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Presidente Prudente is a city in the state of São Paulo. It's one of the main industrial and cultural centers of the São Paulo West, so much so that became known as the "Capital of the West Paulista".


Presidente Prudente occupies an area of 562 km², of which 16.5 km² are in urban area, and its population was estimated in 2010 at 208,000 dwellers, then being the 36th most populous in São Paulo. Today the municipality is formed by the city of Presidente Prudente and districts, Ameliópolis, Eneida, Floresta do Sul and Montalvão, subdivided in about 220 neighborhoods.

Prudente is next to the river basin of the Paraná River, in its territory several sub-basins of small and medium streams with important roles in your configuration, and being drained by streams Veado and Cedro, belonging to the river Santo Anastacio basin; and the stream of Onça and river Mandaguari, belonging to the Peixe River basin. The city presents itself gently undulating with continuous occurrence of hills, in the vast majority with dividers made of waterways.


San Sebastian Cathedral and July 9 Square
Presidente Prudente City Hall
Statue of Presidente Prudente founder, Francisco de Paula Goulart
Pioneers buildings

The city of Presidente Prudente was named after President Prudente de Morais, who was a Brazilian lawyer and politician, first governor of the state of São Paulo (1889-1890). With the great economic crisis of 1929, the economy of municipalities linked to coffee production suffered great shock and Presidente Prudente introduced economic activities such as the cultivation of cotton. The industrialization of the city began in the mid-1930s.

In the 1940s much of the usable land in the area was made up of pastures. The increasing importance of cattle ranching in the High Sorocabana region was accomplished by deforestation. The correlated industrial activities in the early days of logging, turned to the transformation of raw materials, mainly offered by cattle breeding.


Presidente Prudente
Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation+Snow totals in mm
Source: Portuguese Wikipedia
Imperial conversion
Average max. and min. temperatures in °F
Precipitation+Snow totals in inches

The Presidente Prudente climate is tropical rainy with less dry and cold winters (with occurrence of light frosts in a few days of the season) and rainy summers with temperatures high. July is the driest month, and January the rainiest month. In the 2010s, however, the hot, dry days during the winter have been increasingly frequent, often surpassing 30°C, especially between the months of July and September.

Get in[edit]

Map of Presidente Prudente
Presidente Prudente view of the Raposo Tavares highway

Presidente Prudente is about 350 mi (560 km) west of the state capital.

By plane[edit]

  • 1 [dead link] State Airport Adhemar de Barros (Aeroporto Estadual Adhemar de Barros), Assis Chateaubriand Highway, Km 459 (entrance on highway), +55 18 3222-8099. It has two airlines: Gol and Azul. It is the third busiest airport in the state of São Paulo, managed by São Paulo Airports. As the airport is outside the urban area, transportation between the airport to the city can be done by taxi and car rental. Airport parking is charged.
  • Gol Airlines (Gol Linhas Aéreas), +55 18 3916-1158.
  • Azul Airlines (Azul Linhas Aéreas), +55 18 3222-0078.

By bus[edit]

  • 2 Presidente Prudente Bus Station (Terminal Rodoviário de Presidente Prudente), Avenida Brasil, 1380 (2 km from the Raposo Tavares highway), +55 18 3903-5051. The Presidente Prudente Bus Station has several companies intercity transportation. You will find cafes, newsagents and taxi rank.

By car[edit]

The city of Presidente Prudente has three state highways.

  • SP 270 (Raposo Tavares highway) - Connects São Paulo the Presidente Epitácio to the border of Mato Grosso do Sul, past Presidente Prudente . The highway is concessioned by CART - Dealership Auto Raposo Tavares. This highway toll account, see the points of collections and their values ​​by site [formerly dead link]
  • SP 501 (Júlio Budisk road) - Link between Presidente Prudente and SP 294 - Captain João Ribeiro de Barros road, crossing cities New Alta Paulista Osvaldo Cruz, Adamantina, Dracena and Panorama.
  • SP 425 (Chateaubriant Assis highway) - Connects the state motto of São Paulo with the states of Minas Gerais and Paraná. This road serves as a link to Presidente Prudente São José do Rio Preto and the city served by SP 300 - Marshal Rondon highway.

