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Thamel and West Kathmandu is in Kathmandu and covers the backpacker area of Thamel, Swayambhu, Durbar Square, and Freak Street.


Thamel is the backpacking area of Kathmandu, and is a maze of alleys crammed with handicraft shops, guest houses, and cafes - since October 2017, the core area of the district is traffic-free. Swayanbhu is a famous Buddhist monastery located on a hill overlooking the city, while Durbar Square is the ancient heart of Kathmandu and home to many Hindu temples and traditional Newari buildings.

Get in[edit]

A taxi from Tribhuvan International Airport to Thamel is around Rs500 (more if pre-paid), and the journey takes around 20 minutes.

If coming from Patan there is no direct bus, you should take a local bus to Ratna park bus station and either walk north or take a second bus up the ring road to north Thamel.

Tourist and local busses from Pokhara will drop you on the Banasthali Ring Road or on Pushpalal path/Swoyanbhu Marg northwest of Thamel, from where you can use local buses to get closer to Thamel


Map of Kathmandu/Thamel and West Kathmandu

Temples and shrines[edit]

  • 1 Swayambhunath ((स्वयम्भू) Monkey Temple, Swayambhu Buddhist Museum,), Manjushree Marg (2.6 km west of Thamel). A site on a hill overlooking the city with a large stupa and other Buddhist and Hindu iconography. One of the most sacred Buddhist sites in the country. There are 350 steps to the top: the back route is less steep but the views on the way up are not as nice. Aside from the views over the city and the ancient carvings in every available space, it's crowded with monkeys mingling with the visitors. To the base of the hill it's a 30-minute walk from Thamel. A map is advisable as there are several confusing intersections along the way, or take a taxi or rickshaw. There are plenty of Buddhist and Tibetan-inspired trinkets for sale. There are also drinks for sale at the top, and at least one small restaurant selling momos. For those that have their own transport or have difficulty climbing stairs there is a parking lot at the back entrance that significantly reduces the number of stairs that need to be climbed to gain access to the main compound. This is one of seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley. Foreigners: Rs200 for single entry; Rs750 for a multiple entry pass. Swayambhunath (Q12946982) on Wikidata Swayambhunath on Wikipedia
  • 2 Dhansā Degah (धन्सा देग, alternative name: Dhunsar), Maru Square (on the eastern side of Maru Square). A 17th-century pagoda-shaped building. Its carved wood windows provide an example of the art of woodworking which has been highly developed in the Kathmandu Valley since antiquity. The upper part was destroyed in the Great Earthquake of 1934, and its height was shortened when it was repaired. It was built as a courthouse. A shrine to Nāsa Dya, the god of music, exists on the ground floor.
  • 3 Bhimsen Temple, Paropakar Marg (Wada Marg corner, S-Sw of Durbar Square).
  • 4 Gakuti (गकुति) (on the western side of Maru Sq). This building is a three-sided courtyard. There is a temple dedicated to Mahadev at the centre.
  • 5 Gompa and Huge Prayer Wheel (North to Siddhicharan Marg and Siddhicharan Marg).
  • 6 Ichangu Narayan Temple, Ichangu VDC (NW 1 km from Gairi Gaun bus stop, 2.5 km from Swayambhunath). The temple contains four representations of the deity Narayan (another name of Vishnu).
  • 7 Indrani Temple, Indrani Path (Northeast to Bishnumati Dhalko Bagmati Bridge).
  • 8 Tarani Devi Temple, Makha Galli (Durbar Square Northeast corner, enter from south or west).
  • 9 The Temple of Maru Ganedya (मरु गनेद्य), Maru Square (on the northern side of Maru Sata). is one of the more important Ganesh shrines in Kathmandu. A notable feature of this temple is the absence of the usual pinnacle.
  • 10 Shantipura Building (60m North of Swayambhunath Stupa). Part of the Swayambhunath Complex
  • Saraswati Mandir, Thamel Amrit Marg. A Hindu temple
  • Sankateswori Bagwati Mandir, Thamel Marg. A Hindu temple
  • Saraswati Temple, Manjushree Marg (मञ्जुश्री मार्ग) (Western Part of Swayambhunath Complex).
  • Jame Mosque, Durbar Marg
  • Kashmiri Mosque, Durbar Marg

