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Understand Topic

This section is somewhat true but it only offers the reader one aspect of this region (which is mainly negative). I am not an expert on the east coast region but I know it has played a significant part in new zealands history (maori land wars etc) and is a significant part of Maori culture today. I have made some points below that could be expanded apon.

  • Stating the demographics of the region the and the prevalence of Maori culture in comparison to the rest of New Zealand.
  • Stating the regions impact on New Zealands history with a breif summery.
  • Options (if there are any) for a tourist/visitor to experience Maori culture on the East Coast as it is could be more rewarding than the Rotorua type experience. - sam_22b

Ok I have changed the content of the Understand Topic. I will be adding more content to the rest of the page soon. Im hoping to get enough quality information on this page to get in into the "see" section for the New Zealand or North Island page. - sam_22b

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