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The Annapurna Mountains above Pokhara's Phewa Tal lakeshore.

Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal with about 520,000 people in 2021. It is the starting point for most of the treks in the Annapurna area. It is a very popular location with most people staying around the beautiful Fewa Lake. Dozens of hotels and restaurants are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere, and today it is much easier to find modern amenities not common to other locations in Nepal, but Pokhara is losing its small town charm and the lakeside now feels more like Khao San Road (with all the usual: yoga, reiki, massages by blind people, overpriced souvenirs and disingenuous locals).

Pokhara is still beautiful and many great and genuine people can be found, but it takes some work on the traveler's side. If you intend to stay on the lakeside road, para-glide, and trek to Annapurna, you will be getting a very inauthentic version of Nepal. If you make an effort to get out of the tourist areas, you will find amazing scenery, great people, and unforgettable experiences.

Get in[edit]

By bus[edit]

From Kathmandu[edit]

Tourist buses (Rs700-800, 6-7 hr) and crowded local buses/microbuses (Rs400-600, 6-7 hr) travel the 200-km journey between Kathmandu and Pokhara almost every 15 minutes from 07:30 until late afternoon. Night buses are available, but the ride is painful. Greenline operates a convenient bus every morning between the popular tourist areas of Thamel in Kathmandu and Lakeside in Pokhara (US$20, lunch included). Swift operates comfortable tourist buses for US$15 per ride. The bus runs twice daily, leaving in the morning and in the evening. Swift buses offer comfortable, reclining and extra-wide seats (three per row).

The road is winding with many switchbacks but offers wonderful views of hills and rural Nepalese lifestyle. The drivers will generally not drive too fast but some will calmly weave in and out of the stream of opposing traffic and slam on the brakes when a stop is required, making for a scary ride if you look out the front window. During the rainy season, there may be problems with the roads, and flying may make more sense.

If your bus leaves you at the "old bus station" near the old airport, just take a city bus from the road to lakeside (Rs20).

Update May 2023: There's construction on a new road between Kathmandu and Pokhara and many parts of the route have been broken up or narrowed to only one lane, making for traffic snarls and an extremely bumpy ride. Plan on spend at least 8 and possibly 9 or 10 hours on the road now, with frequent nauseating and bone-rattling sections. Air travel may be more advisable while construction is underway. Locals say it's been going on for a year, and estimate construction will likely go on for another two.

From Sunauli and the Indian Border[edit]

Buses are available from the border town of Sunauli (Rs500-700, 10 hours). If you can travel to the nearby town of Butwal, you will have more options for travelling to Pokhara. A 12-seater vehicle will cost around Rs5500 from Butwal to Pokhara.

From Siddharth nagar rail station to Kakrahwa border - Kakrahwa border to Bhairahawa Bus Park - Pokhara[edit]

Shared Tempo Rs 50 Indian on shared tempo/ bus from Siddharth Nagar rail station to Kakrahwa border approx 50 mins if no jam on road (Last bus around 6 pm all via Lumbini). Kakrahwa border to Bhairahawa Rs 130/- Nepali by bus. Rs 25/- per person by shared auto to Bhairahawa Bus Park. Bus park to Lumbini Rs 750/- Nepali Non AC bus. (Added this route on Sept 2023 after travel)

By plane[edit]

From Kathmandu[edit]

Yeti Airlines, Buddha Air and Air Viva are reputable airlines that operate regular flights (US$102-106, 40 minutes) that can be purchased online and at the last minute. The flights offer the benefit of a bird's eye view of the countryside and of the panoramic mountains themselves. Flights are almost always delayed and afternoon flights run the risk of cancellation as delays from the morning compound.

A taxi from the Pokhara airport to Lakeside should cost Rs250 if negotiated in advance, but the city bus passes the airport and costs Rs20.

Get around[edit]

Map of Pokhara

By foot[edit]

Pokhara is a fairly small city and can be easily traversed on foot. Walking is necessary to get to places where vehicles or bicycles can't reach.

By bus[edit]

Buses and minivans operate on most of the popular routes. These are crowded and uncomfortable but the fare is cheap and student discounts may be offered. Fare is Rs20-40 per way (as of March 2023).

By taxi[edit]

Comfortable taxis are available to be hired. You may also use InDrive app to hail a taxi or motorbike.

By bicycle[edit]

Bicycles can be hired in a lot of shops in Lakeside (Rs300-2,000/day). Make sure the seat is not too hard, and try realigning the seat if it is set uphill way, instead of sloping down.

By motorbike or scooter[edit]

It is also possible to hire a scooter or a motorbike in Lakeside (from Rs550/day). You will have to buy petrol (Rs120/litre). It is not possible to reach Sarangkot or the World Peace Pagoda with an automatic motorbike or scooter due to the steep uphill road, so get a manual gear model if you intend to travel to those places.


