurant. After about 22:00 the music volume is turned up.
  • The Little One, J v Lieshoutstrt. 26, +31 40 243 89 95. Extremely small and somewhat harder to find pub, specialised in cocktails and whiskey.

Stationsplein and Dommelstraat


The Stationsplein lies directly across the street from the train station. It has some "Grand cafés", dancing bars and terraces. The Dommelstreet with all its restaurants is a side-street of the Stationsplein and has a bunch of good bars too. All the way at the end of the Dommelstreet you'll find the Effenaar, Eindhoven's main popular music music stage.

  • 3 De Effenaar, +31 40 239 36 66. A young 'underground' venue for gigs and DJs. The terrace can be a good place to lounge on a warm evening.
  • 4 Leefcafé Het Spiegelbeeld, Dommelstraat 22, +31 40 243 99 56. This laid-back "living-café" wants its visitors to feel at home and plays a broad range of recognizable music, ranging from rock, salsa and modern pop to hits from the 1970s and even the incidental house track. They serve small dishes.
  • Liquid. which is for people aged 23 or over, where you can party-on-down to music from the 1970s and 80s!
  • Ramblers, +31 6 523 321 89. More rock/metal oriented with live music on many nights.


Stratumseind: the longest pub-street in the Netherlands

Go for a pub-crawl in the longest pub-street in the Netherlands. With over 40 bars and a number of places to eat, Stratumseind is Eindhoven's main nightlife area. Bar-hopping is the best way to get the Stratumseind-vibe. Its venues attract renowned DJs on a regular basis and when the weather allows the street becomes part of the party ground. The eating places stay open late, even after the bars close, to allow for the essential bite afterwards. The bars include:

De Bergen


'De Bergen' is a piece of old Eindhoven, which is still in reasonably original condition. The pleasant bars and restaurants on the 'Kleine Berg' are popular with the more artistic members of the public. It is a few minutes' walk through the narrow streets to Wilhelminaplein.



In this characteristic square there are authentic brown bars, terraces and live-performances. In summer, open-air performances are regularly organized. Every Sunday afternoon and Monday evening stunning live performances are given at café Wilhelmina.

  • Café Wilhelmina, Wilhelminaplein 6, +31 40 244 72 86. An old-fashioned but cosy café. You can play darts, every Sunday afternoon and Monday evening live performances are given and once a month there is a bal folk.
  • De Gaper, Wilhelminaplein 5, +31 40 246 77 70. This bar specializes in distillates and serves over 200 different sorts of whisky.


This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget Under €50
Mid-range €50 to €100
Splurge Over €100

Hotel rooms are abundantly available in the city, mainly serving an international business crowd visiting the many technology initiatives. With the exception of major soccer matches in the PSV stadium, Eindhoven rarely runs out of places to stay. Most accommodation is offered by large chains in the city centre and doesn't come cheap. Listed minimum prices can be significantly higher when the cheaper rooms are all taken, so check actual prices on the hotel or booking websites. Prices are often lower in the weekends. In many cases, €3.50 tourist tax and breakfast are not yet included.

If you're on a budget, check out the bed & breakfasts. These are smaller places which are often cheaper than the hotels (some starting around €30) but many of them don't have a website. Alternatively, consider the villages surrounding the city where you will find some smaller hotels and campsites. The best place to start is at the VVV[dead link] (tourist info) office just outside Eindhoven Central Station or on their website.

Eindhoven city centre from above


  • 1 3BE Backpacker's Hostel, Stratumsedijk 31, +31 40 212 04 16, . Check-in: 24:00. This hostel offers good value beds in 4- to 12-person dorms and is popular with backpackers. It's simple but clean with friendly staff, good facilities and a central location. Breakfast is not included but can be booked for an additional €10. €40.
  • 2 B&B De Ster, St. Adrianusstraat 29 (3 km from centre), +31 40 211 54 87, . Nice and clean place with a friendly owner. Breakfast is included. It consist of two types of warm breads, juice (lemonade etc.) different types of jam/marmalade, corn flakes with nice milk from Holland, eggs and some meat, and local cheese served with tea/coffee. Two double bed rooms and one single bed room is available. All rooms has got key for safety reason as well as main door key is available for the guests. Take bus number 10 from main station and get down to Sint Jansweg stop. From Jansweg stop it is just 3 minutes walk.
  • 3 Blue Collar Hotel, Klokgebouw 10, +31 40 780 33 34, . Check-in: 16:00, check-out: 12:00. Hotel with a robust, a spacious and an industrial design. Very characteristic is that the industrial look of the past has been kept and some of the former factory's elements can still be found all over the hotel. It's also a Rock&Roll hotel; many festivities and concerts take place here at regular intervals. €50-125.
  • 4 Budget Hotel, Wilhelminaplein 4, 5611 HE Eindhoven, Netherlands (city centre (5 min walk from trainstation), +31 40 244 89 92. Mainly targeting small companies who want to house employees, but when business is low they might accept travelers. Rooms are quite simple, but adequate.
  • 5 Cambiance 't Witven (Camping & recreational centre), Witvenseweg 6, +31 40 230 00 43, . The Witven offers camping grounds but is also a popular place for recreational day trips. They also rent out chalets.
  • Camping De Volmolen, Volmolen 1, Waalre (8 km from Eindhoven central station), +31 40 253 34 98. This camping ground is a 30-minute bus drive and then a 10-minute walk away from the city. Take bus 174, direction Bergeijk.
  • 6 Woonhotel Eindhoven, Leenderweg 176 and 201, +31 40 211 21 11, . This is one of the few places where you have a kitchen at your disposal, allowing budget travelers to self-cater. This place has a few different locations in the city, but the main one is on the Leenderweg. Other locations are Boschdijk 167 and Hastelweg 8. Expect simple rooms and limited service. Prices exclude a €100 bail.


