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Miniature versions of Chinese scenery at Splendid China

Nanshan (南山, Nánshān) is a district of Shenzhen. It's a happening place—international artist communities, multiple amusement parks, historic sites, and more.

Nanshan district also includes Shekou, on metro line 2, the expat neighborhood with everything Western that you might be accustomed to as well as the main ferry terminal.

Get in


Shenzhen's main ferry terminal, 1 Shekou Ferry Terminal, is in this district, providing service from Hong Kong, Macau, and Zhuhai, including direct service from Hong Kong International Airport that allows you to skip Hong Kong customs and immigration. The ferry terminal is connected to a Line 12 metro station Taiziwan.

The district is also well-connected by metro, specifically Line 1, 2, 5, 9, 11 (Airport Express) and 12.

Get around

A Chiwan minibus

Metro and bus lines will get you around Nanshan with the same convenience as other parts of Shenzhen.

The Chiwan neighborhood (with some of the district's main historic sites) is served by a free minibus which goes from Chiwan metro station past Tianhou Temple and the Tomb of the Young Song Emperor. It claims to operate every 20 minutes from 07:00–20:00, though in practice it isn't quite that frequent.


Map of Shenzhen/Nanshan

Art museums and galleries

  • 1 Artron (Shenzhen) Art Center (雅昌(深圳)艺术中心), 19 Shenyun Road (深云路19号) (Shenyun Station, Metro Line 7), +86 755 83366138, . 09:00-19:30. A large-scale multi-function art center. Don't miss the award-winning Artron Wall, a 30-metre tall, 50-metre wide wall of art books, which is said to be the largest book wall in the world and features over 50,000 art books. ¥200 (standard entry fee), ¥100 (students and persons over 65).
  • 2 He Xiangning Art Museum (何香凝美术馆; Hé​ Xiāng​níng​ Měi​shù​guǎn​), 9013 Shennan Boulevard (深南大道9013号; Shēn​nán​dà​dào​) (Get off at Huaqiaocheng (OCT) Metro Station (华侨城) on Line 1, take exit C, walk west past the Intercontinental hotel), +86 755 26604540. 9:30-17:00, closed Monday. China's second national modern art museum, after the National Art Gallery of China. He Xiangning was the widow of Liao Zhongkai, the leader of the pro-Moscow left of the Kuomintang during the 1920s. Liao was expected to become KMT leader after Sun Yat-sen's death but he was assassinated by gangsters probably hired by Chiang Kai-shek. He Xiangning then became an important leader of the leftist wing of the KMT and after 1949 stayed on in Beijing. Her son, Liao Chengzhi was a leading Communist and head of the organisation which controlled the area where the He Xiangning Art Gallery is located, Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) in Eastern Shenzhen. This is why the gallery was built as a memorial to her. The gallery has shifting exhibits mainly of avant garde and modern Chinese art. Some of China's best-known painters regularly exhibit there and it is definitely worth a visit. Free.
  • 3 OCT Art and Design Gallery (华美术馆), Shennan Ave OCT 南山区华侨城深南大道 (Take the metro to Huaqiaocheng (OCT) Station (华侨城) on Line 1, leave via exit C, walk west past the Intercontinental Hotel. Alternatively take bus no. 79, 101, 323, 324, 328, 365, 369, m123, m398, m433, m435 or m487 and get off at the Huaqiaocheng (OCT) Metro Station bus stop), +86 755 33993111, +86 755 33993222, . Tu–Su 10:00–17:30. Shenzhen is famous throughout China as a centre of design and the OCT Art and design gallery is where you go to see it exhibited. Set in a restored industrial building, the gallery holds regular exhibitions showcasing Shenzhen and China's industrial, domestic and fashion design. ¥30; free Tuesdays; ¥15 for students and teachers with ID and large groups; free for children under 1.1m and seniors over 60.
  • 4 OCT–LOFT Creative Culture Park (华侨城创意文化园), 2 Jinxiu Street North (锦绣北街2号) (Metro line 1 Qiaocheng East 侨城东 station Exit A, or line 2 Qiaocheng North 侨城北 station Exit B), +86 755 26936340 (T-Street), +86 755 26934406 (Indoor exhibitions). All kinds of contemporary art in a repurposed industrial area. Free.
  • 6 The Sea World Culture and Arts Center (海上世界文化艺术中心, 设计互联 Design Society), 1187 Wanghai Road, Shekou (蛇口望海路1187号) (Metro Line 2 (Shekou Line): Sea World Station (Exit A). Bus: 204, 206, 331, 332, 355, K105, K204 to Sea World Station), +86 755 2667 1187, . 10:00-22:00. Shenzhen's largest design museum, plus cultural mall. Located close to the shopping/entertainment complex of the same name (below). ¥80.


