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Science City
Biswa Bangla Gate, New Town

East Kolkata consists of the new growth areas on the eastern side of Kolkata. It includes the two IT hubs of Kolkata, shopping emporiums and amusement parks. Luxury hotels, convention centres, speciality hospitals, condominium complexes, malls and multiplexes have come up at a rapid pace. These expansions are spearheaded by the formation of New Town and the extension of Sector V. Science City is a major attraction. Salt Lake Stadium is a major occasional crowd puller. Large number of hospitals attract patients from the metropolis and beyond.


Salt Lake Stadium, Bidhannagar


Bidhannagar (Bengali: বিধাননগ BIH-dhahn-naw-gohr), also called Salt Lake, was developed between 1958 and 1965 to accommodate the burgeoning population of Kolkata. Over the years, the township has become an IT hub of Greater Kolkata and companies like Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro have their offices in Bidhannagar. There are also several government office buildings lining the Central Park, which is part of an effort to decongest Kolkata.

Bidhannagar is divided into five sectors, which are labelled with Roman numerals. Each sectors are further divided into blocks. Since 2015, the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) also covers the Rajarhat locality, which should not be confused with New Town. Rajarhat itself is an amalgamation of multiple neighbourhoods, including Baguiati, Kaikhali, Kestopur (also Krishnapur) and Teghoria.

New Town[edit]

New Town, also called Rajarhat New Town, was developed in the late 1990s and is rapidly growing under the leadership of the Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO). New Town was declared a "Solar City" by the Indian government and later a "Smart Green City". Several IT majors operate in the township, including TCS, Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) and Unitech.

New Town is divided into three action areas, each labelled with Roman numerals. Each action areas are further divided into blocks. Some of the major roads in the township include Major Arterial Road (MAR) and New Town Road.


Chinese New Year celebration in Tangra

Tangra is one of the two Chinatowns in India, the other being Tiretta Bazar. The locality was once home to 20,000 ethnic Chinese, now the population has dropped to 2,000 or so. The traditional occupation of the Chinese community here had been working in the nearby tanning industry and Chinese restaurants. The area is still noted for the Chinese restaurants where many people flock to taste traditional Chinese and Indian Chinese food. Historically there were many opium dens in this area, which is illegal nowadays.

Get in[edit]

Central Park, Bidhannagar

The district is extensive and still developing. Cycle rickshaws are available for short trips wherever there is a regular demand for them. Point-to-point auto-rickshaw services are there but are not as extensive or frequent as in some other parts of the metropolis.

By bus[edit]

There are various bus stops in East Kolkata, with the major being 1 International Bus Terminus (Karunamoyee, Sector-III, Salt Lake) and 2 New Town Bus Stand (AH Block, Action Area I, New Town). International bus services, including bus services to Dhaka, also operate from Karunamoyee.

By metro[edit]

  • 3 Bengal Chemical  2  Bengal Chemical metro station on Wikipedia, 4 Phoolbagan  2  Phoolbagan metro station on Wikipedia and 5 Salt Lake Stadium  2  Salt Lake Stadium metro station on Wikipedia — serve Beleghata, Phoolbagan and Sector III
  • 6 Central Park  2  Central Park metro station on Wikipedia and 7 City Center  2  City Center metro station on Wikipedia — serve Sector I and Sector III
  • 8 Karunamoyee  2  Karunamoyee metro station on Wikipedia and 9 Salt Lake Sector V  2  Salt Lake Sector-V metro station on Wikipedia — serve Sector II and Sector V
  • 10 Kavi Nazrul  1  Kavi Nazrul metro station on Wikipedia, 11 Kavi Subhash  1  Kavi Subhash metro station on Wikipedia and 12 Shahid Khudiram  1  Kavi Subhash metro station on Wikipedia — serve Garia

By train[edit]

East Kolkata can be reached by local trains, with stops at Bidhannagar Road, Sir Gurudas Banerjee Halt, Park Circus, Ballygunge, Dhakuria, Jadavpur, Baghajatin and New Garia.

