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Stop! You should upload images to Wikimedia Commons.

Only non-free images eligible per the non-free content policy (or a few specific other exceptions) may be uploaded here. All others will be deleted. See also Wikivoyage:Image policy.

  • Use a license specified by the copyright owner. Use CC-BY-SA or CC-BY unless you have specific reasons. If none of the licenses in the drop-down is appropriate, add a suitable template from Category:License tags in the Summary field and add an explanation when needed (e.g. for public domain images).
  • Avoid people in photos, unless you have their written permission.
  • In the "Summary" field, you must always include the following information:
    • Image description
    • Where the image/photo was taken
    • Who took/created the image
    • When the image was taken/created
    • A list of any articles in which the photograph will appear

If you are uploading a file, which will be used based on the non-free content policy, use the template {{Non-free image}}, with a comma separated list of links to the articles and the license of the file:
{{Non-free image | articles=[[article 1]], [[article 2]], ... | license=cc-by-sa-4.0 }}

Once uploaded, the image must be added to an article (unless a copy on Commons with the same name is used already), or it will be deleted. If the image is added to more articles, add the articles to the list in the template.