Part of Tianhou Temple
  • 7 China Merchants History Museum (招商局历史博物馆), 21 Yanshan Road, Shekou (蛇口沿山路21号) (930 metres northwest of Shuiwan Station on Metro Line 2), +86 755 26887006. 09:00-12:00, 13:30-17:30, closed on Sundays and the first three days of Chinese New Year. The official museum of the China Merchants Group (招商局集团), a major state-owned corporation based in Hong Kong. Free.
  • 8 Nanshan Museum (南山博物馆), 2093 Nanshan Ave (南山大道2093号) (Exit B, Taoyuan Station, Metro Line 1), +86 755 86700071. 10ː00-18ː00, no entry after 17ː30, closed on Mondays (major public holidays excepted). This museum covers the history of Nanshan and exhibits archaeological relics excavated in Nanshan. Free.
  • 9 Tianhou Temple (赤湾天后宫 Chìwān Tiānhòu Gōng), 赤湾六路9号 Chìwān Sixth Road 9 (entrance is around at the southwest corner—if you can't find it, look for signs that say "入口"). This is one of China's biggest and most splendid temples to Tianhou, also known as Mazu, the Goddess of Heaven who guards over sailors and fishermen. It was founded in the early fifteenth century by the famous eunuch admiral Zheng He who, during one of his voyages of discovery, was saved from shipwreck here during a typhoon by the intercession of Tianhou, this despite the fact that Zheng He was a Muslim. It has been restored many times during its lifetime, most recently during the 1980s after the ravages of the Cultural Revolution. At one time it was the biggest temple to Tianhou in existence. It is built in the style of the Ming Dynasty (14th to 17th centuries) and is a magnificent example of this style. The buildings have lovely sky-blue roofs and inside some of them are exhibitions about Tianhou and Chinese maritime history. Free. Chiwan Tianhou Temple (Q1981611) on Wikidata
  • 10 Tomb of the Young Song Emperor Zhaobing (宋少帝陵; Sòng​ Shào​ Dì​ Líng​), Chiwan (赤湾​). This is putatively the tomb of the last Emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty (d. 1279). There is little doubt that he died in this general area after fleeing from the Mongols who had taken the dynastic capital Hangzhou. Modern knowledge of the tomb dates back to the latter years of the 19th century when the Zhao (Cantonese Chiu) Clan of Hong Kong (Zhao was the Song Imperial surname) researched the tomb and declared it to be in Chiwan near the great Tianhou Temple. Certainly there are folk tales of the Emperor's demise current in the Chiwan area and very large numbers of people claiming Imperial descent in the district. But the claims remain debatable. The tomb was restored in the early 20th century and subsequently fell into disrepair. It was rediscovered by a military cook during the Cultural Revolution but left alone. The Shenzhen City Government further restored it in the 1980s. It is in the form of a normal Chinese upper class tomb and the focus of much popular devotion. Free.
Nantou Ancient City gate
  • 11 Xin'an (Nantou) Ancient City (新安(南头)古城; Xīn​'ān​ (Nán​tóu​) Gǔ​chéng​) (main entrance is at Shennan Boulevard 深南大道 and Nanxin Road 南新路). This is the original county town for the county which used to encompass Hong Kong and Shenzhen. There has been a town on this site since the 4th century. Much of the old town has been demolished and replaced by residential buildings in the "urban village" style, but Xin'an has still maintained the flavour of a Cantonese town throughout the ages with vibrant street life along narrow streets. The Ming Dynasty wall and gate remain magnificently preserved as do the Guan Yu Temple outside the gates, the naval and civil headquarters, a silver shop, an opium den, and a Qing dynasty government building. If you can find it, visit the 18th century "Flower Street" or street of brothels, a narrow alley with an 18th-century official stele denouncing the evils of prostitution. Just outside the town (to the southwest, near the temple) is an archeological museum. The various well-preserved buildings have information about the area's history, but almost all of it is in Chinese, though the museum has a booklet with information in English if you ask. Free (including the museum and historic buildings). Nantou, Shenzhen (Q20063423) on Wikidata Nantou (historic town) on Wikipedia
  • 12 Chiwan Left Fort (赤湾左炮台), Chiwan First Rd, Chiwan (赤湾一路). 08:00-17:30. Chiwan was one of the prime defensive spots on the Pearl River. The Chiwan Fort was divided into two parts, the Left Fort and the Right Fort. Originally they had twelve gun positions but now only the Left Fort is in any reasonable degree of repair. Perched on Ying Zui Mountain, at over 160 m (500 feet) above the Pearl River, they commanded a full field of fire. Their failure to make any impression on British ships as they entered the Pearl was one of the first great disasters of the Opium War. There's not much left of the Left Fort besides a single cannon and stone walls overgrown with banyan trees, though there is also a statue of Lin Zexu, the Viceroy of the Two Guangs, whose decision to try to destroy the opium trade was one of the factors leading to the Opium War. Chiwan Left Fort (Q16926257) on Wikidata


