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Morogoro is a city in the Central Tanzania region of Tanzania. There are old German buildings in the city from the colonial period. The city is at the base of the Ulughuru Mountains, which makes it an ideal base for hikers and campers.


Morogoro is the administrative capital of Morogoro Region. It is at least two and a half hours' drive from Dar es Salaam on a tarmac road.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

There is air service from Dar es Salaam to Morogoro provided by Auric Air. The schedule is not daily, however, so check their website for availability. Booking and payment can be made online. The Morogoro 'airport' is a grass airstrip in the Kihonda area.

By train[edit]

Morogoro is the terminus of the first phase of Tanzania's new high-speed railway network, known as SGR. Travel time from Dar es Salaam will be reduced to 1-2 hours when the new line opens in mid-2022. A limited number of long-distance trains still uses the old station.

  • 1 Morogoro SGR railway station.
  • 2 Morogoro railway station.

By car[edit]

The roads from Morogoro to Dar es Salaam, Iringa and Dodoma are paved and generally in good condition, making Morogoro relatively easy to get to by car. The travel time between city boundaries is fairly short (possibly 2-2½ hours) but depending on where and at what time you depart in Dar es Salaam it can take you more than one hour to get out of Dar in the first place. If you can, avoid driving out of Dar in the late afternoon (from 4PM) or into Dar in the early morning (up to 9AM) as you will otherwise drive along with commuter traffic which in a city like Dar can be complete mayhem. It is also not a good idea to be on major roads after dark, given the poor visibility and other issues.

By bus[edit]

The Morogoro bus stand is called Msamvu Terminal and is a 10-minute dala-dala ride from downtown. From Msamvu, you can get buses to almost anywhere in Tanzania. Multiple bus lines go to and from the Ubungo bus stand in Dar es Salaam. Abood is the most popular line, followed by Al Saedy, BM Coach and Chinese company New Force. The cost from Dar es Salaam is TSh 8,000 as of September 2019, and buses leave about every half hour. Other lines, such as Hood, run less frequently but may cost less. From town, to get to Msamvu, take the "Kihonda" daladala from the central daladala stand; or just tell them at the dala stand that you're going to the bus stand, they'll sort you out.

You generally do not need to buy a ticket ahead of time for the Dar to Moro route. For other destinations from Msamvu, it is best to book your ticket at least one day in advance. The hotel/restaurant next to the bus stand, "Makuti", is not bad, and is a nice place to escape the hustlers, avoid the rain, have a refreshing beverage, etc.

  • 3 Msamvu bus terminal.

Get around[edit]

Map of Morogoro

By taxi[edit]

Taxis in Morogoro are plentiful. They should have white plates and a painted marker on the side indicating the local license number. From Msamvu to downtown should cost no more than Tsh 2,000. From Msamvu to the Teacher College is around Tsh 3,000; to Dragonaire's Tsh 2,500. Be prepared to pay more at night.

By daladala[edit]

Daladalas are minibuses that ply local routes. They generally leave when full (all seats plus standing passengers). The dala stand is in the center of downtown (see map). Local dalas are TSh 400 as of July 2015; long-distance dalas are more. If you're not sure which route to take, just tell the conductors at the standi where you want to go; they will generally help you out if you need directions, though you might have to try more than one to find someone who can help.


  • Hindu Temple, Railway Rd. Beautiful Hindu temple. Having nice prayers with Prasadam on every Saturday.
  • The main market is off University road. It's massive: best to get your bearings before entering.



  • Oasis Hotel has a swimming pool for TSh 3,000 per day.
  • Morogoro International School (found near the main bus stand and Mambo Club) has a full-sized pool. The cost for non-members is TSh 4,000 per day. The tennis courts and children's play areas are also available for use to paying customers at the weekends.
  • Morogoro Hotel (found near VETA on Rwegashora Rd) has a lovely pool. The cost is Tsh 4,000 per day
  • Nashera Hotel found along side boma road. The cost is Tsh 5,000 per day


  • New Savoy Hotel On the station road past Oasis Hotel. Not safe to walk after dark. Best to go in a group to avoid hassles.


