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Gunsan[dead link] (군산시) is a city in North Jeolla in the south of South Korea.


Location in South Korea

Gunsan was a major port during the Japanese occupation, and was left relatively unscathed through the Korean War. As a result, there is a great deal of Japanese and history and architecture remaining. Gunsan has a population of 270,000 and its area is about 396 km².

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Districts of Gunsan-si
  1. Haesin-dong (해신동): Jungang-ro 220. It contains Haemang-dong, Sinheung-dong, Geum-dong.
  2. Wolmyeong-dong (월명동): Guyeong6-gil 51. It contains Wolmyeong-dong, Sinchang-dong, Jungangro1ga-dong, Yeonghwa-dong, Jangmi-dong, Seonyang-dong, Dunyul-dong, Changseong-dong, Myeongsan-dong, Songchang-dong, Gaebok-dong.
  3. Samhak-dong (삼학동): Miwon-ro 17. It contains Samhak-dong, Oryong-dong, Geumgwang-dong.
  4. Sinpung-dong (신풍동): Daehak-ro 215. It contains Sinpung-dong, Songpung-dong, Munwha-dong.
  5. Jungang-dong (중앙동): Keunsam-gil 47. It contains Jungangro2ga-dong, Yeong-dong, Sinyeong-dong, Jukseong-song, Pyeongwha-dong, Jung-dong, Geumam-dong.
  6. Heungnam-dong (흥남동): Jungangro3ga-dong, Daemyeong-dong, Jangjae-dong, Miwon-dong, Dongheungnam-dong, Seoheungnam-dong.
  7. Jochon-dong (조촌동): Jochon-ro 102. It contains Jochon-dong, Gyeongjang-dong.
  8. Gyeongam-dong (경암동): Gyeongam3-gil 56. It contains only Geongam-dong.
  9. Guam-dong (구암동): Saepung-gil 21. It contains Guam-dong, Naeheung-dong.
  10. Gaejeong-dong (개정동): Beonyeong-ro 339–5. It contains Gaejeong-dong, Sajeong-dong.
  11. Susong-dong (수송동): Dongsusong1-gil 7. It contains Susong-dong, Mijang-dong, Jigok-dong.
  12. Naun1-dong (나운1동): Sinseol3-gil 3. It contains only Naun1-dong.
  13. Naun2-dong (나운2동): Naun3-gil 16. It contains only Naun2-dong.
  14. Naun3-dong (나운3동): Bugok1-gil 25. It contains Naun3-dong, Miryong-dong, Singwan-dong, Gaesa-dong.
  15. Soryong-dong (소룡동): Seolliman4-gil 30. It contains Soryong-dong, Osikdo-dong, Bieungdo-dong.
  16. Miseong-dong (미성동): Miseongmunhwa-gil 4–5. It contains Gaesa-dong, Sanbuk-dong, Naecho-dong.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]

  • 1 Gunsan Station, 197, Naeheung 2-gil, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do, +82 1544-7788. Daily 06:00 to 24:00. It connects the town to Iksan and the wider Korean rail network.

By plane[edit]

By car[edit]

From Seoul, it takes about 2 hours to drive here depending on traffic.

Get around[edit]

There are bus stops everywhere in this city. They connect well to other areas as well, so if you need to get to a tourist spot, it's not too difficult. If you purchase a transportation card, transferring is free. You can get and recharge these at any convenience store. Also, you can take a taxi. There are many taxi companies such as Gunsan Privately Owned Taxi Saemanguem (+1577-9425).


