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Removed part of the following You can take a train from the main station (Hlavní nádraží) in Prague to Karlštejn. Trains run every hour starting at 6:25 in the morning (6:25, 7:25, 8:25, ...) For groups of 3 or larger the cost for a return ticket is 30kč per person.

Some of the above no longer applies.

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Geographical hierarchy[edit]

I am still not sure how to deal with that correctly on Wikivoyage. For example, this article is little strange. Karlštejn is a small city (market-city) with the famous castle of the same name and some heavy tourist industry (over-priced restaurants, pensions, some commercial museums). It is very often targeted by tourists as a daytrip from Prague (by train, or probably more often, as an over-priced organized trip by bus as sold via tourist-agencies operating in Prague tourist trap areas). Svatý Jan pod Skalou is a different place, also interesting, less known, not part of the Karlštejn itself. And there are many other interesting places in the area (Tetín for example). In fact, the area around Karlštějn is a "national park" (not exactly, real "national parks" as defined by law in the Czech republic have higher level of protection, but this is probably not important for Wikivoyage, this place is "protected landscape area") Český kras. This area should probably have an article according to the "national park" template, listing all attractions there. like Karlštejn, Svatý Jan, Tetín, Americas... and so on. An article useful for someone hiking in the area.

Now, if such an article is created, should all information about the city of Karlstejn be in that article, or should Karlstejn have its own article (can cities be in parks, in Wikivoyage hierrarchy?). An independent article would probably be useful for people wanting to visit Karlstejn only (as many tourists do), without any hiking in the area.

I see three solutions:

  • a) an article about the "national park area" (for hikers etc.) + Karlstejn article (for a dedicated visit of Karlstejn)
  • b) the "national park article" only - it is probably not hard to include all Karlstejn information there (although it can be relatively large), Redirect Karlstejn to the park article. However many travelers wanting to read article about the popular Karlstejn only may find it confusing (get in and similar sections will be more complicated in the park article, looking up the information relevant for Karlstejn may be hard)...
  • c) leave it as it is, add any points of interest in the park area to existing or new city articles (Karlstejn, Beroun...). This way there will be no article about the park itself (which is a very nice to go hiking very close to Prague, so I think it is important).

There will be a similar problem with many areas in the Czech Republic. There are many important or interesting attractions that are either standing alone in the country or are part of some really small villages or towns (often with no commercial accommodation). And listing them all under some arbitrary larger cities nearby is confusing. Should the "national park" templates be used in such situations? (WT-en) Kyknos 14:13, 4 May 2009 (EDT)