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Just to pre-empt any queries about claims to the oldest standing structure in the world some dates for you:

  • Stonehenge 2500 BC, not bad
  • Step pyramid of Djozer (oldest pyramid) 2700 BC, better
  • Newgrange temple (Ireland) 3200 BC, getting there
  • Ggantija temple 3600 BC, rather obscure but a clear winner...

I think that's Gozo all over. Such a small and obscure island, but you'll be surprised just what a history and heritage it has! (WT-en) Coldsun2006 07:23, 18 March 2006 (EST)

Stay safe[edit]

I took away the reference to there being 'apparently just one policeman on the island who just takes care of traffic offenses'. This is not true, this probably refers to Comino where there is indeed just one policeman. On Gozo there is certainly still crime, but little of the kind that disturbs tourists. But if there is a serious crime it can sometimes seem as if there is an 'omerta' for everyone; locals are sometimes reluctant to cooperate in this still very insular, tightly knit society where everything from the 'mainland' , including the authorities are seen as suspect.(WT-en) PeterW 06:45, 8 June 2006 (EDT)

Gozo as a rambling island[edit]

One of the points that is missing in here is the mentioning of walking and rambling on the island of Gozo especially in Autumn, Winter and Spring. I know on this site you are super sensitive about links but at We are trying to raise awareness of the beauty of Gozo and making sure that Gozo does not turn into a concrete jungle like Malta. Unlike Malta, Gozo depends heavily on Tourism especially Agro Tourism. How can you guys explain to Wiki Travel users what is special about this island?

(WT-en) Johnmizzi 08:28, 17 January 2007 (EST)

Swept in from User talk:(WT-en) NJR ZA[edit]

Gozo cities[edit]

Hi I was very pleased to find a topic about my tiny homeland :).. However I was wondering about Xlendi and Marsalforn, these are summer residence areas, basically deserted during the other three seasons, would that qualify them as cities? And what about Imgarr? It is not even a village, it is only the name of the local harbor and it forms part of the village of Ghajnsielem.

As a Gozitan, born and bred on the island I can confirm that we only have one city here, that of Victoria, or as we refer to it, Rabat, all the other villages are classified as such... With a total population of 28000 people, Gozo could not really have two cities! Even Rabat with it's 6000 inhabitants could scarcely be classified as a city itself, but it is the capital of the island.

Keep up the good work :) --(WT-en) G-girl 16:04, 23 October 2007 (EDT)

"Get out

There are typically Maltese plans to spoil a large part of the island by building a wholly unnecessary international airport which would stretch across a good part of this rather small island."

writing that the plans are "typically maltese" as frankly a typically gozitan thing to say....secondly there are no plans for an international airport, just a landing strip for light aircraft, which yes would still be very damaging anyway...still i think it has no place here since it doesn't rly help anyone travelling out of gozo (coz it doesn't exist heh)