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Ned Kelly was a Victorian bushranger, outlaw, gang leader and convicted police murderer born and raised in Beveridge. In a nutshell, Kelly was a poor Irish Catholic who was known for dealing with corrupt British officials at the time, but at a cost of murdering three police officers.

The term "Kelly tourism" describes towns such as Glenrowan and Beveridge which sustain themselves economically "almost entirely through Ned's memory", while "Kellyana" refers to the collecting of Kelly memorabilia, merchandise, and other paraphernalia. The phrase "such is life", Kelly's perhaps apocryphal final words, has become an oft-quoted part of the legend.

Kelly can sometimes be called "The Australian Robin Hood", as he was a political icon and a figure of Irish Catholic and working-class resistance to the establishment and British colonial ties in the Kelly days.

Today, he's still a major part of Australian popular culture, commemorated in different media such as paintings by Sidney Nolan, and in the 2000 Summer Olympics opening ceremony. Most of what was his remains and remnants can mostly be found on some towns along the Hume Fwy (freeway between Melbourne and the NSW border), including Glenrowan, Beveridge, Benalla and also the state's capital; Melbourne. Major exceptions are Beechworth, Jerilderie, Kyneton and Mansfield.

Kelly's actions still divide Australia up to this very day, as the opinions on what he did largely differs from where you're at, and who you're asking. Criminal, or hero, that's a question left to you to decide.


Map of Ned Kelly key sites

The remains of Ned Kelly may not be a lot, but there's been plenty of historic sites, where his impacts remain to this day for the many towns that he had lived in.


  • 1 Old Melbourne Gaol, 377 Russell St (2-minute walk from Melbourne Central Station, or tram routes 24, 30 or 35 (City Circle)), +61 3 8663 7228, . Daily 9:30AM-5:30PM except Good Friday and Christmas Day. Night tours: M, W, F and Sa. Built in 1841, it is now a penal museum, with a watch house and magistrate's court also on-site. Bushranger Ned Kelly was hanged here in 1880. The scaffold on which he and many others were hanged is displayed, as is Kelly’s death mask. There are other displays in many of the cells. Allow an hour or so for your visit. $30 adult, $25 concession, $17 child (5-15yrs), family tickets available (free for National Trust members and members of reciprical trusts overseas).
  • 2 State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St (Melbourne Central Station, or tram routes  1 ,  3 ,  6 , ,  16 ,  67  or  72 : Stop 8), +61 3 8664 7000. M-W 10AM-9PM, Th-Su 10AM-6PM, except public holidays. Bushranger Ned Kelly's armour is stored permanently on display, along with a variety of galleries and exhibitions. Free.


  • 3 26 Henry Street, 26 Henry St, Avanel. Where the Kelly's lived after moving from there Beveridge house near Melbourne. You can't go inside or visit the frontyard as it is now owned by a Melbourne couple, and thus is a private home.
  • 4 Avenel Cemetery, Queen St, Avenel. Resting place of Kelly's father; John Kelly. John Kelly died when Ned was only twelve, and not to mention that he registered the death himself.
  • 5 Avenel Court House, 21 Queen St, Avenel. This was where Ned Kelly's father, John Kelly was charged of theft of cattle.
  • 6 Avanel Maze, 471 Upton Rd, Avenel, +61 409 197 438. 10AM-5PM on Weekends and every single day of the Victorian school holidays. While this has no historical significance, it has facts all over the maze about Ned Kelly all over the place, something of interest for young children and a good way of learning some quick glimpse facts about Kelly.
  • 7 Bridge over Hughes Creek (Hughes Creek Bridge), Henry Street, Avenel. The location where Ned Kelly saved Richard Shelton from drowning. He was awarded with a green silk cummerbund, which can now be found at the Kelly Museum in Benalla.
  • 8 Former Royal Mail Hotel. Location of residence of the Sheldon's family. Who Kelly had saved their son from drowning in the Hughes Creek.


The Old Court House in Beechworth
  • 9 Beechworth Gaol, cnr Williams St and, Ford St, Beechworth, +61 419 477 637. 9AM-2PM Daily. Eight people were hanged here and it 25 of Ned Kelly's sympathisers were held. In fears of the Kelly gang trying to release them, the wooden gates were replaced with iron ones.
  • 10 Harry Power's cell. The cell of Kelly's greatest sidemate, Harry Powers, famous bushranger for hundreds of armed holdups, horse stealing and coach robbery.
  • 11 Old Court House (Beechworth Historic Court House), Beechworth Historic Precinct Reserve, 94 Ford St, +61 3 5728 8066. 10AM-5PM Daily. This is where Ned Kelly's mother, Ellen Kelly was sentenced to three years of gaol which led to the uprising of the Kelly's. The courthouse has held more than 40 trials for the Kelly's, excluding his supporters. There were more trials for his supporters though. However, it did not hold the trial that sealed Kelly’s fate due to the fact that there were too many Kelly supporters in Beechworth to find an unbiased jury!


