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Location of Obihiro in Hokkaido

Obihiro (帯広) is a city on the northern island of Hokkaido, It is the capital of Tokachi sub-prefecture on the Tokachi Plain, a major agricultural area.


Founded in 1883 by settlers from Honshu, and designated as a city in 1933, Obihiro is architecturally undistinguished except for a few kitsch pachinko (pin ball) palaces. To the visitor it appears a city of car dealers and cake shops.

Arranged on a regular north-south grid, most of the city lies in the south western quadrant. Two main features lie diagonal to the grid: the railway line with the main JR station and Midorigaoka Park, a green hill where some of the cities main attractions (the museum, zoo etc.) are located.

Most Japanese visitors from the south come to Obihiro to visit the dairy farms of the Tokachi Plain (thus cake shops and cookies sold as souvenirs), however foreign visitors already familiar with cows and wheat fields may be more interested in the high volcanic peaks of Daisetsuzan with its extraordinary alpine flora, or the wildlife in Shiretoko Peninsula. For these major attractions Obihiro is a gateway, conveniently bypassing Sapporo and western Hokkaido.

Get in[edit]

Map of Obihiro

By plane[edit]

By train[edit]

  • 2 JR Obihiro Station, +81 155 23-8176. Obihiro is on the main JR Nemuro Line between Sapporo and Kushiro. There are trains to Sapporo (207 km, 2 hr 15 min), Asahikawa (183 km, 3 hr 30 min), Hakodate (461 km, 6 hr 30 min), and Kushiro (120 km, 1 hr 45 min).

By bus[edit]

Long distance buses are a good way to get to Obihiro. These buses all leave from in front of JR Obihiro Station.

Get around[edit]

The center of Obihiro, located between JR Obihiro Station and Fujimaru Department Store, is small and walkable, though most of the larger shopping areas are outside of this. The city as a whole is large and spread out, though easy to navigate. Similar to Sapporo, it is laid out on a grid, and intersections are signed in both Japanese and English (e.g., West 1 South 10). The north-south axis (which lies close to the city center) is called Ōdōri.

City buses exist, though services are less frequent than on the more densely populated island of Honshu.

By car[edit]

A car is ideal, since the main attractions are outside the city. There are some rental car companies at the airport.


Obihiro Racecourse
  • 1 Obihiro Racecourse (帯広競馬場), Nishi 13, Minami 9, +81 155 34-0825. Obihiro has a unique type of draught horse racing called Banei (ばんえい) . The horses drag steel 'sleighs', each weighing around 500 kilograms, along a 200-m sand track with two humps in the middle of the course. The sport originated in a test of strength for farm animals. Most of the horses are a crossbreed of French Percherons and Bretons and Belgian horses. The 'jockeys' lash the horses repeatedly with the reins - animal lovers be warned!
  • 2 Midorigaoka Park (緑が丘公園), Midorigaoka2. Large park. With in the park, there are a variety of facilities zoo, and museums. Entrance free. Midorigaoka Park (Obihiro City) (Q17213422) on Wikidata
  • 6 Obihiro Shimin Bunka Hall (帯広市民文化ホール), Nishi 5, Minami 11 (5 minutes on foot from JR Obihiro Station.), +81 155 23-8111. This is a common venue for concerts and recitals. Obihiro Cvic Culture Hall (Q20043557) on Wikidata


Obihiro is located close to the Hidaka and Daisetsuzan mountains. There are an impressive range of facilities for outdoor activities: mountain trekking, horse riding, white-water rafting, kayaking, swimming, tennis, 'park golf' etc. during the summer, and skiing, snow boarding, snow shoeing and skating etc. during the winter.

  • Ice Festival (氷まつり, kōri matsuri). Late Jan. Festival with ice sculptures.
  • Heigen Festival (平原まつり, heigen matsuri). Mid Aug. Bon Dance festival.
  • Chrysanthemum Festival (菊まつり, kiku matsuri). Early Nov.


  • 1 Fujimaru (藤丸), Nishi 2, Minami 8-1, +81 155 24-2101. 10:00-19:00. Nine floor department store in the centre of the city. Food on the basement floor.
  • Hokkaido Chizu (北海道地図), 5th floor Sompo Japan Building, Higashi 1, Minami 10-21, +81 155-25-1006. M-F 09:00-18:00. This is the place to buy trekking maps of Hokkaido at scales of 1:25,000 and 1:50,000.