Sunrise over the Annapurnas, as viewed from Pohkara

Lakes & waterfalls[edit]

  • Phewa/Fewa Lake (Phewa/Fewa Tal) (just west of Pokhara). One of Nepal's most beautiful spots, Phewa Tal is surrounded by a combination of monkey-filled forests and high white peaks. The reflections in the mirror-like water in the early mornings are impressive. Hire a boat and row yourself across the lake, or hire a local to do it for you - there are some fine times to be had on this lake, even in the middle of the night.
  • 1 Begnas Lake (Begnas Tal) (13.3 km southeast from Pokhara, along the Prithvi Rajmarg road). Out of town and away from the hustle, Begnas Tal is quiet, clean and peaceful. There are a few basic hotels nearby and the odd refreshment shop. A very nice Vipassana Meditation Retreat is also here, one of many around the world. The walk along the road leading to Begnas Tal is fascinating; the seasonal rhythms of daily life in the country make great images.
  • 2 Rupa Lake (Rupa Tal) (15 km southeast from Pokhara, along the Prithvi Rajmarg road). One of the more remote lakes in Pokhara with limited accessibility and hence more serene and unspoiled compared to the other lakes. A must visit for any nature lover.
  • Dipang Lake (Dipang Tal) (12.7 km southeast from Pokhara, along the Prithvi Rajmarg road). Beautiful lake where you can find wild lotus and wild swan. It is about 25 minutes walk from Sisuwa, the city centre of Lekhnath municipality.
  • 3 Devi's Falls (Patale Chhango). Spectacular, especially after heavy rains. Devi's Falls plunge into a cave and disappear into the earth. The name is from a Swiss couple who were washed away (or fell in) and drowned. Rs25. Davis Falls (Q37724) on Wikidata Davis Falls on Wikipedia


  • 4 World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa). Daily 05:00-18:00. Opened in 1999 on top of a hill just south of Phewa Tal, the Stupa offers great views of the Annapurna Mountains, including Fishtail, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna South, and Annapurna III. This is a great place to watch the sunrise or sunset over Pokhara. The easiest way to get there is to take a taxi to the base of the Peace Pagoda (Rs1000 return, including waiting). If you want to go on foot, you must first get to the southern side of Phewa Tal, either by walking around the lake, getting a taxi or rowing across the lake. Then take a very steep hike through the forest (watch out for leeches during the monsoon) or from the road that passes Devi's Fall. Free. Shanti Stupa (Q13186128) on Wikidata Shanti Stupa, Pokhara on Wikipedia
  • 5 Sarangkot. Cable car: 05:00-07:00, 07:30-11:30, 12:30-17:30. The perfect pre-trek warm-up. Head up Sarangkot, and be prepared as it's steep and hard work. You can rent a motor bike or use the cable car to go to the top. The road is rough, but traversable. Great views, spectacular images and a great way to get a taste of what it's like to be trekking.The Sarangkot south slope trail is a challenging run/polewalk workout. Go north through Lakeside about 5 km, through Kare until cable car bottom station. Follow the road up the hill and don't try to ride a motorbike or bike up this road, too rocky. Shortly after you've crossed under the cable cars, the trail goes off the road to the left (there's a sign, too) and soon the grueling stone steps begin. Follow the steps all the way, notice the arrows carved into stones where confusing, but stay on stone step trail for the shortest way or use the road for a longer, less steep alternative. Morning views are best. This trail takes at least 1 hour from the bottom. Knee jarring descent takes 40 min, or an easy ride with the cable car (notice their many breaks during the day). Cable car: Rs660 single trip, Rs1185 return.
  • 6 Kahun Dharahara. Kahun is the second nearest hill close to the city. At the top of Kahun there's a view tower locally called "Kahun Dharhara". You can get there by bus, motorbike or cycle. Hiking also shouldn't take more than 2½ hours to reach there from Ranipauwa. A spectacular view of Annapurna range can be seen straight from the tower. The Pokhara valley can also be observed. The environment is peaceful at the top, you should shop and carry required items either from the valley itself or from the local shop in Kahun as there are no shops, cafe or hotels available at Kahun Dharhara.
  • 7 Dhiki Danda. One of the hills that provides a closer view to the Himalayas. Located on the north of Mahendra Cave, one can reach it by hiking 2-3 hours all the way through Armala. The trail is about 5 km from Mahendra Cave. Beautiful scenery can be observed form the top.
    Views from Dhiki Danda
    Views from Dhiki Danda


