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From Siem Reap[edit]

This was in the Siem Reap article, although I'm not sure any of it would be useful here. (WT-en) Gorilla Jones 14:13, 8 March 2009 (EDT)

There is a restaurant called THE AMERICAN featuring hamburgers, fries and ice cream right down the street from where the buses stop at the Arunras Hotel. The restaurant now offers 3 sizes of hamburgers (80,115 and 150grams).Look for the yellow sign on the side street next to the Arunras. They also have fresh fruit shakes and fresh Vietnamese coffee. By all means avoid eating at the Hotel it is an expensive tourist trap with mediocre food at best, but most of the bus clientele see fit to dine there or next door, where a lot of the locals like to eat.

..... (from Staten Island New York ) .....American Restaurant is GOOD EATS .....Great Burgers, Pasta, Seafood, HOMEMADE ICECREAM and so much more... Real coffee, not that powdered garbage you get at other places.... Try the American Restaurant once and you are sure to return... breakfast-lunch and dinner .. The owners, Larry and Sophea make you feel right at home .. My son and I traveled into Kompong Thom in the summer of 2010. We stayed right on National Road 6 and ate at the Amewrican Restaurant every day while there.... As I said at the beginning of my review....American Restaurant is GOOD EATS!!!!!

Sambor Prei Kuk[edit]

Should really be a See Listing as it's a half day trip from Kampong Thom (1 hr each way in a tuk-tuk) rather than a Go Next. PsamatheM 11 Dec 2019 (can't remember the magic code for name/date stamp)