  • 1 Sushi Masa (寿司正), Nishi 2, Minami 19, +81 155 23-4561. Traditional sushi restaurant with a quiet atmosphere.
Pork Bowl of Panchō
  • 2 [dead link] Panchō (ぱんちょう), Nishi 1, Minami 11, +81 155 22-1974. 11:00 - 19:00. The restraurant is Tokachi style Pork Bowl originated. Many guests, it may ofen matrix. ¥ 850 - 1250.
  • Tatsumi-zushi (辰巳寿司), Nishi 1, Minami 7, +81 155 24-6665. Quality sushi in an unpretentious restaurant.
  • Umi-e (海へ), Alta 2F, Nishi 1, Minami 9-17-2. A seafood izakaya in the city centre. Large menu.
  • 3 Matsuhisaen (松久園), Bisei 1-20, Memuro-cho (30 minutes by car from Obihiro.), +81 155 65-2321. Historic trout farm, restaurant and garden.
  • The Soup, Nishi 3, Minami 11-1, +81 155 28-7171. Serves Hokkaido soup curry.
  • 4 Michinro (美珍楼西家), Nishi 19, Minami 2-25-9, +81 155 33-0030. This restaurant, whose Chinese name is Meizhenlou Xijia, serves straightforward Cantonese food. It has a large menu with reasonably-sized portions.
  • [formerly dead link] L'Orange (オランジュ), Nishi 3, Minami 9-2, +81 155 67-7878. A French restaurant.
  • Chez Maeda (シェ・マエダ), Nishi 2, Minami 10-2, +81 155 27-6206. A French restaurant.
  • Le Bordeaux (ル・ボルドー), 17-9 Nishi 16, Minami 5, +81 155-38-3440. 11:30-14:30, 17:30-21:30. A French restaurant.
  • [dead link] Osteria Alpesca (オステリア アルペスカ), Nishi 1, Minami 12-2-7, +81 155 28-5663. An Italian restaurant.
  • 5 Pennylane (ペニーレーン), Nishi 21, Minami 5, +81 155 36-2300. Serves mainly pasta and has good bread.
  • Byplane (バイプレーン), Nishi 1, Minami 11 (In Fukui Hotel.), +81 155 25-1717. Serves seafood, pasta, and vegetarian food — and also good cheese.


  • 6 Rokkatei (六花亭), Nishi 2, Minami 9-6.. The main branch of a nationally famous confectionery company, that is also an important patron of the arts (see Nakasatsunai Bijutsumura above).
  • 7 Ryugetsu (柳月), Ōdōri, Minami 8-15, +81 155 23-2101, toll-free: 0120 669 669 (non-geographic number). Rivals to Rokkatei.
  • 8 Uetliberg (ユトリベルグ), Nishi 17, Minami 4-15-7, +81 155 33-0134, toll-free: 0120 01 3470 (non-geographic number). 09:30 to 19:30. Flying the Swiss flag, this cake shop specializes in purin, the Japanese custard pudding.
  • Cranberry (クランベリ), Nishi 2, Minami 6, +81 155 22 6656.
  • Asahiya (あさひや), Nishi 19, Minami 4-24-3, +81 155 38 2606.
  • Akutsu (あくつ), Honmachi 3-9, Taisho,, +81 155 64 5438.


  • [formerly dead link] Tokachi Beer (十勝ビール), Nishi 1, Minami 9-6 (In the center of the city.), +81 155 26-4141. Not to be confused with the Tokachi Brewery (below), this microbrewery and restaurant is notable for its pizzas and giant tropical plants.
  • Rancho El Paso (エルパソ), Nishi 16-13-20, Minami 6 (Near Midorigaoka Park.), +81 155 34-3418. Restaurant specializing in sausages, ham and bacon.
  • The Galway, Nishi 2, Minami 10-20-5, +81 155 20-5211. Irish pub with Guinness and Kilkenny.



  • 1 Poroshiri Nature Park Campsites (ポロシリ自然公園), Dai 2 Kisen 2-7, Takuseicho (Near Tokachi Obihiro airport, south of Obihiro.), +81 155 60-2000. Open Jun-Sep. Site with electric ¥3000, site without electric ¥1800, Open site ¥800.





Go next[edit]

Beyond Obihiro lie the high volcanic peaks of Japan's largest national park, Daisetsuzan, and the Kushiro Wetlands National Park. Further afield are Abashiri and Shiretoko National Park.

Routes through Obihiro
TakikawaFurano  W JR Nemuro icon.png E  KushiroNemuro
ChitoseShimukappu  W Doto Expwy Route Sign.svg E  Honbetsu

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