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Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county is in Northern Great Plain.


Map of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County

  1 Szolnok (Martfű, Újszász, Rákóczifalva, Besenyszög)
A small city on the banks of the Tisza river.
  2 Jászberény (Jászárokszállás, Jászfényszaru)
A small town famous for Lehel's horn.
  3 Törökszentmiklós Törökszentmiklós on Wikipedia
  4 Mezőtúr Mezőtúr on Wikipedia (Túrkeve)
  5 Kisújszállás Kisújszállás on Wikipedia (Kenderes)
  6 Jászapáti Jászapáti on Wikipedia (Jászkisér)
  7 Kunszentmárton Kunszentmárton on Wikipedia (Tiszaföldvár)

Karcag, Tiszafüred and Kunhegyes are described in the Lake Tisza article.

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  • 1 Alattyán (Archaic: Olaptiuã) (N 34 km of Szolnok). Gecse House, (Gecse Arpad artist's legacy can be viewed oil paintings, graphics, sculpture portraits, plaques and altarpieces with the artist's belongings and documents). Jewish cemetery (memorial park since 1999). Church of St. Michael (1773).
  • 2 Jászapáti (Trains from Szolnok). Farm Museum (agricultural exhibition), Vágó Paul's Local History Collection (Bela Michael ceramic designer works), Roman Catholic church (with two towers of medieval monuments, which modified several times. Its present form got in 1833. The picture of the dome of a church made by Paul Vágó, the side altars painted Mór Than. The building is surrounded by fortified, crenellated fence. Library (19th century, classical style. Located opposite the church. Previously town hall). To Do: Tölgyes swimming-pool (with thermal water, six pools and camping), Fishing Lakes. Events: Harvest Festival: every summer; Spring Starter Farmers days (national horse show and competition); Tradition preserving camp (a week long, crafts "camp" for kids, in the city library.). - Tourinform (Damjanich út 8.)
  • 3 Jászárokszállás (Trains from Szolnok). Kűlső Inn (first half of the 18th century. Loc.:Széchenyi út 104); Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church (1761-1767); City Hall (1863, romantic style); Csörsz Leader Hotel (former "Big Tavern", 1905, loc.: Móczár Andor tér); Jász-house (1882 - permanent ethnographic exhibition, Széchenyi út 31); Industry Board building. To Do: Jászárokszállás Thermal Bath, Peres-lapos lake
  • 4 Jászberény (E 79 km of Budapest; Szolnok 45 km). Franciscan Church and Monastery (Gothic), Jász Museum (permanent exhibitions: historical, archaeological, ethnographic, Lehel horn shrine), Hamza Museum and Jász Gallery Public Foundation, József Sisa creative house Jászberényi Zoo and Botanical Garden, Hajta's marsh.
  • 5 Jászboldogháza (S 15 km of Jászberény , trains from Hatvan, Szolnok). Local History Collection, , Community Centre, Holy Family Roman Catholic Church (built in 1930). Statue of St. Wendelin (Imredy road, built in 1905). - To 'Do': Bicycle Tours of Bíbic nature trail, City Bath (Ft 800, 2014). To stay: Camping (right next to Bath, Alkotmány u. 5)
  • 6 Jászdózsa (Direct train and bus from Szolnok). St. Michael Church (1777-82, late baroque), "Five-hole Stone Bridge" (1811-13, width: 6.65 m and length 40 m), Folk House, Pap forest (natural protected area). Event: Farewell to the last Sunday of each September.
  • 7 Jászfényszaru (Fényszaru) (Bus from Budapesthez, Gödöllő, Hatvan, Jászberény. Trains from Hatvan, Szolnok). All Saints Roman Catholic Church, Kiss József Local History Collection,Papp mansion, Rimóczy mansion. Events: Stubble festival Equestrian Festival
  • 8 Jászjákóhalma (Budapest approx. 86 km, Jászberény, approx. 6 km, from both direct buses). St. James Roman Catholic Church (15th century, Gothic style; in 1778 remodeled in Baroque style); Roman Catholic parish (1904); Holy Cross and Calvary Chapel (1884). Peter Horvath Local History Collection; Stone Cross (1827); Jesus Statue with "Rooster" (19th century). Tarna Bridge (turn bridge); Laki Ida Gallery; Protected barn (18th-century). To Do: walk around the Natural Protected Areas: Templom-coast, Templom Square, Cemetery, Tarna backwater
  • 9 Jászszentandrás (Budapest approx. 100 km, Szolnok, approx. 50 km, from both direct buses). Exaltation of the Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church (Neo-Gothic, 1903 ), Truffle Museum (Járási iskola út 57. Tel:+36-30-6272781), Country House: shows the characteristic Jász furnishing, work tools, tools. To Do: András thermal bath and camping
  • 10 Jásztelek. Bishop of St Martin's Parish Church, Folk House. To Do: Pusztamizse's Natural Protected Area - Stay in a motel (50 bed, Loc.: Jásztelek, Pusztamizse), or a guesthouse (8 beds, Loc.: Jásztelek, Szabadság u. 32),
