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Cold Mountain[edit]

Cold Mountainis in the Great Balsams Mountains which are a part of the Blue Ridge Parkway within the appalachian mountains. Enjoy a spectacular view from this uninhabited area from as high as 6000 feet above sea level. Many people are familiar with the movie "Cold Mountain" from 1997 which was based on a popular novel.

There are 4 primary trail heads at Cold Mountain which include Big East Fork Trail Head, Camp Daniel Boone Trail Head, the Old Butt Knob Trail Head, and the Art Loeb Trail , which leads to the top of the mountain is an 11 mile round trip to the summit. The Black Balsam Parking Area is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway at mile marker 420.

The trail is a strenuous round trip hike in the beautiful Shining Rock Wilderness area. There are prime campsites near the Cold Mountain summit where you can enjoy 180 degree views. This area is best visited only on warm summer days. Snow usually covers the mountain peaks from October to May. More Information (WT-en) Waterfallsrus

Looking Glass Rock[edit]

Looking Glass Rock is a spectacular view from mile 417 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Although it looks impossible to climb, there are many rock climbers that come here for what is considered one of the most strenuous climbs in our area. Fortunately for hikers there are easier ways to the top.

Looking Glass Rock is known for it's sheer face comprised of exposed Whiteside granite. Looking Glass refers to the way the surface reflects the sun like a mirror when rainwater freezes on its surface. Hikers, climbers, birders and photographers all enjoy coming here for the fantastic views. Looking Glass Rock(WT-en) Waterfallsrus


A map is available from NPS, but it's huge -- four pages high. There is another in the public domain at the Wikipedia article, again pretty large. Would welcome any suggestions/ideas about how to display these. I feel that even chopped up and thumbnailed (unless just kept so small they could not be read as thumbnails), the map sections would use an awful lot of space, probably excluding some desired pictures. (WT-en) OldPine 19:26, 5 August 2007 (EDT)