  • 8 Mahendra Cave (Mahendra Gufa) (North of Pokhara near Batulechaur). May-Aug 07:00-18:30; Sep-Nov & Feb-Apr 07:00-18:00; Dec-Jan 07:00-17:00. Bigger than the Bat Cave, however you will need an extra guide to see the hidden parts (will involve some climbing and very narrow passages, only for the adventurous types). Foreigners Rs150, SAARC citizens Rs80, Nepalis Rs50. Mahendra Cave (Q16977242) on Wikidata Mahendra Cave on Wikipedia
  • 9 Bat Cave (Chamare Gufa) (10 minutes south from the famous Mahendra cave). May-Aug 07:00-18:30; Sep-Nov & Feb-Apr 07:00-18:00; Dec-Jan 07:00-17:00. This cave is famous for the bats that can be seen hanging from the ceilings. Foreigners Rs150, SAARC citizens Rs80, Nepalis Rs50.
  • 10 Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave (south of Damside near Devi's Falls), +977 61-460587. Contains a large stalagmite venerated as a representation of Shiva; two caverns: one the temple and the other leading to a spot near Devi's Falls. Rs30 or Rs100.


  • 11 International Mountain Museum, Ghari Patan, +977 61 460742, . Daily 09:00-17:00. Displays about the people living in the Himalayas, of the 14 highest peaks and their most famous expeditions. Also includes some exhibits from other mountain areas such as Slovenia and Japan. Rs100 for SAARC visitors; Rs300 for others.
  • 12 Gurkha Memorial Museum (In the northern part of Pokhara, near KI Sing Bridge at the front of the British Gurkhas Pokhara camp.), +977 61 541966, . 08:00-16:30 everyday. Museum dedicated to the famous soldiers from Nepal. You can observe here the various historic uniforms, their famous knives and the different flags. Rs200 for foreigners, Rs100 for SAARC residents, Rs2 for Nepalis, riscounts for children..


Adventure sports[edit]

  • Hiking and trekking - for information on trekking in the Pokhara region, including popular treks and suggested itineraries, see Trekking in Nepal
  • Boating and canoeing - hire a boat or canoe for a day out on the water. Canoes can be difficult to steer on the flat lakes.
  • Whitewater rafting, kayaking, and canyoning - 1- to 10-day adventure expeditions on beautiful Nepali rivers. There are many operators offering trips, with some being Rapidrunner Expeditions, GRG's Adventure Kayaking, Adrenaline Rush and Paddle Nepal.
  • Paragliding. Don't miss soaring around Lake Pokhara and the Annapurnas. USD120.
  • 1 Parahawking/Vulture Restaurant. The population of certain species of vulture has collapsed in many parts of Asia due to vultures eating dead cows that have been injected with a drug that helps the cows in old age but poisons the vultures when they eat them after their die. A charity has established a hospice for cows coming to the end of their lives. They look after the cows but ensure they don't have any of the drug that kills the vultures. When the cows eventually die they are given as food to the vultures. Trips are arranged to view such early morning vulture feasts. To find out more visit Blue Sky Paragliding.
  • Hearts & Tears Motorcycle Club: Motorbike Tours & Lessons. Learn to ride custom bikes
  • Ultralighting
  • Mountain Biking. Consider these fun bike rides:
    • Around Phewa Lake
    • Sarankot/Naudada/Hemja loop - 3 hours hard from Lakeside is a fast time. Go towards downtown (Mahendrapul) from Lakeside, turn north at "Zero Kilometre" along the main road to Baglung. Be careful as it's crowded. Ride about 5–6 km north, slowly up, past the nasty old bus park, to the Sarankot Road junction, turn left (west). The climb time starts at the fork 50 m further. Follow paved road up incredibly steep climb, 1st gear almost all the way. Good pavement mostly, climb zigs past houses and ends at a small village on a saddle. It takes around 40 min from bottom. From here you can park bike and hike up old ridge trail to Sarankot, but for this loop continue west along rocky jeep road along mountains south slopes, past parasail place and onwards, rolling ascent to Kalipani village and after and hour or so jeep road hits the "hi-way" at Naudada village on ridgetop. From here good pavement zigs steep down to valley bottom, then its a long gradual descent to Hemja village, and back into Pokhara.
    • Dobindy Pass ride- A fun up and back hillclimb to a pass on pavement southwest of Damside. Take paved road south from Damside to Birota area then turn right (west) along main road, the "hi-way to Syangja and Tansen, gradually down towards Devi's Falls, continue west to the Chorepatan area to base of climb. The steep bends begin here, road climbs steadily, though not too steep, along south side of Peace Pagoda ridge, up to a few villages, then after a short steep descent into a forest for last climb up to the pass at Dobindy village. At least, it'll take just under an hour from Lakeside. From here you can continue west through scenic rolling country towards Syangja town, but it's usually possible to zip back down to hotel in about 35 min. Beware; this road is getting more crowded, and sometimes with lots of buses & trucks in the wrong lane.
    • Tibetan Refugee Camp - go for a bike ride down to the airport way, on the way to the Tibetan settlement where there is a nice little monastery, a school, and refugee-made jewellery and craft stalls. Be prepared to ride all the way uphill on the return trip to Lake area and it is wise to take a rest halfway if you want to avoid suffering from cramps and weariness the following day, from the long ride.
  • Rock Climbing[dead link], 3 Sisters, an organisation dedicated to the empowerment of Nepali women, runs a rock climbing course near Lakeside.
  • Himalayan Golf Course offers a unique golfing experience.


