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2005-12-03 I've removed this entry:

  • Rye's Deli 73 Carleton Street, 506 472-7937. Rye’s combines deli-style sandwiches and bagels with Maritime beer. They are open for breakfast, and have an outdoor patio.

Rye's closed and reopened under new ownership. I don't know remember the new name so I can't add an entry. I might have remembered the new name if it wasn't mediocre food and bad service. All I remember is a jazz theme, and a metal face shaped like a pork-chop on the wall in the entryway. -BalthCat


Wow, very negative in "eat" section.[edit]

Information in the eat section isn't balanced and it's aimed primarily at vegetarians. A few personal opinions of some of the restaurants could be okay, but giving a negative review of just about each restaurant isn't.

_> wow I definitively agree, I hate to see all my favorite places getting bashed because their vegetarian meals aren't good... Too bad Im too lazy to do a proper fair and balanced edit.