  • 1 Gunsan Modern History Museum, Jangmi-dong 1-67. M-F 09:00-21:00; closed 1 Jan, every 1st and 3rd Monday. History of the city, including its maritime heritage and the period of Japanese colonial rule. Adult ₩3,000, adolescent or soldier ₩2,000, child ₩1,000.
  • 2 Modern Art Museum, Haemang-ro 230, Jangmi-dong. 09:00-18:00 everyday, closed 1 Jan. Housed in a former Japanese colonial bank building. ₩500 adult, ₩300 adolescent or soldier, ₩200 child.
  • 3 Dongguksa Temple (동국사). Probably the only remaining Buddhist temple in Korea that was constructed in the Japanese style.
  • 4 Gunsan Impi Station. One of Korea's oldest stations, built in 1912 but no longer used as a railway station. It is a rail museum and sculpture gallery.
  • 5 Marine Monument. Monument placed where South Korean marines held the line against overwhelming communist forces during the Korean War.
  • 6 Chae Man-Sik Literature Museum, Gangbyeon-ro 449, Guam-dong. 09:00-18:00 everyday. A museum to the famous Korean satirical writer during the Japanese occupation. Free.
  • 7 Jinpo Marine Park (진포해양테마공원), 1-4 Jangmi-dong, +82 63-445-4472. Military museum with ships and planes.
  • 8 Gunsan Modern Architecture (군산근대건축관), Haemang-ro 214,. Mar-Oct 09:00-18:00, closed Mondays and 1 Jan. Gunsan Contemporary Architecture Centre created by the Japanese occupation of the typical financial company, Joseon Bank a place.
  • 9 Wolmyeong Park (월명공원), Wolmeyonggongwon 1-gil 48, Haemang-dong, +82 063-454-3337. It is connected to Wolmyeong Mountain, which is a symbol of Gunsan City, as well as Changgye Mountain, Seollim Mountain, Mubangbang Mountain, and Mt. If you go up the park along the promenade between the ridge and valley, you can see the Gunsan city area, Geumgang Hagduk, West Sea, Outer Harbor, Airfield and Janghang Smelter. The park is well landscaped, and its mature wisteria and cherry trees are lush. There are tourist spots such as Ohseongsan Mountain, Eunpa Amusement Park, and Geumgang Howadduk. Free.
  • 10 Chowon Photo Studio (초원사진관), 12-1, Guyeong2-gil, Sinchang-dong, +82 063 446 5114. 09:00-17:00, closed Mondays. This studio is a film set of Christmas in August. This is not a real studio. Free.
  • 11 Geumgang Migratory Bird Observatory (금강철새조망대), Cheolsae-ro 120, Seongsan-myeon, +82 063 454 5680. 09:00-17:30. Geumgang Migratory Bird Observatory is a eco-friendly park, where you can enjoy the nature of Geumgang estuary bank. Gunsan citizen can enter here by half of price. ₩2,000 adult, ₩1,000 adolescent or soldier, ₩500 child.


  • 1 Saemangeum New Year Festival (군산새만금해맞이행사), Bieung pier.Bieungdo-dong 95. The Gunsan sea wall is the world's longest, and every January 1st there is a festival to celebrate the new year here.
  • 2 Seonyudo Island (선유도), Seonyudo-ri, Okdo-myeon 전북 군산시 옥도면 선유도리 (from Gunsan Station or Gunsan Bus Terminal, take Bus 7 (1 hour intervals), get off at Gunsan Coastal Ferry Terminal (연안여객터미널); the ferry departs departs 6-7 times a day (13-14 times during the peak summer season)), +82 63-454-3337. Seonyudo (선유도) is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the west coast during the summer. It lies in the heart of the Gogunsan-Yeoldo archipelago and consists of some 20 islands in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do. Visitors to the island can also see Munyeodo, Jangjado, and Daejangdo nearby as there are bridges linking the four islands. The starting point of the tour is a small town named "Jinri" adjacent to Seonyudo Beach. On the island you'll find lodgings and restaurants. The town often becomes crowded during peak times in the summer, so if you want to avoid the crowds you may want to rent a bicycle and cross the bridge to Munyeodo or Jangjado or ride over to Jinwolri on the other side of Mangjubong Hill. There are a few restaurants on the island, but not that many options. ₩12,800 adult, ₩11,600 child, ₩10,400 senior.
  • 3 Gunsan Country Club (군산컨트리클럽), Namgunsan-ro 1685, Okseo-myeon, +82 63-472-3333. This is a famous golf course in Gunsan.
  • 4 Gunsan TimeTravelFestival (군산 시간여행축제), Jungang-ro 178, +82 063-454-3542. This festival is held every October in Gunsan-si, using modern architectural heritage. The three-day street, where the Time Travel Festival takes place, features a rickshaw stamp tour to explore modern heritage facilities with a bicycle rickshaw, a Jangdol banger play yard, an experience yard for Japanese martyrdom, a street magic, an art performance, an amateur saxophone performance contest and an art performance program participated by ordinary citizens at the range section of the Lee Seong-dang. Free.
  • 5 Ggongdang Barley Festival (꽁당보리축제), Imsa-gil 10. This festival is held every May to promote regional specialty 'white rice barley'. This is consisted of 7 parts, ggongdang barley madam contest and recreation ground, performance ground, experience ground, marketplace ground, rest ground, and walk ground. Free.
  • 6 Gunsan Insect Experience Learning Farm (군산곤충체험학습농장), Ddeulagrum-gil 70, Napo-myeon, +82 063-451-1973. Everyday 09:00-18:00. It is a place where children make feel the warm feelings of nature and human beings living together, and it brings fond nostalgia to adults as a child. It sells long-lived beetles, stag beetles and other breeding items that can be grown in the home at a low price and provides hands-on learning to elementary school students and children in kindergarten. Visitors can enjoy audiovisual education to see the life of the beetles and stag beetles, insect night field, farmhouse meat field, and touch, sample foreign insects, and learn butterfly sample. A wide range of insects, including beetles, ㄴstag beetles and caterpillars, can also be purchased directly at a price between ₩4,000 and ₩5,000.