The Ming Hua ship, now a hotel complex at Shekou Sea World surrounded by all the international restaurants a homesick traveler could want
  • 13 Nanshan Library (南山图书馆), 176 Changxing Road (常兴路176号) (About 500 metres from Taoyuan Station on Metro Line 1 and a short distance west of the Nanshan Museum), +86 755 26520380. There are different opening hours for different sections of the library. The adult reading rooms at the library's main branch are open from 09:00 to 21:30 from Wednesday to Friday, and from 09:00 to 17:30 on weekends. On Monday, the newspapers and periodicals room is open from 09:00-17:30 but all the other parts of the library are closed. On Tuesday, the newspapers and periodicals room is open from 09:00 to 21:30 and the other adult reading rooms are open from 14:30 to 21:30. The children's reading rooms (intended for children aged between 6 and 12) are open from 16:30 to 21:30, Tuesday to Friday and from 09:30 to 17:30 on weekends and public holidays. The infants' reading rooms (intended for children aged from 0 to 6) are open from 15:30 to 20:30, Tuesday to Friday and from 09:30 to 17:30 on weekends and public holidays. The library's main branch is on Changxing Road. There are also seven smaller branches. Free.
  • 14 Portofino (波托菲诺; Bō​tuō​fēi​nuò​). Shenzhen housing developments are often built around beautiful tropical gardens with luxurious club house amenities and one of the most famous of these is Portofino. It is built around a surprisingly attractive imitation of an Italian Piazzetta along a lake which has cafes, bars and restaurants without outdoor seating. Shenzhen's best Cantonese restaurant chain, Laurel, justly famed for the quality of its dim sum, has a branch with outdoor seating here. Be sure to be early. Sunday morning dim sum queues are long.
  • 15 Shekou Sea World (蛇口海上世界, Shé​kǒu​ Hǎi​shàng Shì​jiè​), 1128 Wanghai Road, Shekou 蛇口望海路1128号 (Sea World metro station, exit A). A shopping/entertainment complex which has nothing to do with the US marine animal park. In 1984 Shekou was booming and there was a serious shortage of accommodation. To deal with this, the cruise ship "Ming Hua" (commissioned in 1962 in France) was moored alongside the dock and used as a floating hotel. Only nine years before it had been the focus of a political typhoon during the movement which saw Deng Xiaoping sent for the second time into political limbo. No wonder that he was happy to write an inscription in his own handwriting, "Sea World", a facsimile of which now presides in neon over the ship. The land has now been reclaimed for half a mile beyond the ship which now sits in a shallow pool. But the attractive square in front of the ship is surrounded by restaurants and coffee shops designed to evoke foreign lands like Europe, and successfully so, with the result that it's very popular among Shenzhen's expats. A restaurant in the ship named The Ex Ta Sea has pool tables and table football. You can also rent an electronic animal ride or a triple-seated bike. In front of the ship there is a little dome, and there are shops all around the edge. You can buy toys, magic tricks, and various goods. Behind the ship, there is a golf course. This is a very happening place where a lot of celebrations are held. Various international restaurants like sushi, Dunkin Doughnuts, Mexican food, German bakeries and pizza. In the center of Sea World is a smooth tiled center where people ride their bikes, skateboards and scooters. Sea World (Q86757199) on Wikidata Sea world (Shenzhen) on Wikipedia
  • 16 Shekou Maritime Museum (蛇口海洋博物馆), Level 2, Shekou Building Annexe, Shiyun Road, Shekou Subdistrict (蛇口街道石云路蛇口大厦附楼二楼) (Take a train to Dongjiaotou Station on Metro Line 2, leave the station via Exit A and walk 500 metres down Nanshui Road. The museum is at the intersection of Nanshui Road and Shiyun Road), +86 13902968049. 09:30-12:30, 14:30-18:30, closed on Mondays. A small museum with exhibits on marine biology. Free.



