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The Legend of the boy who leaped to Rota There was a time when strength and power were the measure of a man on Guam. Masala was such a man, strong, powerful and able to defeat any man who lived on the island. When his wife bore him a son, Masala was so full of joy and pride that he showed the baby to everyone he knew.

As the boy grew older, he became more and more like his father, strong, powerful and able to beat any boy in the village. But worst of all, he was getting more attention than his father. Masala noted this and became more envious of his son every day.

One day, at the tender age of two, Masala's son caught a coconut crab and spent many hours playing with it. He thoroughly enjoyed playing with the crab, but he became so engrossed in an activity that he didn't notice when the crab disappeared into a hole near a coconut tree. When the child noticed the crab was gone, he reached down into the hole to try to get his pet. He couldn't capture his pet. He then pulled the coconut tree near the hole completely out of the ground!

Masala was all this and his envy came to a boil. Before he realized what he was doing, he was running and yelling with all his hatred and fury, chasing after his son to annihilate the boy who was his arch enemy. The boy was shocked at the change in his father's behavior. The youngster had been so used to being the proud son of his proud father. Little had he known that his father was going to turn into his greatest enemy.

The son sprang up and ran as fast as his little legs could carry him to the northern tip of the island. He took one great leap off the cliff and landed on Rota, forty miles away from Guam.

To this very day, the footprint of the child, called "Child Point" (Puntan Patgon), can still be seen on the northern tip of Guam.