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Hello to all. This is my first contribution. I'd appreciate some English native speaker to review it, and a Wikivoyage admin to check the compliance with Wikivoyage manual of style !

  • In particular, I don't know if cable car is the right word for French téléphérique. The cable car I mean isn't moving on a road as San Francisco's cable car, but is flying in the air attached to a cable.
    • (native English speaker) Yes: "cable car" is the correct term
  • In the Stay Safe section, I mentioned "bed" as the width of a river. I'm not sure this is the perfect word for that (the full width a river may cover, but doesn't necesarily cover everytime, specially in Summer).
  • Sometimes the english language is not hard to find on a website but the resulting URL is dynamically generated in a way I fear it may become obsolete few month later. So I don't know if I must link to the main page (easy to remember URL) or to the translated page (horrible URL).
  • I wrote tel. as to be called from outside France (e.g. (+33) 4 XX XX ...). Perhaps I sould have written them from inside France (e.g. 04 XX XX ...).
  • Sorry for having posted these comments in the first version of Grenoble page itself. Copy-paste mistake. Feel free to clear revision history.

There is also an Archeology Museum featuring one of the first christian churchs ever built, but it is closed at the time for safety reasons. I'll add it as soon at it opens again.

  • Archeology museum (French: Musée Archéologique Saint Laurent), place Saint-Laurent (tel. (+33) 4 76 44 78 68, fax (+33) 4 76 51 35 59, Temporarily closed for safety reasons since July 2003.