There are two tobacco processing plants in Morogoro.

There are many missionary groups active in the Morogoro region.

There are many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Morogoro, with focus on HIV/AIDS, environment, education, orphans and vulnerable children, to name a few.



There are many "safi dukas" in town; the following are just highlights.

  • Main Market, off the University road (see map). open during daylight. A wide variety of grains, fruits, vegetables, and meats are available. If you accept a plastic bag from a child, you are agreeing to buy it (TSh 50-100). Bag vendors will also carry your groceries as you shop if you let them, and expect a tip.
  • Saba-Saba Market. open during daylight. This market is on the west side of the town; follow the Old Dar Es Salaam Road past the main market, go over the small bridge; at the SUA roundabout, bear to the right; the street dead-ends into a row of shops. The entrance is roughly where the road ends, leading behind the shops. It is full of stalls selling all kinds of stuff, mostly very inexpensive used clothes, linens, etc. Sundays is a great day to go. Be careful of pick-pockets.
  • Pira's Cash and Carry (see map), +255 23 261 3310. Pira's one of the nicest minimarkets in town, carrying a wide variety of packaged goods; canned food, housewares, etc. A decent candy selection, frozen meats, and liquor as well, but limited produce. It is one block to the north of the daladala stand.

  • Murad's Supermarket 1 (on the second floor of the MT Petrol station, just east of the bridge near the dala stand), +255 713 899 799. 8AM-8PM every day. A decent supermarket in the center of downtown and stays open late.
  • Murad's Supermarket 2 (on the corner near Sofia Hotel). 8AM-8:30PM. A second store run by Murad's, closer to central downtown, but with a smaller selection.
  • Masoomas. Large but cramped supermarket on the corner near Sofia Hotel (opposite Murad's Supermarket 2). Good fresh bread and rolls.


There are electronics stores around the daladala stand, on the road towards Msamvu. The following are just some tested larger stores. All of these stores have English-speaking staff.

Many electronics goods are counterfeit; the better stores will ask if you want original or "Chinese" (never mind that the originals are also made in China). Also bargaining is strongly recommended. Used goods are available at saba-saba market and can be a bargain (though they can also be stolen).

  • Malaika (see map - Behind the daladala stand). Offering a wide range of electronics including cell phones, stereos, even furniture. Worth a visit just to see what they have. They also have a parts store roughly across from Blue Room Restaurant.
  • Jamils (opposite the CRDB). Wide variety of appliances, stereos. Also blank CDs, and pre-recorded CDs & DVDs; they're almost all pirated.
  • Net Dot Computers (on the left side of Old Dar Es Salaam Road going from Posta to the Market). A very nice computer store, with complete systems, parts, peripherals, toner cartridges, blank media, etc. Friendly staff.
  • Nizz, Box 202 (going from the dala stand towards Msamvu, on the right before Pira's), +255 715 515 970, +255 773 515 970, . Cell phones & accessories.
  • Kanunu Electronics (beside Barclays Bank on Lumumba Road), +255 713 511 115, +255 784 511 115. Electronic parts and appliances.


Saba-saba market on weekends is good for used clothes.

There are sidewalk tailors all over town who can make you custom clothes at a good price. Finding a good one is a matter of networking or trial-and-error. The tailor to the far left of the stadium entrance is rumored to be good, but only speaks Kiswahili.

There are nice fabric stores around Blue Room restaurant and on the Old Dar Es Salaam Road between the daladala stand and the market, and generally around town.

Indian-style clothes for women are available at some fancier stores in town. They can be expensive, but gorgeous.

Vikoi (woven wraps) are rumored to be available from a mama's group in the dukas across the parking lot from the CCM regional office at Sabasaba market. If your timing is good, you can watch them being woven. A good price might be TSh 8,000.


There is a jewellery store next to Symbus Kitchen Point (see map) that is recommended by long-time residents.


On Friday nights there are often crafts vendors at Dragonaire's (see Eat listing).

There is sometimes a carving vendor outside Pira's (see listing under Food above).