Get around[edit]

Presidente Prudente skyline
Manoel Goulart Avenue
Coronel Marcondes Avenue
Viaduct Tannel Abbud

On foot[edit]

Presidente Prudente is an easy city to walk, it is hardly reported cases of assaults on pedestrians during business hours. The relief of the city is characteristic plateau with summit more or less level, often due to wind erosion or by the waters. Its main traffic routes are basically flat, with few slopes. His walks are narrow in the central area, making it difficult slightly the lives of passersby. The pedestrian must have attention on the walk because there is no standardization of the pavement, which can cause some accidents for the most inattentive.

By bus[edit]

The city does not have exclusive lines Tour, but companies making mass transit, covering areas considered tourist and of great importance to the city and region. Find out the schedules and itineraries with transport companies by phone or information stations. One can consult routes and schedules through the President Prudente City Hall site. (only in Portuguese)

By car[edit]

  • Transit can seem a bit chaotic, but the city council and the secretariat responsible for city traffic are making the necessary improvements in their way. The streets are old urban structures projects are narrow, which need careful attention of the driver to have no problems with the cars of his right, whether moving or parked.
  • Avoid transit through central pathways, which are among the avenues Brasil, Manoel Goulart, Coronel Marcondes and Washingon Luiz on weekdays. Roads are a lot of pedestrian traffic and a large concentration of cars. Another problem is the parking issue, and in the central area for the collection of "Blue Zone" (Rotary Park). Outside this perimeter there are also difficulties in finding places to park on weekdays, especially in the central perimeter and the shopping centers where parking is charged.
  • The city is an exaggeration obstacles. The municipality has fixed electronic surveillance, allowing a maximum speed of 60 km/h on the fine passage in red lights. The city also has mobile radars, which can be in any avenue monitoring traffic. In the central area are not allowed large vehicles with more than two tons.

Car rental[edit]

By taxi[edit]

Prudente has radio taxi companies and taxi points throughout the city.