  • 1 Gunsan Oldam Public Market (군산공설시장), Singeum-gil 18, +82 063 445 4929. Daily 06:00-21:30. Gunsan Public Market is the most famous traditional market in Gunsan, which was opened 1918 about 100 years ago. You can buy various items such as agricultural products or marine products.
  • 2 Lotte Mart (롯데마트 군산점), Susong-ro 185, +82 063 441 2500. 10:00-23:00, everyday. Closed every 2nd and 4th Sunday.
  • 3 E-mart (이마트 군산점), Guam3.1-ro 137, +82 063 472 1234. 10:00-23:00. Closed every 2nd and 4th Sunday.
  • 4 NoBrand (노브랜드 군산미장점), Dasan Building 1F, Susong-ro 253, +82 063 452 8899. 11:00-22:00. Closed every 2nd and 4th Sunday. A convenience store. Also, you can not use cash, so you must pay by credit or check cards only.


  • 1 Miz Cafe (미즈카페), Haemang-ro 232, Jangmi-dong. Former warehouse, and now a cafe and book shop.
  • 2 Ilhaeog (일해옥), 17-7 Wolmyeong-dong, +82 63-443-0999. 09:00-15:00 everyday.. Classic Korean restaurant. This restaurant is famous for Kong-namul-gukbap (bean sprout and rice soup), and it costs ₩6,000.
  • 3 Lee Sung Dang (이성당), 12-2, Jungangno 1-ga, 45, Wolmyeong-dong, +82 63-445-2772. This is a famous bakery in Gunsan.
  • 4 Sweet India (스위티인디아), 36 Geoseok-gil, Sinchang-dong, +82 63-445-8522. 11:00-22:00 everyday. This place has some pretty good Indian food if you are looking for anything besides Korean.
  • 5 Mulgogi Jari (물고기자리), Bieungnam-ro 5, +82 063-463-1784. Everyday 10:00-21:00. This is a seafood restaurant. And it is in front of the sea, so the landscape is great. The price of sashimi is little bit expensive.
  • 6 Hansoggeum (한소끔), Baekto-ro 284-8, Gunsan-si, +82 063-462-8181. Everyday 11:00-21:30. This restaurant is famous for Seafood Stew in a Hot Pot. And there are lots of seafood dishes. But price is little bit expensive.
  • 7 Wangsan Chinese Dishes (왕산중화요리), Daehak-ro 209, +82 063-467-1318. Everyday 10:00-19:00. Closed every Tuesday. This is the most famous Chinese restaurant in the Gunsan-si. The price of hot-jjamppong (Chinese-style noodles with vegetables and seafood) and baek-jjamppong (not spicy jjampong) is ₩9,000. But you may have to wait because of lots of people.
  • 8 Jirinseong (지린성), Miwon-ro 87,, +82 063-467-2906. Everyday 09:30-16:00. Closed every Tuesday. This Chinese restaurant is famous for hot pepper jajangmyeon (black-bean-sauce noodles). But you should be careful. This one is really really rellay spicy. ₩6,000-9,000.
  • 9 Hanilok (한일옥), Guyeong3-gil 63, +82 063-446-5491. Everyday 06:00-23:00. This is a restaurant of Korean-style dishes. Beef radish soup and Beef Tartare Bibimbap is the most famous. ₩6,000-9,000.
  • 10 Bokseongru (복성루), Wolmyeong-ro 382, Gunsan-si. Everyday 10:00-16:00. 1. jajangmyeon (black bean sauce noodles): ₩6,000. 2. jjamppong (spicy seafood noodle noodle soup): ₩9,000. 3. jjamppong bap (spicy seafood noodle soup with rice): ₩9,000. 4. fried rice: ₩9,000. 5. japchae bap (rice with stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables): ₩10,000. ₩6,000-16,000.