There is a group of wood carvers next to the Tiot station, on the Iringa road, just near Mazimbu. A taxi driver should be able to find it. Don't forget to bargain. The Acropol Hotel has different individuals selling paintings and really cool patchwork quilt bags, the Acropol also sells their own house brand dark roast coffee and Morogoro Coffee t-shirts.

They sell crafts, including carvings, baskets, and paintings, most days at The New Acropol Hotel (see Eat listing below).



  • Mama Chamu's (aka Gilligan's): (see map) As you approach the stadium from the post office, its pretty hard to miss; it's the really big thatched roof. Standard Tanzanian fare: rice and beans, ugali, etc. Some of the least expensive food in town. Small but flavorful mishkaki, and the grill guy is friendly. Otherwise, surly service - Swahili recommended.
  • Lucky Star: (see map) From the daladala stand, walk towards Kihonda. Take a right at Pira's, then it's just around the corner on the left at the next street. [The entrance used to be on the same street as Pira's, but has moved around the corner, same building.] Cheap "bites" such as Egg Chops (strangely delicious hard boiled eggs wrapped in spiced meat), sambusas, things that are almost as good as croissants, potato chops (spiced ground beef in potato hash) and even an pre-packaged ice cream and soda in a can. Also really good fresh juice. Sometimes closes for prayers. Good atmosphere to sit and write letters, etc. Often quiet and nice, but at mealtimes can be quite busy.
  • Cocoa Beach: Walk from the posta towards the market and turn right on the corner with the mattress store (the corner after the safi duka and the streets with the internet cafes). It's about a block, and on your left. Standard Tanzanian fare: Mishikaki, rice and beans, chipsi kuku, ugali, etc. Menu sometimes not reliable - You basically eat what they've got. Most of what they've got is good though, so definitely worth a shot.
  • High Classic Hotel: From the dala stand, take the main road towards Msamvu/Kihonda, on the left before the next roundabout. Good Tanzanian fare, a step up from Blue Room.
  • Bakery at Dala Stand: Cross the street from the dala stand and enter the gas station area. Its tucked in the far corner on the left. Great little bakery with a variety of cake and biscuit. Breakfast of champions, my friends. Also, they occasionally have apples.
  • Yemen Restaurant: Just past the bakery (above) if you're walking toward Gapco from the daladala stand. Good Tanzanian fare.this are the best restaurant which provide best food many people speak. go there and see as to whether people word are real.
  • Street Chicken: (see map) Outside the New Green Restaurant (see below) Chicken, mishkaki, chipsi, cheap. No alcohol. English spoken.
  • Heart Snacks: (see map) From the dala stand, cross the Old Dar Es Salaam road and go down the alley to the right of the gas station. It's on the right. A pleasant courtyard seating area, with various windows: bar; grill guy selling mishkaki and chips; mamas selling rice, beans, ugali, etc.; nyama choma (roasted meat); fruit. Also many vendors on foot selling all kinds of stuff - it's like going to the mall, except the mall comes to you. Swahili recommended.

There are many more local restaurants, these are just some tested favorites.


All restaurants in the category have servers that speak English.