San Sebastian Cathedral
Balneário da Amizade
Centro Cultural Matarazzo
Child City Water Park
IBC Centro de Eventos
Parque do Povo
Cerejeiras Square
Boardwalk Maffei
  • 1 [dead link] San Sebastian Cathedral (Catedral de São Sebastião), Praça Monsenhor Sarrion, +55 18 3223-2016. San Sebastian Cathedral was an old dream of perpetual vicar of Presidente Prudente, Father Jose Maria Martinez Sarrion. So in 1927 he decided to create a commission to leave the field in an attempt to raise funds, made up of members of prominent families at the time: Armelin, Tenorio de Barros, Peretti, Toledo, Franco de Godoy and others. The Church of the plant was made by Francisco Oroz, construction directed and performed by Francisco Grotto and idealized by Luiz Mesquita. The curious thing occurs in the plant design, cross-shaped. The works began two years after the commission formed. Completed in 1949, the church became pride of the city and reference point. The project also had the goal of becoming the seat of the diocese, which occurred in 1961.
  • 2 Balneário da Amizade, Avenida Ana Jacinta, 3282, +55 18 3906 2460. After 25 years of waiting, the public space was revitalized by the government and handed over to the public in 2015. Balneário was part of an integration partnership between the City and the Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo. It is open to the public for free, with ample space fields, parks, kiosks and snack bars that provide a great day for anyone, family or group of friends who want to spend the day in space. The kiosks are reserved in advance by the payment of a small fee.
  • 3 Cultural Center Matarazzo (Centro Cultural Matarazzo), Rua Quintino Bocaiúva, 749, +55 18 3226-3399. M-Sa 08:30-22:00; Su 10:00-22:00. The space, which was used for cotton processing in its golden phase of production, was carefully analyzed and architecturally appropriate to create environments and receive various cultural functions simultaneously and for many different audiences. It has libraries, exhibition halls, craft workshops, small schools of art, rooms for teaching and performances of music, and ample space reserved for digital inclusion, equipped with computers and their instructors. The Cultural Center also has theater Paulo Roberto Lisboa. A modern theater with 530 seats, sound quality and a stage with ample space for large shows. Free.
  • 4 Children's City (Cidade da Criança), Raposo Tavares highway, Km 561, +55 18 3902-9333. A landscaped complex of forests, lakes, forests and other natural elements or built for leisure, recreation, scientific and educational activities. Are 172 hectares, of which 46 are of the type of the Atlantic forest remaining within the original ecosystem that covered the western region of São Paulo. The park offers little train with scenic drive, kart track, which hosts official events of the local championship, playground of good structure, zoo, fishing (aimed at seniors), sports courts, rest areas, soccer field, lawn and sand, a modern planetarium, aviary and Education Center Alberico Marques Caiado. The complex also with the amusement park, observatory, food court and a water park. Prices on request.
  • 5 IBC Centro de Eventos, Rua Hugo Lacorte Vitale, 46, +55 18 3918 4200. The Events Center IBC has an area of 36 thousand square meters. Has the support of industry, administration, area with seating for 4000 people for achievements shows, fairs, congresses, area kiosks and parking for 400 vehicles.
  • 6 Museum and Historical Archives of Presidente Prudente (Museu e Arquivo Histórico de Presidente Prudente Antônio Sandoval Netto), Rua João Gonçalves Foz, 2179, +55 18 3223-9404. Tu-F 08:00-17:00; Sa Su 08:00-12:00. Created more than 25 years, the museum houses a collection corresponding to about 90 years of Prudente history. The museum is housed in the old Municipal Slaughterhouse since 1973. The area of just over 5100 square meters, has been completely renovated and is now considered one of the most beautiful buildings of the city with its baroque style. To portray the 90th anniversary of Presidente Prudente history, the museum holds more than 6000 manuscripts and printed, one of the most important sources of information and municipal research. Also part of the Museum's collection and Municipal Historical Archive various screens, paintings, birds and stuffed animals. The entity can be seen the furniture in pioneering Goulart family, the hat of the first medical Prudente, Domingos Leonardo Cerávolo and also the first machine used by the newspaper O Imparcial. The equipment was purchased by the newspaper in 1952. Free.
  • 7 Parque do Povo (People's Park), Avenues between 14 de Setembro and 11 de Maio. This extensive leisure area, very green, occupies a valley bottom that defied government. Built with funds donated by the federal government changed the physiognomy of the city insisted on stopping at that location, without the possibility of growth. Today is attraction for the population, with skating rinks, swimming pools, sports sets, cliclovias, jogging tracks, Swiss soccer field, playground and snack bars. It is a meeting place for athletes and locals concerned about their physical form, that there are hiking. The park is undergoing renovations.
  • 8 July Nine Square (Praça Nove de Julho). Opened in 1918, was known to the promenade, then Square Five July and finally Square Nine July, after the Constitutional Revolution of 1932. He went through several renovations since its inception. In 1925 was a wide open field, without leisure. Ten years later it was urbanized, with the construction of a gazebo, benches and a beginning of afforestation. In 1952, already with the light source, the square had malls and some current characteristics. The major redevelopment, however, occurred in the 1990s, with the exchange floor, the recovery of the source, construction of the Mario Celestino Teixeira Arena Theatre, toilets and landscaping. In addition to the recreation area with tables for practicing and playing board games. Today, the square serves as pedestrian circulation environment that go to the downtown to work, shopping and business, a meeting place for students, seniors who will enjoy the table games and serenades, plays and lectures in the arena theater. A new reform was made in 2013, maintaining its original features and redesigned landscaping.
  • 9 Cherry Blossom Square (Praça das Cerejeiras), Jardim Esplanada. Built in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Brazil in 1978. In 2007 it was transformed into a Japanese garden, completely renovated especially for the commemoration of the Centennial of Immigration. The garden before had a flat surface has been deliberately modified land dunes to have dimples (the reliefs mean the ups and downs and successes and difficulties of life), on which oriental typical trees were planted, such as camellias, cherry, matsu and others in small spaces ranging from the huge stones of various sizes meaning the father mother and children. Not been forgotten to put the lanterns (TYÔTIN) encontratdos throughout the square, all in area equivalent to a well-wooded block, with a predominance of red and white colors, giving even greater emphasis to a number of monuments and accessories that represent a piece of Japan.
  • 10 Rua Tenente Nicolau Maffei (Street Lieutenant Nicolau Maffei). By political influences, it has been Mantiqueira Street, Washington Luis and President João Pessoa. During the administration of Colonel Marcondes, a project to rename several streets and squares it was presented. Among the changes was the change of name of the Mantiqueira Street to Washington Luis, who was president of the State and candidate for the presidency. But after Washington Luís be deposed, the name was changed to President Joao Pessoa. It was only in 1937 that the street was renamed Lieutenant Nicholas Maffei, who was part of the Constitutionalist army of Presidente Prudente and went forward operations under the command of Colonel Miguel Brisola de Oliveira. He was killed in combat in Ribeirópolis September 22, 1932, hit on the head by a rifle bullet. Maffei was still buried by the enemy itself, which gave him military honors recognizing his bravery. In 1979 it was built "pedestrian street" in the initial five blocks. The Maffei was closed to cars and reformed to facilitate the movement of prudentinos in the city center, and above all, to foster trade. In 2009 the Boardwalk received his first retirement after 30 years, adapting it to the current town planning legislation.
  • 11 Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida (Santuário Diocesano Nossa Senhora de Aparecida), Rua Antônio Lopes Azevedo, 74, +55 18 3222-4137. In 1922, the religious community of Vila Marcondes started the construction works of his temple. The land had been won from the city colonizer, José Soares Marcondes. The temple has since received the name of Our Lady of Aparecida. That year might just be laid the foundation of this it is today one of the main churches of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Presidente Prudente, built with a central nave and, later, in a modern architectural vision and to the taste of Prudentina Christian community, making attach two more aisles . On June 10, 1988, in the Marian Year, the Diocesan Bishop Dom Augustine Marochi, by Decree 7659 created the Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady Aparecida.