  • Cooking classes - Stay on a farm and learn to cook Dal Baht from scratch!

Reiki, yoga, meditation & massage[edit]

Pokhara is Nepal's top yoga destination and there are over a dozen yoga retreats. Many of these retreats also offer massage, reiki and water/honey therapy. Some also organise 1- to 20-day treks that combine hiking with classes in yoga and meditation.

  • 2 Purna Yoga Retreat Centre, Sedi Bagar, Lakeside, Pokhara (10 min walk uphill from north Lakeside, behind and above Castle Resort), +9779841436877, . Purna Yoga Retreat is residential centre for yoga and meditation offering 1- to 21-day courses. 10 en suite rooms, and a large and spacious glass-walled yoga hall with panoramic views of Pokhara, Phewa Lake and surrounding hills.
  • Annpurna Yoga Ashram (Lakeside), run by guru Narayan Prasad Dhakal, offers daily yoga classes at 08:00 and 17:00 (US$8.50), massage, reiki, honey/water therapy, as well as one-day or multi-day spiritual/meditative hikes to small villages in the area that foreigners rarely get to visit. The guru also offers the opportunity for a homestay, with traditional organic meals cooked by his wife.
  • Begnas Lake Resort, Sundari Danda, Begnas Lake, +977 61 560030. It offers morning yoga classes to its guests.
  • Garden Yiga Chozin Buddhist Meditation Centre (off footpath from Lakeside Road in North Lakeside), +977 61 462923. Offers free daily meditation classes, dharma talks and donation-based hatha yoga instruction. A 3-day introductory retreat costs Rs3,300.
  • Jiva Cafe & Spa offers yoga, meditation and zumba classes, therapeutic messages, acupuncture, beauty therapies in private cottages. On Phewa Lake walking path behind Busy Bee. 09:00-19:00.
  • Om Family (Lakeside Road) offers daily drop-in yoga and meditation sessions, as well as holistic treatments costing Rs500.
  • Purna Yoga & Treks, +977 9851158384, . offers various guided yoga treks in the mountains with yoga and meditation classes along the way. Yoga trek is a perfect combination of gentle trekking schedule, healthy yogic food, exercises to stretch muscles and ease breathing, time to relax, reflect and enjoy the location for a deeper trekking experience and to connect the body and mind with nature.
  • Sadhana Yoga (in Sedi Bagar, a 15-minute walk from Baidam-Pame Road), +977 61 694041. offers lodging including yoga classes and vegetarian meals costing Rs2,400 (2-night minimum)

Live music[edit]

With the ever-present backpacker atmosphere, there is no shortage of live music.

  • Busy Bee Cafe in Lakeside frequently has a live local band playing.


  • Dipawali - the Hindu festival of lights and worshipping of Laxmi, celebrated in either October or November, is a great time to be in Pokhara.
  • Full Moon Trance Parties are held in the surrounding hills during the warmer months. Ask around for details and schedule. There have been several instances of festivals publishing fake line - ups so check with the artists.
  • Holi-the festival of colour is heavily celebrated. Concerts and musical events are held on Pokhara, Lakeside.
  • Street Festival - is celebrated every year from 27 December to 2 January. Thousands of people gather and celebrate the festival on Lakeside street. It is one of the biggest festivals in the Pokhara valley.


There are several ATMs in central Lakeside and all over Pokhara. All charge a withdrawal fee of Rs500 per transaction. Nabil Bank & Standard Chartered Bank ATMs have the highest withdrawal limit of Rs35,000 per transaction.

  • Jewels and trinkets from the lovely Tibetan women who ply the streets with their wares in backpacks or blankets. Sit and enjoy the atmosphere, and make sure you bargain as starting prices generally are highly inflated.
  • Kriayt Social Business is a marketplace in central Lakeside with the mission of empowering Nepali women to earn a living. You can buy beautiful handmade items and even design your own, all while supporting a good cause.
  • Hemp products. There are numerous stores in the Lakeside area where you can get clothing, bags, and other accessories made from hemp. Hemp fiber is superior to cotton in durability, breathability, and environment impact. There are different quality (e.g. fiber density), so compare ahead.
  • General shopping can be done cheaply in new Town, a large bazzar selling clothing, fruit, vegetables and general items is located across the road from the old bus station
  • Though relatively cheap, hiking gear sold in lakeside is of notoriously poor quality- often not even surviving one treck.
  • General shopping can be done cheaply in the bazzar across the road from the old bus station.
  • Bhat Bhateni Supermaket & Department Store, off New road (City center pokhara), +977-61-523264.