A contingent of Queensland Police Trackers were sent to Victoria to help in the hunt for the Kelly Gang in 1879. The Trackers along with Queensland and Victorian police officers pose in Benalla Police Paddock
  • 12 Benalla Costume & Kelly Museum, 14 Mair St, Benalla, +61 3 5762 1749, . M-F 9AM-5PM, Sa-Su 10AM-4PM (closed Christmas). Specializes in costumes and local history, including the Ned Kelly Story. The Historical Society also has a ‘Research Room‘ in the Museum in which early news papers dating back to the 1800’s, books, documents, and pictures are stored. Additionally, when Kelly saved a young boy from drowning in a creek, and was awarded this green sash in recognition of his bravery and it can be found in this museum. His transportable cell can also be found here. Adults: $5 Concession: $4 Children: $1.
  • 13 Old Benalla Courthouse, 67 Arundel St, Benalla. The Kellys have appeared here numerous occasions, and it's not surprising why given their numerous crimes.
  • 14 The Bootmakers Shop, 64A Arundel St, Benalla, +61 447 343 439. While now a cafe, When Kelly escaped in September 1877 from the police while they were taking him to the courthouse. After a fight with the police, he ran across the road into a boot shop and locked the door. Kelly gave himself up when the judge came over to the shop.


Kelly's childhood home, and where his siblings were born
  • 15 Ned Kelly's House, 44 Kelly St. Was Ned's childhood home where he grew up in. You can't go in, but you can see it all from the outside. It was believed that Kelly had lived here for four years of his boyhood, and is also where his brothers Jim and Dan as well as his sister Kate was born.


  • 16 The Colonial Bank Site. The old structure has been replaced with a new one, but the location of the bank robbery won't change.
  • 17 The Euroa Inn, Tarcombe Street. This is where they stayed prior to the bank robbery in Euroa.


The Big Ned Kelly

By far, Glenrowan has the most historic Kelly sites as this was where Kelly was caught before getting arrested and where it finally came to an end.

  • Animated Theatre Show. This is the major attraction in Glenrowan, and has a reenactment of Ned Kelly's last stand. It goes through four rooms and sets, including one outside set. There are animated models in each set, and the show is triggered as your group pass into each set. It is interesting and well put together, but the technology shows its age. The price of admission will only give you 30 minutes of entertainment to progress through the four shows. You can't do it any slower or faster. Young children may be scared by some of the inside scenes, that get dark with loud noises. adults $27, children $20, group and family discounts available..
  • 18 Ned Kelly's Capture Site, 26 Church St, Glenrowan. Location of where Ned Kelly was caught before getting sent to Melbourne gaol and being hanged.
  • 19 Ned Kelly Museum (Ned Kelly Museum & Homestead), 35 Gladstone St, Glenrowan, +61 3 5766 2448. 9:30AM-4PM Daily. Has numerous replicas of Kelly's properties he has lived, as well as some real artefacts that he used on top of the large number of replicas as well. There are also some talking cockatoos here as well – just don't talk with them for more than two minutes or they'll get mad at you. Try say goodbye to them, and see their response. $10 per adult, $1 per child.
  • 20 The Big Ned Kelly, cnr Gladstone St & Kate St, Glenrowan. 24/7. One of the numerous Big things of Australia, put up in the honour of Ned Kelly. Free.


Greta Cemetery, where the Kellys were buried.
  • 21 Greta Cemetery, 1327 Wangaratta-Kilfeera Rd, Greta. Where Ned Kelly and his mother and brother were buried with the alleged fifth member of the Kelly Gang Thomas Peter Lloyd.
  • 22 Ned Kelly Family Homestead, 764 Greta Rd, Glenrowan West. The old Kelly house. The only remains of the house are now the chimney stacks. You probably won't notice it all, since most of it is gone, but there are some items from the day which can still be found including an old wheelbarrow. Viewing from Greta Road requires binoculars or a zoom lens on a camera.


  • 23 Kyneton Court House, 1A Hutton St, Kyneton, +61 3 4465 3102. Kelly was brought up here due to involvement with Harry Powers and their participation in highwaymen robbery. You may not be allowed in, but the historic outside should give you the feel.


This is the only spot in NSW that Kelly had an impact on.

  • 24 Royal Mail Hotel, 16-20 Jerilderie St, Jerilderie, +61 3 5886 0066. Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne came here dressed as policemen and came with his so called "fellow policemen", preparing to rob the bank the next day. Today in the 21st century, it' remains a hotel, and if you ever do happen to go to Jerilderie, it's worth a stay, but a glimpse of the entry gives gives no less amusement about this site.


Mansfield Police Memorial standing in the 21st century
  • 25 Mansfield Police Memorial, cnr of B320, C320 and C518. A memorial to remind us in memory of the three police officers who Kelly murdered; Constables Scanlan, Lonigan and Sergeant Kennedy. The memorial was erected just a year after the policemen were murdered.
  • 26 Mansfield Cemetery, 141 Highett St, Mansfield. Cemetery of the three policemen who Kelly murdered at Stringy Bark Creek.

Other locations[edit]

  • 27 Stringybark Creek, Stringybark Creek Rd, Archerton (Stringybark Creek Road is an unpaved road, and there are no markings to that tree.). Location of where Kelly murdered three policeman of Sergeant Michael Kennedy, Constable Thomas Lonigan, and Constable Michael Scanlan on October 26, 1878.

Historical sites in Stringybark Creek

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