  • 1 Moviecom, Prudenshopping, +55 18 3223-1508. Visit the website for information, schedules and ticket values​​. This movie has four exhibition halls, one 3D.
  • 2 Arco Íris Cinemas, Parque Shopping Prudente, +55 18 3221-3736. Visit the website for information, schedules and ticket values​​. This movie has 3 theaters


  • 3 Pesqueiro Guarinão, Avenida Alberto Bonfiglioli, 10.000, +55 18 3909-6348.
  • 4 Pesqueiro Zóio D'água, Assis Chateaubriand highway, Km 455, +55 18 3223 0912.


  • National Theatre Festival Presidente Prudente (Festival Nacional de Teatro de Presidente Prudente), Theatres and Squares. The Festival that takes place every year, which brings companies throughout Brazil to present the city in its theaters, theaters arena and in the streets. Prices on request.
  • 5 [dead link] Book Fair (Salão do Livro), Events Centre of IBC (Centro de Eventos do IBC). The Book Fair Presidente Prudente was created to encourage reading through interactive contact the author to the reader, providing a chat with people who like to write with who like to read. Free.
  • 6 Nikkei Fest, ACAE Club (Clube da ACAE). This is an event to promote and maintain the Japanese culture and can be checked: exhibitions, workshops, crafts, martial arts, music and dance show, "Nikkei Girl" and the best of Japanese cuisine. Prices on request.
  • 7 Festival of Nations (Festa das Nações), Events Centre of IBC (Centro de Eventos do IBC), +55 18 3223-2267. The festival takes place on account of the celebrations of the patron saint Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The event tents typical of many nations: German, African, American, Arabic, Brazilian, Spanish, Greek, Hawaiian (juice), English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, sweets, drinks and Tent Sisters of Plentiful Redemption. Prices on request.
  • 8 Arena Rodeo Festival, Ranch Quarter Horses (Rancho Quarto de Milha). The Arena Rodeo Festival Presidente Prudente is one of the most anticipated events for the local and regional population, the largest indoor arena in Latin America. This is a rodeo complete with a megastructure, food court and shows. The event features country singers regional and national prominence. Prices on request.
  • 9 Christmas Concerts (Concertos de Natal). The Christmas concerts together various artistic presentations and demonstrations, giving the public direct contact with the various languages ​​of the arts in general. With the Christmas theme, so all presentations are based for universal fellowship and celebration of this important festive occasion. Free.