Kathmandu Durbar Square area[edit]

Durbar Square

In Nepali, Durbar means "palace" and this is where the monarch was crowned, and from where he ruled. This ancient square, which is still under reconstruction as of April 2023, is crowded with palaces and temples, including the current incarnation of the Kasthamandap or "Wooden house" that gives the city its name. The square has been occupied since the construction of a palace around 1000 CE. This site is the most popular UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nepal.

The Square is particularly fascinating in the very early morning as all the various merchants set up their wares and when many devotees make their offerings at the various shrines and temples. There will be a number of young men who will offer to be "guides." Be firm with saying "no" if you are not interested. The entrance fee for foreigners is Rs1000 (but nobody checks at night). If you plan to be in the area for more than one day, it's worth going to the Site Office where you can exchange your single-entry ticket with a multiple-entry pass allowing you to wander in and out as you wish. You will need your passport and one passport photo. The whole process takes only a few minutes and is totally free. Your entry pass gives you access to all open parts of Durbar Square (including the museum) as well as the Hanuman Dhoka.

It is possible to climb the steps of many of the temples for a better look and to join others seated near the top watching the activity below. There are more than a dozen buildings and statues of note in this small area. They include:

  • Ashok Binayak
  • Bhagwati Temple
  • Indrapur Temple
  • 11 Jagannath Temple, Hanuman Dhoka Road (a bit north of Durbar Square).
  • 12 Kumari Palace (Kumari Ghar) (south side of Durbar square,). Home of "the Kumari", or living goddess, a young girl.
  • 13 Kathesimbu Stupa, Naghal, Nagha Kwado Galli (near to Ikhapokhari Pond).
  • 14 Kastha Mandap (Sanskrit: काष्ठमन्डप, Nepal Bhasa:मरु सत्तल Maru Sattal; literally "Wood-Covered Shelter") (southwest side of the Square, actually this is the Maru Square). This is a three-storeyed temple enshrining an image of Gorakhnath. It was built in the 16th century in pagoda style. The name of Kathmandu is a derivative of the word Kasthamandap. It was built under the reign of King Laxmi Narsingha Malla. It was built as a rest house for travelers.
  • 15 Kageshwori Mandir, Hanuman Dhoka Road (Next to Jagannath Temple).
  • 16 Kakeshwar Temple, Hanuman Dhoka Road (next to Kageshwori Mandir).
  • 17 Kotilingeshwor Mahadev Temple, Hanuman Dhoka Road (opposite to Kakeshwar Temple).
  • Krishna Temple
  • Kal Bhairab - the "Black" Bhairab, a fearsome visage of Shiva with some ancient legends about its power.
  • 18 Lakshmi Narayan Temple.
  • Mahendreswar Temple
  • 19 Maju Deval (Maju Temple) (next to Narayan Temple).
  • 20 Narayan Temple (south from Maju Deval).
  • Nasal Chowk. Statues, temples and the Rana museum in the Hanuman Dhoka former palace complex. The courtyard was used for royal coronations until 2001.
  • 21 Panch Mukhti Hanuman Temple, Khadga Chuk? (east of Durbar Square).
  • Saraswati Temple - the Goddess of Knowledge and Learning
  • Shiva Temple
  • Shiva-Parvati Temple
  • Sweta Bhairab - the "White" Bhairab, a large mask shown only during the Indra Jatra festival.
  • Vishnu temple
  • Taleju Temple. One of the oldest temples in the square, this three-roofed temple with its pyramid shaped bases, is an example of the typical Newari architectural style.


