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There is more than one place called Faryab:



  • Faryab (Iran), city in Kerman Province
  • Faryab, Dashtestan, Bushehr Province
  • Faryab, Deyr, Bushehr Province
  • Faryab, alternate name of Rud-e-Faryab, Bushehr Province
  • Tang-e Fariab, Bushehr Province
  • Faryab, Mohr, Fars Province
  • Fariab, Rostam, Fars Province
  • Faryab, Bastak, Hormozgan Province
  • Faryab, Minab, Hormozgan Province
  • Faryab, Rudan, Hormozgan Province
  • Faryab, Rudkhaneh, Hormozgan Province
  • Faryab-e Isin, Hormozgan Province
  • Faryab-e Sanguyeh, Hormozgan Province
  • Faryab, Khuzestan
  • Fariab-e Kalamak, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province
  • Faryab County, in Kerman Province
  • Faryab Rural District, in Hormozgan Province
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