  • 1 Rose hotel (로즈호텔), 48, Dongryeong-gil (By bus, Jinpo Ocean Theme Park (진포해양테마공원역) - number 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 57, 58, 59, 71), +82 10-9089-9420. Tu-Su 18:00-02:00 (last order 24:00). It takes 5 minutes from Lee sung dang to here. It takes 5 seconds from Bean Haewon. It offers a free drink and pretzel for every visitor. Sausage Stew, Chicken ribs with shrimp and Tteokbokki made with oil are typical. After you finish drinking and finish the check, the owner of this store will give you a rose. ₩5,000-21,000.
  • 2 Yukgabeochi (육값어치), Dongsusong2-gil 22, +82 10-8886-5585. 17:00-03:00. Everyday. Korean-style raw meat: ₩35,000. Yukhoe (Korean-style raw beef): ₩19,000. Yukhoe + small octopus + abalone: ₩55,000. Yukhoe + small octopus: ₩29,000. Yukhoe + abalone: ₩35,000. ₩19,000-55,000.
  • 3 Cheongdamisang Gunsasusong (청담이상 군산수송점), Dongsusongan-gil 25, +82 063-465-8686. 16:00-03:00, everyday. Butagagguni (Japanese home-style pork stew): ₩20,000. Butteriggafry (Japanese-style French fried potatoes): ₩15,000. Skiyaggi (Japanese-style pot food that tastes beef and green onion as soy sauce): ₩28,000. Tantannabe (a spicy Sichuan-style soup with beef and vegetables): ₩28,000. Urinegi (chicken-fried dishes that allow you to enjoy a luxurious taste in the mixing of appetizing soy sauce sauce and crispy vegetables): ₩20,000. ₩15,000-28,000.
  • 4 Rose manshon (장미맨숀), 30, Dongsusong 2-gil (by bus, Su-song Community Center (수송주민센터) number - 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 42, 43, 44, 83), +82 070-7576-3575. everyday 17:00-03:00. The set menu with pasta and chicken is the most famous. If your name is jamg-mi or rose, you can try one of the menus for free. pasta ₩15,000, fried chicken ₩16,000, beer ₩2,800, soju ₩4,000.
  • 5 Soju-jip (소주집), 10, Dongsusong 7-gil (by bus, Su-song Community center (수송주민센터) number - 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 42, 43, 44, 83), +82 10-3767-8844. If you go for a drink here, you can get some light sweets and canned peaches for free. Whelk soup, pasta, spicy Makchang, fried chicken is representative menu. whelk soup ₩18,000, pasta ₩15,000, spicy Makchang ₩16,000, fried chicken ₩16,000.
  • 6 Simyasikdang Jyulai (Izakaya) (심야식당쥬라이), Dongsusong6-gil 22, +82 063-911-7517. hours=Su-Th 17:00-02:00, F Sa 18:00-03:00. Signature menu: 1. Gambas: ₩20,000, 2. Tuna&Salmon: ₩25,000, 3. Salmon&avocado: ₩18,000. There are lots of delicious food and drinking. ₩15,000-30,000 per dish.
  • 7 Mechanic (Bar) (메카닉), Guyeong7-gil 56, +82 063-910-9945. Everyday 12:00-02:00. Mechanic is a nice atmosphere rooftop bar. There are lots of drinkings (alcohols). Almost up to ₩10,000.
  • 8 Wolmyeongdong Whigalley (Izakaya) (월명동 휘겔리), Guyeong5-gil 68, +82 010-3464-7424. Everyday 17:30-02:00, closed every Tuesday. This store is in the wooden building built 100 years ago. There are many delicious food and alcohol. But Sake (Japanese alcohol) is little bit expensive.
  • 9 Gureumgongbang Eunpalakepark (구름공방 은파호수공원점), Eunpasunwhan-gil 76-7, +82 063-467-5556. Everyday 12:00-24:00, closed every Monday. This is a Western food restaurant. ₩14,000-27,000.
  • 10 Geobuki Siktak (거북이식탁), Guyeong7-gil 58, +82 010-9038-2824. Everyday 17:00-01:00, closed every Monday and every last Sunday of each month. This store is famous for Braised Spicy Chicken. ₩10,000-21,000.