  • Mahendra Museum, Ganga Path (SW 0.5 km from centre). This museum is dedicated to King Mahendra of Nepal (1920–1972). It includes his personal belongings such as decorations, stamps, coins and personal notes and manuscripts, but it also has reconstructions of his cabinet room and office chamber.
  • 22 National Museum (Chhauni Museum), Chhauni Road or Museum Marg (in the western part of Kathmandu, near the Swoyambhunath stupa). Closed on Tuesdays. This in an historical building. It was constructed in the early 19th century by General Bhimsen Thapa. It is the most important museum in the country, housing an extensive collection of weapons, art and antiquities of historic and cultural importance. The museum was established in 1928 as a collection house of war trophies and weapons, and the initial name of this museum was Chhauni Silkhana, meaning "the stone house of arms and ammunition". Given its focus, the museum contains an extensive quantity of weapons, including locally made firearms used in wars, leather cannons from the 18th–19th century, and medieval and modern works in wood, bronze, stone and paintings.
  • 23 Military Museum, Chhauni Rd (north of the National Museum).
  • 24 The Natural History Museum (Natural Science Museum of Tribhuvan University), Manjushree Marg (मञ्जुश्री मार्ग) (in the southern foothills of Swoyambhunath hill). M-F. This museum has a sizeable collection of different species of animals, butterflies, and plants. The museum is noted for its display of species, from prehistoric shells to stuffed animals.
  • 25 Royal Mahendra Museum, Durbar Square (next to Panch Mukhti Hanuman Temple). Entry is free if you have a ticket for the Durbar Square for 1000 Rs..


  • 26 Freak Street (south of Kathmandu's Durbar Square). Historic street where western hippies seeking enlightenment would stay in the 1970s and 80s. Now just a few restaurants and hotels but the "snowman cafe" is tucked away here.
  • 27 Thamel Chowk. A tourist area with many restaurants and shops.
  • 28 Garden of Dreams (Kaiser Mahal). Relax in this beautiful and peaceful walled garden close to Thamel and the former Royal Palace. Beautifully renovated in partnership with the Austrian government. It has two pavilions depicting two of the six annual seasons in the Hindu calendar. It has several expensive cafes and a bar. Nice toilets. Rs200.
  • 29 Lakhu Phalechā (लखु फलेचा), Maru Square (at the corner of an alley at the southwest of Maru). A roadside shelter is linked with the founding of Nepal Sambat. This is where the porters from Bhaktapur are said to have rested with their loads of sand. The procession of the goddess Dāgin, which is held during the Yenya festival, starts from this house.
  • Moti Azima Gallery (in Bhimsenthan). In a three-story building which contains an impressive collection of traditional utensils and handmade dolls and items typical of a medieval Newar house, giving an important insight into Nepalese history.


Singing bowl workshops, there are several free singing bowl workshops in Thamel, one can be found on the third floor in an apartment near Kathmandu burger.



  • Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) , Bhagawan Bahal, Thamel. Tel: +4267471 have a centre in Kathmandu (behind Kilroy's), which provides environmental information about Nepal. They provide books for trekkers to record their experiences in for others to read before they set off. You can ask to see a BBC film entitled "Bearing the Burden" about Nepalese porters. They also provide a water bottle refill service that is also cheaper than buying new bottles (Rs 10). You can also buy there some biodegradable soap and iodine for your trek.

Massage courses[edit]

  • The Healing Hands Centre. Classes in Ancient Massage and Thai Massage. Five-day course, ten-day course and one-month professional course, runs every month and recognized by THAI (Thai Healing Alliance International) worldwide and Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC).


  • Sadhana Bhumi Himalaya For Life Research, Sadhana Nagar. Tel: +4039070 (land) / 9741301576 Yoga and naturopathy retreat centre offers ancient traditional yoga combined with modern yoga style in a natural environment.