The cheapest (and often the best) food is found at the street stalls, selling momos/dumplings, samosas or fried noodles. Early in the morning, children walk the streets with trays of pastries; chocolate croissants, cinnamon rolls and other cakes.

The bazaar across from the old bus station has basic Nepali dishes from Rs60, and a nice atmosphere amongst the bustle of vendors.


  • 1 Asian Teahouse. Located along the main road through Lakeside on the opposite side from the lake. The only way you'll find this place is to look out for the handwritten sign sitting at the end of the alleyway that the restaurant sits in. Or by looking for a large shop named 'Almonds'; directly under this sign is an arcade that you walk through and it is at the end on the left. The food is great, huge servings and the food in the area. The family that owns the restaurant is friendly, hospitable and informative.
  • 2 Sun Welcome, Baidam Rd. Small family run place 5 min north of the main strip, a few spots up from Newari. Cheap and delicious. Open all day, can even BYO.
  • 3 Sweet Memories Restaurant, Baidam Road. Nice food with friendly staff.
  • 4 Tara's Restaurant (Nepalese Vegetarian), Lakeside Road (near the helping hands spa; down the alleyway with the "Fewa Spa" sign). A lovely small budget restaurant with a friendly proprietress. A great western-style breakfast with excellent hashbrowns; try the specialty dish, Simi Nariwal.
  • 5 Pokhara Java Coffee House, +977 9846043980. 06:30-. Nice and cosy coffee place, that serves breakfast, sandwiches and different varieties of coffee. Their set breakfast includes eggs, toast, hash browns and espresso coffee.
  • 6 Godfather Pizzeria, north Lakeside. Great oven-baked pizza.


  • 7 Busy Bee Cafe. A beautiful outdoor garden bar, with Pokhara's best rock & roll acts on stage around 20:00.
  • 8 El Bocaito Español Spanish Restaurant, Kahare 6 (North Lakeside). open for lunch and dinner. Good and reasonably priced Spanish food. Pleasant atmosphere with Spanish owner.
  • 9 German Bakery, Damside Rd (Near airport on Damside Marg). Another location of this popular bakery chain. This one is especially good if you're walking into town from the airport or on your way to or from the hike to the World Peace Pagoda. Several tables, free Wi-Fi, good breakfasts including honey curd muesli as well as the usual bakery items.
  • 10 Lemon Grass, Baidam Rd (North Lakeside). Nice restaurant with lake views on the north end of Lakeside.
  • 11 Moondance, Lakeside Rd. A popular place to eat, and although the prices are high so is the quality.
  • 12 Natssul Korean Restaurant, Lakeside Rd, +977 61 229198. Next to Lakeview Resort towards the tourist bus stand end of town, this is an outdoor garden restaurant run by a Korean couple and serves authentic Korean dishes. Recommended are Vege Bibimbob Hotpot, Beef Bulgogi stew and pork skewers. Free Wi-Fi and the complimentary side dishes are lovely.
  • 13 Once upon a time, Lakeside, +977 61 461881. 07:30-23:30. Italian and Indian cuisine, very old restaurant in Pokhara. Free Wi-Fi.
  • 14 Peace Dragon Lodge & Restaurant, Stupa Walkway (close to the World Peace Pagoda, a 4-minute walk downward and eastward from the main gate), +977 61 621182. Serves a good range of Nepali, Indian & Western dishes and light snacks. Prices are moderate, and the views are stunning.
  • 15 Perky Beans, Baidam Road. Popular place to eat, good breakfast, chapati wraps and renowned 500 ml shakes and smoothies.
  • 16 Pokhara Thakali Kitchen, Lakeside Rd / Da Yatra Street (Lakeside East behind the Trek-o-Tel Hotel), +977 61 462306. 11:00-21:00. Authentic Thakali meals (including Daal Bhat) served on a large platter with several different curries. One of the best places to eat in Pokhara if you're looking for authentic regional dishes.
  • 17 Wheat to Sweet, Baidam Road (North of Lakeside.). Sunday - Friday from 07:30. This place sells tasty buns. From Rs30.


Try the local beer (Gurkha/Everest), and if you are brave the home brew which comes in several forms "Chang": A rice or millet beer that's slightly sour and earthy. "roxi" a stronger fermentation of Chang, And "three panni roxi": very strong and tastes awful.