By tram[edit]

Route number 18 of the Kolkata Tram runs over Maniktala Main Road and CIT Road, with stops at Bagmari Bazar, North Road, Marwari Bagan, Kankurgachi, Bagmari Kabristan, Maniktala ESI Hospital, Housing Estate and Bidhannagar.



  • 1 Biswa Bangla Gate (বিশ্ব বাংলা গেট BIHSH-shoh-BAHNG-lah GEHTT), MAR, Narkelbagan, Action Area I, New Town (Rabindra Tirtha ). An arch monument in New Town and one of the most iconic structures in Greater Kolkata. "Biswa Bangla" literally means "World Bengal". The structure consists of a single ring supported by two parabolic arches from four sides of the Narkelbagan intersection. The ring houses a restaurant and a visitors' gallery, which are surrounded by glass. There are two staircases and an elevator to reach the gallery. Decorative paintings of luminaries have been drawn on the wall inside the ring with the outer side having a glass façade to have a view of the township. Biswa Bangla Gate (Q39087520) on Wikidata Kolkata Gate on Wikipedia
  • 2 Mangaldeep (মঙ্গলদীপ MOHN-gohl-dihp), MAR, Action Area II, New Town.
  • 3 Urbana, Anandapur. An apartment complex with some of the tallest buildings in Kolkata. Urbana (Q7900197) on Wikidata Urbana, Kolkata on Wikipedia


  • 4 Fanattic Sports Museum (FSM), Ecospace Business Park, Action Area II, New Town (Ecospace ). 11AM–7PM (closed on M). A sports museum dedicated to various types of sports and the first of its kind in West Bengal. ₹10. Fanattic Sports Museum (Q30595430) on Wikidata Fanattic Sports Museum on Wikipedia
  • 5 Mother's Wax Museum, MAR, Action Area II, New Town (Prakriti Tirtha ), +91 033 2324 7243. Noon-3:30PM. The Mother's Wax Museum consists of nine sections containing 18 to 19 wax models of eminent personalities. It contains models of Maradona, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Manna Dey, Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. 150. Mother's Wax Museum (Q22079942) on Wikidata Mother's Wax Museum on Wikipedia
  • 6 Naval Aircraft Museum, DJ Block, Narkelbagan, Action Area I, New Town (New Town Police Station ). A military aviation museum built by the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) and is exhibiting a Tupolev Tu-142 of Indian Navy. Other exhibits for its interior and surroundings like a mannequin pilot, bombs, machinery etc. will be developed by the Navy. Apart from the aircraft on display, there is a small children's park and a coffee shop. Naval Aircraft Museum (Q108084678) on Wikidata Naval Aircraft Museum (Kolkata) on Wikipedia
  • 7 Science City, JBS Haldane Ave, Parama Island (Science City ). 9AM-9PM. It is one of the most spectacular science centres in India. The size of the Science City baffles first-time visitors. It features a lot of interactive science and live bioscience exhibits, as well as having Kolkata's first OMNIMAX theatre. Science City (Q7433497) on Wikidata Science City, Kolkata on Wikipedia
  • 8 Vadya Vithika, IB 201, IA Block, Sector III, Bidhannagar, +91 33 2335 6796. 11AM–5PM (closed on Sa, Su). Run by Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, the museum has more than 450 instruments, of which about 265 are on display in two big rooms. Free.


Eco Park, New Town
Nicco Park, Bidhannagar
  • 1 Subhas Sarobar (সুভাষ সরোবর SHOO-bhahsh SHAW-roh-bawr), Phoolbagan (metro: Phoolbagan  2 ). Subhas Sarobar Park (Q68030125) on Wikidata
  • 2 Swabhumi Heritage Park, Phoolbagan. Here one can sample local arts and crafts as well as some of the food from its various stalls.