  • Pilgrims (in Thamel, next to the Kathmandu Guest house). It is the largest and most well-established English language bookshop in Kathmandu. They have great sections on Buddhism, including a whole room devoted to Vajrayana, as well as an encyclopedic selection on books devoted to subjects on Nepal.
  • Tibet Book Store, Tridevi Marg (road running between Thamel and the palace). Great selection of books on all subjects, but specializes in books on Buddhism and Tibet studies.
  • Second Hand - The alleys of Thamel are full of second hand book shops. Check around for a good price, as they do vary immensely. Return read books for 50% buyback or store credit.
  • 1 Vajra Books, Amrit Marg (Jyatha, Thamel - close to Chikusa Café). Has huge selection of books on Buddhism, Nepal and Tibet studies.
  • Trekking gear, many stores in the area sell low quality trekking gear, haggle hard. a very cheap wholesaler can be found (with difficulty) upstairs across from "Hotel Himalayan oasis" on the south end of Chaksibari marg, haggle hard)


The streets, lanes, and alleys of Thamel are packed with handicraft stores. In particular, Cashmere shawls and scarves, Tibetan carpets, T-shirts, hippy clothes, and brass items are particularly common.

Be aware of fake products, particularly "cashmere", "pashmina" (which really just means wool), and silver.


Local food can be found in Nepali restaurants for Rs70-100, street vendors sell steamed dumplings (momos) and fried food. Hygiene is usually very poor- even for Nepal.


