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Anonymous commentary[edit]

The article's original content, someone more motivated than I can perhaps work some of this back into the main article:


Drove in and the first thing I noticed was the boarded up Hotels, guest houses and amusement arcades this was early Sept ! While there may have been justification for the place when the work force of the midlands decamped here in the middle of the last century for their weeks holiday....there is no absolutely no reason to travel here ...IMHO.. other than to say you have been maybe ?

The wind was blowing straight of the north sea from scandinavia ! At the south end is a decaying dock / port area and a car park by the beach saying no campers, no coaches, no overnight parking and no swimming or you would be fined ..... you would need to have escaped from an institution to consider any of these !

There were three drab and decaying "fun " parks lots of flashing lights peopled very sparsely by family groups of a rotunned nature with a liking for body painting and peroxide mainly shouting and arguing with one another.

Now I really do try and find something nice to say and here it is in the middle of the boarded and derilict industrial units we found the Norfolk Monument almost identical (but smaller just) and predating Nelsons collumn in London... Nelson being Norfolks third greatest son after Delia Smith and Alan Partridge. Worth a look and just being restored with what they say is simmilar stone from will find NO attractive angle to photograph it though!

Please can anyone put me right on this place ...I feel suicide is infinately preferable to banishment to Great Yarmouth  !


scams section[edit]

excuse me, who deleted the section called scams? and why? i see no reason why it can't stay Billycop32 (talk) 04:02, 18 January 2013 (UTC)