Cultural centres[edit]

  • 3 Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan (বিশ্ব বাংলা মেলা প্রাঙ্গণ BISH-shoh BAHNG-lah MA-lah PRAHN-gawn), JBS Haldane Ave (Milan Mela ). Previously known as Milan Mela, it is a permanent trade fair complex. Fairs of different kinds are held at regular intervals. Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan (Q15720491) on Wikidata Milan Mela on Wikipedia
  • 4 Nazrul Tirtha (নজরুল তীর্থ NOHJ-rool TIHR-thoh), Action Area I, New Town (Nazrul Tirtha ). A cultural and educational centre dedicated to the poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. The cultural centre is functioning partly as a cinema hall and open air theatre for exhibitions and performances. Nazrul Tirtha (Q17118225) on Wikidata Nazrul Tirtha on Wikipedia
  • 5 New Town Mela Ground, BF Block, Action Area I, New Town, +91 81005 26627.
  • 6 Rabindra Tirtha (রবীন্দ্র তীর্থ ROH-bihn-droh TIHR-thoh), MAR, Narkelbagan, Action Area-I, New Town (Rabindra Tirtha ). A cultural centre dedicated to the poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. It houses an exhibition of Tagore’s paintings, archives, a research centre, an auditorium and dormitories for students opting to conduct their research on Tagore. Rabindra Tirtha (Q7278759) on Wikidata Rabindra Tirtha on Wikipedia

Parks and stadiums[edit]

  • 7 Aquatica, Kochpukur, New Town (off St 299; Thakdari ), +91 33 3200 7947, +91 93315 55220. Daily 10AM to 6PM. This theme water park offers visitors a cool respite from the heat and grime of city life. Aquatica has a number of rides including tremendously exciting ones like the Black Hole, the Wave Pool, Niagara Falls, surf racer, Tornado and the Aqua Dance Floor. Regular parties and Fashion shows are hosted here, especially in the winter. Aquatica (Q4782815) on Wikidata Aquatica (Kolkata) on Wikipedia
  • 8 Benubana Chhaya (বেণুবন ছায়া BEH-noo-bohn CHHAH-yah), EM Bypass, Baishnabghata Patuli Twp. A public park built around a lake and has a tree lined path flanked by lakes on either side. The park is a peaceful destination to spend time with family and friends. You can also take a boat ride and visit a tram restaurant inside the park. ₹10 per person. Benubana Chhaya (Q19882287) on Wikidata Benubana Chhaya on Wikipedia
  • 9 Central Park (Banabitan (বনবিতান BOH-noh-bih-tahn)), Sector III, Bidhannagar (Central Park  2 ). A large hexagonal urban space in Bidhannagar and a favorite hangout spot for lovers. The park is built around an expansive water body. There is a bridge which connects on side of the lake to an island which has a pagoda. The lake serves as a haven for water birds. There are also boating facilities in a cordoned off section of the lake near the rose garden. Central Park also acts as a venue of numerous events, including the Kolkata Book Fair. Central Park (Q5061595) on Wikidata Central Park (Kolkata) on Wikipedia
  • 10 Eco Park (Prakriti Tirtha (প্রকৃতি তীর্থ PROHCK-(r)ih-tih TIHR-thoh)), MAR, Action Area II, New Town (Eco Park , Prakriti Tirtha ), +91 33 2706 4010. Noon–4:30PM. A 480-acre landscaped park surrounding a 104-acre water body. Contains replicas of famous structures. Activities include paddleboats, rowboats, duo cycles, birdwatching, etc. Non-residents require permission to enter this and all other parks in New Town. ₹20. Eco Park (Q7012129) on Wikidata Eco Park, New Town on Wikipedia
  • 11 Kishore Bharati Krirangan (কিশোরভারতী ক্রীড়াঙ্গন KIH-shohr-vah-roh-tih KRIH-rrahng-gawn), Santoshpur. Commonly known as Jadavpur Stadium or Santoshpur Stadium, it is a 13-acre sports complex. It has a stadium that can accommodate 12,000 spectators and hosts lower division matches of the Kolkata Football League. It has a swimming pool with training facilities for children. Kishore Bharati Krirangan (Q15238600) on Wikidata Kishore Bharati Krirangan on Wikipedia
  • 12 Nalban Boating Complex, Sector IV, Bidhannagar (Nicco Park ), +91 33 2357 2888. Nalban (নলবন NAWL-bohn), as the name suggests, is mainly lakes and creeks (নল nawl) fringed by groves (বন bohn). It is a beautiful picnic spot for families, who would like to spend few hours in the lush greenery and placid lake. It is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Its unpolluted environment offers a respite and soothes the visitors.
  • 13 Nicco Park (নিকো পার্ক NIH-koh PAHRCK), Sector IV, Bidhannagar (Nicco Park ), +91 33 6628 5549, +91 33 6628 5509. It is the Disneyland of West Bengal with its various adventure rides. Opened in 1991, Nicco Park is one of the biggest amusement parks in the country and has innovative entertainment for all age groups. This amusement park offers fun for children as well as adults and draws crowds from Kolkata, especially on the weekends. A decommissioned MiG-21 bomber is on display here. Nicco Park (Q7024551) on Wikidata Nicco Park on Wikipedia
  • 14 Salt Lake Stadium (Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan (বিবেকানন্দ যুবভারতী ক্রীড়াঙ্গন BIH-beh-kah-nohn-doh JOO-boh-vah-roh-tih KRIH-rrahn-gawn)), JB Block, Sector III, Bidhannagar (Salt Lake Stadium  2 ). A major occasional crowd puller, the stadium has the second largest non-auto racing capacity in the world and the largest in the Indian subcontinent. It is used for association football matches and athletics. The stadium was built in 1984 and holds 120,000 in a three-tier configuration. Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan (Q787124) on Wikidata Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan on Wikipedia