  • Ace Cafe and Bar. Good mix of Indian, Nepali and Western. Costs generally Rs50-120. On the first non-touristy street West of Thamel, across from the People's College.
  • Alchemy. An Italian restaurant. Somewhat expensive for Thamel. Excellent Italian dishes and nothing else. Pizzas from Rs300 and pastas from Rs280. Cappuccinos. You get wine in 1/4 or 1/2 litre so suitable for dining alone or in two. It's about 100 m before Chetrapati Chowk.
  • BK's French Fry heaven in Thamel. Opposite Funky Buddha Bar.
  • Cafe Kaldi has a small menu with drinks, salads & snacks as well as free Wi-Fi for customers (please refrain from downloading anything as the connection is limited.) On Mandala Street, behind OR2K.
  • Café Mitra Serves excellent European meals. It is expensive for Kathmandu, but the standard of the food more than makes up for this. 250/13 Thamel Marg.
  • Cozy Restaurant. Good buffalo steak and chocolate banana pancakes. New place, relatively unknown, but excellent food. On the right as you walk down Tridevi Marg from Thamel Chowk, on the second story by an internet cafe. Meals Rs200-300.
  • Electric Pagoda is a very eclectic bar on Satghumti Road. Specializes in Mexican cuisine and also offers local and continental dishes between Rs100-300. Easy going atmosphere with well rounded music and very friendly staff. Tuborg/Everest beer approximately Rs350.
  • Everest Steak House. Traditional pre- or post-trekking feast: massive steaks costing about Rs300. Just off Chhetrapati, the pagoda-cum-roundabout.
  • Fire & Ice. Popular with westerns for the excellent traditional Italian-style stone-baked pizzas, which are delicious (probably better than Roadhouse). Certainly pricier than most, starting from around Rs580 for a cheese and tomato pizza. Chocolate ice cream with added chocolate on top is recommended, and cost about Rs300 in 2012. On the south side of the main road into Thamel (Tridevi Marg) coming from the Palace Museum, next to a temple under Himalayan Bank.
  • Gupta, Chhetrapati Chowk (at the end of JP Marg, take a left at the circle; the restaurant is immediately on the right), +4248205. A local restaurant that serves South Indian snacks, Indian dishes, and traditional Indian desserts. It is clean, has friendly staff and is very cheap.
  • Hankook Sarang Korean restaurant, In the same alley as "Senate club". A good Korean restaurant for a light meal and drinks. Rs250-700.
  • 1 Helena's Rooftop Restaurant, Chaksibari Marg (From Chhetrapati, pass the Everest Steak House on your right, and turn the next left and walk a few minutes north on JP School Road. Helena's will be on your right), +977 1-4266979. Excellent food, great service, and modest prices. It is claimed to have the tallest rooftop restaurant in Kathmandu, and the views from there of the city, especially at night, are reported to be worth the climb. Serves Western and regional cuisine. chicken tikka masala costs around Rs350.
  • Hot Breads. Past Helena's, opposite the right-turn junction towards Fire & Ice. They sell fresh pastries from about Rs60 each, which you can eat on the roof along with a selection of drinks.
  • Just Juice and Shakes. Popular with Israelis and long-timers. Great coffees, fruit juices and shakes. Two eggs on toast: Rs80 in 2012. It can be found 10 m down the alley across the street from the music shop, near Pilgrim's bookshop curve.
  • 2 Krua Thai, Z Marg (at the outskirts of Thamel, take first the left curve after Pilgrims, then right).
  • La Dolce Vita - Italian restaurant serving excellent pastas, desserts and speciality coffees all at reasonable prices.
  • 3 New Orleans, Mandala St, (almost opposite Kathmandu Guest House.). A good variety of well-made food, including pasta, Nepali and salads. Pleasant Newari courtyard setting Rs200-400.
  • 4 Northfield Cafe, Thamel Marg (a few doors up from Kathmandu Guest House), +977 985-1057697. Basic pub grub and Nepali attempt at Mexican, often with live traditional music. Popular with English teachers and expats. Rs100-300.
  • OR2K, Mandala St (south end of Mandala Street, opposite the Pumpernickel Bakery & K-Too Steakhouse), +977 1-4422097. Daily 09:00-23:00. It is Israeli-run and has a wide variety of good, safe vegetarian food, especially good if you are craving a salad.
  • Phat Kath - Off the main street close to Helena's and Weizon Bakery. Good breakfasts from Rs200. They have a decent lunch/dinner menu with good meals. Service is very good.
  • 5 Roadhouse Cafe, Chaksibari Road, Thamel (one location is about 200 m north on JP School Road in Thamel, another near Bhat Bhateni supermarket and one in Patan), +977 1-4260187. Excellent wood fired pizza. Pleasant decor with good coffee & hot chocolate & more cappuccinos. Draught Everest beer, when available. A relaxing, upscale place for when you need to escape from Kathmandu for an evening. Free Wi-Fi. Beer: Rs400; Pizza: Rs500-600..
  • 6 Rum Doodle, Amrit Marg, +977 1-4248915, fax: +977-1-4227068, . Su-Th 10:00-22:00, F Sa 10:00-00:00. Excellent food at modest prices, including live music on most nights. Carry on straight past Helena's, around the "chicane", where the road bends then straightens out again, and turn the next right. It is signposted but the sign's fairly small. Everest summitters can eat here for free. Extraphone=+977-1-4248692
  • Sandwich Point is a small sandwich bar with a wide range of fillings including beacons, ham, chicken and sausage. To get there, turn left on the second intersection of thamel arriving from Himalayan Java. It is on the left just a few metres down the road.
  • Tashi Delek. Tibetan restaurant with extensive menu and good Mexican/Italian dishes. Open late. Across the street from the postcard shop, near HotBreads corner. Rs100-300.
  • 7 Thamel House Restaurant, Amrit marg (in front of Hotel Thamel), +977 1 4410388, . Daily 11:00-21:30. Nepali and Newari cuisine. There is a cultural show every evening from 19:00.
  • Third Eye. Indian food in a nice building and outdoor garden. Rs250-500.

Freak Street[edit]

A few good places to eat, such as the Ganesh restaurant halfway along the street next to a small shrine. Try the cakes at the tiny, bright blue "Snowman" cakeshop.