Amusement parks

Nightly show, Window of the World

Most of Shenzhen's amusement parks are in Nanshan.

  • 1 Window of The World (世界之窗), 南山区华侨城深南大道 (Window of the World (世界之窗) Metro Station, Line 1 (Luobao Line), Exit J). 09:00-22:00. Travel around the world in one day. This 480,000-m² park has a beautiful natural landscapes and wonderful lighting at night. Inside, you can climb the 1:3 scale Eiffel Tower, go inside the Egyptian Pyramids, see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Taj Mahal, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Mount Fuji, the Buckingham Palace and other famous landmarks. Inside Mount Fuji there's an amusement ride called Fast Fuji, where you snowboard down Mount Fuji and the chairs move with the movie. Inside Mount Rushmore there's also an amusement ride which is similar to Fast Fuji, and its name is Flying Over America, where you see the landmarks of the US on a floating chair. Every night there are spectacular dance shows based on themes of Chinese and world history. Hundreds of dancers perform on the enormous outdoor stage. The performance finishes with a procession and fireworks at 21:00. ¥220 for adults over 1.5m, half price for children between 1.2m and 1.5m and seniors between 65 and 70 years of age, free for children under 1.2m and seniors over 70 years.
  • 2 Splendid China & Chinese Folk Culture Village (锦绣中华, 中国民俗文化村; Jǐnxiù Zhōnghuá, Zhōngguó Mín​sú​ Wén​huà Cūn​​) (OCT Metro Station, exit D, walk about 50 meters). 10:00–21:00; Splendid China closes at 18:00, but there still is night bus tours of Splendid China. It combines two different sections. The first part is a miniature park of China. You can find the famous Forbidden City, Terracotta Soldiers, Tibet Potala Palace, Huangshan Mountains, Yunnan's Stone Forest, and of course the Great Wall of China. This miniature park covers 300,000 m², fully forested with beautiful greenery and flowers. The second part consists of dozens of houses, temples, yurts, and so on, each representing one of the 56 ethnic groups in China, such as Miao, Yi, Bai, Mongol and Uyghur. You can find here real people, culture, fashion, customs, religion, language and food. As with all the Shenzhen theme parks, plenty of people go just for the fixed exhibits but main attractions are the shows. Uyghur women twirl to Turkish music, Miaos dance, a miniskirted Ming Dynasty troupe performs electronic versions of Ming music and dance—not to mention the acrobats. There is even a Tibetan rock band. The special effects are also amazing and it involves using laser to create a animated light tunnel. A Mongol horse battle held daily, just follow the smell of horse manure. Altogether the park is huge; between the shows and the exhibits it can easily be an all-day activity. ¥200. Splendid China Folk Village (Q3493681) on Wikidata Splendid China Folk Village on Wikipedia
  • 3 Happy Valley Theme Park (欢乐谷 huānlè gǔ), Huaqiaocheng W Rd OCT 华乔城乔城西路 (Shi Jie Zhi Chuang Metro Station, walk about 500 meters). 09:00-22:00. A classic fun park. It is a lot bigger than Hong Kong Disneyland and many would say a lot better. Divided into theme areas it has the usual fun rides. Try the flume ride but be prepared to get wet. The Playa Maya is an excellent water park built around a Maya architectural theme. There are shows all day and well into the night.
  • 4 Safari Park Shenzhen (深圳野生动物园; Shēn​zhèn​ Yě​shēng​ Dòng​wù​yuán​), Xili Rd (西丽路; Xīlì Lù), +86 755 26622888, fax: +86 755 26622333, . 10:00-17:00. Billed as a safari park where the animals stare at the humans. It is dirty and disorganised, but children may like it. ¥160. Shenzhen Safari Park (Q25058046) on Wikidata Shenzhen Safari Park on Wikipedia

