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Futamatagawa is a city in Kanagawa prefecture, part of Yokohama city.


In 1889, Futamatagawa was created as "Futamatagawamura". In 1926, Futamatagawa station was built, and still serves quite a lot of passengers every day.

Get in[edit]

Go from Tokyo Station to Yokohama Station in JR Toukaidou line (東海道線), transfer to Sotetsu line (相鉄線) at Yokohama Station, it takes about 50 minutes and costs ¥650.

Get around[edit]


  • Child nature park (こども自然公園), +81 45 -311-2016.  It is a very big park. It takes 10 minutes walk from the station. Child nature park is loved by many people from old. Before,there was not park but pond. There is made a 1700. And,it is said that cooked by the water of this pond in tsurugamine battle. "gennzibotaru" lives in there. So, there is admitted as the Yokohama City specification natural monument Now,in spring,cherry blossoms are very beautiful.So,many people come to see cherry blossom every year.
  • Zoorashia, +81 45 -959-1000. (ズーラシア) It is a zoo. It takes train from Futamatagawa station to Mutukyou station.And,It takes bus from Mitukyou station. It is a little distance from Futamatagawa station. "Zoorashia"is beautiful zoo. There are many animals. In especially,there is Okapi in the zoorashia. Okapi is very rare animal. Okapi is interesting. Because,face is giraffe and body is zebura. You will be interested in this. You will enjoy there.
  • Nagamasatera, +81 45 -391-1379. (長昌寺) It takes 30 minutes walk from the station. This is "Soudoushu temple". Soudoushu means that there is religion name. Soudoushu says "namusyakamunibutsu" and pray. Many people visit this temple that they strike the temple bell toll on New Year's Eve. Everyone can strike the temple bell toll if you line up. And,you can drink the sweet drink made from fermented rice for free.


  • Manngakissa offtime (漫画喫茶 オフタイム), +81 45 -364-7743. It is 10 minutes walk from the station. There are many kind of comic. You can read mannga freely and use Internet. And, you can drink freely,too.And,this is the private room. If you read comic or use Internet for 2 hours,you pay only 400yen. It is very cheap.So,it is very clam. It is a good place that you can be relax.
  • Central fitness club (セントラルフィットネスクラブ), +81 45 -391-7211.   It takes 2 minutes walk from the station. Central fitness club is gim. You can enjoy many kinds of sports. For example,tennis,squash,golf,sauna bath,pool,etc. But,price is a little expensive. It costs about 5000yen ~ 8000yen. But,It can enjoy from children to afults. Sports is good health for you. So,It is the best place for improving your health.
  • Ukki-tsuushin karaoke (うっきー通信カラオケ), +81 45 -365-6390. It takes 5 mimutes walk from the station. Karaoke is made in Japan. And, it is Japanese new culture. Karaoke means that you choose many kinds of songs,and you can sing many songs. The room is beautiful. There are from big to small room. And,you can eat many foods in there. You can order it. And,the clerk brings it to the room. It is very kind. You can enjoy your friends.


  • [dead link] Jupiter, +81 45 -362-1431. (ジュピター) It takes 1 mimutes walk from the station. You can buy food of the world. For example,you can buy maple cookies,chocolate,pasta,wine etc. There are many rare foods. It is very interesting. Because,pasta is many kinds of shape. For example,ribbon,like shell and ring etc. And,It is delicious. In there,you can buy coffee. If you go to there,you will find aninteresting foods.


  • Shitateya, +81 45 -360-8115. (仕立て屋)  It takes 1 minutes walk from the station. Shit.ateya is a small restaurant of Japanese food. All dishes are very delicious. In especially,Deep-fried oysters is so delicious.And,you can enjoy meals with your friends.Because,there are many kinds of party menu. You can choose meals course. It is famous that alcohol drinks is delicious.
  • Petite fleur (プチ・フルール), +81 45 -365-3566. It is a small cake shop. It takes 1 minutes walk from the station. Cake is very delicious. In especially,shortcake is very delicious. Cake of other kinds are delicious,too. And,cake is a little small So,you can eat easy. After the Christmas,you can reserve Christmas cakes. It is very useful.
  • Kirari, +81 45 -360-8839. (きらり) It is rice ball shop. It takes 1 minutes walk from station. There are many kinds of rice balls. All rice balls are very delicious. Because,rice is delicious. And,ingredient is so fresh. But,rice balls are tender. So,it is difficult to eat. There are miso soup in there. It is delicious,too.


  • Marron field cafe (マロン フィールド カフェ), +81 45 -363-6332.  It takes 1 minutes walk from station. It is very near the station. It is very quiet shop,and it is very calm. It is coffee shop. But,This is not only coffee but also pasta,cake and sandwich. This shop is many kinds of coffee. Coffee is very delicious. Many people always gather this shop.




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