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Great article on the town... but NOWHERE does it actually say what part of the world it's in. From the reference to Kathmandu I guess Nepal... I got to it with the random button and for context's sake it's important for the first sentence or two of an article to say what and where the place is. eg. 'Frednerksville is a small city on the east coast of [[Blazikstahn]]' (WT-en) KJ

Good catch, thanks. This was one of the first cities and I think I was waiting to see if we came up with some sort of convention for linking to the parent pages, then I forgot to come back to it. I'm gonna go check my other articles to make sure they all have this (WT-en) Majnoona

location of the bhaktapur[edit]

Thanks for the suggestion. I also thought the same as to the article of Bhaktapur lacked which part of the world it is situated. But later realized that the location is well given just under the main title Bhaktapur as Asia South Asia Nepal Bagamati Bhaktapur district Bhaktapur. Hence I feel the repeation may not be necessary.