Theatres and concert halls

  • 5 Poly Theatre (保利剧院), Baoli Wenhua Square, Houhaibin Road (后海滨路保利文化广场; Hòu​hǎi​bīn​ Lù Bǎo​lì​ Wén​huà​Guǎng​chǎng​​) (Houhai Metro stop, Lines 2 and 11), +86 755 86371698, +86 755 86371699, fax: +86 755 86287308, . This is a more or less middle-brow theatre specialising in musical theatre and often hosting Russian Army theatre troupes. The futuristic silver egg-shaped building alone makes it worth a visit.

Parks and mountains

View towards central Shenzhen from the top of Tanglang Mountain
A sculpture at Shenzhen Bay Park
  • 6 Nanshan Park (南山公园, Nánshān Gōngyuán), 51 Yanshan Road 沿山路51号. A forested hill with hiking trails. The peak (大南山 Dà Nánshān) is 336 meters high and the trails are mostly stairs, so this is a reasonably challenging hike. Plan about 2–3 hours round trip if you're a strong hiker, or longer if you want to explore more of the trails. The park is quiet, without many hikers, and on a clear day the peak has lovely views of the city, the water, and Hong Kong's New Territories. Free.
  • 7 Zhongshan Park (中山公园), 3190 Nanshan Avenue (南山大道3109号) (There are bus stops at the park's east and west gates. The east gate is served by bus nos. 21, 22, 37, 201, 226, 324, 332, m176, m343, m349, m425, m475, m492, m506 and Peak Time Bus Line 62 (高峰专线62路) and Peak Time Bus Line 138 (高峰专线138路). The west gate is served by bus nos. m182, m206, m371 and m435), +86 755 26612335. 08:00-21:00. Shenzhen's oldest park. It was established in 1925 to honour the memory of Sun Yat-sen (Sun Zhongshan). Free.
  • Xiao Nanshan (小南山 Xiǎo Nánshān). A smaller hill for hiking. The trailheads are not easy to find—there are several roads around the hill that look like they might go to a trailhead but actually don't.
  • 8 Tanglang Mountain (塘朗山 Tánglǎng Shān), Longzhu Sixth Road 龙珠六路 (Taoyuancun metro station 桃源村站 Exit D). 07:30–22:00. A big green forested mountain between Nanshan and Futian, crisscrossed by a huge network of trails. Wildlife on the tree-covered slopes includes butterflies, ferns, lychees, several endangered plants, and lots of birds, especially near the trailhead. Expect lots of stairs, as usual in Shenzhen, but also plenty of benches to rest. The 432-meter peak has great views of the skyscrapers in Nanshan and Futian, the mountains of Hong Kong's New Territories, and Shenzhen Bay. The main paths up to the peak get a good number of visitors, but the other trails are pretty empty. No food or drinks for sale on the trails, so bring everything you need with you. Free.
  • 9 Shenzhen Bay Park (深圳湾公园 Shēnzhèn Wān Gōngyuán) (many entrances; the most convenient metro stations for different sections are Houhai, Hongshuwan South, and Shenzhen Bay Park). Actually a long series of connected parks on reclaimed land along the coast of Shenzhen Bay, stretching from the Shenzhen Bay Bridge all the way to the mangrove forest park in Futian. Attractively landscaped and well maintained with lovely walking paths along the water, a nice place for a stroll or a bike ride. The most popular section seems to be Talent Park (人才公园 Réncái Gōngyuán), which has beautifully manicured flower gardens and an amphitheater with occasional performances. On the natural side of things you can see mangrove trees, and from January to March lots of migrating birds including egrets, ducks, swallows, gulls, and stilts. Occasional piers let you take in the views of Nanshan's skyline and the New Territories in Hong Kong across the bay. Free. Shenzhen Bay Park (Q20716864) on Wikidata Shenzhen Bay Park on Wikipedia


