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Don't let Tanzanians see this page[edit]

Why is Tanzanian "food" in quotation marks? Why is riding the local transportation to the Stone Age Site "a deathwish"? Sounds like this article was written by some mzungu with an unhealthy dislike of anything that might require getting too comfortable with Africans. The author probably didn't intend the article the way it sounds, but it sounds pretty awful.

Feel free to plunge forward and clean it up! (WT-en) Maj 18:21, 9 August 2006 (EDT)

Please somebody find time to rewrite this entire article as I don't have time! It is awful, full of mzungu bias and verging on racist at points. Why is this person living in Tanzania if they have such an aloof attitude to everything?!

I just want to thank author for the amazing article!!!! I was working hard to find some info about Iringa and here it is - layed down in very atractive and informative style! I am so happy WikiTravel exists! Amazing!! Thousand times thank you!!! Rytis