  • New Acropol Hotel, +255 754 309 410. Everyday 7AM-11PM. (see map) Serves a varied, continental-style menu, with great specials. Possibly the fanciest place in town. Great atmosphere at the huge antique bar, beautiful front porch, and cozy open-air patio. Excellent chips/fries, burgers, an amazing club sandwich with real bacon and the all day breakfast with their own house roasted coffee. Co-located Agnes and her spa offers manicures, pedicures, massages and waxing.A handful of quaint rooms are available, definitely the best breakfast in town.Walking from the dala stand, head East on the Old Dar Es Salaam road. Go past the posta roundabout, around the bend to the left, past the cathedral, and it's on the left across from the SDA church. fresh roast coffee beans, t shirts and crafts are sold most days, fast wi/fi, and they can arrange hiking and transport to Dar and Mikumi at a reasonable price.
  • New Green Restaurant (see map) A family place offering great continental and Indian food. Walking from the dala stand, cross the bridge on the Old Dar Es Salaam road. Bear left onto Station Road. It's on the left across from the town hall.
  • Mama Pierina's (see map) Serves Italian, Greek, and local food. Full bar available. It has a wonderful wrap-around porch and a good backpacker scene. Uluguru mountains backdrop. Guest rooms available and refurbished at reasonable prices. Walking from the dala stand, go past the New Green Restaurant (above) on Station Road, pass the mosque and Hindu temple on the left, it's on the right. Lovely owner always there to assist in any way she can- a good laugh, advice, recommendations, etc. Contact Dimitra Hatzis daughter of Mama Pierina on +255 786 786913 and +255 713 786913. Email:
  • Oasis Hotel, +255 23 261 4178. (see map) Offers a massive (10 pages) menu of Indian and Chinese, as well as Tanzanian, food. Coldest beers in town, with a full bar. Outdoor seating (bring bug spray). Large hotel with more than 30 rooms available. Swimming pool. Mostly hosts conferences & events. Walking from town onto Station Road, it's just past Mama Pierina's right next door to each other(above).
  • Dragonaire's (see map) Offers a substantial and varied menu during the week. Fridays and Sundays, they have renowned pizza and a small specials menu. Friday nights are very popular with local ex-pats, and there is often a crafts vendor. There is satellite TV, billiards, and a magnificent view of the mountains. All seating is outdoors (bring bug spray). Sometimes has live music. Four rooms are available; with breakfast, price is Tsh 60,000 for a double. It is a bit far to walk from town, and not safe to walk after dark. By dala, take the "Bigwa" or "Pangawe" dala and get off at "rombo". Walk up the road about 7 minutes, it's on the left. By taxi, just ask for it by name, as of August 2008 it should be about TSh 3,000 from town. Near CCT and St. Thomas if you're staying there .Closed Mondays
  • Arc Hotel +255 23 2600250 is close to Dragonaires about 2 km from the city centre between the old and new Morogoro roads (see map on The hotel restaurant offers indoor as well as open-air service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with local, Indian, Chinese, and international specialties. The hotel rooms are all with view towards the Uluguru Mountains. Prices are Tsh 85,000 for a double and Tsh 60,000 for a single room, include breakfast.
  • Morogoro Hotel Ltd, +255 23 2613270-2.
  • new acropol hotel. will allow camping


There are dukas and hotels all over downtown Morogoro, and scattered throughout the neighborhoods. Many have "bites": simple food like mishkaki (shishkebab), chipsi mayai (french fry omelette), chips, peanuts, kitimoto (fried pork), etc. Like bars everywhere, each has a unique atmosphere and cohort of regulars. The night of a big football/soccer match can be fun, but also raucous, if the bar has a TV with the sports channel.

  • Juice ya Miwa - Sugar cane juice. On the road from the daladala stand to Msamvu, on the left across from Barclay's bank, between Alif bookshop and Exim bank. TSh 300 for a glass. If you bring an empty bottle you can take some away with you for later.
  • New Acropol Hotel (Old Dar Road), +255 754 309410, . 7AM-11PM unless specified.daily. The New Acropol Hotel has a sangria jug and many other party pitchers on their special menu. The pitchers can serve over 4 persons and come full of fresh fruit and local berries. Really enjoyable with a few people cause it works out quite inexpensive per person. They will stay open late if prearranged, also cool north American snack menu if you talk to Venance the barman. They do not put up with open containers, show them and they will let you pay a minimal corkage fee. Really yummy cocktails when Venance is in the mood. local beers at TSh 3,500.


See the 'higher end' restaurant section above; most of the establishments listed there also have rooms available.


  • Sofia Hotel Ltd +255 23 260 8478, +255 741 334 421, +255 744 290 733, +255 754996667. Across from Matunda internet (see contact section below) and next to Abood Bus Head Office. Extremely clean, inexpensive rooms, self-contained and air conditioned,very well maintained by hospitality professionals and graduate of Utalii College, safe and quite place, best value for money can buy in town. As of June 2016 there are double rooms available for Tsh 25,000- 45,000. Breakfast is included.
  • New Savoy Hotel, Station Street (opp train station). Single/double room with own bathroom. Tsh 18,000/25,000.