  • 10 Shahe (Sand River) Golf Club (沙河高尔夫会), Shahe East Rd (沙河东路) (From the Huanggang Border crossing travel along Binhe/Binhai freeways to Shahe East Road). Another favorite with the locals. It has 27 holes plus a nine hole night course under lights. Gary Player designed the course.
  • Xili Golf Club, Tanglang Village Xili (西丽针塘郎村), +86 755 26552888, fax: +86 755 26559793, . This is a private club owned and managed by the Kuok family of Shangri-La fame. You will need an invitation to play here. It is worth getting it.
  • Noble Merchants Golf Club.


  • 11 Alps Ice and Snow World (阿尔卑斯冰雪世界), 9037 Shennan Ave, HuaQiaoCheng (Window of the World metro station, Lines 1 and 2, Exits H or I.), +86 755 2660 8000. Skating, skiing, and snow tubing. The skating rink has irregular shape. The ski slope is quite short and not very steep, but there is a lift to take you up. Snowboarding/skiing equipment and clothing can be rented (expect to leave a deposit). The sledding slope is great for children. It is quite cold inside even in hot weather.


  • 1 Nanshan Book City (深圳书城南山城), 2748 Nanhai Boulevard 南海大道2748号, +86 755-8612 2001. The Nanshan branch of Book City, Shenzhen's local chain of large bookstores.

Shopping centers

Coastal City
  • 2 Coastal City (海岸城 Hǎi'àn Chéng) (Houhai metro station 后海站), +86 755-86125888. Su-Th 10:00-22:00, F Sa 10:00-22:30. A set of interconnected upscale shopping malls. Fashion, food (Chinese and foreign), drinks, accessories, name-brand cosmetics, a movie theater, ice skating rink, and whatever else you might expect. Part of the mall is outdoors and quite attractive; the rest has the self-conscious elegance characteristic of Shenzhen's bourgeois establishments. There are some really delicious food and drink options here. Coastal City (Q21010005) on Wikidata Coastal City on Wikipedia
  • OCT Harbour (欢乐海岸) is somewhat more famous than it deserves to be, because it's run by Overseas Chinese Town, which operates many of the big-name attractions in this district. OCT Harbour is sort of like a mall and an amusement park had a baby, and though it's mildly interesting to walk around, it's neither the best mall nor the best amusement park in Shenzhen (not even close) and can be skipped.



Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) is famous for its numerous dining options, including some of the best Korean restaurants in Shenzhen. All are within easy walking distance from Huaqiaocheng (OCT) Metro Station, behind the InterContinental Shenzhen Hotel.

If you're feeling homesick, there are a lot of international bars and restaurants in Shekou, the main residential zone for Shenzhen's sizable Western expatriate community. They're centered around Sea World metro station.

Eat Streets


The Shekou Sea World area is an "Eat Street" with a variety of foreign restaurants. It's pretty neat for locals, but not so exotic for foreign visitors.




  • 1 10 Gong Guan (10号公馆), 10 Qiaochen West Road (侨城西路10号鸿波酒店). 07:30-23:30. Dim sum restaurant.
  • Laurel Restaurant (丹桂轩), 1/F, Portofino Club House, OCT Xiang Shan Street (香山街波托菲诺会所), +86 755 26003218. 08:00-23:00.