  • 1 Apsara Shopping Arcade (at the crossing of EM Bypass and Prince Anwar Shah Rd Connector).
  • 2 Axis Mall, CF Block, Action Area-IC, New Town, +91 33 32006827. Shopping mall, restaurants, Bioscope multiplex with four screens. Restaurants include Aaheli (4F), Addiction (4F), Café Coffee Day (2F), Calcutta Retro (5F), Mehak-e-Punjab (4F).
  • 3 Charnock City, KB-26, Sector-III, Bidhannagar, +91 33 2335 1349.
  • 4 City Centre, 3rd Avenue, DC Block, +91 33 23581011. Restaurants include KFC (1F, Block A), Pizza Hut (1F, Block A), Afraa Restaurant (7F, Block G), Caught n Bowled (4F, Block B), Copper Chimney (3F, Block C), Haka (2F, Block E) and Kaafila (3F, Block B).
  • 5 City Centre II, Action Area-IID, New Town. There's Inox at third floor. Restaurants include KFC (GF, Block C), McDonald's (GF, Block A), Pizza Hut (GF, Block C), Gamma's World Cuisine (2F), Massekah (2F, Block B), The Orient (GF) and Zion Lounge (GF).
  • 6 Down Town Mall, Uniworld City, Action Area-III, New Town.
  • 7 Hiland Park Metropolis Mall, Santoshpur, +91 33 2436 8705. Has a ten-outlet eatery.
  • 8 Home Town, BG Block, New Town, +91 90 07 862472.
  • 9 Mani Square, 164/1, Maniktala Main Rd (EM Bypass). Restaurants include KFC (3F), McDonald's (GF), Flame & Grill (4F), Haka (4F), Khandani Rajdhani Restaurant (4F), Machan (4F), Mio Amore (4F), The Shack (4F) and Square 4o5. Mani Square (Q6749413) on Wikidata Mani Square on Wikipedia
  • Orchid Point, 3/1A, UC Banerjee Rd, Kankurgachi. It houses most major brands.
  • 10 Silver Spring Arcade, EM Bypass. Restaurants include Mainland China (3F), Masque (3F), Oh! Calcutta (3F) and Sigree (1F).
  • 11 Upohar Town Centre, Upohar Housing Complex, New Garia (local: New Garia  Sealdah South , metro: Kavi Subhas  1  6 ). Spencer's and other outlets.


  • 12 Patuli Market (Bengali: ভাসমান বাজার VAH-shoh-mahn BAH-jahr), Baishnabghata Patuli Twp. Opened in 2018, it is the first artificial floating market in India with 280 shops housing on 114 boats.
  • 13 VIP Bazaar, Picnic Garden Rd, Tiljala.

Eat and drink[edit]

Major restaurant chains include Haldiram's (P420, VIP Road, Kaikhali).

