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(WT-en) Guaka 21:27, 19 Jan 2005 (EST)


I had started to put a couple things into the Bambara alphabet (some special characters like ε and ɔ but no accents), but then I found a textbook that uses the french spellings like most of what was already on here -- would it be better to provide both versions, or just stick with one or the other?

Hi! Thanks for your contributions!
It's fine to use the phonetic characters. Older books, including my fr-bm, bm-fr dictionary, often use accents, but it's better to keep the accents of the tones. However, especially for the Bambara Wikipedia I think it's a good idea to accept text including è, ò or ô.
BTW, I think it's better to use this ɛ. For me it looks a bit better than your ε. And it's copied from the ɛ from an IPA table I found on Wikipedia (whereas ε is from the Greek alphabet).
I'm checking out the pywikipedia framework to see if I can do auto-replacements of ò and è. (WT-en) Guaka 11:26, 8 Jun 2005 (EDT)