  • Coffee Culture Cafe, +977 61 525587. Various types of espressos, and other hot and cold drinks. The only completely dedicated organic coffee shop in Pokhara.
  • Gorkha Bar One of the famous outlets of the Fulbari resort this bar offers all kinds of drinks, cocktails and mocktails.
  • Pema Tibetan Restaurant offering Thukkpa (Tibetan Soup Noodles), Mo Mo (Tibetan style dumplings), with sukuti, sekuwa and locally brewed alcoholic drinks.
  • Busy Bee Great spot on the lake in the heart of Pokhara. Late night, with live music from 20:00. Pool tables, decent food, local beers and imported spirits.
  • Tushita Sushi Bar, Lakeside -Basundhara Park. Local speciality "Sushi Bite with Delight" and Himalayan herb wine.
  • Bullet Basecamp, +977 980 838 5970. 10:00-23:00. A Dutch-Australian run establishment a little away from the touristy strip of Pokhara.
  • Cafe Fusion Restaurant & Bar, Lakeside (For all Kinds of drinks). Chilled beer, variety of wine, spirits and soft drinks such as smoothies, cocktails and mocktails.
  • 1 Oxygen Lounge Bar, lakeside (Near barahi temple, opposite to hotel Meera), +977 61-464474. 08:00-late. It's a great place located in the centre of lakeside with beautiful view of lake and mountains from the garden of the bar. Live band every night, and late night camp fire.


Virtually all tourist accommodations are in Lakeside and Damside, near Phewa Lake. In addition, there are around 12 guesthouses uphill in Sarangkot which offer better views and less air pollution, but are much more expensive for both accommodation and food. Note that these hotels are not accessible by car - they are a 20-minute walk uphill on gravel from the taxi stand in Sarangkot (Rs500 for a taxi, less for a microbus).

Work-aways and farm stays are common, many will ask for money to cover volunteers food.


It is possible to find medium or long-term accomndation in Pokhara. Best by far is to ask locally. Anything geared exclusively for tourists in the Lakeside area will start at about US$250/300 per month for a probably new but not really special place. It takes some time but if you scout around you can find good deals for US$100-150 per month. Keep in mind that most locals make a very meager salary usually under US$200. When they say that US$300 is "local price", it is of course not true. Many local options lack furniture, Internet, etc., so you will have realistically have to pay a bit more if you want something where you can immediately move into. Just take a few days and you will find a more genuine and nicer place and it will cost half price than the tourist apartments that are springing up all over Lakeside.


  • Amrit Guest House. Lakeside; nice little hostel that has both dorms and double bedrooms. Dorm Rs150, double room from Rs200.
  • Hotel Angel, +977 61 464713, +977 984 602 5580 (mobile). Lakeside. Quiet, family-run, clean rooms and hot shower. Rs200-300.
  • Banana Garden Lodge, +977 61 464 901, . Khahare, north of lakeside, started in early 1990s is one of the most popular budget guest houses in town. Its slight elevation gives the most spectacular views to the lake. Run by a family.
  • 1 Butterfly Lodge, Central Lakeside, +977 61-461892. Helpful staff, reasonable prices, big rooms with some of their profits going to the Butterfly Foundation charity. Also, they can arrange tours.
  • 2 Crown Hotel. A friendly, family-run place that is handy for paraglider pilots/students as it is very near some of the paragliding schools. The rooms are fine and the atmosphere mellow. Be aware that there have been reports of a fake website for this hotel, that shows real pictures of the hotel but is rumoured to lead to fraudulent bookings.
  • Green Peace Lodge, +977 61 462134, . Sedi Bagar, Lakeside. One of the finest views over the lake, great sunset. Busy throughout the year.
  • Hotel Lake Side, one of the oldest hotels in the town, overseeing Phewa lake.
  • Hotel Monal, Central Lakeside. Very reasonably priced hotel with decent sized rooms. It has a nice courtyard, and a lot of socializing going on between guests. The Australian woman who manages the place is very friendly, helpful, and lives on premises. The Wi-Fi is pretty bad and the staff just tell you to use a neighboring hotel's Wi-Fi. Rs800.
  • Hotel Travel Inn, Lakeside. Good cheap hotel on Lakeside.
  • 3 Hotel Yeti, Lakeside East, Baidam-6 (On a side street no more than 75 m off Baidam Rd (turn near La Bella Napoli restaurant) away from the lake, next to the Hotel Bedrock), +977 61-462768, . . Draped with flowering vines. Clean, quiet, free Wi-Fi, nice garden. Modest breakfast available. Starting at Rs600.
  • Hotel Mountain View, +977 61 465281. Lakeside, near Basundhara Park. Family-run hotel with clean, peaceful rooms with lake view from the rooms and hot shower facility. Arrangement for trekking to ABC, Ghandruk, Ghorepani, and many places on demand. Air, bus tickets booking facility.
  • Jasmine Guest Home. Small and friendly hostel with dorms for 200, private rooms available, Wi-Fi, hot water, a dog and cat. Laid back and had a second hand exchange, close to the lake but far from city centre
  • 4 Nanohana Lodge, Lakeside East, +977 61 464478, . Clean and well-managed, just off Lakeside Rd (Baidam Rd). USD10-20.
  • Penguin Guest House, towards the more relaxed end of Lakeside, almost opposite the Royal Lake House. Budget rooms, Rs500 a night for double or twin room, with shared bathroom. Great cheap food, and smoke friendly. Owner is fluent in Japanese, and so it is popular with Japanese visitors.
  • 5 Gautama Guest House, Lakeside Pokhara (From tourist bus station, walk NW along Lakeside Marg then turn right on 7th street. Go ~200 meters and it will be on your left.). Opposite the Penguin Guest House and slightly cheaper at Rs400/night for a huge, private room with two beds. Fast Internet. Nice family. Good Chinese food. Very hot water. Rs400.
  • Pleasant Home Hotel, Lakeside Pokhara (just north of Lakeview Resort, 200m up small road). Nice budget hotel with friendly owners and decent Rs500 rooms. TV, mountain views with balconies and secure parking. Quiet and rarely full. Rs500.
  • Pushkar Guest House, a relaxed and comfortable guest house. Has a variety of rooms at various prices, hot showers and a rooftop restaurant. Overlooks the lake.
  • 6 Pushpa Guesthouse, Lakeside, +977 61 454290, . Popular and friendly guesthouse in good location just off the main lakeside road. 800.
  • R&R Guest House, 115 Barahi Path, Lakeside 6, +977-061-466137, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 10:00. A clean, comfortable, and family run guest house.
  • 7 Rupa View Guest House, Lekhnath-11 , Pachbhaiya, Begnastal , Kaski (2.2 km east uphill from Begnastal Bus Park), +977 61 622098, +977 9856023828, . Located on Pachbhaiya hill, which separates Begnas and Rupa lakes. Run by local family. Most of the food items are grown in the garden and purely organic. USD10.
  • The Orchards, North Lakeside, Khahare. Lakeside; peaceful
  • Sweet Dreams, lakeside, very small relaxed hotel with a small bar/cafe/garden attached which is great for escaping from the noise of the main road. Rooms from Rs300, next door to Billy Bunters.


