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Permission to use material fro Durban Undersea Club dive site web page[edit]

Hi Peter – I managed to VIEW wikivoyage link….

In terms of safety – SMB is critcal!

Diving in currents and low viz in summer / autum months..

Again I have written a few articles on SMB use so if you want that I can send that to you with pleasure – also have pics etc..

I see you have taken some of the info off the DUC website already eg diving conditions etc – I wrote all that stuff so you are welcome to use it – again just please credit me as has been done on the DUC website.

Yarningdale is not really a dive site – it is a mark off Yardingdale block off flats on No.1– not a common dive spot.

Containers is a exactly that – Containers that are lying on the sand.

The Odd is spelt Odd.

There are two main sections of reef (eg like in Sodwana you have 2 mile with lots of dive spots on it)…

Blood Reef is on the Bluff

No.1 is 5km out to see – Nevs ledge , Raggies , Bat Reef , Daves Cave

Blood Reef – bikini, caves , Big Cave , Birthday Ledges etc

Bryan Hart

From: Peter Southwood Sent: 01 October 2010 10:43 PM To: Hart, B. (Bryan) Subject: Durban dive sites

Hi Bryan,

I got your e-mail address from the DUC website,

I am working on dive sites of South Africa (and for that matter anywhere else if I can get the information) on Wikivoyage. So far I have done fairly extensive work on Cape Town at but I dont have much information on other parts of the country. The website is free and anyone may edit. You are required to release any information on CC-by-sa 3.0, which means anyone can use it, but must acknowledge the source.

I would like to invite you and any other members of your club who have the inclination to contribute to this open source website. It is being used by clubs in Cape Town and a few of the commercial operators. If you dont have the inclination or time to do the editing, just upload the text to at the bottom of the page and I will reformat and shuffle it to fit. Photos and maps can also be uploaded and linked to the site, and if you want to do that as well I can help when needed.

It is helpful but not obligatory to create a username at Wikivoyage (free), so you can be contacted about contributions where this may be useful.

I am User:Pbsouthwood on Wikivoyage


Peter Southwood

Southern Underwater Research Group (SURG) and False Bay Underwater Club