  • 11 Kenderes (by bus: Abádszalók, Békéscsaba, Eger, Gyöngyös, Gyula, Karcag, Mezőkövesd, Miskolc, Szeged, Szentes, Szolnok, Tiszafüred, by train Abádszalók, Kál-Kápolna, Kisköre, Kisújszállás). Halasy-Horthy Mansion, Horthy family crypt, Maritime Museum, Horthy grove (Szent István Boulevard's protected parkway)
  • 12 Kisújszállás (Karcag district, by train: Szolnok, Debrecen, Nyíregyháza). – Ethnographic Exhibition Hall (Folk Exhibition, Petõfi street nr. 5), Papi Lajos Artists' House (Nyár utca 8.), Folk House (200-year-old, Széchenyi street nr. 58 ), Ecsegpuszta. To Do: Walking in Elizabeth grove (several hectares oak), thermal spa with camping. Horvath farm ("Footsteps of Outlaws" riding tour); Berettyó River (bird world, the Great Bustard reserve). Events: "Hétpróbás Kunokért" (In June, folk quiz games), Kisújszállás Days (in August, colorful folk dance, folk music and folk art shows, fairs); Kun-fighting (in September, the national archery competition) Tourinform Office: Deák Ferenc St., 6.
  • 13 Kengyel (by train: Szolnok, Hódmezővásárhely, Makó). Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Church ( 1934-36); Szélmalom Hill with a windmill (1900, now an ornithological monitoring station); Baghy-major Roman Catholic chapel and protected Turkish hazelnut trees
  • 14 Kunszentmárton (76 km of Szeged, 50 km of Kecskemét and Szolnok, 25 km of Szarvas. - Direct trains to/from Szolnok, Hódmezővásárhely, Makó, Kecskemét, Kunszentmárton). St. Martin Roman Catholic church (1781-1784, one of the tallest church in Hungary), City Museum, City Hall, the Attila József High School, was Körös (historical) hotel, Museum of Local History (Kerületiház Street) was the Kerületiházat. former synagogue (now Béla Bartók Hall for concerts and axhibits, Deák Ferenc Street). Körös dam (with the Farkas bends is unique), 'Alsó' cemetery's chapel and Stacio lines, Köttön street) was the windmill (Szentesi út).- To 'Do': Beach at Körös River bank. Near to the City: the Hármas Körös River and its floodplain (part of the Koros-Maros National Park). Ride on a bike and explore this area, water tours, bird watching, fishing also hunting possibilities are here. Map [dead link] Events: May - May Day Picnic and Children's Day; June - Kaiser Cup Force Festival; The last weekend in June - Wind Orchestra Meeting and Tuszazug Music Festival (Roman Catholic Church); July - Two-days rock festival; August - St. Stephen's Day, Dalamáris Folk Music Festival, Tuszazug cultural shows and Kungyalu's traditional Riding Day; Mid-September - City Day, Körös Fish Food Cooking Competition; November - St Martin's Days. To stay: riverside Camping and Mid-school College.
  • 15 Martfű (Marthfew) (trains to/from Szolnok, Szentes (two hourly), by bus well connected). St. Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church (1993-96, based on Gabor Marosi plans); Historic Mansion Hotel; Community Centre and Library; Local History Exhibition (showing the history of the local shoe factory); City Hall (1993-96, St. Stephen's Square); Reformed Church (1993-96). - To Do: Martfű Thermal SPA Touristical Centre (with Swimming Pool and Camping); boating lake; Tisa floodplain
  • 16 Mezőtúr (By train Budapest, Szolnok, Békéscsaba, Mezőtúr, Orosháza, Mezőhegyes). Mezőtúri Reformed Great Church (1792, rebuilt 1843 to 1845) ; Újváros Presbyterian Church (1894-1896, Neo-Gothic); Roman Catholic Church (1817-1824, Classic Style) ; Lutheran Church (1926, Eclectic); Old Synagogue (Exhibit Hall, 1830, Classical); City Hall (1928, Eclectic); Barracks Firefighter (1927); Petofi house; Albrecht mansion; Turi Pottery Museum; Badár Memorial Room and Pottery Art House; Peres Folk House (built in 1902 steam-powered pumping station, the Koros Valley nature reserve of fauna and flora of the presentation); Local History Collection.- To 'Do': Mezőtúr City Beach and Indoor Swimming Pool - Events: End of August - Dragon Boat Racing; August 20th - St. Stephen's Day Celebration, Harvest Parade; August 20th - National Zither and Folk Dance Gala; Last weekend in August - Tur Fair; mid-August - Mezőtúr Arts Days ('arTur' festival); summer - East Fest music festival (Loc.:Municipal Swimming pool); End of September - Hungarian Folk Tale Day - Storytelling Competition; Mid October - Feast of zither; End of October - Demetrius day's Folksong Singing Competition; End of November - National Championship Wing Chun; December - Children and Youth Zither bands Meeting; December 30th - New Year's Running Competition. - Tourinform Office (Kossuth tér 1.; Tel.: +36 56 550-637 Tel./Fax: +36 56 350-901)