  • 8 Hotel Castle Resort, +977 61 461926. Small, resort-style accommodation with a faux castle on a small hill overlooking Fewa Lake with ten rooms, heated swimming pool and an Irish pub.
  • Hotel Diplomat, Lakeside (south side near the old palace grounds). A nice family-run place with friendly owner. All rooms have a silent generator, double beds. Mattresses are above par and visitors can sit on the roof and enjoy the views over the lake and mountains. USD15.
  • Hotel Garden, Pokhara Damside (Near Damside chowk and airport), +977 61 463681, . A modern, comfortable hotel with great, friendly staff, roof-top view, free Wi-Fi, orchid garden restaurant and bar.
  • Hotel Meera, . Provides clean and spacious rooms for about USD30. They also have a great restaurant.
  • Lake View House (Lake Side North, main road). Nice family-run guesthouse. Just 4 rooms, nice garden, view of the lake, 2 shared bathrooms, hot shower. Homemade food by request. Rs200.
  • Peace Dragon Lodge, Stupa Walkway, +977 61 621182, . A 4-min walk from the World Peace Pagoda and enjoying what is probably the best view in town, overlooking Phewa Lake and the mountain range stretching from Daulaghiri to Himal Ganesh, between them the Annapurnas, Fishtail (Machhapuchhre) and Manasalu. All tastefully-furnished rooms are en suite with solar powered hot water and 24-hour back-up power. Magnificent rooftop restaurant. With Western and Nepali co-owners. Internet connection available. USD30-45 but discounts of up to 25% are often available.
  • Sampada Inn, +977 61 462817, . An attractive hotel in traditional Nepali design with engraved windows and brick work. The rooms are unique with exposed Nepali brickwork, natural wood furniture, etc. Free Wi-Fi. On a quiet street and 2min walk to the lakeside area. It is family operated. Rooms start at USD40.
  • The Silver Oaks Inn, Lakeside-6 (In a quiet lane, take the road at the 7-Eleven/Standard Chartered Bank), +977 61 462147, . Check-in: noon, check-out: noon. Four-storey hotel with nice views and a shady, colourful garden. Clean rooms. Good views from balcony or rooftop. Traveldesk and big lounge/restaurant. Free Wi-Fi /desktop. Single USD23, double USD47 - both include breakfast and tax; 25% discount in offseason.
  • The New Pokhara Lodge, +977 61 454990, . On the shores of Pokhara's largest lake. Sufficiently set back from the main road to guarantee peace, quiet & privacy, there are just 16 rooms, all with attached tiled toilets and 24 hours hot and cold water. Standard rooms with attached bath, and deluxe room with bath & air-con available. The lodge is built around one of the best gardens in town. Offers free very high speed Wi-Fi internet up to 10 Mbps. €11-30.
  • 9 Third Eye Inn, Pahari Marg, +977 61 463705, . Lovely renovated hotel with clean comfortable rooms and amazing views from the rooftop. Same management as Sacred valley Inn. USD20-30.
  • 10 Trekkies Guesthouse, 231 Nahar Marg, Lakeside, ward 6 Dihiko Patan, +977 61 465520, +977 980 652 1406, . A clean quiet little place in a rural like setting, yet only a short walk from the main road. The family running the guesthouse are helpful and friendly, the owner Bhadra is also an expert trekking guide. Meals and laundry services are provided, along with a roof top view of Phewa Tal and free Wi-Fi. Rs700 with attached bathroom.
  • 11 Sacred Valley Inn, +977 61 46192, . Tourist favourite since 1998. Great location in Lakeside. Lovely airy rooms - some with balconies. Delicious breakfasts on the roof with amazing views. USD15-30.
  • Hotel Nirvana, Durbar Marg, Lakeside (opposite the Palace), +977 61-463332, . Big airy rooms - some with mountain views. Lovely garden and great rooftop area for sitting and enjoying the views. Good breakfasts, Wi-Fi, helpful staff. USD10-25.
  • Hotel Da Yatra Courtyard (Da Yatra), Pahari Marg, Lakeside-6 (from Boomerang Restaurant head hardly a block north and turn right and go east about 2 minutes walk), +977 61-462462, . Check-in: 12:00, check-out: 12:00. Neo-classical 4-star hotel in the heart of downtown lakeside: Cozy, comfortable, spacious rooms. All rooms are sound-proof. 24-hour front desk, lift service with 2-sides glass to capture views of aquamarine Lake Phewa, sacred Varahi Temple, World Peace Stupa and Queen Forest and other rolling hills. Outdoor garden bar, water-fountains, roof-top terrace, patio and cozy restaurant. Serves world class beverages, exotic cocktails and mocktails till late night. Fooday's Restaurant on premises. Free parking, free Wi Fi in room and all public areas. Gift-shops, shoe-shine machine and 24-hour security. Approximately a 2-minute walk from the lake-shore road. USD155-425.


