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Im on this text and will add a huge load of informations the next days.

The new content sounds very much like it's been copyvio'd from a Dachau Tourism & Nazi Apologist Board essay or something. Mr. Anon, can you explain? (WT-en) Jpatokal 04:49, 18 May 2005 (EDT)

You find this kind of re-writing quite often in Germany. Here, for example, is the description of the "local heritage" museum in Berchtesgaden:

Everything that had once validity in Berchtesgaden, is exposed in the local heritage museum in the palace "Adelsheim", a representative building of the late Renaissance. Many exhibits remind of the former "Augustiner Chorherrenstift" of Berchtesgaden, likewise of the "Bavarian king house", of the middle society, of earlier rural life and of historical clothings. Finally in the palace "Adelsheim" also a sales room of the Berchtesgadener handicraft art is accommodated . This manifold and oft-quoted people art could be received in many branches.

Oh that "local heritage"! Hitler's "Eagle's Nest" in Berchtesgaden is now an inn. You can buy there a baseball cap with "Berchtesgaden" embroidered on it!