  • 1 Best Western Hotel, 435 Saemangeumbuk-ro, +82 634691234. There are various types of accommodations, from a regular double to the Presidential Suite, which is almost 90 m2 and costs ₩990,000. ₩198,000 including VAT for a double (about 27.5 m2).
  • 2 W Hotel, 전라북도 군산시 소룡동 1554-9, +82 63-464-6205.
  • 3 Gunsan Euro Village (유로빌리지), Sinjang-gil 26, Okgu-eup, +82 63-471-1112. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 12:00. Clean housing complex which can hold a family party. Add ₩10,000 per adult and ₩5,000 per child. 1. Pension-type: 47m2, up to 6 people: ₩70,000 for weekday and ₩120,000 for weekend and holiday. Two-storied structure. 2. Condo-type: 76m2, up to 8 people: ₩90,000 for weekday and at least ₩150,000 for weekend and holiday. 3. Condo-type: 89m2, up to 10 people: ₩100,000 for weekday and ₩170,000 for weekend and holiday. VIP condo: 122m2, up to 14 people: ₩160,000 for weekday and ₩250,000 for weekend and holiday.
  • 4 Ramada by Wyndham Gunsan (군산라마다호텔), Daehak-ro 400 (Shuttle buses can accommodate up to 14 people, but services are still in preparation. By taxi, Gunsan Bus or Intercity Bus Terminal, it takes 15 minutes to the hotel.), +82 063-441-8000, . Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 12:00. Free Wi-Fi is available anywhere in the hotel. 42" LED TV, alarm clock, telephone, coffee pot, private safe, refrigerator, business desk, multi-outlet. 2 free bottled water per day, coffee and tea. Fitness center ₩99,000 standard twin; ₩109,000 standard family or deluxe double; ₩119,000 deluxe family. Prices do not include breakfast.
  • 5 Avon hotel (에이본호텔, (구)세빌스호텔), Gyeongjang-dong 462-2 (one minute from Gunsan Intercity Bus Terminal and Express Bus Terminal; 20 minutes from Gunsan Airport to the hotel), +82 063-730-8000. It was built in 2015. In the center of Gunsan, it is convenient for sightseeing or moving to other places. The first and second floors have a fitness center, a banquet hall and a restaurant. The third and eighth floors are rooms.
  • 6 Best Western Hotel in Gunsan (베스트웨스턴호텔 군산), 435 Best Western Hotel, Saemangeumbuk-ro (about a 25-minute drive from Gunsan Station and Gunsan Intercity Bus Terminal), +82 063-469-1234. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 12:00. Nearby attractions include a 25-minute drive to the Museum of Modern History (근대역사박물관), Cheolgil Village (철길마을), and the Cho-won Photo Gallery (초원사진관), which is a filming place for 'Christmas in August'. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and a fitness centre. In addition, the staff can speak foreign languages, making it a good accommodation facility for foreigners. The hotel offers room discounts to employees of companies that have agreements with Gunsan Hotels, officials of Gunsan City and Saemangeum Gunsan Free Economic Zone Authority, customers of wedding and family parties, and long-term guests. Double ₩198,000, Twin ₩220,000, Deluxe Twin ₩242,000, Ondol ₩220,000, Residence ₩242,000, Ondol Suite ₩440,000, Suite ₩440,000, Presidential Suite ₩990,000 ₩198,000~990,000 (include VAT).
  • 7 [dead link] Gunsan Riverhill Tourist Hotel (군산 리버힐 관광 호텔), 56, Michul-ro, Seongsan-myeon (a 20-minute drive from Gunsan Intercity Bus Terminal and a 7-minute drive from Gunsan Station), +82 063-453-0005. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 11:00. Attractions around the hotel are a 20-minute drive to the Meadow Photo Gallery, a Christmas filming location for August, and a 15-minute train ride to Gyeongam-dong Railroad Village. The Modern History Museum is 20 minutes away. Attractions around the hotel are a 20-minute drive to the Meadow Photo Gallery, a Christmas filming location for August, and a 15-minute train ride to Gyeongam-dong Railroad Village. The Modern History Museum is 20 minutes away. ₩70,000.
  • 8 Gunsan Ritz Plaza Hotel (군산 리츠프라자 호텔), 30, Hanbatan-gil (a 15-minute drive from Gunsan Intercity Bus Terminal and a 25-minute drive from Gunsan Station.), +82 063-468-4681. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. Nearby attractions include the Museum of Modern History and the Meadow Photo Gallery, the Christmas location for August. About 20 minutes away is the Gyeongam-dong Railroad Village, a train-lined alleyway with train tracks. standard ₩132,00, suite ₩220,000.