  • Chikusa Café, Jyatha road, Thamel, +977 1 4223216, . Nepali coffee, milk tea, sandwiches and crêpes. Strawberry lassi is a speciality. Wi-Fi.
  • Gaia Restaurant and Coffee Shop, Jyatha, Thamel, +1-4261633, . 07:00-21:00. Good selection of coffees and teas. Pleasant outdoor seating.
  • Himalayan Java. Everything you ever wanted in a coffee shop, great coffees, meals, desserts, newspapers, sofas, Large screen TV, even a guitar on the wall that says, "Play me!" Meet the teenage elite of Kathmandu here. Upstairs, the last building on the left as you leave Thamel heading for the former Royal Palace, near a sign for an Apple computer shop. One floor above it is a bar and pizza shop from which you can also order Himalayan Java's coffee. Also has an outlet near Ravi Bhawan, opposite Lincoln School.
  • Mitho, 243 J.P. Road (one-minute walk from Chhetrapati Chowk), +984-1219339. A cosy cafe with a long history in Thamel. Excellent and healthy meals. Good coffee.

Freak Street[edit]

  • Falcha Cafe. 11:00-23:00. Warm, cosy environment. Views over Freak Street. Good coffee. Very reasonable prices.



  • 1 Irish Pub Lazimpat, Ananda Bhawan, Uttar Dhoka Sadak (near Shanker Hotel). Irish dishes, a great variety of beer (also Guinness) and whisky (international and local), Irish Coffee (also Creamy Irish Coffee) cocktails, mocktails, energy cocktails, summer cocktails, shooters (try "Irish Flag"). During the cold season, you can also find "hot winter drinks". Friday nights live music, dart. Well trained, friendly staff. Run under German management.
  • New Orleans Cafe from above has live music on many nights. Described by its manager as "the most happening place in Kathmandu". Make of that what you will!
  • Purple haze, A large and popular rock bar, Wednesday is open mic and on Friday the house band plays a mix of English and Nepali songs.recommended.
  • Little star Newari restaurant, cheap, local, unhygienic, rowdy. Has toongba (home made millet beer) for 110 rupees.

Freak Street[edit]

  • Jessy Penny, Freak Street, +984 1 925727, . A nice bar in Freak Street on several floors. Each floor has a its own atmosphere. It is also possible to have shishas at the first floor.