  • 1 Prudenshopping, Avenida Manoel Goulart, 2400, +55 18 2101-9700. M-Sa 10:00-22:00; Su and holidays 14:00-20:00; food court, leisure and entertainment, 11:00-23:00 everyday. Largest center of shopping, leisure and gastronomy of Presidente Prudente and region, Prudenshopping has 220 stores in all industries - a diversity that includes the needs and expectations of customers, who enjoy a large architectural space always updated with beauty, accessibility, security and comfort. Big brands are present in the region through. With such diversity, the mall offers products and services to customers of all ages - from children to those in the 'best age'. Parking at the hotel is paid.
  • 2 Parque Shopping Prudente, Rua Siqueira Campos, 1545, +55 18 3221-8084. M-Sa 10:00-22:00; Su and holidays, 14:00-20:00; food court, leisure and entertainment, 11:00-22:00 everyday. Present in the city everyday since 1986, Prudente Parque Shopping is the first mall in the city of Presidente Prudente. Consolidated with success for over two decades in the West Paulista, it has a privileged location, a very few meters from ground zero, City Hall, Santa Casa, the Poupatempo, Highway and other major public and private institutions of Presidente Prudente. The Prudente Parque Shopping offers a varied mix of stores, mall of services, with graphic, Lottery and ATMs. Shopping also offers an excellent food court with restaurants, coffee shops, fast food, coffee shops and ice cream parlors, with options for every taste. Parking at the establishment is charged.
  • 3 [dead link] Euromarket, Rua Dr. Cyro Bueno, 555, . Shopping complex facing the cuisine, similar to municipal markets of large shopping centers, with the difference of having a mix of stores and service providers in one place. It has a good location near the Raposo Tavares highway, with parking spaces and the European style as inspiration for decorating their environments.


Presidente Prudente is a full plate for anyone visiting. It is not difficult to find bars, restaurants, tapas bars, pizzerias, pubs, snack bars, has it all! Just do not eat who does not want.


Who has little money the city offers everything from large networks of restaurants, fast food, offering affordable, to snack bars with simple snacks.

  • 1 [dead link] Bett's Burger, Rua José Feliciano de Campos, 176, +55 18 3908 1150. One of the most famous snacks of the city, Bett's Burger offers the typical prudentino snack, on a hamburger bun with various fillings in a relaxed and very familiar environment.
  • 2 Meet'z, Rua Padre João Goetz, 937, +55 18 3908 7354. The MEET'Zis a restaurant Casual Food, with the flagship delicious hamburger Handmade own revenue, MEET'Z has a simple but varied menu which has Burgers, Pasta, Salads, Homemade potatoes, steak, hand-crafted sauces, ice cream and delicious milkshakes.
  • 3 [dead link] Bravo!, Rua José Bongiovani, 519, +55 18 3908 1601. The Brave! it brings out the best menu when it comes to burger! Treat yourself and know why Bravo! is the name of this place!
  • 4 [dead link] Casa do Crepe, Avenida da Saudade, 444, +55 18 3928 1043. The House of Crepe is one of the most popular spots in town. The famous crepe brings different savory and sweet flavors, and something quite familiar, even on the menu.
  • 5 [formerly dead link] Empório do Pão, Rua José Claro, 188, +55 18 3223 9646.
  • Old Dog Dogueria, 3 addresses in Prudente. The hot dog tastier of the city with its unique spices and relaxed environments, worth visiting and delight.
  • 6 Old Dog - Jardim Caiçara, Avenida Onze de Maio, 1645, +55 18 3223 5746.
  • 7 Old Dog - Vila Euclides, Avenida Coronel Marcondes, 2766, +55 18 3223 7196.
  • 8 Old Dog - Centro, Avenida Manoel Goulart, 1323 (próximo a Rua 12 de Outubro), +55 18 3916 1313.
  • 9 Panificadora Formosa, Avenida Brasil, 2860, +55 18 3223 2188.
  • 10 Sodiê Doces, Rua Tenente Nicolau Maffei, 634, +55 18 3221 4810.
  • 11 Tio Patinhas (Uncle Scrooge) (no Calçadão da Maffei com Rua Siqueira Campos), +55 18 3223 5464. The oldest and most traditional diner in town, are over 60 years serving generations that pass through the boardwalk Prudente. Make sure you try the chicken drumstick Uncle Scrooge.


Have a little more money in your pocket, options also abound.