  • 17 Szolnok (By train: from/to Budapest (hourly, 1 hr-1hr 20 min)). Downtown Church, János Damjanich Museum (permanent exhibitions: archeology, ethnography, history, art), Hungarian Aviation Museum, Artist Colony (exhibitions), Taban Country House, Outdoor Water Museum, Szolnok Gallery (Szolnok synagogue), Tisa Grove, Verseghy Park, Colony of House Martin (Molnárfecsketelep, Ságvári Boulevard, in the three-storey houses opposite the market square and the Várkonyi ). Tiszavirág bridge
  • 18 Tiszaföldvár (S of Szolnok, by train Szolnok, Szentes (two hourly)). Urban Reformed Church (Late Baroque, 1788); Lutheran Church (1855, late Classicist); St. Stephen's Church (Roman Catholic, 1894, Neo-Romanesque, Neo-Gothic); Heart of Jesus Church (Roman Catholic, Homok district, Döbrei János út); Princes might apartment (now Tuszazug Geographic Museum, Kossuth Road 101); Kossuth Square historic architectural ensemble; Somogyi Monument (in front of St. Stephen's Church); Free Chimneys (Gulyas-family) house (1890-1900, Kossuth u. 2); Kossuth tree (Oak Methuselah). To Do: Thermal water swimming-pool and Camp (curative thermal waters, waveless swimming pool, baby splash pool, pool water massage jets, hot food restaurant, a snack bar. Volleyball, soccer and water polo).
  • 19 Tiszakürt (by bus: Szolnok, Kecskemét, Gyula). Bolza Castle (end of the 19th century); Reformed Church (1887, eclectic style); Roman Catholic Church; Granary (19th century); "Madáritató" fountain. - To Do: Bolza Arboretum (60 ha, Nature reserve)
  • 20 Tiszavárkony (by train: Szolnok–Kiskunfélegyháza). Virgin Mary Catholic Church (1728, single nave, Baroque) , Reformed Church (1814-1816, neoclassic and late Baroque). recreation park, Art House
  • 21 Törökszentmiklós (ancient: Zenthmyclos, Balaszentmiklós) (by train: Budapest-Nyugati, Szolnok, Debrecen, Nyíregyháza, Miskolc). Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church (built between 1898-1900, Romanesque-Gothic style. Address: Arnold Ipolyi tér 1) ; Reformed Church (historic building, built between 1787-89 Address: Kossuth u, 114); Almasy Palace (1860-1890 eclectic in. not open to visitors during renovation (2014-?). and its park (14 ha, conservation land since 1980); English thoroughbred stud (Szenttamás-puszta, can not be visited); Local History Collection (Ipolyi Arnold Library, Museum and Cultural Center. Address: Almássy u 20). To Do: Bathing beach, camping and fishing lake.
Eurasian stone-curlew, near to Túrkeve
  • 22 Túrkeve (ancient: Keve, for locals: Túrkevi, Kevi) (By bus: Mezőtúr, Kisújszállás). Finta Museum (local history, film and sculpture art), Győrffy-farm, Beaded House. Csörsz ditch (the city's northwestern border). There are many mounds around the Town:Tere mound the most famous. (An excavation area. Here stand the wood palace of Attila Hun great king, the "Scourge of God" (flagellum Dei) . Here found the remains of the most northerly European, settlement from the Bronze Age.); Bokrosi mound (Here found a conquest-era silver plate purse, what is now kept in the Hungarian National Museum); Other mounds in Túrkeve: Burkus mound, Csurgó's mound, Central mound, Bachelor (Legény) mound, Great Póhamara's mound, Pásztó's mound, Buga mound, Hermit (Remete) mound, Yellow-bank (Sárga-part) mound, Lőrinc mound Túrkeddi-Big-mound, Vecserke mound, Vénkerti mound, Stone mound, Kender-mound, Double (Kettős) mound, Nameless (Névtelen) mound, Csudabala mound and Stirrup (Kengyel) mound. To Do: Walking, cycling or horse riding tours. Relaxing in Turkeve Spa & Thermalbath, Hotel, Apartments and Camping Complex. Also visit Ecsegpuszta: a living area for the protected Eurasian stone-curlews and Great bustards. Events: May - Shepherd Festival. To Stay: there is a hotel, apartments, camping and a couple guesthouse.
  • 23 Újszász (by train: Budapest, Szolnok (hourly, both)). Orczy Mansion and its protected Mansion Park (Was built around 1830 in the classic style. Its builder was George Orczy. Address: Akácfa u.); Orczy Mansion (Built in the late 1880s, eclectic style. Its builder was Andor Orczy. Address: Abonyi út 1); Saint Stephen Roman Catholic Church (1807, late baroque style, converted in 1885, neo-Romanesque form); Reformed belfry (1949). - Events: Sept. - Újszász City Day and 'Sea' (maize) Cavalcade and Traditions Concourse, Aug. - Újszászi Farewell (St. Stephen's Day Feast); Mid Aug. - Lowland Bikers [dead link] 'Moto'-Rock Meeting; Midsummer Night bacon frying; 1st weekend of May - May Festival