  • Tex Palace PO Box 864 +255 23 260 0044 On the Old Dar Es Salaam road, to the west of the market; go over the small bridge, it's on the left, just before Vanilla Lodge. Self-contained rooms with fan, cable TV.
  • Longido Hotel PO Box 894 {{phone|+255 786 700 010, +255 713 200 351, +255 763 641 118. Msamvu area, opposite Cobil petrol station. Self-contained singles from Tsh 25,000, Deluxe rooms from Tsh 40,000. Restaurant, guarded car park. No alcohol (but dukas are nearby).


See the 'higher end' restaurant section above; most of the establishments listed there also have rooms available.

Stay safe[edit]

For maximum safety, don't walk around after dark - take a taxi. But in general, if there are many people around, it's usually safe to walk about downtown in the evening. Being in a large group is safer than walking alone. Hiking can be dangerous without a guide; robberies/muggings are not unheard of.



There is a pay-as-you-go phone kiosk (actually a pre-fab container) at the dala stand. By far the most convenient, if you will stay in Morogoro for a while, is to get a GSM phone (starting at Tsh 50,000) (or bring an unlocked one with you) and get a local pre-paid phone line (Tsh 500-3,000, depending on promotions and provider). There are at least four providers: Zain (was CelTel), Vodacom, Zantel, and Tigo. Each provider has different plans; for example, in one Zain per-second plan, local calls are about Tsh 5/second, and international calls around Tsh 7.5/second. If your phone has internet, Vodacom has excellent data rates.

Post Office[edit]

The main post office in Morogoro ("posta") is on the edge of downtown - see map above. From the dala stand, walk along the Old Dar Es Salaam Road east, past the town hall ("munispaa") to the posta roundabout.


There are a number of internet cafés in town, with more appearing all the time. Rates vary between Tsh 500 and Tsh 1,000 per hour. Speed is generally slow. However, all of the cellular telephone companies offer at least 2G internet service.

  • Valentine's At the stadium, to the right of the main entrance.
  • Matunda From the dalla stand, walk west towards the market; take the first right; half-way down the street on the right.
  • Posta Facing the front, walk around the corner to the right - it's in the same building.
  • Chaungi Investment Located at CCM Wilaya, opposite Blue room restaurant. Fast, safe and reliable surfing. Voice, video and text chatting services, laser color printing, bulk photocopies, and other services.
  • New Acropol Hotel, old dar road, +255 754 309410, . open. Really good and fast internet with comfortable accommodation.


Health services[edit]

Malaria prophylaxis is recommended in Morogoro - there are mosquitoes all year long. If you'll be in town for a while, it might be worth investing in a self-test kit; some people suspect that local clinics have an incentive to report false positives, in order to sell you medicine.

  • Aga Khan Clinic On the Boma Road, on the right heading from the daladala stand towards the mountains. Probably the best clinic in town, but limited mostly to working hours.
  • Shalom Mazimbu Clinic Not close to town, but open 24 hours. Take a taxi, they should know where it is.
  • Regional Hospital (see map) The largest hospital in the region. Can be crowded/overloaded.

Banking and ATMs[edit]

Contrary to what your bank might tell you, you will need the original receipt in order to cash traveller's cheques. A Visa- or MasterCard- branded ATM card is a much easier way to get cash.

  • NBC (see map) At the Posta roundabout. have a visa card ATM.
  • CRDB (see map) On the Old Dar Es Salaam Road between Posta and the Daladala stand. New branh now at Sokoine University.
  • NMB (see map) Near the market. NMB ATMs do not yet work with foreign/external accounts.
  • Barclay's Bank From the Daladala stand, go towards Msamvu on the main road. It is a few stores past Pira's, across from Exim Bank. Their machines also accept Maestro and Master Card, and Visa Card.
  • Exim Bank From the Daladala stand, go towards Msamvu on the main road. It is across from Barclay's.
  • BOA Bank, Madaraka Rd (At Luna house), +255 717 296 363.

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