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In putting Berkshire into the Manual of Style, I removed the comment about the cities not being cities in the American sense of the word. I did this because Wikivoyage only has "Cities" as a heading - there is no option to use "Towns", for example - so I think it is a given that not all places named under the "Cities" heading are actually cities.

If we need to explain this (I agree that it might be worth mentioning), in my opinion it should be addressed at a higher level, eg. at the England or UK level, otherwise it would need to be said at every single UK page. - (WT-en) Sjc196 05:42, 17 May 2004 (EDT)

That is a good point. I'm perhaps a bit hyper-sensitive about this issue because my home town (Reading) has recently lost out in the millenium city beauty contest, and it is quite a hot issue. For example, the local bus company just got vilified in the local press letters columns for putting 'City Centre' on their destination blinds. I know it seems trivial, but I wouldn't like a wikivoyage-user to walk blind into that controversy. However on reflection that is a local issue and is covered by a para in the Understand section of the Reading page. Thanks for the explanation -- (WT-en) chris_j_wood 12:46, 17 May 2004 (EDT)

Reverted Changes By[edit]

I've reverted these changes out, as the previously editor obviously misunderstood the reason the para on county boundaries was there. This isn't WikiPedia, and the comments were not an academic discussion on whether Berkshire still exists, and if so with what boundaries. Rather they were an attempt to explain the boundaries of the Wikivoyage article entitled Berkshire. - I appreciate the wording is a bit overblown, and you were probably trying to make it more concise. By all means improve the wording, but we still need to explain to the traveller the particular arbitrary definition adopted for Berkshire in the context of this article.

-- (WT-en) Chris j wood 19:46, 10 Aug 2004 (EDT)