There are 210 public bicycles in Gunsan. Bicycle holders are located at Eunpa Lake Park (은파호수공원), Migratory Observatory (철새조망대), Modern History Museum (근대역사문화박물관), City Hall (시청), Seonyudo (선유도), Eunpa Futsal (은파 풋살장), Terminal (터미널), and Lee-seong-dang (이성당). There are two ways to use public bicycles in Gunsan-si:

To register as a member 1. Register as a member at the 'Gunsan City Public Bicycle Unmanned Rental System' website.

2. Obtain a mobile phone or public iPin certification.

3. Enter your membership information.

4. Register as a paid member and pay the price. Register a rental card (this card can be used with a transportation card or a credit card with a transportation card function).

To register a rental card 1. In the kiosk, select the Rental Card Registration menu.

2. Enter the ID and password of the website of 'Gunsan City Public Bicycle Unmanned Rental System'.

3. Recognize the transportation card or the credit card with the transportation card function in the card reader.

4. Register your rental card and rent public bicycles.

To rent a bike 1. Press '*' on the bike's key button.

2. Touch the card to the LCD window.

3. Enter the card password into the keybutton (the initial password is '0000'. You must access the website to change the password).

4. Wait 1 or 2 seconds and the bike will unlock automatically with a beep.

5. Use a bicycle. 6. The bicycle lock must be inserted when returning the bicycle.

To use as a non-member 1. Press the 'Non-member Bicycle Rental' button in the kiosk.

2. Agree to the terms and conditions of rental of public bicycles.

3. Choose to pay by mobile phone (nonmembers can only pay by mobile phone).

4. Select a mobile operator, enter your phone number, and finish entering the social security number to receive a verification number.

5. After confirming the authentication number received from the mobile phone, enter the authentication number in the kiosk.

6. Go to the bike you want and press '*' on the key button.

7. After entering the authentication number received from the mobile phone, the lock of the bicycle is automatically released.

8. Use your bicycle. 9. The bicycle lock must be inserted when returning the bicycle.

When using public bicycles in Gunsan City, go to the 'Gunsan City Public Bicycle Unmanned Rental System' homepage and look at the 'Rental Status' to see the places you can rent and the number of bicycles you can rent. Cycling hours are from 8 to 20 o'clock in summer and from 9 to 17 o'clock in winter. If you are a member, you can rent 3 hours per day. If you use more than the basic time, you must pay the excess amount of ₩500 every hour. You must pay the excess to rent the bike the next time. If you are a non-member, you need to pay a fee of ₩1,000 per 3 hours. If you use more than the basic time, you must pay the excess amount of ₩500 every hour. The excess will be settled automatically upon return.

In Gunsan, there is a bicycle tour that takes you around the 33-km Saemangeum Seawall (새만금 방조제). Follow the course to Naecho Island (내초도), Bien Island (비응도), Yami Island (야미도), Sinsi Island (신시도), Garyeok Island (가력도) and reach the Saemangeum Exhibition Hall in Buan (부안군 새만금 전시관). This bike tour lets you feel the nature of Gunsan while looking around Saemangeum dike made for reclamation projects.


In Gunsan, free Wi-Fi is available on all city buses. Regardless of the carrier, it is possible to use Wi-Fi within the city bus by connecting to 'PublicWifi @ BUS_Free'. Free Wi-Fi is also available at Gunsan's main tourist attractions. Available places are Judo Beach (유도해수욕장), Jangjado Tourist Village (장자도 관광마을), Munyeo-do Island Parking Lot (무녀도 주차장), Sinsido Pier (신시도 선착장), Yamido Pier (야미도 선착장), Eunpa Tourist Information Center (은파관광안내소) and Water Bridge (물빛다리). Regardless of the carrier, you can connect to 'KOREA FREE WiFi' and use Wi-Fi at that location.

Go next[edit]

  • Iksan is connected to Gunsan on the rail link
  • You can also go to Jeju Island because Gunsan airport has daily flights to Jeju Island.
  • You can go to Gimje by car (about 30 minutes) or by bus (2 hours). There are many attractions like Byeokgoljae (the first Korean reservoir) and Geumsansa-temple and so on. This city is as beautiful as Gunsan.
  • Jeonju is famous for its hanok village. It is also the location of the provincial government in Jeollabuk-do. It takes about an hour by car, and it is a convenient place to visit because tourist attractions are concentrated in one place.
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