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Laibin (来宾 Láibīn), Guangxi, is the cultural capital of the Yao people and also home to a large Zhuang community.

Map of Laibin



Laibin City is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, located in central Guangxi.

There are six districts in the city, namely:

  • Xingbin District— Located in the central part of Guangxi.
  • Heshan— A new industrial and mining city in the western part of the city.
  • Xincheng County— Located in the central part of Guangxi, it is known as the "town of mulberry silkworms" and "town of buddha melons".
  • Xiangzhou County— Located in central Guangxi.
  • Wuxuan County
  • Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County— Located in the east-central part of Guangxi, it has tourist attractions such as Lotus Mountain and Cathedral Mountain.



Laizbinh (Zhangwen: Laizbinh), also known as the world Yao Capital, is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Located in the northeast-central part of the country, it is called "Guizhou Zhong".

Get in


The Hunan–Guangxi (Xianggui) railway links Laibin with the other major cities of Guangxi, including Guilin, Liuzhou and the capital Nanning.

Get around


By taxi


Taxi fares in Guests are as follows:

Starting price.The taxi starts at ¥3. Mileage fee. Day mileage fee is ¥1.5/ km, night mileage fee is ¥2/ km. Return airfare.If the total mileage exceeds 20 kilometers, the return empty fare will be charged at 50% of the mileage per kilometer. Waiting fee. During the waiting period, wait for 3 minutes free of charge. After more than 3 minutes, an additional ¥0.5 per minute is charged. Other charges.If you are waiting for a passenger to park on the way, you will be charged an extra ¥0.5 per minute after waiting for 3 minutes for free.

By bus


Bus No. 2 (Park Community - Guwa Terminal), starting point is Park Community, ending point is Guwa Terminal, the line operation time is between departures,about 20 minutes / trip,Guest 2 bus (Park Community - Guwa Terminal), a total of 24 stops, namely Park Community, Experimental Primary School East, City Hospital West, Xingbin Highway Maintenance Center accommodation area, Guest Vientiane City, etc.

By cycling


There are shared bicycles in the city, you can rent one when you need to use a bicycle, the starting price is ¥2.5, and it is economical and convenient to travel at the same time.


  • 1 Laibin Museum (来宾市博物馆), 1 Cuiping Road East, Xingbin District (兴宾区翠屏东路1号) (Catch bus no. 36 and get off at City Council West (市政府西); alternatively catch bus no. 3, 12 or 32 and get off at Laibin Grand Theatre (来宾大剧院)), +86 772 4280615, . Tu-Su 09:00-17:00. Free.
  • 2 Chapel Hill (disambiguation) (圣堂山), Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County. Taiyao Mountain, the main peak of Shengtang Mountain, also known as Temple Mountain.It is composed of magenta gravel and sandstone of Devonian system, which has been eroded, cut and weathered by natural forces and surface water for a long time.
  • 3 Lotus Mountain Tourist Scenic Area (莲花山旅游风景区), Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County. Lotus Mountain Scenic Area is a national nature reserve 16 km northwest of Jinxiu Yao, covering an area of about 23 km². The main peak can be more than 1350 meters above sea level, because the peaks towering, far away, the whole mountain looks like a budding lotus, hence the name.
  • 4 Grand Canyon (百崖大峡谷), Hema Township, Wuxuan County. Baiye Grand Canyon is a scenic spot known as "Guangxi Jiuzhaigou", located in the east township of Wuxuan County, Laibin City, 38 km from Wuxuan County City. It is a typical Danxia landform, with a maximum elevation of 1200 meters.


  • King Pan Festival. On the 16th day of the tenth lunar month, the Yao remember their ancestral king, the dragon-dog turned human King Pan. The Yao celebrate by singing, dancing, drinking, wearing traditional attire amd offering sacrifices to their ancestor.
  • 1 Laibin Grand Theatre (来宾大剧院), Cuiping Road, Xingping District (兴宾区翠屏路) (next door to the Laibin Museum; bus routes 3, 12 and 32), +86 772 4282727.
  • 2 Silk Garden Resort & Spa (古象温泉度假村, Guxiang Hot Spring Resort), Sicun Town, Xiangzhou County (象州县寺村镇) (take a long distance coach to Xiangzhou County (1.5 hours, ¥35), then take a taxi to the resort; the resort is about 8 km from the Xiangzhou County Bus Station), +86 772 6431111. 08ː30-23ː00. The entry fee for the hot springs is usually ¥168 but is only ¥98 on Mondays. Prices may be higher on public holidays.






  • 1 Yuda International Hotel Restaurant, 288 Renmin West Rd, Xingbin District. One of the few restaurants in Laibin which provides Western food.



Zhuang Ethnic Rice Wine (壮族米酒): Rice wine is a traditional beverage in the Guangxi region, and Zhuang Ethnic Rice Wine is likely a traditional rice wine brewed by the local Zhuang ethnic group, offering a unique flavor.

Bitter Gourd Juice (苦瓜汁): In some parts of Guangxi, especially in tropical climates, people often consume bitter gourd juice. Bitter gourd is believed to have heat-clearing and detoxifying properties, making bitter gourd juice a refreshing and thirst-quenching beverage.

Guangxi Longan Sugar Water (广西龙眼糖水): Longan Sugar Water is a traditional sweet dessert in Guangxi, made by simmering fresh longan fruit with rock sugar and water, presenting a delightful and sweet taste.

Guangxi Sour Plum Soup (广西酸梅汤): Sour Plum Soup is a refreshing and thirst-quenching beverage made from sour plums and rock sugar. It is a common choice for cooling down in the hot summer months.




  • 1 Jinjiang Hotel (来宾锦江大酒店), Intersection of Binjiang North Road and Xianghe Road, Xingbin District (兴宾区滨江北路与祥和路交叉口) (Bus no. 8), +86 772 5321888. Check-in: 12ː00, check-out: 13ː00. From ¥135.
  • 2 Meixin Hotel (来宾美鑫酒店), No. 447 Yingbin Rd, Xingbin District (兴宾区迎宾路北447号) (To get here from Laibin North Railway Station, Take Express Bus No. 1 (快1路) and get off at the Yuda International Hotel (裕达国际酒店), which is about 200 metres from this hotel. Other buses that serve the area include routes 12, 15, 16, 19, and 28.), +86 772 426 0555. Check-in: 12ː00, check-out: 13ː00. From ¥159.
  • 3 City Convenience Hotels (城市便捷酒店来宾柳来店), Yonggu Building, 268 Liu Lai Road 546100, +8618077291188. ¥100.


  • 4 The Burman Hotel (柏曼酒店), Youjiang District, Baise City. ¥261.
  • 5 Vienna Hotel (Guangxi Province Jinxiu Branch) (维也纳酒店(广西来宾市金秀店), Tiancun Reservoir Stadium, Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County, +867726218688. ¥254.


  • 6 Yoda International Hotel (裕达国际酒店), No. 288 Renmin Road West, Renmin Road, Xingbin District, +86 7726688999. ¥598.

Stay healthy

  • 1 Laibin City Chinese Hospital (来宾市中医院), North Fourth Road, Xingbin District. Emergency. Bone injury. Acupuncture massage. Clinical department and CT of obstetrics and hypertension. Radiation. Inspection. B ultrasound. Gastroscope. External seismic lithotripsy and other functional examination department.
  • 2 People's Hospital of Laibin City (来宾市人民医院), No. 136 North Fourth Road, Xingbin District, +86 7724212222.



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