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Qingyuan (清远; Chīngyúhn in Cantonese, Qīng​yuǎn​ in Mandarin) is a city in Guangdong Province in China.


Qingyuan Prefecture consists of the following districts:

  • Qingcheng District (清城区; Qīng​chéng​qū​) - centre of the city
  • Yingde City (英德市; Yīng​dé​shì​) - 50 km northeast of the city centre, home to Baojing Palace
  • Lianzhou City (连州市; Lián​zhōu​shì​) - 150 km north of the city centre, home to the Underground River
  • Fogang County (佛冈县; Fó​gāng​xiàn) - 40 km northeast of the city centre, home to Huanghua Lake
  • Yangshan County (阳山县; Yáng​shān​xiàn​) - 100 km north of the city centre, home to Shikengkong Mountain
  • Qingxin County (清新县; Qīng​xīn​xiàn​) - home to caves and hot springs, just north of the city centre
  • Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County (连山壮族瑶族自治县; Lián​shān​ Zhuàng​zú​ Yáo​zú​zì​zhì​xiàn​)
  • Liannan Yao Autonomous County (连南瑶族自治县; Lián​nán​ Yáo​zú​zì​zhì​xiàn​)


The area has been inhabited for thousands of years by both Han Chinese and ethnic minorities. The present city of Qingyuan was established as a prefecture level city in 1988.

Qingyuan is just north of the Pearl River Delta in a diverse landscape with both plains and mountains. The climate is subtropical monsoon with plenty of rain in the summer half and not too cold winters. The city can be visited all year but is most pleasant during April to October.


Cantonese is the main language spoken in Qingyuan, albeit with a distinctive accent. Although there are noticeable pronunciation differences between the local dialect and standard Cantonese, if you are fluent in standard Cantonese, this should not pose too much of a challenge. Most younger locals are bilingual in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Qingyuan does not have its own airport but Guangzhou Airport is only 30 km away.

By train[edit]

Arriving by train will take you to Qingyuan Station some 15 km east of the city centre. Trains include from

By bus[edit]

There are plenty of buses to the city arriving including from

Old bus station: 3306600 New bus station: 3368565

Get around[edit]


  • The Old Village. A village with scenic waterways and old-fashioned buildings.
  • Feilai Temple (飞来寺; fēi​lái​sì​) (In Qingyuan Valley 23km from the city centre, can be reached by private or public boat from Qingyuan). 1,400 years old temple beautifully situated at the bank of Beijiang River.
  • Feixia Scenic Area (30km northeast of the city centre, can be reached by private or public boat as well by bus (1½ hours)), +86 763 3780168, +86 763 3780088. Area along Beijiang River with hills on both banks. ¥60.
  • Baojing Palace of Yingde (宝晶宫; Bǎo​jīng​gōng​), Yingde City (英德市; Yīng​dé​shì​), +86 763 2222131.
  • Taihe Ancient Cave (太和古洞旅游区; Tài​hé​gǔ​dòng​ Lǚ​yóu​qū​), Taihe Town, Qingxin County (清新县太和镇; Qīng​xīn​xiàn​ Tàihé​zhèn​).
  • Sankeng Hot Spring (三坑温矿泉; Sān​kēng​ Wēn​kuàng​quán​), Sankeng Town, Qingxin County (清新县三坑镇; Qīng​xīn​xiàn​ Sān​kēng​zhèn​).
  • Huanghua Lake (黄花湖; Huáng​huā​hú​), Fogang County (佛冈县; Fó​gāng​xiàn​).
  • Little Beijiang of Lianyang. The river helps sustain 4 million people in the whole northwest part of Qingyuan. You can row on this river with a rowboat.
  • Peak Shikengkong in Yangshan County.
  • Underground River of Lianzhou.
  • Three Gorges of Huangchuan. The gorge is divided in to two sides. The western side is developed with tourist attractions such as a high bridge some distance (~20km) from town. The eastern side is not developed and can be accessed by car along a narrow road free of ticket prices with several villages and other places at which access to the water may be made without charge.
  • Yinzhan Hot Spring Area.
  • Yao Ethnic Minority of Liannan.
  • Glass Bridge. High above Gulongxia, not for those with fear of heights. There's also a glass viewing platform above the same valley.
  • 1 Feihu Park (飞来湖公园). In the evening, it is a good way to relax with family, friends and companions to walk in the Feihu Park. The trees, the lake and the wind were so pleasant. In the evening you can see sunset four and sunset sunset. If the weather is right, Fly-in Lake is definitely a first-class viewing platform and the west side fishing area, fishing love
    Do not miss, easy to attract mosquito bites friends must bring mosquito repellent!!! The mosquitoes here are not very powerful.



