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Suggestion for Merge Under "Karon" as a Town Listing[edit]

Alot of the accomodation, drinking, eating, transport information for Karon Beach, Kata Yai Beach and Kata Noi Beach can almost be considered interchangeable. According to some of the business cards I gathered whilst staying off Kata Noi, the region is considered by the locals at least as being part of the Karon township (ie the place I was staying in had an address ending "Kata Road, Karon, Muang Phuket 83100".

I realise that the beaches may be known for different activities and the rest, but for most travellers headed in this direction, I would think that having the majority of the information detailed across all three pages combined into one for "Karon" (and the redirect from "Kata" pointed at it) would serve users better. If needed, pages for each beach, individually, could be kept, but as attractions more than townships. --(WT-en) Lucanos 11:18, 2 July 2009 (EDT)