  • Fishtail Lodge. Located on a peninsula of Phewa Lake that is accessible from Lakeside via private boats. USD112-180.
  • 12 The Fulbari Resort & Spa, +977 1 446-1918. Nepal's only 5-star resort outside of the capital. About ten minutes from the airport and offering unfettered views of the surrounding Himalayan ranges. Alongside the hotel is a former glacial canyon and the Seti-River gorge. Facilities at the hotel include four restaurants, one bar, a spa/health club, golf club and a casino.
  • 13 Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge, Kalikasthan-Majthana Rd, Lekhnath (from Pokhara, take the H04 towards Kathmandu, then turn left on Kalikasthan-Majthana Rd for 4 km), +977 1442 6427, . Check-in: 12:00, check-out: 14:00. Eco-lodge situated 30 minutes out of Pokhara has stunning mountain views, home cooking with local and organic produce and 18 rooms. An infinity pool, and a range of massage, yoga and meditation therapies. Expert local guides escort walks exploring local culture, flora and fauna. USD250-500.
  • Raniban Retreat. A lodge on the top of a mountain near the World Peace Pagoda, offering what may be the best views in the area, 420 m above town. USD98-156 for foreigners, depending on the view.
  • 14 The Pavilions Himalayas, Siddhartha Rajmarg (From central Pokhara, take the Siddhartha Rajmarg Rd for 8 km until you cross the Fusre Khola torrent.), +977 975600 8117. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. An eco-resort with great service and comfort. Villas are peppered in the rice fields above the infinity pool looking at the mountains. As its off-grid the resort relies on solar panels and bio-gas for lighting and cooking, and the organic food from the farm next door. USD150-750.

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  • Annapurna is a mountainous region just outside of Pokhara, famous for trekking. Two popular longer treks are the Annapurna Sanctuary and Annapurna Circuit.
  • Lumbini is the birthplace of the Buddha, reachable from Pokhara by bus (Rs150, 3-4 hours).
  • Kathmandu is reachable from Pokhara by crowded local minibus (Rs400-600, 6-7 hours), tourist bus (Rs800-2000, 6-7 hours), and by plane (US$102-106, 40 minutes). Tickets are sold at all travel agencies.
  • Chitwan National Park is a World Heritage site with tigers, rhinos and jungle animals which offers elephant rides, jungle canoeing, nature walks and bird watching, as well as more adventurous tiger and rhino-viewing.
  • India is enterable at Sunali from the Nepalese border town of Bhairahawa, reachable by crowded local minibus (Rs545, 8 hours) or by tourist bus (Rs700, 8 hours). The buses leave very early in the morning (06:00, 07:00 and 08:00 for local bus, 06:30 for tourist bus). Beware being a sold a ticket for a tourist bus that is actually for a crowded local minibus. Upon reaching the bus station in Bhairahawa, take a rickshaw to the immigration office/border control station (Rs250).
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