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I have started this page in order to consolidate information for disabled travellers into one place.

There is quite a bit of information on the web, but it is distributed all over the place and not always easy to find.

There is also a lot of seemingly insignificant (but very important to disabled travellers) information that is simply not available on the web and can only be found when visiting a place.

I'll check on the following next time I am at O.R. Tambo:

  • Braille on the elevators (I think they parkade has, not sure about the rest)
  • Does the moving walkways in the domestic terminal have an audible warning before you get on the walkway? I know they have a warning just before the end, but am not at all sure about the start.

Other things that need to be checked

  • I know some ATM's have braille on the keypads, but do all of them have it? —The preceding comment was added by NJR ZA (talkcontribs)