  • 12 Água Doce Cachaçaria, Rua Cyro Bueno, 616 (100 m from Cristo na Manoel Goulart), +55 18 3908 4507. One of the best known cachaças chains in Brazil is present in Prudente. With pub cuisine dishes and the best spirits.
  • 13 Alphaville Espetaria, Rua Julio Prestes, 471 (200 m from Avenida Coronel Marcondes), +55 18 3217 2221. A wide variety of meat and vegetarian skewers in a relaxed and friendly environment.
  • 14 Fulô de Mandacaru, Avenida Washington Luis, 1030, +55 18 3222 7698. A piece of the heart of northeast Prudente. The most varied dishes with typical Northeast flavors and the most refreshing drinks.
  • 15 Banzai Sushi House, Avenida Manoel Goulart, 1384 (near the intersection with 12 de outubro), +55 18 3916 7869. A rich and varied choice of the best of oriental cuisine.
  • 16 Rangoo Hamburgeria, Avenida Coronel Marcondes, 2522 (300 m from Santa Casa), +55 18 3916 7872. The tastiest burgers in the region, made with prime cuts by gourmands and chefs specialize in creating the perfect snacks.


If you are wealthy, there are fancy places and very well attended.

  • 17 Bar 33, Rua Florivaldo Leal, 258 (Próximo ao Damha Village), +55 18 3908 6633. Bar 33 offers grilled meats, salads, portions and beer of the highest quality in one of the noblest areas of the city.
  • Dachô Restaurante Japonês, 2 addresses Prudente. Japanese cuisine. The Dacho offers a full menu of sushi, sashimi, soba and more oriental flavors. It is worth asking the sushi rotation of the house.
  • 18 Dachô - Jardim Paulista, Avenida Washington Luiz, 2256 (500 m from Prudenshopping), +55 18 3221 0928.
  • 19 Dachô - Jardim Colina, Rua Alfred Johann Liemert, 33 (400 m from Praça das Cerejeiras), +55 18 3908 4281.
  • 20 Donna Oliva, Avenida 14 de Setembro, 1500 (in front of Parque do Povo), +55 18 3223 4010. Daily 18:00-00:30. Handmade pizzas, with seasonings top notch and you adding family Donna Oliva. The Portuguese pizza is the best option.
  • 21 Tacchino Ristorante, Avenida Washington Luiz, 215 (in front of HSBC), +55 18 3221 4741. In a sophisticated setting the Tacchino offers the most delicious in Italian cuisine, but with a very Brazilian flavor.







The international code area of Brazil is 55, since area code (DDD) of Presidente Prudente is 18.

The city has the cell phone system satellite Globalstar. Even the city is one of the ground stations of the company in Brazil, and there are only three stations in the country, in Manaus, Petrolina and Presidente Prudente.


Prudente is served by several points of particular Wi-Fi (hotels, schools, shops, restaurants, etc.), public and restricted public (for registration on the property). Below are some of the important public points:

Access by password[edit]

Password provided by registration at the establishment.

  • Prudenshopping
  • Parque Shopping Prudente
  • Centro Universitário Toledo
  • Unoeste
  • Aeroporto de Presidente Prudente
  • Sesc Thermas Prudente

Public access[edit]

  • Ameliópolis: Rua Lauro dos Santos
  • Ana Jacinta: Avenida Raymundo Nonato Lima
  • Balneário da Amizade
  • Bolsão de Veículos Parque do Povo
  • Brasil Novo: Rua Maria Guevara Branco, 107
  • Centro Cultural Matarazzo: Rua Quintino Bocaiúva, 749/827
  • Centro de Eventos IBC
  • Complexo Parque Aquático Cidade da Criança
  • Eneida: Rua Noroeste, 330
  • Estádio Caetano Peretti: Rua Túlio Cechetti, 517
  • Estádio Prudentão: Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek
  • Floresta do Sul: Rua Sebastião de Souza, defronte ao nº 551
  • Ginásio de Esportes da Vila Iti: Rua Antônio Luthero dos Santos
  • Humberto Salvador
  • Jardim Jequetibás
  • Jardim São Bento
  • João Domingos
  • Maré Mansa
  • Montalvão: Rua Dezesseis de Novembro com a Rua Oswaldo Cruz
  • Morada do Sol: Rua Wilson Gimenes, 250
  • Parque do Povo: Avenida 14 de Setembro, 2232
  • Parque Ecológico Cidade da Criança
  • Planalto-Planaltina
  • Praça 9 de julho: Avenida Coronel Marcondes
  • Praça Ana Jacinta: Rua Luiz Mungo, 151
  • Praça CEU
  • Praça Cohab: Rua Adelino Rodrigues Gatto, 1219
  • Praça do Texaco
  • Praça Raposo Tavares: Rua Raposo Tavares
  • Prefeitura Municipal: Avenida Coronel Marcondes, 1200
  • PUM: Avenida Coronel José Soares Marcondes, 1842
  • Quiosque Mario Amato
  • Residencial Dayane
  • Rodoviária: Avenida Brasil, 1380
  • São Judas: Rua Coronel Albino, 1062
  • Vila Nova Prudente