Not white-water rafting as we know it but a man-made cement slide on a mountain where two people sit in a small dinghy and hang on for dear life. No guide and no rowing required. Going with a tour agency can get you better prices as they often tie in the tour with shopping visits in which you listen to a lecture on a variety of products. Whilst it may seem boring, the entire tour including lunch can end up being cheaper than the entrance fee at the rafting site. There are several canyons to choose from.

  • Gulongxia. The tallest canyon.
  • Huangtengxia. Equally popular and also has a water park, a mountain luge trail, cable cars and a treetop walk.

Hot Springs[edit]


  • Indigenous Tribes. Visit minorities in Liannan and Lianshan.


There are several local herbal and medicinal products on sale, such as deer wine and lingzhi, an expensive medicinal fungus.


Qingyuan is known for its chickens (清远鸡), and naturally, this makes it an excellent place to try chicken dishes.

Qingcheng District: knife cut glutinous rice, white cut Qingyuan chicken, Chau heart big congee

Qingnew District: Shantang preserved meat, Shuangtan tofu, Shuangtan Shankeng snail, Shitan soy sauce chicken

Fogang County: Shuitou pork, Gaogang sour tofu, taro black goose, Minan white cut chicken

Yingde City: Kowloon tofu, Lei Cha congee, Big Bay cabbage bun, yellow flower meat, Yingde black tea

Yangshan County: Yangshan chicken, wheat soup, Taiping Shui soup, Huangben autumn cake, Libu red yeast meat

Yao Autonomous County, Liannan: Yaoshan tea oil, Yao cell rice wine, big glutinous rice cake, big leaf tea, Handzhashan fern bundle meat

Lianzhou: Lianzhou Crystal pear, beef mixed, Steamed cut powder, star steamed pork Pork Lianshan Zhuang Yao Autonomous County: Rice fish, smoked bacon, Glutinous rice cake


Qingyuan Tie Guan Yin(清远铁观音): Clearwater Tie Guan Yin is a type of oolong tea, renowned for its unique floral and fruity fragrance. Its leaves are shaped like iron blocks, hence the name "Tie Guan Yin."

Qingyuan Biluochun(清远碧螺春): Biluochun is a green tea, and the tea leaves from the Clearwater region may have a distinctive flavor influenced by the local climate and soil conditions, characterized by freshness and a crisp taste.

Qingyuan White Hair Silver Needle(清远白毫银针): This is a type of white tea, known for its tender buds and prominent white hairs. White tea is crafted with a simple process that emphasizes preserving the natural flavors of the tea leaves.

Qingyuan Puerh Tea(清远普洱茶): The Clearwater region may also produce Puerh tea, a fermented tea with a unique aged flavor.



  • Green Recirt (清远汤塘格林度假酒店).


  • Baiyun Airport Hot Spring Resort (清远白云机场温泉度假村).
  • Dragon Bay Natural Hot Spring Resort (清远聚龙湾天然温泉度假村).
  • Gehao Holiday Hotel (清远格豪假日酒店 (原清远万豪假日酒店)).
  • Grace Garden Hotel (清远清新花园酒店).
  • Hubin Bubugao Hotel (清远湖滨步步高酒店).
  • Lilac Garden Hotel (清远丁香花园酒店).
  • Qingyuan Yingde Baodunhu Villa (清远英德宝敦湖半山度假酒店 (原英德奇洞温泉度假村)).
  • Shampoola Forest Hotel (清远佛冈森波拉度假山庄).
  • Tianmengou Jiuzhouyizhan Resort (九州驿站清远英德天门沟驿站).
  • Zoto Garden Hotel (阳山县卓代花园酒店).


  • Sofitel Riverside Qingyuan (清远索菲特丽豪大酒店).


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