  • Alobar1000, 214 Kesar Mahal Marg, Thamel-29 (follow the sidestreet beside Himalayan Java Coffee shop and you'll see the yellow and green building on your right; across the street from Fire and Ice Pizza), +977-1-4410114, +977 9801029935, . Two beautifully designed homes with a bar, cozy lounge area, weight room, movie hall, dining hall and communal kitchen. They also have 24-hr hot shower. The staff treat you like family, and the owners, brothers Shiva and Tashi, are generous hosts (Shiva is a fantastic cook). There's also a guard at the door, free and strong Wi-Fi and people congregate on the roftop lounge nightly. Dorm bed: Rs300; Private room Rs1,500.
  • 1 Avalon House (near Thamel). Nice ensuite rooms with small TV, Wi-Fi, nice roof terrace. Solar powered batteries for some lights and Wi-Fi during power outages. Breakfast included. Single USD15, double USD20.
  • 2 Avataar Kathmandu Hotel - Thamel, Z Street, Thamel, +977 1-4701047. $18 (Apr 2022).
  • Chillout Resort (corner of Thamel and Jyatha), +977 1 4215070, . It has a nice rooftop garden restaurant with good food and helpful staff. Rooms with clean private bathrooms that have hot/cold showers. Theres also free Wi-Fi in rooms, restaurant and lobby. Airport pick-up and drop-off. Dorm: USD6; single: USD10.
  • Hotel Ashoka, Jyatha, Thamel, Kathmandu (walk from Ratna Park via Rani Pokhari Lake and Skywalk, before Honda Showroom), +977 1-4249617, . 3 beds, 4 beds in a room available and suitable for families, bigger groups & large families on budget. A diner, bar, laundry, barber, provision store are nearby, and it is easy walking distance to Ratna Park for trips.
  • Hotel Backpackers Inn, Kumari Marga, Jyatha Thamal, +977 1 4225319, +977 1 4266899, . Every room has cable TV and 24-hour hot and cold showers. Nepalese, Chinese, Indian and Continental cuisines available.
  • 3 Big Tree Hostel (also spelled BigTree), on Pipalbote Marg, at the square with the holy tree, +977 984-4014896. Very cozy hostel in the northwestern part of Thamel. Great outdoor common areas including rooftop and yoga space. Hot water around the clock, the facilities are rather basic and regularly cleaned. Very helpful staff when it comes to trekking in Nepal. Also has a great selection of trekking maps that can be borrowed at the reception. Dorms from 500 Rs., private rooms from 600 Rs.
  • 4 Hotel Blue Horizon, Keshar Mahal Marg (opposite Himalayan bank). Friendly staff, and good room service breakfasts. USD12-27.
  • Hotel Down Town (Satghumti area of Thamel (just around the corner from the Kathmandu Guest House)), +977 1 4700471, +977 1 4700150. Surrounded by dance bars, but nice rooftop and rooms. USD5.
  • Hotel Impala Garden, +977 1 470-1549. Budget accommodation in Thamel!5 Potala Tourist Home, Tredevi Marg (West of the Garden of Dreams), +977 1-4410303.
  • Hotel Travelers Home, JP Road, Thamel, +977 985 1175776. Check-in: 10:00, check-out: 12:00. Nice hotel. USD35-45.
  • Kasthamandap Travelers home, Pipalbote Marg. Swiss/French run, great but expensive food. Rs250-400 dorm, Rs1200 private.
  • Kathmandu Peace Guesthouse. Not to be mistaken for the pricier and up-scale, but not so peaceful name brother, Kathmandu Guesthouse. In a more peaceful area just outside Thamel. 8-21 USD.
  • King's Land, Thamel-29, Bhagawatishan, +977 1 4421060. Family run hotel. The owner and his wife are very friendly and helpful. The rooms are old but clean. Wifi, hot water, roof top available. USD 6-15.
  • Lhasa Guest House (On Jyatha, quiet side of Thamel), +977 1 422-8019, +977 1 422-6147, . Very friendly and helpful staff, lived in Kathmandu all their lives, rooms are large, clean, and have hot water when power is on. Rooms cost from Rs300. Double for Rs800. Has free bag storage while you go on a trek, so long as you spend a night or two. The best thing is the free Wi-Fi that doesn't shut off even when the power goes down.
  • Millennium Guest House, Kaldhara, Thamel (in front of the International Guest House), +977 1-4262013, . Decent cheap guesthouse just outside Thamel, quiet area, nice terrace. USD5-10.
  • Nirvana Peace Home, +977 1 438-3503. Paknajol, near Thamel.
  • Shangrila Guest House, Jyatha, Thamel, +977 1 425-0188, +977 984 121 1528 (Mobile), . Fun and friendly guest house on the edge of Thamel but with dubious business practices and not particularly clean. Water was orange colour and no hot water.
  • Sparkling Turtle Backpackers Hostel. Outside of Thamel, near the Swayambunath (Monkey) Temple, this place is quiet, full of backpackers, and serves incredible food. Rs300/ night including breakfast. Free Wi-Fi, cool roof terrace, bar, Canadian managed. Impossible to find as they don't really advertise. Get a taxi or walk to Buddha Park near Swayambunath and call (+977 1 428 4647) from there, they'll come pick you up.
  • Student Guest House (close to Tamel chowk), +977 1 251448, . Friendly staff who will always try and help you out. On the edge of Thamel, easy to find. Internet is available at the entrance as well as a laundry service. Rs600 for a double room.
  • Sun Rise Cottage (Chhetrapati, next to Tibet Guesthouse), . Nice family run guesthouse in a quiet street just south of central Thamel, lovely big rooms, simple furnishings, clean and with hot water 24 hr. Great garden area to relax and friendly family. Rs500-800.
  • The Doors Hotel & Restro Bar, Paknajol Marg Chowk. Free breakfast. +977 1-4700216. $13 (Apr 2022).


