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Update February 2008:

1. Slow boat ferry from Huay Xai to LP. It cost 900Baht at 2 stalls near Laos immigration including tuk tuk transfer to ferry pier. It cost 850 Baht at BAP Guest House (also include tuk tuk transfer to pier). It is really packed inside slow boad for the first day ride (depart at 12:30 arrive Pak Beng at 18:30 almost dark). Even more packed the next day (0930 - 1810) because the boat is much smaller.

2. Guest House booking for Pak Beng: Because of the huge number of backpacker doing this trip (more than 100 packpackers for only one slow boat per day, excuding chartered boats down the Mekong, there are Guest House mafia charging 300 baht for a 200 baht room (fan room, toilet inside, no TV, no breakfast)on the boat before your boat depart on the 1st day. It seems many tourist paid for the booking service in order to secure a room for the night.

3. If you have the time, try to sail upstream instead, much less travelers in the same boat and you can really enjoy more.

Cafe Moooo


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