  • 1 C:UNION (一渡堂) (Metro to Qiao Cheng Dong, exit A, walk right and then take a right at Enping Street, between Sinopec and the Konka building. Continue straight ahead and you will arrive at a courtyard.). A great place to discover Shenzhen's surprisingly vibrant alternative community. A variety of live bands from around China and sometimes abroad perform here every Saturday night, followed by a DJ playing electronic music. Shows start around 20:00. You can also check out the surrounding neighborhood whose restaurants and small art outlets create a hip vibe along the brick pedestrian roads. Drinks start at ¥30.



The expat district.

  • 2 Beer Paradise, first floor, Haibin Business Center, Sea World 海上世界海滨商业中心1楼 (Shekou). Serves lots and lots and lots of beer.
  • 3 McCawley's Irish Bar & Restaurant (Shekou, Futian). Irish decor bar with rock cover band. Serves a variety of Western dishes at prices around ¥80-100 per main course. Beer from ¥35 per pint and up.
  • 4 The Terrace (露台), Sea World Square, Shekou, +86 755 26829105, fax: +86 755 26828157. Live rock cover band and Thai food.
  • 5 X-Ta-Sea Sports Bar & Restaurant, Shekou, Sea World (Inside the Minghua ship at Sea World in Shekou, next to the Cruise Inn Hotel lobby.), +86 755 2686 7649. Features live rock music Tuesday to Saturdays by house band Kaktooz. Amenities include multiple TV screens, table football, darts, pool tables a menu of mostly Western-style food and free Wi-Fi.


Performance at Splendid China


  • LOFT International Youth Hostel. Modern place in the YHA China franchise, with keycards, free wi-fi, and a nearby supermarket. The hostel can be a bit difficult to find as from the metro station it's on the far side of a redeveloped commercial estate. Dorm beds ¥50-60, Doubles ¥178, bigger suites under ¥400.


  • 1 Orient Sunseed Hotel (深圳东方山水酒店; Shēn​zhèn​ Dōng​fāng​ Shānshuǐ​ Jiǔ​diàn​), 88 Qianhai South Road, Nanshan District (南山区前海南路88号; Nán​shān​ Qū​ Qián​hǎi​ Nán​ Lù​) (At the conjunction of Fuyong and Haoye Roads, Qiaotou Tongfuyu Industrial Area, Fuyong Town, five minute drive from Bao’an Airport and a 20-minute drive from the city center), +86 26416666-8355, . Air-conditioned rooms with cable TV, wet bar, hair dryer, electric kettle, telephone, private toilet and bath, shower, bathrobe, and complete bathroom amenities. Rates start at ¥311.
  • Windsor Hotel (温莎酒店), 2062 Nanxin Rd. While a little far out of the way the staff is friendly (although English is limited) and the hotel is quiet and clean. It offers sizable doubles with air conditioning, private bathrooms and free internet (they provide the cable). Rooms start at ¥168.


  • 2 Ascott Maillen Shenzhen, No 3 Yanshan Road, +86 755 2160-0188, . The residence offers 199 apartments ranging from designer studios to luxury penthouses. Every apartment has private balconies, a kitchen, LCD television and an integrated home entertainment system. Work from home with high-speed broadband internet access and business support services.
  • 3 Intercontinental Shenzhen (深圳华侨城洲际大酒店), 9009 Shennan Avenue, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan 华侨城深南大道9009号, +86 755 33993388, fax: +86 755 33993399. A five star hotel with a fine selection of foods including Chinese, Mediterranean, Italian and Seafood. Basic rooms ¥1,498-1,678, deluxe rooms ¥1,648-5,678.
  • 4 The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan, 9028-2 Shennan Road, +86 755 2698 8888.
  • 5 Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan (深圳中洲万豪酒店), 88 Haide 1st Road (海德一道88号; Hǎidéyīdào) (near the Houhai Metro Station and right next to Coastal City), +86 755 86666666. Five star hotel. ¥1,173 and up.

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