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Martonvásár is a town in Fejér County. It is located 30 km (19 mi) from Budapest and 30 km (19 mi) from Székesfehérvár, 13 km (8.1 mi) to northeast from Lake Velence.

Neighboring town Ercsi (Croatian: Erčin) is also described here.


Map of Martonvásár

Martonvásár was first mentioned in 1268 as a market place. In the 1770s the area became under the control of the Brunszvik family. They began large-scale construction, building a Roman Catholic church and a Baroque palace (rebuilt in 1870 in neo-Gothic style). It is a great pride of the town that Ludwig van Beethoven was a guest here in 1800.

Martonvásár was elevated to town status in 2005.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]


Trains  S30  and  Z30  are available in every 30 minutes (weekdays) / hourly (weekends) from Budapest-Déli pályaudvar to Székesfehérvár via Érd and Gárdony. The journey from Budapest takes 27 minutes and costs 650 Ft.

Trains  S36  and  G43  are available in every 30 minutes (weekdays) / hourly (weekends) from Kőbánya-Kispest (Budapest) to Székesfehérvár. The journey from Budapest takes 49 minutes and costs 840 Ft.

1 Martonvásár Train Station, Brunszvik utca 4, +36 1 349-4949, . Ticket office: M–F 06:00–17:10, Sa Su 06:00–13:40. Martonvásár railway station (Q21876938) on Wikidata


Trains  S40  and  S42  are available hourly from Budapest-Déli pályaudvar to Pusztaszabolcs, Dunaújváros. The journey from Budapest to Ercsi takes 44 minutes and costs 745 Ft.

2 Ercsi Train Station, Vasút utca 1, Ercsi, +36 1 349-4949, . Ticket office: M–F 05:30–16:10, Sa Su 06:30–14:10. Ercsi railway station (Q21876975) on Wikidata

By bus[edit]

Long-distance buses are available from Budapest-Népliget to Ercsi in every hour. The journey takes one hour and costs 745 Ft.

By ferry[edit]

Brunszvik Palace and Saint Anne Church

There is a ferry service available hourly between Ercsi and Szigetújfalu.

3 Ercsi Ferry Station. Jan–Mar Nov–Dec: 07:00–17:00; Apr Oct: 07:00–18:00; May–Aug: 06:00–20:00, Sep: 06:00–19:00. 300 Ft per person.

Get around[edit]

By bus[edit]


Martongazda operates local buses in Martonvásár. Tickets (in 2020): 300 Ft. Passes (in 2020): 3500 Ft per month.


Volánbusz operates local buses in Ercsi. Tickets (in 2020): 240 Ft. Passes (in 2020): 4800 Ft per month. Tickets can be purchased at the driver. Further information: public transport timetable, public transport map.



  • 1 Brunszvik Palace (Brunszvik-kastély), Brunszvik utca 2, +36 30 629 3083, . Built between 1773–1775 in Baroque style. Converted to neo-Gothic style in 1875. Adult: 2500 Ft; senior, children: 1400 Ft (valid for all exhibitions). Brunszvik Mansion (Q850291) on Wikidata
    • 2 Beethoven Memorial Museum (Beethoven Emlékmúzeum). Apr–Oct: 09:00–18:00; Nov–Mar: W–Su 10:00–16:00. The Museum reveals the history of the friendship between the Brunszvik family and Beethoven through documents and objects. Adult: 1400 Ft; senior, student: 800 Ft (also valid for the garden).
    • 3 Agroversum Science Adventure Center (Agroverzum Tudományos Élményközpont). Apr–Oct: 09:00–18:00; Nov–Mar: W–Su 10:00–16:00. Visitor center of the Agricultural Research Center. An indoor play center and an educational place at the same time. Its main goal is to show you agricultural sciences in an understandable yet enjoyable way. Adult: 1400 Ft; senior, student: 800 Ft.
    • 4 Palace Garden (Kastélypark). Apr–Oct: 09:00–18:00; Nov–Mar: 10:00–16:00. Protected garden around the palace. Adult: 800 Ft; senior, student: 400 Ft.
  • 5 Nursery School Museum (Óvodamúzeum), Dózsa György út 13, +36 22 460-065, . Tu–F 10:00–16:00, Sa Su 11:00–17:00. It was built by count Géza Brunszvik in 1883 in Romantic style. There is an exhibition on kindergarten history from Teréz Brunszvik's first kindergarten to the 1960s. Adult: 500 Ft; senior, student: 250 Ft.
  • 6 Saint Anne Roman Catholic Church (Szent Anna római katolikus templom), Emlékezés tere, +36 22 460-179. Built in 1773 in Baroque style with Cymbal frescoes and late-Baroque sculptures.