  • 7 Best Western Eindhoven (formerly Mercure Eindhoven), Leenderweg 80, +31 40 212 10 12. Demoted to a Best Western, the former Mercure does not enchant with style and is a bit on the outskirts of the centre, but attractive pricing often makes up for that €60.
  • 8 Boutique Hotel Lumière, Hooghuisstraat 31 A, +31 40 239 49 50. Relatively small, luxurious hotel with good, clean rooms and a central location. Breakfast is served in the next door bakery, but quite good. 70.
  • 9 Crown Inn, Markt 35. Its location in the middle of the centre, on the Markt, is this hotel's biggest asset. Rooms are clean but many have no outside facing windows. It can be quite noisy here, so ask for ear plugs at the reception or bring your own. On Sundays you can book a late check out (17:00) for €12.50 extra €70.
  • 10 Crown Hotel Eindhoven, Vestdijk 14-16, +31 40 844 40 00. Fairly small but good and clean rooms. It's along a busy street, but directly opposite the train station. Wifi is free. €80. (Q75175810) on Wikidata
  • 11 Park Plaza Eindhoven, Geldropseweg 17, +31 40 214 65 00, . It's in the city centre and close to the train station, and has an indoor swimming pool and 3 restaurants. From €69.
  • 12 Queen Hotel, Markt 7, +31 40 245 24 80. On the bustling Market Square, making it a great location but noisy when the café terraces are full. Offers nice and clean but somewhat thin-walled rooms. €60.


  • 13 Holiday Inn, Veldmaarschalk Montgomerylaan 1, +31 40 235 82 35. Renovated with nice and clean standard rooms, just a few hundred meters from the train- and bus station. There's an indoor pool, free wifi and a pretty good restaurant in the hotel. €115.
  • 14 Intell Hotels Art Eindhoven, Mathildelaan 1, +31 40 751 35 00, . This trendy and comfortable 4-star hotel is decorated with a mixture of antiques, design and art. On top of that, it's right in the centre and in one of the cities main landmarks: the Light Tower. €105 to €170.
  • 15 Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne, Vestdijk 47, +31 40 232 61 11. This large 4-star hotel offers renovated, luxurious rooms at a great location. There's an indoor pool, fitness space and sauna. Bathroom privacy in the rooms is somewhat limited and if you like to sleep with an open window, don't take a room at the (busy) street side. €140.
  • 16 Van Der Valk Hotel Eindhoven, Aalsterweg 322 (just on the outskirts of Eindhoven to the south), +31 40 211 60 33, . Van der Valk is a Dutch chain of conference and resort hotels, with this property situated right at the motorway exit, complete with 23 conference rooms, a pool and fitness facilities. Upscale features and amenities come at reasonably low prices if you are flexible with your booking dates. €95.


  • Public library, Emmasingel 22 (In the former Philips building), . The public library in the city centre has some English newspapers and magazines. The English book section is upstairs.
  • Catharina hospital, Michelangelolaan 2, +31 40 239 91 11. The Catharina hospital has an emergency department for patients arriving by ambulance or after referral from a GP. For life-threatening emergencies call 112, for non life-threatening emergencies call the local GP during office hours, or after office hours the night GP 088 876 5151 (Huisartsenpost Eindhoven).
  • Police Station City Center, Mathildelaan 4, +31 900-8844. This police station close to the train station is open 24/7.
  • Lost and Found all found items are managed by the municipality. An overview of items is available on the website .

Stay safe


Eindhoven, as with much of the Netherlands, is safe for the most part. However, up until the late 2000s, the city had the unfortunate reputation of being the country's "murder capital". Though an exaggerated moniker, it did highlight crime rates that were quite high by western European standards. Nowadays you should not have any problems if you know how to be street-smart. The Woensel section, in the north-northwest of the city, has been described as sketchy and seedy by locals and the media, but it has no touristic appeal.



Eindhoven has good 4G/5G coverage from all Dutch carriers. Wifi is widely available in public places.

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The small scale rural countryside around the city has number of charming villages worth a visit. In the South East Brabant region, to which Eindhoven belongs, there are a number of natural areas and parks with marked bicycle and hiking routes. Even to Belgium, which is only a stone's throw away. Visit the tourist information office or check the north brabant tourist website for more information.

  • Nuenen is a village 8 km to the east. Van Gogh worked here as a beginning painter, from 1882–1885. His favorite spots are marked there, and his father lies buried in the local cemetery. Take the N270 or bus 6. Furthermore, there's a small zoo
  • Dierenrijk, Baroniehei, Nuenen, +31 49 266 82 40. €15.50.)
  • Geldrop (and Mierlo), also to the east, is a municipality that comprises two villages. Geldrop has a beautiful castle, surrounded by an 1870 English garden. Bike there or take bus 12, direction Gijzenrooi (~30 min).
  • Veldhoven borders the city in the south-east. Take bus 402.
  • Sint-Oedenrode is about 25 min north on the A50, or take bus 156.
Routes through Eindhoven
Amsterdam's-Hertogenbosch  N  S  WeertMaastricht
ArnhemOss  N  S  END
VlissingenTilburg  W  E  END
Antwerp ← Belgium border (22 km) ←  W  E  Venlo → German border → Duisburg
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