  • Hotel Encounter Nepal, +977 1 4440476. In the north Thamel (about 20 m down from the Map of Thamel), 4 minutes' walk from the centre of Thamel. Clean, peaceful place with free Wifi, computers, garden restaurant & friendly staff. In the hotel there is also the office of Alpine Club of Himalaya, where you can book tours, etc. Rooms rates begin at USD15.
  • Hotel Ganesh Himal, Ikhapokhari Marg, Chettrapati, Thamel (just south of Thamel), +977 1 4243819, +977 1 4263598, fax: +977 1 4263549, . Decent rooms and good service. Hot water, TV and hot food. Quieter location in Chhetrapati Chowk, great views and balconies.
  • Hotel Harati, Gangalal Marg, +977 1 4257907, +977 1 4257758. Located on the main street from/through Thamel into Durbar Square (which is about 5-10 minutes away on foot, or a Rs50 rickshaw or taxi ride). Clean, hygienic and comfortable rooms, including en-suites with hot showers most of the time. The website quotes rooms from USD75, but this is negotiable.
  • 6 Mi Casa Hotel, Thamel Marg (West of the Garden of Dreams), +977-14-415149, . 24-hour front desk and room service, daily housekeeping, private bathroom for each unit, safe, luggage storage, free wireless internet service. Laundry and dry cleaning service. Air conditioning and heating. Cable TV. Baby - sitting service. Doctor on call. Airport transfer (free airport pick up). Tour desk USD50-70 per room.
  • 7 Kathmandu Guest House, +977 1 4700 004, +977 1 4700 977. Thamel. The original guesthouse now with rooms ranging from basic to almost-fancy. Restaurant and bar. The axis on the compass of Thamel, all other addresses are given in relation to this hotel. Rates USD 8 - 160. Wi-Fi internet access (semi-reliable) from lobby, garden and some rooms for Rs75/hr. Otherwise, 4 computers with internet access until midnight, Rs60/hour. The guest house has a sister concern in Pokhara.
  • 8 Hotel Utse, Amrit Marg, Jyatha, Thamel., +977 1 4257614, +977 1 4228952. The hotel has a quaint and homely Tibetan theme and rooms are also clean, hygienic and comfortable. The hotel has a restaurant on the ground floor that serves Tibetan/Chinese/Continental cuisine (open 06:00 to 22:00), in addition to a rooftop terrace. There are standard/deluxe/super deluxe rooms USD 15 - 35. Deluxe rooms include attached shower/bath with 24 hr hot water and cable TV. Good value.
  • Tibet Guest House, +977 1 4260556, +977 1 4260383. Thamel. Operating 1984 has rooms 102. 24 hours room service, free Wi-Fi,coffee shop, beauty parlour and travel desk. Rate USD 16-96.
  • 9 Sacred Valley Inn - Kathmandu, Brahma Kumari Marg, Thamel (runs parallel to Jyatha), +977 1 4251063, . Check-in: 13:00, check-out: 12:00. Lovely rooms in this clean, comfortable hotel in Thamel. Great location. Good rooftop area to sit and relax and eat. Simple but delicious food served in the restaurant. Helpful and knowledgeable staff. USD25-50.
  • 10 Kathmandu Sunny Hotel, Ganesh Raj Marg, Paknajol Height, +977-01-4388659, . Check-in: 12:00, check-out: 12:00. The hotel claims it is designed to be 100% earthquake-resistant. Far from the busy roads, the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful. USD25.



  • MSN Cyber C@fe, Treveli Marg, Thamel. Tel:+4700362. In a small alley diagonally across from Mandala Street. Internet, scanning, photocopying, and lamentation.
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