  • 1 Byepass Dhaba. Noon-1AM. North Indian.
  • Charnock's, KB 26, Sector-III, Salt Lake, +91 33 23351349, +91 9051325905. Noon-4PM, 7:30PM-10:30PM. Continental, Bengali, North Indian cuisine. Drinks served.
  • Mishra's Bar & Restaurant. Bar with good food arrangements. North Indian, South Indian, Continental, Chinese cuisine.



This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget Under ₹1000
Mid-range ₹1000 to ₹3000
Splurge Over ₹3000
  • 1 Udayachal Tourism Property, DG Block, Sector II, Bidhannagar (adjacent to the office of West Bengal Tourism), +91 9874026899, . Run by West Bengal Tourism. It features colour television, laundry, restaurant, room and Wi-Fi services.


  • 2 Arunadoy Guest House, 173/1 Barakhola, Mukundapur, +91 33 24260842, +91 9831284083. ₹250 per non-AC room.
  • 3 Ashirbad Guest House, 264 Barakhola, Mukundapur, +91 33 2426 4048, +91 9477402644, +91 9477402645. ₹300 per double-bedded room, ₹350 per triple-bedded room, all non-AC rooms.
  • 4 Debi Guest House, 175 Barakhola Mukundapur, +91 33 24264817, +91 9831687537, +91 9831923007. ₹500 per double-bedded non-AC room, ₹800 per double-bedded AC room.
  • Eastern View Hotel, 185/9 Santoshpur Ave (nr Jora Bridge), +91 33 2416-9396. Check-out: noon. 1-star with six rooms. Amenities include cable TV. Government approved.
  • Maa Tara Guest House, 175/1 Barakhola, Mukundapur, +91 9831203612, +91 9903803612, +91 9007304467. ₹400-500 per double-bedded non-AC room.
  • Meghalaya Guest House, 138 Barakhola, Mukundapur, +91 33 32986868. ₹300 per double-bedded non-AC room.
  • Step In, G6 Tagore, Ruby Park, Kasba, +91 33 66037838.
  • 5 Uttam Guest House, 1563 Mukundapur Rd, +91 33 24264287, +91 9830057482. Check-in: 9AM, check-out: 9AM. ₹500-₹600 per double-bedded non-AC room, ₹800-₹900 per double-bedded AC room.
  • Apanjan, 3 Shanti Park, Panchasayar, +91 9830016645, +91 9836198199. Around ₹200 per day/ non-AC room.
  • Atithi, 7 Sonali Park, Panchasayar, +91 9830380049. ₹250-350 per double-bedded non-AC room.
  • Bina Bhawan, 15A, Shanti Park, Panchasayar, +91 98311248611, +91 987407250. ₹300-350 per double-bedded non-AC room.
  • Maity Villa, 27 Sonali Park, Panchasayar, +91 9836955183. ₹300-500 double-bedded non-AC room; ₹800-1200 for double-bedded AC room.
  • Ricko, 22 Shanti Park, Panchasayar, +91 9836955183. ₹300-600 per double-bedded non-AC room.
  • Shib Bandhalay, 21 Shanti Park, Panchasayar. ₹400 per double-bedded non-AC room.
  • 6 Aquatic Palace, NP 222, Sector V, Bidhannagar, +91 33 44502716.
  • 7 Sun & Services, GC 35, Sector III, Bidhannagar, +91 33 66245815.




There's 10.5 km (6.5 mi) of Wi-Fi zone along MAR, from Kolkata Airport to Sector V.



Police stations[edit]

  • 8 Purba Jadavpur Police Station, Mukundapur, +91 33 24267345.
  • 9 Patuli Police Station, +91 33 24625195.
  • 10 Bidhannagar East Police Station, Canal Side Rd, AL Block, Sector-II, Bidhannagar, +91 33 23590849.
  • 11 Bidhannagar South Police Station, JC Block, Sector-III, Bidhannagar, +91 33 23351047.
  • 12 New Town Police Station, New Town Rd, DJ Block, Action Area I, New Town, +91 33 23246077.
  • 13 Rajarhat Police Station, +91 33 25733289.
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