Eötvös Chapel in Ercsi
  • 7 József Eötvös Memorial Museum (Eötvös József Emlékház), Eötvös utca 33, Ercsi, +36 25 492-075, . By appointment only. Built around 1830 in Classicist style. Memorial place for the Hungarian writer and statesman, József Eötvös. Adult: 500 Ft; senior, student: 250 Ft.
  • 8 Local History Museum (Helytörténeti Kiállítóhely), Eötvös utca 7, Ercsi, +36 25 505-840, . By appointment only. The exhibition shows the history of Ercsi. Adult: 500 Ft; senior, student: 250 Ft.
  • 9 Firefighter Tower (Tűzoltótorony), Szent István utca 2, Ercsi. Built in 1903. Its purpose was to protect the thatched houses of the settlement.
  • 10 Assumption Roman Catholic Church (Nagyboldogasszony római katolikus templom), Templom tér, Ercsi. Built between 1762–1767 in Baroque style.
  • 11 Eötvös Chapel (Eötvös-kápolna), Ercsi. Built in 1828.
  • 12 Elizabeth of Hungary Roman Catholic Chapel (Árpád-házi Szent Erzsébet Római katolikus kápolna), Cukorgyári lakótelep 7. Built in 1934 in neo-Gothic style.

Further afield[edit]

In Todras:

  • 13 Sajnovics Mansion (Sajnovics-kastély), Sajnovics János tér 5, Tordas. Built in Baroque style in the 18th century. Rebuilt in Romantic style in the second half of 19th century.
  • 14 Lutheran Church (Evangélikus templom), Szabadság út, Tordas. Built in 1790 in Baroque style.
  • 15 Roman Catholic Church (Római katolikus templom), Sajnovics János tér 6, Tordas. Built between 1758–1760 in Baroque style.
  • 16 Tordas Heritage House (Tordasi tájház), Tordas, +36 30 476-6334. May–Sep: Sa Su 10:00–12:00 15:00–18:00.

In Vál:

  • 17 János Vajda Memorial House (Vajda János Emlékház), Vál. Renovated small forestry house, the scene of János Vajda's childhood.
  • 18 Roman Catholic Church (Római katolikus templom), Szent István tér 1, Vál. Built between 1819–1824 in Classicist style without a tower. Next to the church, there is a tower that was built for the first church in the 12–13th century.
  • 19 Ürményi Mansion (Ürményi-kastély), Vajda János utca 13, Vál. Built around 1780–1800. (Q1473150) on Wikidata



Interior of Tordas Heritage House




Palace Garden
  • Beethoven Concerts (Beethoven-koncertek). In July. 2500 Ft4500 Ft.
  • Martonvásár Vintage Festival (Martonvásári Szüreti Fesztivál). In September. Free.


  • 1 Coop, Brunszvik utca 1/d, +36 22 460-008. M–F 06:30–18:00, Sa 06:30–13:00, Su 07:00–11:00. Supermarket.
  • 2 Tesco Expressz, Ady Endre utca 6, . M–Sa 05:00–21:00, Su 06:00–18:00. Supermarket.
  • 3 Spar, Fő utca 2, Ercsi, +36 20 823-7530, . M–F 06:00–20:00, Sa 06:00–17:00, Su 06:00–13:00. Supermarket.


This page uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:
Budget Under 2000 Ft
Mid-range 2000 Ft2600 Ft
Splurge Over 2600 Ft






Beethoven and the Immortal Beloved (sculpture by János Nagy) on Emlékezés tere, Martonvásár


  • 4 BecsAl-ó Bar, Budai út 32. M–Th 06:00–12:00 15:00–22:00, F 06:00–12:00 15:00–00:00, Sa 06:00–00:00, Su 06:00–22:00.
  • 5 Levin Bistro, Budai út 16. 06:00–22:00.
  • 6 Faház Pub, Kossuth Lajos utca 1/a, Gyúró, +36 30 629-2618. 07:00–22:00.
  • 7 Gyöngyvirág Pub, Dózsa György út 56, Ercsi. M–Sa 05:00–00:00.
  • 8 Katapult Pub, Fő utca 5, Ercsi. Tu 15:00–22:00, W Th 13:00–22:00, F Sa 14:00–02:00.


This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget Under 9000 Ft
Mid-range 9000 Ft13,000 Ft
Splurge Over 13,000 Ft




Medieval church tower in Vál


Martonvásár's postal code is H-2462, and its telephone area code is 22.

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