Take a walk in Csépa marshy grassland
  • 1 Csépa (Trains from Kecskemét, Kunszentmárton, bus from Kecskemét, Csongrád). Walking, birdwatching tours in Fertő of Csépa (marshy grassland, Area: 67 ha), angling in Tisza river backwater system, Passed the Tisza-Körös rivers tour route at 'Mámairéti' lookout and also there is a boating lake. Overnight Tourist Accommodation, (Kossuth u. 1-2; Ft 1000 p.p. (2014) five rooms with kitchen). Visit also the Saint Jakob church

Several possibility for hunting, fishing, aquatic, equestrian and cycling tourism (health tourism); Ideal for nature lovers, hikers and naturalists

  • 2 [dead link] Körösvölgy Conservation Area (Körösvölgyi Természetvédelmi Terület) (Kunszentmárton, Öcsöd, Szelevény, Mezőtúr, Mesterszállás, Tiszaföldvár). Körös Valley Nature Reserve Exhibition Centre (Mezötúr), Körös Valley's Visitor Center (Address: Szarvas, Anna-liget 1.; Open: Apr-Oct. Tu-Su 09:00-17:00, Fee: HUF500 (2014), Bicycle rentals: Price: Ft 1,270/day, Ft 390/hour; canoe rental: Ft 400/hour and Ft 1400/day )
  • 3 Middle Tisza Protected Area (Közép-Tiszai Tájvédelmi Körzet) (NE 20-35 km of Szolnok, Tisza river floodplain , between Kisköre and Tiszaug). 9455 ha. Part of the Hortobágy National Park. Pély bird sanctuary, the Óballa's and Vezseny's Nature Reserves and the Tiszakécske's sand martin colony. Related cultural values​​: The Tiszasüly (Roman Catholic Church, Sajfok's vapor pump, 1878), Szolnok (Damjanich Museum) , Miller (Museum of Water Management); Tiszaföldvár (Geographic Museum); Tiszaroff (Reformed Church, 1775); Fegyverneki (Truncated Tower, 1480)
Zagyva River Valley, Natural Protected Area in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County
  • 4 Zagyva-menti Natural Protected Area (Zagyva-menti Természetvédelmi terület) (Between Jászfelsőszentgyörgy and Jászberény). at the Zagyva river's flood basin, can be found rare plant and animal species. Willow, poplar and oak, ash and elm forests, floodplain meadows and high banks bare meadow.

Thermal baths Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County[edit]

Martfű, Cserkeszőlő, Jászapáti, Berekfürdő, Karcag, Kisújszállás, Kunhegyes, Mezőtúr, Szolnok, Tiszaföldvár, Tiszafüred, Törökszentmiklós, Túrkeve qualified thermal water baths


  • Csángófesztivál (Csángó Festival) in Jászberény,
  • Cseresznyefesztivál (Sweet Cherry Festival) in Nagykörű,
  • Gulyásfesztivál (Goulash Festival) in Szolnok



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