Postal service[edit]

Post Offices have branches and collection boxes throughout the city. See the attendance points:

  • 6 Agência Central, Rua Ribeiro de Barros, 1668, +55 18 3221 9555.
  • 7 Agencia Alto da Boa Vista, Avenida Aurelino Coutinho, 515, +55 18 3908 1784.
  • 8 Correios Bongiovani, Rua João Batista Colnago, 151, +55 18 3908 3950.
  • 9 Correios Estoril, Rua José Tarifa Conde, 1175, +55 18 3221 8048.
  • 10 Correios Furquim, Rua Quintino Bocaiúva, 686, +55 18 3222 0537.

Stay safe[edit]

Prudente is like other cities in Brazil, there are points of greatest risk, safer ones. The city does not have pockets of poverty, and slums in uneven areas. There are so poor neighborhoods, distant and more prone to drug trafficking and crimes, but the city, luckily and public security actions, does not have major points of intorpecentes consumption. However the locals consider the relatively quiet town.

The region has a lot of prisons, especially since the closure of the Carandiru Prison in the capital in 2002. Over the years the city became an important center for monitoring and Civil Police Military Intelligence and the State of São Paulo, since the major heads of criminal organizations are in Region prisons.

The traveler should be aware in remote places, especially at night. Stay in well-lit and busy places. Avoid walking after 23:00 on weekdays, in Downtown and Parque do Povo area. Use only in case of necessity the public toilets in the evening Parque do Povo, as these sites become places of prostitution and drug users. Another point to be avoided is the region comprising the Bus Station and Urban Terminal as it is a place of prostitution and customarily occur armed robbery.

Taking the necessary precautions tourists will always be safe in the city. If you need to contact the local police for points-to-face and telephone service in addition to the "190" of the PM.

  • 11 Delegacia de Polícia Militar em Presidente Prudente (Military Police in Presidente Prudente), Rua Doutor Gurgel, 684 (200 meters from San Sebastian Cathedral), +55 18 3222 0043.
  • 12 Delegacia de Policia Civil em Presidente Prudente (Civil Police in Presidente Prudente), Rua Doutor Gurgel, 720 (next to the police station military police in Presidente Prudente), +55 18 3223 7180.





Presidente Prudente has dozens of banking houses, in addition to self-service boxes scattered shops, public services and shopping malls. Agencies and banks listed below are the main ones.


Shoe repair[edit]

Go next[edit]

  • Presidente Epitácio It is one of the tourist resorts of the West Paulista, busy mainly in the carnival, with parades of the city's samba schools on the banks of the Paraná River, the Figueiral. The city was elected with by the most beautiful sunset in Brazil ( Distance: 55.92 mi (89.99 km) by SP 270 - Raposo Tavares )
  • Londrina It is the second largest city in the state of Paraná, one of the most important urban centers in southern Brazil. There is a strong link between educational and commercial Prudente and Londrina, with a significant flow of people between cities. ( Distance: 102.52 mi (164.99 km) by the SP 270 - Raposo Tavares, SP 483 - José Batista de Souza, SP 421 - Jorge Bassil Dower and highways of Paraná )
  • Araçatuba, the second largest city in the West Paulista, is known nationally as the Live Cattle Capital. ( Distance: 102.52 mi (164.99 km) by the SP 425 - Assis Chateaubriand, SP 461 and SP 463 )
  • Maringá one of the few planned garden cities of Brazil. Wooded and a model of urbanism and security. ( Distance: 107.49 mi (172.99 km) by the SP 425 - Assis Chateaubriand and PR 317 - Deputado Sílvio Barros )
  • Marília , known as the National Food Capital, is one of the major cities closest to PP. ( Distance: 122.41 mi (197.00 km) by the SP 270 - Raposo Tavares and SP 333 - Rachid Rayes )

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